2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: Day 1: Rennes-Le-Chateau

As Gabriel Knight (Gabe for his friends):

Hotel room Gabe:

Gabe is awake and fully dressed in his hotel room. Look around in Gabe's hotel room. Click on everything to get familiar with the interface of this game. Important at this moment is the large wardrobe that stands in the corner by the right window. Left click on the wardrobe and then choose the magnifying glass icon in the Action menu and  .... Gabe will then stand right in front of the closet. 

Open the Action Menu on the closet doors again and now choose the green arrow to open the closet doors ..... Gabe did not bring any luggage with him, so he hasn't a  clean set of clothes either. The closet is therefore empty. However....there is a clothes hanger in the closet and on the back wall sticks a piece of tape.

Look at  the clothes hanger and the tape through the eye in the Action menu Later in the game, Gabe needs both the clothes hanger and the piece of tape, so let's take both of them right now and store them in our infinitely deep inventory bag. Open the action menu on the clothes hanger and then click the grab hand icon to grab the clothes hanger. Do this on the piece of adhesive tape also to take the Tape now. 

Now let's also check out the hatch, that's on the right of the cupboard in the wall, to find out how to open it.

Zoom in on the hatch, via the eye or the magnifying glass in the action menu. 

The hatch is the entrance to a so-called "Dumbwaiter" ..... a food lift which served food from the kitchen to 2 rooms. The hatch is locked with a lock. 

Open the action menu on the latch and then select the "lock" icon to open the latch ..... 

The hatch will not open automatically, so click on the hatch again and choose the green arrow to open the hatch now . You then look into the "Dumbwaiter" shaft and see the lift platform. On the other side you can see the entrance to another room. Remember this because later in the game Gabe needs to get into some other rooms via this "Dumbwaiter". 

Close the hatch again .. .. you can lock the hatch again or you leave it unlocked now. But to save time later on, it's best to leave the dumbwaiter unlocked now

You can check everything else in the room, such as looking at the paintings on the wall or take a look in the bathroom. When you're done then leave the room and ........Gabe enter the hallway of the 1st floor of this hotel. Each door on this hallway is the entrance to a room of the other hotel guests, except for 1 because that is the access to a pantry. Gabe will meet each of the hotel guests because they all play an important role in this game and some of the guests will not survive. The hallway goes around, so walk through the hallway to now where every room is. Gabe has room 25.  At two places in the hallway there is a shallow niche with a cupboard and a cheap reproduction of a famous painting. In 2 corners of the corridor you will find the stairs that bring you down to the lobby

When you have walked through the hallway once, you go find one of the two stairs and you descent it to go down to the Hotel lobby. 

Hotel lobby:

 In the hotel lobby we find the reception counter. Behind the counter stands Jean, the day-porter of the hotel. Look around the lobby ..... there are a number of "click places" such as the paintings hanging on the walls and the counter. On the wall opposite the counter stand a table on which you can find a bowl of sweets. You find the entrance to the dining room and you find the seating area, where now a hotel guest is sitting. That guest in the seating area is Emilio Baza

On the table stand a candy box that is full of tasty sweets. You can already grab a candy from the candy box, but you can also wait for the time block in which you actually need such candy. Do not worry, sweets from this be will always be available. I shall take a Sweet from the box right now.....it will save me time later on in the game. So take a Sweet from the candy box. Left click on the candy box and then use the "Pick up" icon in the Action menu to take a Sweet from the box

Go to the counter now. Jean, the day clerk, is behind the desk. There is a felt tip pen and a Guest book on the desk and also a bell.

Left click on Jean and then use the "Talk" icon in the Action menu to talk with Jean

 You get the conversation topics in the form of small icons ....... 

Always use all available options. Some options in turn provide other topics for conversation ... In conversations, always keep using the conversation options until they are gone or until they repeat. 

Now make sure that Jean talks about Simone ....... Simone is the night clerk of the hotel, so she had a shift tonight and maybe she saw the men from the train. When the conversation is over try to take the felt tip pen, via the Action menu ..... but unfortunately ..... as long as Jean is behind the desk, Gabe can not steal the felt pen. Left click on the guest book and then choose the "Read" icon in the Action menu ...

 in the guest book Gabe reads  that several guests have arrived at the hotel last night. 

To the left of Jean's counter you see a button box on the wall....... These are buttons with which the clerk can "call" the various rooms to "call" the guest to come to the lobby ..... this is important later in the game. When you are done with Jean and his counter then turn around to the seating area. One of the guests, Emilio Baza, is sitting in the seating area, reading a newspaper Left click on Emilio and then select the "Talk" option again and ........

Gabe walks to Emilio and speaks to him .... use the conversation topics and meanwhile pay attention to what Jean does .........Gabe introduces himself to Emilio and ......... While Gabe talks to Emilio, you see that Jean is leaving the counter and walks to the windows ..... End the conversation with Emilio and quickly return to the counter. ....... If Jean is still standing at the windows then you can now quickly steal  the Felt Tip Pen, via the "Pick up" icon of the Action menu

If you were too slow then Jean comes back to the counter , then you have to wait until Jean goes back to the windows .. Jean does this on a regular basis, so you get plenty of opportunity to pick up the felt pen, but you can only steal the pen during day time, when Jean is around in the lobby. 

Telephone booths: 

To the right of the counter you see red curtains, at the windows ... behind the red curtains are the telephone booths. Gabe thinks it is high time to call his principal, one Prince James, to inform him of the latest developments. Left click on the red curtains and then choose  the "open" icon to end up behind the curtains at the telephones ........ 

Left click on one of the telephones and then choose the magnifying glass, to zoom in on the phone ........ Then open your inventory via your right mouse. Look up the Prince James card in your inventory and click on it and choose the "Pick up" icon in the Action menu and you have selected the Prince James card. 

Click on the EXIT button at the bottom left to close your inventory again. Now click on the phone again. 

Again the Action menu appears and it  now contains the Prince James Card. Click on the Prince James card and ...... 

Gabriel calls up Prince James to talk to him about the kidnapping of his son. You can also do this phone call with Prince James at the end of this time block. If you do that, then you must leave the hotel to end this time block. When the telephone conversation with Prince James comes to an end, you know that the Prince will send two men and that he also will send Grace to Gabe. 

Dining room: 

Go back through the red curtains and now go to the dining room, that is behind the screen and ....... 

Gabe will poor himself a fresh cup of coffee and then he hear a familiar voice call out  "Hey Gabe You Wanker" and...it is Gabe's old friend Mosely ......Gabe almost chokes in his coffee ......... 

a conversation between Gabe and Mosely follows. Mosely claims to be on holiday and that he is participating in a treasure hunt tour in the area here . Gabe does not believe a word of it .... 

Outside the hotel: 

Leave the dining room and leave the hotel.

Gabe arrives at the parking lot and sees a Volkswagen van with a red-haired woman next to it. Go there and talk to the fiery redhead.

This redhead turns out to be Madeline Buthane and she's the tour guide for a group of hotel guests, including Mosely, who are here in Rennes-Le-Chateau on excursion to, ... .... well what actually? We will find out soon I think. NB: you can also do this conversation with Madeline before you met Mosely in the dining room, but then you get a bit of another conversation with her.  Use all talk options again, until they are gone or until Madeline starts repeating herself. 

When the conversation with Madeline is over, use the other options in the Action menu on Madeline and also look at the Volkswagen van. After your conversation with Madeline, you can try another conversation with Emilio, who is now sitting in the other corner of the parking lot on the bench. But Emilio will go back into the hotel without saying anything. 

Exploring the Town:

 Go up into the street in front of the hotel ......... You can then turn right and left. 

To the right it goes to the Museum and the church and to the left it goes to the Fountain. Walk through the town at your leisure and find the location of the following places: The Motorcycle Rental, Villa Bethania, Tour Magdala, the Museum, the Church and the Churchyard. Do not go enter anywhere yet and talk to no one. The point now is that you can find all these locations and know your way around in the village. Also find the courtyard behind the cemetery where Gabe will meet a black cat. 

First go to the  fountain and then look to the left. In the corner, behind the hotel, you'll then see a book store. Go to the book store and view the shop window. 

In the shop window you will see 2 books. Both books are the HOLY GRAIL book. However, the left book is the English version and the right book is the French version. 

Click on both books and then choose "Inspect" for a clue. 

This Holy Grail book (the English version of it) becomes an important source of information for Gracie later in the game. You can't take the book

 Now go to the fountain. To the right of the fountain you see a sign on the wall, above an entrance to a courtyard. 

In that courtyard is the Motorcycle Rental Company where GabriŽl will soon have to get a Motorcycle to move outside of Rennes-Le-Chateau. But that comes later. To the left of the motorcycle rental the street continues to Villa Bethania and the Tour Magdala. In front of Villa Bethania a street goes to the right, leading to the museum. 

Walk to Villa Bethania and then continue to the wall. You then automatically end up at the Tour Magdala

Tour Magdala is a watchtower at the end of the road. Do not go inside but turn around and walk back to Villa Bethania and then take a left turn into the side street and ...........

Gabe will arrive at the local Museum ..... Walk on and do not enter the museum but walk on.

 Left it goes to the Church, the Churchyard and a dead-end alley behind the church. Right it goes back to the Hotel. 

Go left to the Church ..... Do not enter the church and do not enter the cemetery....Follow the street further ...... 

The street bends around the cemetery and eventually ends as a dead end street ...........but Gabe "meets" a black Cat here and this cat becomes important for Gabe later in the game. 

Try stroking the cat ...... the kitten doesn't like it  and shoots through the hole in the wooden door ............ But do not worry ..... if you go away and then come back then that cat is here again. 

You have found just about all locations of interest  now and you know how to get there. Return to the Museum.


Go up the stairs and open the door to enter. Gabe ends up in the front hall. Turn around a bit with the camera so that you see the postcards standard and also, next to the entrance, the box for lost objects. There is a red cap in that box. If you try to grab that red cap now, Gabe does not want to do that now because he has no reason to grab this cap now ........ Gabe will soon need the red cap, so remember that the red cap can be found here in this box. Gabe also has no interest in the postcards. 

Turn around and go to the counter and go talk to the manager of the museum, Madame Girard about all topics and exhaust them completely ..

When you have finished talking to the Madame, turn around and enter the actual museum, via the stairs. Large panels with texts hang in the room. Two women are talking to each other at the table. Gabe is curious about what those two women are discussing ........ Left click on those 2 women and then choose the "Listen" icon to listen to the conversation but ........

The two females notice that Gabe tries to listen to their conversation and so they stop talking. 

Gabe must eves drop on the female conversation because he must now what the talk about. To eaves drop on the conversation between the two women at the table, move Gabe behind the hanging text panels and then move him in the direction of the women. Now Gabe does listen to the conversation between the two ladies and this goes automatically. 

Then do not click on the women but walk to them and then first look at the items on the tables, where these two ladies are so interested in.

When you have viewed the items on the table, click on the two women and then talk to them. Exhaust all conversation topics completely. These are Lady Lily Howard and Estelle Stiles and they also belong to the tour group of Madeline. Lady Howard is a bit of a bitch and that Estelle seems to be pretty much her slave. 

When you have discuss everything with these two ladies is then you go read the texts on all the panels ... Each panel also has text on the back side, so read the texts on the back of the panels to. The panels describe the history of the "Knight Templars" and of a gentleman named Sauniere. When you have done everything here in the museum you will leave the museum and return to the parking lot of the hotel and ......The first time block is now ended. If you have not done the telephone conversation with Prince James before, then you have to do that now.  After the telephone conversation you must leave the hotel to end this time block now. The second time block then starts

As Gabriel: 


When you enter the hotel, you go straight to the dining room. You see a scene between Madeline Buthane and a person you have not seen yet. 

