Saved Games Download

Here you can download my saved games files that I have for a few games. The saves where made while I played the games

These saved games are all zipped with Winrar so after downloading you'll need to unzip them first.

When you download any of these files, please keep track of where you put them on your computer

You can unzip the files with Winrar or, as I do, with 7zip.

 I won't recommend unzipping the files with the standard unzip function of Windows because usually that goes wrong

Within every Saved Game file I have put in a Read Me with instructions about what you need to do with the files in order to place them in your game.

The Read Me is a Word document or an HTML document and it is in Dutch and in English

If you are Dutch or of any other nationality and you do not understand English then you're out of luck because I do not feel like translating this little text into Dutch or any other language  

Please be aware that when you use my saves in your game that your own progress in the game will be overwritten by my save. This isn't a problem in linear games where you have no freedom of movement and where you have to go a fixt route from A to B and then go on to C etcetera. But in games where you can choose what to do first this can be a problem because you then must follow my route through the game. In those non-linear games you will loose everything you have done yourself, prior to the save game

These are my Saved Games download them just click on them

Baron Wittard Nemesis of Raknarok

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love


Myst 1 Masterpiece Edition and Real Myst

Myst 4 Revelation

Schizm 1 (Mysterious Journey 1)


I used to had more saves from more games but sadly I've lost those

If you feel the need to thank me for this little service then please do, but I don't expect you will do this

Greetings from The Netherlands

Louis Koot