2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This is my English translation of my 2015 Dutch GabriŽl Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned walkthrough 

Chapter 2: Day 1 part 2

As Gabriel: 

Motorcycle rental: 

You start this time block outside the hotel. Gabe's priority now is to get a means of transport with which he can move outside the town to the various other locations. Gabe sees a scooter drive out of the town and says that he also needs such a thing to explore the area around the town. 

Probably you have already discovered the entrance to the motorcycle rental company during your search for the museum. If not .... it is to the right of the fountain. Now go there. 

The first motorcycle is a heavy Harley Davidson and of course Gabe wants to have that one, because a tough guy like Gabe can't be seen on one of those other ugly bikes. So talk to the bike rental man about renting a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, all bicycles are already been given to the members of the tour group, except for one "ugly duckling". Gabe is not a member of the tour group so he can only get that "ugly duckling" ...... But Gabe definitely wants the Harley. Gabriel will have to disguise himself as one of the hotel guests to get to the Harley, and who would be a better victim than ........ Mosely.

Get a Mosely disguise: 

For a Mosely disguise you have to combine different items. You probably already have several of the needed items and others you still have to get hold of. Now go back to the Museum. 

Gabe now has a reason to want a red cap, so zoom back in on the "lost and found box" and now pick up the red cap.

Leave the museum again and go to church. Do not enter the church now but enter the cemetery and walk all the way around the corner. 

You can also study all gravestones here first. Behind a large tomb you see a window. This is the window of the office of the Abbot. Right at the back of the cemetery you see the house of the Abbot. Abbot is just busy watering his plants through a plant spray. The Abbot leaves his plant spray in the window frame when he is finished. 

Wait until the Abbot has finished with the water of his plants and has disappeared ........ It is handy if you slide the window of the office a little bit open now .... so click on that window and choose the "open" icon and ...... Gabe slides the window open a bit. Then zoom in on the window of the house and then steal the plant spray from the window. 

Go back to the front of the church (so to the entrance) and then turn left into the alley. Follow the alley all the way to the end, to the black Cat.

If you had not been here before, the black cat is in the corner. If you had been here before and you have petted the cat then the cat is now on top of the wall. 

The cat must be standing on top of the wall now, so if that is not the case now, then you first must stroke the cat....... The cat will escape through a hole in the barn door into the barn.  Leave and come back and....the cat will be on top of the wall

Examine the hole in de barn door........Gabriel thinks that a little black cat hair can come in handy. 

Open the inventory and select in inventory the piece of tape, that you took from Gabe's closet, at the beginning of this chapter. 

 If you don't have the piece of tape, then you will have to go back to Gabe's hotel room and take that piece of tape from the closet.

Zoom in on the hole in the barn door, where the cat disappears, and ....... stick the piece of tape in the hole ..... 

Now Gabe must get the Cat through the hole again..... The cat is too high on the wall, so Gabe can not pet the cat now ... 

Select in inventory the Plant Spray from the Abbot and use the thing on the cat to spray the animal wet and

The cat does not like water and flees through the hole in the door into the barn and.......

.......... as the cat goes through the hole again a piece of the cat's black fur sticks to the tape. 

So zoom back in on the hole in the barn door and pick up the tape again and you now have black cat hair in your inventory

Now go back to the hotel.


Check whether  you have the following items in your possession: The black felt pen from the desk, a sweet candy, a bag of syrup, the red cap and the black cat hairs. Now to find Mosely's passport and a piece of clothing from Mosely. While you're here in the lobby, you can talk to Lady Howard and Estelle Stiles about the reason why she and Emilio has exchanged room. Howard and Stiles are sitting in the lobby area.

 Steal  Mosely's Passport: 

Go upstairs and knock on Mosely's door (room 33). Mosely lets Gabe in. Talk to Mosely about his passport now. 

Mosely takes his passport from the right back pocket of his pants to show it to Gabe. Mosely then puts his passport back in his back pocket .... 

Now Gabe knows that Mosely has his passport in his right back pocket. 

Select in inventory the Sweet candy, which you have taken from the table in the Lobby ....... Offer the candy to Mosely and ......... 