This person is John Wilkes and he also belongs to Madeline's tour group. 

When you regain control over Gabriel again, you can talk to John Wilkes and Madeline, but you will not get much wiser. You can also wait until later to talk to Wilkes if you meet him in one of the interesting places outside the town. Now that you are in the Dining Room, you can now grab a bag of syrup from the buffet.

 Leave the dining room to the lobby and then climb via 1 of the 2 steps to the 

Hotel Floor: 

Upstairs you will now see a scene between Emilio Baza and Lady Howard / Estelle. Apparently they have agreed to exchange rooms. 

You can now knock on every room door but this does not matter. There is nothing to do here in the hotel. So go straight back and out and go to church now. 


Enter the church. You see a scene between two men. The fat man is the Abbot and the other man is Vittorio Buchelli. 

Vittorio Buchelli is also part of the Tour group. Look at the scene between these two men. 

Buchelli asks the Abbot something about the painting with the 4 angels that he was viewing. Buchelli is rather rude to the Abbot, who then takes place in the middle of the church. 

After this scene, speak to Buchelli and use all the conversation option. 

Then go to the Abbot and talk to him too. Again use all the conversation option again. 

Do not forget to talk to the Abbot about the Knight Templars so that the Abbot tells you about one Larry Chester. Larry Chester seems to be an authority on the Knights Templars. 

After you have spoken with Buchelli and with the Abbot, you can let Gabriel look at everything here in the church. There are many paintings and sculptures hanging on the walls and Gabe has a sarcastic commentary on everything. Buchelli will have left the church  to return to the hotel. Go back to the 4 Angels painting that Buchelli was watching and now look at it closely. Click on the Hands of each Angel. You will get the "Trace" icon. Use the Trace icon on the hands of the Angels. The idea is that you manage to connect the hands of the 4 Angels to each other via red lines that makes a "Tilted Square"

If you can't make the tilted square now, as Gabriel, then that's not bad...... Later on, when you play as Grace, you will have to do this again but then you have to succeed in making such a "Tilted Square", so this is only a great opportunity to practice this ... 

When you have completely inspected the church, talked to the Abbot and talked to Buchelli and tried to make a "Tilted Square", you will leave the church. You then hear the clock tick to indicate that a little bit of time has passed. Go back to the hotel and go in. 


 In the Dining Room you can talk to Lady Howard and Estelle, but you will not get specific topics for discussion now. 

Buchelli is also in the dining room, but Gabriel does not want to talk to him, so soon after his previous conversation with him in the church. 

Go upstairs via one of the stairs in the lobby and knock on room 33, Mosely's room.

Mosely's Room: 

Gabriel and Mosely talk to each other ......... After a while they sit down and you get conversation option presented. 

Use all option again but especially the following: "The Case, Grace and Schattenjšger"

If you listen carefully during this conversation, you will hear a strange sound at a given moment, that sound is coming from the corridor on the other side of Mosely's door. Break off the conversation with Mosely and left click on the room door to open the Action menu ...... In the Action menu, click the "Sneak" icon and ........

Gabe pulls the door open and caught Emilio Baza who was eaves dropping at Mosely's door ........ 

Emilio is startled and he puts a glass on the box in the hallway and then walks away. Emilio used that glass to listen through the door. 

After this scene you click on Mosely again to talk to him until there is nothing to talk. Leave Mosely's room and pick up the glass that Emilio left on the low cupboard.

With this glass you can later click on the different doors to let GabriŽl eaves drop on the doors. You can then find out who is and who is not in his / her room. The different characters will always move during the course of this adventure, so it is useful to keep track of who is in his room or not.

Leave the hotel to go to the next time block.

Chapter 2: Day 1 part 2

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot