2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot


The Romero Brothers have taken fish Domingo. An old coat hangs behind the, now broken, fish tank. Take that Old Coat.

The bike stands in front of the fishbowl and a bicycle horn is bolted to the bicycle. Unscrew the Bike Horn from the bicycle with the Screwdriver.

Leave the castle via the gray back door. Cid is then in the courtyard. There are 3 waste bins in the courtyard ....... Search the waste bins and ......

Cid finds  an Iron Rod and a Biology book in the waste bins. Open the inventory and then read the biology book

Walk to the right ........ In the fašade of the castle you will see a ventilation opening (Vent). Look at that ventilation opening. 

At the bottom of the screen you get the arrow "To World Map" ...... click that arrow and .... you come on the "World Map", the map of Darkestville. 

Cid travels quickly and comfortably to the various locations via this card. Now go to the Mayor House

Mayor House:

Cid arrives in the hall of the mayor's house. Walk on ........ The secretary Mrs .. Johnson is behind the desk. First look around.

At the bottom of the screen stand a large Golden Trophy...... Try if Cid wants to grab it ........ Cid does not want to grab the trophy cup because he once cursed it. There is also the Demon Chest of the Romero Brothers on the floor. If you try to open the chest, Cid tells you that 3 keys are needed. If you have looked at everything go to talk with Mrs. Johnson .......

Use all the options you get ....... Cid asks if he can speak to the mayor. Mrs. Johnson checks the agenda and sees that Cid does not have an appointment with the mayor, so no .... Cid can't speak with the mayor. To the left of the counter is a cupboard ..... it is the  Liquor Cabinet. Open the Liquor Cabinet and .......Cid takes bottle of Whiskey out of the cabinet

Walk back to the right and leave the mayor's house. Go to the town center via the map.

Town Center:

On the left is the tavern and on the right you see a large Odd Looking Plant. Walk to the right. A tourist stand at the strange plant (Some Guy).

Look at the Odd Looking Plant, the thing seems to be made of rubber. Talk to the tourist.

The tourist name is Martin Hawkey and he is blind. Martin drinks a Mojito but he does not really like the drink. If you ask if you can have his glass, the answer is no. 

Say hello when you have discussed everything with Martin. Then go left, to the tavern. 

Take a look at the Dark Woods and enter the tavern


There are 3 guests in the tavern ....... They are the chess players Gerard and Bernard and Walrus, fat Romero Brother. Walk to the left and talk to the bartender, Giovanny.

Cid can talk all that he wants but he gets nothing because Cid first has to pay his bar bill, but Cid has no money. So say hello if you have used all options.

On the table is a bowl with Peanuts. Grab a handful of Peanuts from the bowl

Walk back to the right and then talk to Walrus of the Romero Brothers (Big Guy) ...... Use all the options .....

The Romero Brothers have fish Domingo locked up in the Demon Chest, which is in the mayor's house. 3 keys are required to open the case and each of the 3 Romero's has 1 key. The other 2 Romero's are Foxy and Mongoose. Foxy is currently with the mayor and Mongoose is practicing somewhere.

When  you've asked Walrus everything, you leave the tavern and you look up the exit to the Worldmap ..... Go, via the Word map, to the Town Square

Town Square:

It is a round square with a statue in the middle. On the statue sits a Pigeon and there are a few green benches. The right bench is a "Suspicious Bench". Walk to the left and........ Cid meets tramp Jeffrey Badsock. Badsock drinks some drink from a bottle. Talk to Jeffrey Badsock and use all  options again

Jeffrey drinks a glue solution and Cid wants to have that, but Jeffrey does not want to give up his bottle. So close the conversation. 

Take the Whiskey bottle from inventory and give it to Jeffrey and in exchange Cid gets the bottle of Glue Solvent from Jeffrey.

Look at the pigeon, sitting on the statue, and also look at that suspicious bench. 

Then take the Peanuts from the inventory and place them on the suspicious bench and see what happens..... 

The pigeon flies to the bench to eat the peanuts but the peanuts and explode and so does the pigeon ...... a feather then flutters on the ground. Grab the Feather

Locate the Worldmap and now go to the Town Alley

Town Alley

Cid sees a Dog House. Look at the doghouse. Inside the doghouse is Rufo, the watchdog. Above Rufo you see the round door of the doghouse .....

If you try to walk to the right then Rufo starts barking and points a rifle at Cid ..... Cid dares not continue and runs back quickly . Rufo must first be taken care of. Take the Walking Stick (Cane) from inventory and then click it on the round blue door of the doghouse. Then take the iron rod Iron Rod from the inventory and also click it on the round blue Door and ..... 

With the cane Cid pulls the door down and with the iron bar he clamps the door. Rufo will no longer burden Cid, so continue to the right ........ Cid then reaches a  wooden Trash Can. A large chicken leg sticks out of the waste in the waste bin Chicken Leg. Take the Chicken Leg from the trash can via the action menu.

 Walk further to the right and ....... Cid arrives at Pedro's Hotdog car. Next to the hot dog car stand Pedro's horse.

 A bucket full with sugar cubes stand in front of the horse. Take some sugar cubes Sugar Cubs from the bucket ....... 

The horse allows Cid to take 2 sugar cubes out of the bucket. Go talk to Pedro and use all the conversation options you get. 

Pedro says he no longer has Marinara Sauce and that is why he uses Ink Sauce. If you ask if you can have the Ink Sauce through "Can you give me some or that ink sauce", the answer is no. Pedro explains that if Cid gives him something that really stinks he can make marinara sauce and then Cid can have the Ink Sauce. 

Look in inventory  at the Old Coat ... The old coat stinks, so give the Old Coat  to Pedro and Cid get the Ink Sauce in return.

Combine in inventory the Feather with the Inkwell.  

Go all the way back to Rufo's doghouse and then go to the Worldmap and now go to Graveyard 


Walk straight on to the Weird Little Guy and go talk to him. .......this is Mongoose from the Romero Brothers. Use all options again.

 Mongoose is practicing his skills here because he wants to catch the "Big Pie Raptor". Mongoose obviously does not want to give his key of  the Demon Chest to Cid. 

Beneath Mongoose lies a skeleton. Take a Bone from the skeleton...

Go back to the left and see the mud pool and the bridge at the crypt house. Then go to the Worldmap

Travel back to the Castle

 Castle and Town: 

You have to go back and forth between the castle and the various locations in the town.  

Cid lands in the courtyard of the castle, so go in through the gray back door. Cid is back in the hall of his castle. Walk to the right and go up the stairs to the bedroom. Continue to the Bathroom . On the cupboard stand the medicine cabinet, which is glued. Take the Glue Solvent from inventory and use it on the medicine cabinet. Open the medicine cabinet

Cid finds a sleeping Pills Blister and a roll of Toilet Paper in the cabinet....Take the Sleeping Pill Blister and the Toilet Paper

Leave the bathroom and descend to the hall again and leave the castle again via the gray back door. 

In the courtyard, go to the Worldmap and travel to the Town Center.  Walk to the blind Martin and give him the Toilet Paper

Cid puts the fragrant toilet paper in Martin's drink and Martin drinks his glass empty and gives the empty glass (Cup) to Cid. 

Go back to the Worldmap and return to the bathroom in the castle and fill the glass (Cup) with water from the water tap (Tap). 


Go to the tavern in the city center. Combine the Sleeping Pill with the Cup of Water. 

Then give the Cup Sleeping Aid to Walrus ....... Walrus promptly goes into deep sleep... Search the sleeping Walrus and .......


Cid steals the 1st Romero Key (Key) and a Rabbit's Foot. Go back to the Mayor House via the World Map: 

Mayor House: 

Walk on to Mrs.. Johnson ...... Take the Bike Horn from the inventory and click with it on Johnson and ............. 

Mrs. Johnson's agenda falls to the ground. Take the Mayor's Agenda 

Combine the agenda with the inkwell / feather in inventory ................


Cid writes his appointment with the mayor in the agenda. Give the Agenda back  to Mrs. Johnson. 

Then talk to Mrs. Johnson and say "I have an appointment with the mayor right now" ..... 

Cut scene ...... Cid enters the chamber of the mayor and Foxy comes out .....

The Mayor does not want to talk with Cid because he expects another and more important guest. Cid is sent away .... 

Talk to Foxy Romero and use all the  options again ...

 Once the conversation has ended, give the Rabbit's Foot to Foxy. 

Leave the house and search for the Worldmap and travel back to the Graveyard. 


Take the Soap  from inventory and click with it on the Wooden Ramp. Then take the Chicken Leg from the inventory and dip it in the Puddle of Mud and .....

Cid makes paw prints on the ground with the chicken leg and those prints go to the crypt ....

Go to Mongoose and talk to him again and say to him "Hurry, I just saw the Big Pie Raptor Look at his footprints"

 Cut scene ...... Mongoose sees the footprints and runs to the crypt but he slips over the soap bridge and falls into the crypt and loses his Wallet

Walk to the bridge and then pick up the Wallet and ...... You now also have the 2e Key for the Demon Chest. 

Go via the Worldmap back to: 

Mayor House: 

Walk to Foxy and give her the Wallet of Mongoose and ....... Foxy disappears to her brothers and she asks if Cid will guard her backpack.

Foxy's backpack leans against the cupboard where the golden cup is on. Search the Backpack and Cid picks up the 3rd Demon Chest Key 

Go to the Demon Chest and take the Romero's Key's from inventory and use them on the Demon Chest.

Cut scene ........ The Demon Chest opens and ...... Cid takes  fish Domingo back ...... 

But Cid gets more then he bargain for from the chest........ King Vigo and his companions ...... 

King Vigo is not going to get locked up in the chest again ..... No   no..... Vigo sees enormous opportunities here in Darkestville and he and his 2 companions run away. 

Cid decides to bring Domingo back to his castle


Arriving at the back door of his castle, Cid gets an unpleasant surprise ..... 

King Vigo has taken domicile in the castle and he is not going to let Cid in again. Talk to Vigo until you have used all the options

Vigo gets enough of the whining of Cid and he pulls the trapdoor lever and ..... 

Cid falls into the basement and is then locked in his own cage ....

Look at everything in the cage. In the "roof" of the cage you see a Metal Plate. Take the Screwdriver from inventory and unscrew the Metal Plate. 

You then see the Mechanism. Try to repair the Complicated Mechanism

Cid can not repair the mechanism ........ Under the mechanism is the hole of the trapdoor (Hole) ....... Look at the Hole 

On the wall  is a Hidden Lever ..... Pull the Hidden Lever ..... 

The lever drops the Anvil but the thing breaks off ..... There is now a broken cable in the cage .... Take the Cable


Combine the Cable with the walking stick (Cane) in inventory ..... 

Then take the Cable with Hook from inventory and click on it / in the Hole and then climb through the hole the cage ....

We end up in: 

Chapter 2: Expect The Unexpected

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot