Game trailers, teasers and gameplay video's

Louis Koot

If you get (a copy) of these games to us then we love to do walkthroughs for them: Louis and Dick

You may find this begging, but it has worked for me the last 25 years....You could say It's my bussiness model.....I get to play the games for free and YOU get the best walkthroughs ever in return

These video's are fysicaly on my site so you don't watch these video's via YouTube. I have only 20 Gigabytes so I can't put to many video's here.

3 minutes to Midnight

 A Painter's Tale teaser  

Albino Lullaby


Anna's Song

Argonus and the Gods of Stone 
I have this game and done the walkthrough

Bioshock 1    
Got it and have done a walkthrough.

Bioshock 2
Got it. done a walkthrough, I'm busy translating it into English   

Bioshock Infinite
Don't have it anymore. Was never able to finish it    

Bioshock 4??? just a rumor or for real

Call of the Sea  
Alreay have this game and done the walkthrough

Dome City

Goetia 2

Machinika Museum teaser
Got it but I'm not doing a walkthrough for it

Complete video walkthrough

The Fabled Woods gameplay video    

We Where Here Together trailer     

Rhem 3 SE: The Secret Library
Got it, played it and done the walkthrough, together with Dick Leeuw

Schizm 3 Nemesis trailer     

Syberia 4 The World Before Proloque trailer    

Syberia 4 The World Before Music trailer    

Syberia 4 The World Before gameplay video       

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery trailer