Information about this site and the walkthroughs

This is a private site, private in the sense that there is no organization / company behind this site and the walkthroughs are free for everyone to use. I pay the costs entirely myself and do not ask you for a contribution. This site also does not ask you to login with passwords and does not follow you with trackers and it doesn't put any Cookies on your hard drive.  So you are completely anonymous to me when you visit this site

You will not find me on any of the so-called Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Tiktok ore any other of those pesky anti-social mediums. You also will not see me on any forum sites. In the past I had some problems on forum sites that made me decide that it's best to keep myself well away from them. So if you feel the need to contact me, or Dick Leeuw, then you can only do this by sent us a email, I's old fashionFrom 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs are also here on the site.  If you want to know more about Dick Leeuw then you must contact him directly yourself

You may use my walkthroughs freely for your own use, but you're not allowed to translate the walkthroughs into your own language and you are not allowed to post the walkthroughs on your own website or to send them for publishing to any other websites, without first asking and receiving my permission.

I have given the Mystery Manor site permission to link to my walkthroughs via direct links to each of my walkthrough, but the walkthroughs are physically here on my site.  If you use the links on the Mystery Manor site please realise that those links opens up the walkthroughs here on my site.  If you also want to link to my walkthroughs directly via links on your site then please ask my permission to do so, just as the people behind the Mystery Manor site did. I can provide the direct links to my walkthroughs for you

This site is made for the PC with at least a 24 inch flatscreen and optimized for viewing in Firefox browser. I don't have the knowledge and neither the software to adapt the site for smart phone and tablet screens. As the domain name of this site says.....I only play and do walkthroughs for PC GAMES, I don't play games on X-box or Play station or on Smart Phones and Tablets.  So all my walkthroughs are done for the PC versions of the games. 

The walkthroughs are created as HTML Web pages and contain many screenshots and many pages, so I do not think it would be wise for you to physically print out my walkthroughs on paper, as that will cost you a lot of ink per walkthrough.  Because the site is made up with frames it could be difficult to print out a complete wallkthrough anyway. 

If you always want to see the latest Updated version of this site and the walkthroughs then please always clear the case History of your browser. Otherwise you'll see a previous version of the site and not the latest updated version with new content. Read in your browser's instructions how to clear your browser's history. There are so many different browsers in use that I can't tell you how to clear browser history in each of them

The walkthroughs are written while we play the games and are therefore a representation of how we have played the games. If you discover disturbing errors in our walkthroughs, we would like to hear from you. You can sent us an email about it. But please mention where in a walkthrough you think you have discovered the error, that makes it easier for us to look it up in the walkthrough, to jog our memory about the game.   

So when you contact us about errors in our walkthroughs, please state which walkthrough it concerns and where in the walkthrough you find the error, ( witch chapter or page) otherwise we can't help you further. However, an alleged error in a solution of a puzzle does not always have to be a mistake on our part. It is of course possible that you have a later version of a game than at the time we made our walkthrough and so it is very possible that some things in your game can be different than stated in the walkthrough. And off course in some games  some things are completely randomly generated and therefore the solution we provide in our walkthrough could be different then in your game

Happy gaming: Louis Koot