Mosely is quite a candy man...Mosely has a "sweet tooth" for candies ...... Hmmmmm......Maybe Gabe can take advantage of Mosely's sweet tooth?

 Gabe first has to go get  a new candy now, from the candy box in the lobby ..... 

Leave Mosely's room. Now walk through the hallway. There are several paintings on the wall in the corridor. Search in the hallway for the low cupboard under the painting with the street scene. You can find this painting in front of room 27 ..... Remember where this painting is

Go down to the lobby, via one of the two stairs, , and pick up a new candy from the Candy Box that is on the table. 

Save your game now, because if you don't succeed in stealing Mosely's passport the first time around then you can try again from here in the lobby via this save. 

Go back upstairs and go back to the cupboard that stand below the street scene painting. Select the Sweet candy in inventory and place the candy on the cupboard. 

Go back down to the lobby and wait until Jean leaves the counter. Then quickly zoom in on the buttons box, to the left of the counter,.........

........ and then press the button for room 33, Mosely's room.

 Now go back up quickly, via the right stairs, so that Gabe ends up at  room 25 (Gabe's room) 

Now use your arrow keys to move the camera through the corridor to Mosely's room 33. You see Mosely coming out of his room and walking down the hall. Follow Mosely with your arrow keys. Mosely will notice the candy, that you have just placed on the cupboard. Mosely will take the candy and he will stay here a moment to take off the paper of the candy.

Now make sure that Gabe is standing at the bottom of your screen, in the corner of the corridor. Mosely then drops the candy and bends over to pick up the candy again. In his back pocket Mosley has his passport. Immediately click on Mosely's back pocket with your Grab hand and......... Gabe sneaks to Mosely and steals his passport from his back pocket...... Mosely has not noticed anything and goes on to the lobby. 

NB: You can also click on Mosely's back pocket, with the grab hand, before he drops the candy on the floor. Gabe then assumes the sneaking position and then waits for Mosely to bent down and then sneaks up to Mosely to steal his passport

When you taken Mosely's passport from his back pocket, you quickly go to Mosely's room 33 and enter it. If Gabe doesn't want to go into Mosely's room then you have waited too long, because Mosely is coming back from the lobby. Then first go back to the Lobby and press the button of room 33 again to lure Mosely down again. Then go back upstairs and wait until you see Mosely come out of his room again. If Mosely is out of sight, you'll quickly dive into his room to steal his golden coat

 When you have taken the coat then you quickly leave Mosely's room again ... Mosely then comes back and goes back to his room. 

  • If all is well  you now have everything to make a Mosely Disquise......To do this you need the following items: 
    the Syrup, the Felt-tip pen, the Cat hairs, the red hat and Mosely's coat and Mosely's passport. 

  • Open the Inventory. Select the black Felt-tip pen and use the Felt-tip pen on Mosely's passport. 
    Gabe draws a Mustache on the passport photo of Mosely. 

  • Select the cat hairs and use them on the syrup......
    Gabe makes a fake mustache with the cat hairs and the syrup. 

  • Then select the cat hair mustache and use it on the red cap. 

  • Then select the red Cap / Mustache and use it on the gold colored jacket. 

  • Your Mosely disguise is now complete but don't use it yet on Gabe

Rent a Motorcycle: 

Now leave the hotel and return to the Motorcycle rental. In the courtyard of the rental company you open the inventory and select the Mosely disguise. 

Close your inventory and click on GabriŽl and then click on the Mosely disguise and .......

Gabriel will discreetly disguise himself and then returns. Look at the scene in which Gabriel, as "Mosely", goes to rent the Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

The rental guy also gives Gabe a binoculars and a shovel and then Gabe goes back to the hotel to bring Mosely's passport and coat back. 

Gabe is then back in the parking lot of the hotel. In inventory you now have not only a binoculars and a shovel but also the Key of the Harley

Go back to the Motorcycle Rental and select the Key of the Harley in your inventory. Close your inventory and click on the Harley with the key

Gabriel starts the Harley and you have activated the map of the area. 

The Location map:

On the map you see a number of locations. If you hold your mouse cursor on a location (do not click because then Gabriel will go there) then the name of this location will appear on the screen. You also see 2 colored dots moving over the road on the map. One of those dots is Wilkes on his moped and the other is Madeline in her Volkswagen van. Gabriel now has to follow Wilkes and Madeline to get more locations available on this map. To be able to do that, let GabriŽl go to one of the currently available places on the map, for example Ch‚teau Blancheford or L'Ermitage. Gabe gets off his Harley there. 

Keep an eye on the road and wait until you see Wilkes on his moped coming. Then quickly click on Wilkes and then click on the FOLLOW icon and GabriŽl will then follow Wilkes to his destination and thus activate a new location on the map. Do this in this way also with Madeline and other guests to get all the location on the map available. 

Not all locations are now right on the map ..... To get the missing locations available, Gabe must follow people from the tour first over the map .... 

We start by following Wilkes .... Click on the map now on the Ch‚teau Blanchefort location and Gabe takes of on his Harley to go there

Ch‚teau Blanchefort.

Gabriel parks the Harley and gets off.  Make sure you see the road and wait patiently here for Wilkes to saw up on his moped. Wilkes is constantly driving around the environment. It may take a while but at a certain moment you'll hear the sound of Wilkes's moped. When you see Wilkes coming you click on him and then you click the FOLLOW icon and.......... 

Gabriel will automatically reunite his Harley and now follow Wilkes. You see this on the Map. 

Gabriel follows Wilkes to his destination where he leaves and this location will now be available at the location Map


Wilkes stops at a new location, which is now immediately accessible to Gabriel on the map. This is L'Ermitage. Gabriel parks his Harley here too. 

Wilkes has park his moped against the signboard. Follow the direction indicator further into the area and you will find Wilkes. Wilkes sits at a kind of cave and he has placed a "thumping device" in de sand. Wilkes is working on his laptop. You can try if Gabe wants to go into the cave, but he will not. Take a look at Wilkes's "thumping  device" and then talk to him and use all possible options. 

If you have already talked to Wilkes in the Hotel before, you will probably not get any talk options at first. Then talk a second time with Wilkes and now you can ask him anything. However, Wilkes does not want to tell what he is doing here and what that "thumping device" is for. It seems obvious that Wilkins and Gabe don't like each other much, but this could be entirely up to Gabe's arrogant attitude towards Wilkes

 When you're done with Wilkes, you'll go back to the Harley and Wilkes's moped. It is of course useful if Gabriel knows which moped belongs to which member of the tour group. 

Take the notebook from your Inventory and use the notebook on the  number plate of Wilkes's moped

Gabriel writes down the number and in your Inventory a note appears with the number of this moped and the name of Wilkes. Do this later also with the other mopeds you encounter. As a result, Gabriel will be able to see immediately who is or is not in the hotel at any given time. If you have done this, then wait patiently until you see the Volkswagen van of Madeline Buthane come along. Click on the upcoming Volkswagen van and choose the FOLLOW icon again. 

Gabriel is now going to follow Madeline over the entire map to a next location, and that is: 


Follow the direction indicator further into this area. Madeline is here somewhere, at the right side, at some trees. Talk to Madeline, but you do not really talk options. 

The reason to be here now is only meant to get this location on the map. From Madeline you can now walk further up the hill to L'Homme Mort, but don't do this now. We will do that in the next time block because you will then find Mosely there. When Gabe and Madeline have nothing more to say to each other then you go back to the Harley. Click with your thick arrow on the road and Gabe will automatically get back on the Harley and you'll be back on the map. Now drive back to: 

Ch‚teau Blanchefort.

Gabe parks the Harley. View the two direction signs. You can take 2 directions here. Left  it goes to Roque Negre and to the right it goes to C. de Blanchefort. Now go all the way up the right path, until you get the thick arrow there. You come to the next screen and Gabe then stand for a large and thick boulder. Walk to the left, to the next big boulders. 

The path splits ..... To the right it goes down, to the house of Larry Chester and to the left it goes up to the ruin of Ch‚teau de Blancheford. We now want to go further up, to the top of the mountain, so follow the path further up and ....... Gabe finally ends up on top of the mountain, near the ruin of Ch‚teau de Blanchefort

Walk to the middle and then stand on the round stone platform. From this round platform you can view the whole valley, using the binoculars you have obtained from the motor rental guy. Select the binoculars in inventory and then click the binoculars on Gabriel. 

You are now in the Binoculars Screen. With the arrows you can move the binoculars up, down, left and right. If you then arrive at a HOTSPOT with the binoculars, the 50  zoom will increase to the right of the screen. Click on it zoom in on that area. Look for the Coume-Sourde location in this way and you will see Madeline, who's walking back and forth with some kind of device in her hand. It seems like she is counting her steps to find a certain place. 

Zoom out and try to find Rennes-le-Ch‚teau by zooming in on the binoculars. 

You will see Buchelli who, on top of the Tour Magdala, who also the looking at the environment through his binoculars. 

Zoom out and click EXIT. In the next time block we will do this here again to see something else. 

Walk down the route to the Harley and click on the road to get back to the environment map. Now drive to:

 Couiza train station: 

Gabe arrives at the train station where he left the train the previous evening. Enter the station building and when you are inside you will find the ticket desk on the right. 

To the left of the ticket desk there is a large black sign showing the arrival and departure times of the trains. Zoom in and click, then with your "light" icon on this board. So ... Buchelli can not have come from Naples by train because no train from Naples stops here. Now go talk with Marci the ticket seller and use all option. 

Marci also tells us that there are no trains from Naples that stop here. Last night there was 1 guy from Rome, 2 men from Nice and 3 men from Paris. 

So Buchelli is in any case a liar because he didn't came by train from Naples, as he said he did 

After this conversation you will go back outside. Take a look around. To the left of the station you see a guy standing by a car. This is the taxi with which GabriŽl was transported to the hotel the night before. The man is the taxi driver. Go talk to him about anything and everything. He may have important information about the kidnapper. 

At a certain point in the conversation the taxi guy wants to see money, so grab Gabriel's wallet and use it on the taxi guy. You will probably have to repeat this one more time to get all the information from this guy. When you can get more information out of the taxi man you go back to the Harley. Click on the Harley, or on the road, and this Time block has ended. We go on with the next time block

As Gabriel: 

You start this time block on the  map. Find the L'Homme Mort site on the map and go there 

L'Homme Mort: 

Go, via the arrow key of your keyboard, over the grass path that continues between the rocks and do this until you can not go any further. Then click the thick forward arrow to go to the next screen. Gabe is then standing on a clearing with in in the a thick boulder. In the back of this screen you see Mosely . Continue to Mosely. 

Mosely seems to be looking for something. He has some device with which he scans the environment. Talk to Mosely. You do not get a option, but Mosely and Gabe exchange some pleasantries amongst each other. Repeat this until Gabe indicates that he no longer wants to talk with Mosely. 

From Mosely there goes another path to the left and also behind Mosely there is another path. Through that path behind Mosely, you can later go to the 2nd area of this place, but now that is not possible yet. Via the left path you can now go to the Coume-Sourde location, where Madeline is still walking back and forth. You can do this, but there is really nothing to talk about with Madeline, so I would leave it. Turn around  and follow the green path back to the Harley. Take Gabe's notebook out of your inventory and click on Mosely's moped so that Gabe registers the number of this moped and knows that it belongs to Mosely. 

When you have noted down the number of Mosely's moped then you click again with the thick forward arrow on the asphalted road to land on the map again. Now drive back to: 

C. de Blanchefort: 

There are now 2 small pets parked in the parking lot. An orange and a red one. Click on both mopeds and then choose the reading icon. Gabriel then reads the number plates. Because he has already noted down the number of Wilkes's moped, Gabriel now knows that the orange moped is from Wilkes. Who belongs with red moped, Gabe does not know yet. If you wait here for a moment, you will see Lady Howard and Estelle come driving along on there side car moped. It does not make sense to follow the ladies now because they keep driving around, so leave then be for now.

Go up again via the right-hand path and all the way to the ruins of Ch‚teau Blanchefort. Emilio Baza is sitting cross-legged on the viewing platform. You can talk to Emilio for a moment but more than a courtesy comment is all that Gabe and Emilio will say to each other now.  Take the binoculars out of your inventory and search the environment again. Zoom in on Mosely at L'Homme Mort and....You'll see a quarrel between Mosely and Madeline. 

Go back to the parking lot and make sure you write the number of Emilio's moped in Gabe's notebook. 

You now must have the following moped numbers in your Inventory: Emilio's, Mosely's and Wilkes's. Now follow the left path up to: 

Roque Negre: 

Follow the signs deeper into this area and you will now find Wilkes again. Wilkes has now set up his "thumping  machine" here and that thing now pounds the ground here.

Talk to Wilkes and ask him especially about the machine. Wilkes still does not want to tell what he is doing exactly with that thing. If you have not talked to Wilkes before, you will now have more call options. It does not matter, but NOW you must have talked with him and especially about his machine. You also have a chance here to get  Wilkes moped number, if you didn't get it earlier. But this is the last chance to get Wilkes's moped number.


You now need to find one more important place to end this time block, but you can first go back to Rennes-le-Ch‚teau and go to the cemetery to see a scene between Madeline and the Abbot. So go back to the Harley and click again on the paved road and drive back to Rennes-le-Ch‚teau. 

Gabe parks the Harley in the courtyard of the motor bike rental. Leave the  courtyard and go to church and walk up the cemetery. Walk to the window of the Office of the Abbot. You have already pushed this window up. Left click on the window and select the eaves drop icon to listen to the conversation between Madeline and the Abbot

If you had not yet put the window ajar you will have to do that first and it is also possible that Gabe automatically eaves drop on the conversation.... Again ....... This is all not necessary for the outcome of this game, but gives you some additional information about the motives of the Abbot and Madeline. 

Whether or not you go to the cemetery or not, to end this time block, you must now go to Larry Chester's house. I assume that you are now at the cemetery and that you have listened to the conversation between the Abbot by Madeline. So go back to the motorbike rental and climb back on the Harley. Now drive to Larry Chester's house 

NB: If you click to the left of the fountain, with the forward arrow, on the road that goes out of the town, Gabe will automatically pick up the Harley and you'll immediately open the map. Of course you can also take the Harley yourself and then you also get  map. 

Larry Chester

First walk around the house to explore the outside. Note that there is a hole in the left window's  skylight. 

Then knock on the front door and Gabriel is let in by Chester. Talk to Larry Chester and use all options. Talk especially about the Knights Templars

Before you go outside again, click on all possible objects in this house and pay special attention to the alarm clock. This alarm clock will be important later in the game.

When you are ready, click on the door to go outside again. Click on the Harley to get back to the map and...........

 travel back to Rennes-le-Ch‚teau. This time block has now ended and you will start at the last time block of Day 1:

As Gabriel: 

It is evening and Gabe again parks the Harley neatly in the courtyard. Leave the courtyard and ....... 

Gabe then continues on to the hotel because he sees that the "auxiliaries troops " have arrived. 

Grace Nakimura, the "side kick" of Gabriel, has arrived in the company of 2 men who work for Prince James work. Watch and listen to this cut scene. The whole party goes inside the hotel and we end up in the Gabe's room where the conversation continues. The two men disappear and there follows a rather cool and businesslike conversation between Gabe and Gracie. Grace has to share Gabe's room because the hotel is completely full. Gabriel then leaves the room to follow the 2 men. 

Go to the lobby and then leave the hotel. You see the two men walking away. Follow them, but keep your distance.

 Do not worry about losing the 2 men. The game ensures that this can not happen. You can try to address them, but Gabe will not want to do this

. You follow the men to the cemetery behind the church. At the cemetery, on the large tomb, which is on the corner, and then choose the HIDE icon. 

Gabriel will hide behind the tomb. Look at the scene in which the men harass the Abbot. The Scots man of Prince James and the Abbot are clearly not friends ..... 

Once the two men have left, you can follow them back to the hotel. But you can also wait here until you see the light coming on in the office of the Abbot. If you have opened the window of this office in a previous time block then you do not have to do that now, otherwise you have to do that first. Select in inventory Gabe's tape recorder and then click on the window again and then  click on the cassette recorder. 

You hear, and see, the Abbot make a phone call and Gabriel records what the Abbot is saying. The conversation is of course in French so you will have to translate it into English later. You'll do this later in the hotel room with Sidney, the laptop computer that Grace has brought with her.  Now follow the two men back to the hotel. You see the two men getting into a car and driving away. Let them go, we'll pick them up again later


We're going to bother the other guests now. In the lobby you can see that Simone, the night porter, now is on duty. Go to the dining room watch a scene between Buchelli and Wilkes

Your can have a conversation with the two gentlemen, but it is a meaningless conversation. Leave the dining room. Simone is now behind the counter and she also was there last night, when Gabe and the tour group arrived here. So go talk to Simone and use all possible conversation topics. Simone tells us who arrived last night and how late they arrived. 

Listening at the room doors

This is optional and you can do it at any time in the game: 

You can go upstairs and then go to each room door and use the glass on the doors to listen who is in her / his room. 

You can do at any time in this game, from the moment you have taken the glass. Grace can also do this later, if she also comes into possession of a glass. 

If you discover that someone is not in his or her room then there is a big chance that you can find him / her somewhere else on the map, which in turn can be an indication of an important conversation that you could enter. When you're done with this eaves dropping on the doors then leave the hotel and pick up the Harley again. 

On the map you'll see the moving dot of the car in which the two men of Prince James are driving around. It might be important to know where they are going. So go to the parking lot at L'Ermitage or C. de Blanchefort and wait until you see the car coming. Quickly on the car and then select the FOLLOW icon again. 

Gabriel will follow the car to Larry Chester's house, but because he does not want to be seen, he is not going to park there. Instead, choose the Blanchefort location on the map.

Larry Chester's house via Blanchefort:

Go up the right-hand path to the thick rock and then follow the path to the right and down and you'll come to the side of Larry's cottage. There are 2 trees and a well. Gabriel wants to remain discreet and can not be seen. Click on the tree that is closest to the well and then choose the "Hide icon"

Gabriel will hide himself behind this tree. Of course you can try to hide Gabriel behind another tree, or behind the well or something, but he will then say that it is not the right place. Once Gabe is well concealed, a scene starts where you see how the two men get out of the car, walk to the front door and knock on the door. 

Now look further at the scene that unfolds between the two men and Larry Chester. Chester and the 2 Scots apparently belong to the same organization ......... Take especially good notice of the complicated way of shaking hands between Chester and the two men. You get two opportunities for this. Try to write down the order of the handshake because later you have to be able to do it in Gabriel's hotel room. The correct order of the handshake is thus: Thumbs together, Pinks against each other, Full handshake; Inside Thumbs; Fists. The three men then enter Chester's house. 

Go back to the Blanchefort parking lot....

..... and jump on the Harley and .........

...... drive to the Rennes-Le-Bains location, the local pub.


There are 2 mopeds parked at the pub. Gabe will recognize the moped from Wilkes, at least if you have recorded his license plate in a previous time block. You do not know to witch the other moped belongs yet. Enter the pub and see ....... Wilkes and Buchelli are chatting at the bar. You can talk to them for a moment, but you will not get much wiser. Go outside again and note  Buchelli's Moped number plate in the notebook. 

Hop on the Harley and return to your hotel. 


When GabriŽl has parked the Harley you see the blue moped with sidecar from Lady Howard and Estelle. You know that this moped belongs to Howard and Estelle is because you have been seen them earlier in the day driving it. So this is a good opportunity to write down the license plate, but this can also be done later in the game. 

Go to the hotel and go inside. Emilio Baza is back in the lobby of the hotel. Do not go talk to him. 

Enter the dining room again and watch the scene with Lady Howard, Estelle, and Madeline, who are all three at the supper. 

Madeline tries to "seduce" Gabe, who immediately gets horny. After this scene you leave the dining room again. Go up through one of the two steps and into GabriŽl's room 25 and go inside.

Gabe's room: 

Grace and Mosely are here. Talk to them and use all the  option but especially the options concerning the two men of Prince James and the strange handshake you saw them exchanging with Larry Chester. Mosely will ask Gabriel to do this handshake with him. So click the right handshake icons in the correct order.

If you do this well Mosely will say that it is the secret handshake of the FREEMASON. If you go wrong then that is not bad because Mosely will say that it is the handshake of the "Masons" anyway. Then continue with the conversation and use each conversation topic and this time block and also DAY  1 will end. We then continue with ......... 

Chapter 3: Day 2 part 1:

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot