2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This is my English translation of my 2015 Dutch GabriŽl Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned walkthrough 

Chapter 3: Day 2: part 1

as Grace:


You play for the first time in this game as Grace Nakimura, Gabriel's faithful assistant. If you have played GabriŽl Knight 1 and GabriŽl Knight 2 then you know a bit about the history between Gabe and Gracie. The time periods with Gracie are much more puzzle-oriented than those with Gabriel, especially where you have to use the laptop with the program SIDNEY. This program will now play a prominent role in this game. Gabe, very gentlemanlike, gave up his bed to Grace and is still sleeping on the couch.

When you have control over Grace, move her to the corner of the room where the table with the laptop computer is located. Click on the table and you will see the laptop. There are 2 boxes next to the laptop. They are fingerprint kits. Grab one of these fingerprint kits and leave the other on the table for  Gabriel. Click on the laptop and then choose the Type icon to get to the laptop screen. 

Grace named the computer program SIDNEY, so from now on we will call this laptop SIDNEY. Grace will sit down and start up Sidney.


Take a moment to experiment with the various buttons and programs from Sidney. 

Sidney is a comprehensive database and analysis program. Just start by reading all emails for Grace .......

..... and then try out the other buttons such as: Analysis; Suspects and Files. Now absolutely also use the SEARCH function to search for a number of terms in the Sidney database ........ Search with the Search function on the following words: Holy Grail, Templars and Vampire .......

Sidney goes searching and gives a number of texts on this subject. Read them through and also click on all yellow Hyperlinks within these texts. Once you've done all that, you can leave Sidney again via the EXIT button in the lower right corner of the main screen. When you've played enough with Sidney, leave the room. In the corridor you see, behind Grace, a book lying against the doorway of room 25. It is the Holy Grail book that Gabriel noticed in the window of the bookstore yesterday. Take the Holy Grail book

Grace browses through the book and finds a paper in which a poem is written. She reads this aloud and then goes back into room 25 and puts the poem on the table for Gabriel. 

Let's see if there are fingerprints on the cover of the Holy Grail book.

To use the Fingerprint box:

Grace is in room 25, where she has just put the poem on the table. Open your inventory, select the fingerprint box and then click on the Holy Grail book and click on the fingerprint box icon. A screen will now appear in which you will see the fingerprint box on the left and the object on which you want to search for fingerprints, in this case the Holy Grail book.

Grab the brush and dip it in the round box. You see that there is powder on the brush. Now sweep with the brush over the entire surface of the object, in this case the book. If there are fingerprints on the cover of the book then you will see them appear and Grace, or Gabriel, will also say it. In the event that a fingerprint appears, put the brush back in the box and take a piece of tape from the tape and then click on the fingerprint. The fingerprint then comes on the tape. Then store the tape in one of the envelopes on the left side of the box.

Grace will not find a fingerprint on the Holy Grail book, but you now know how to use the fingerprint. If you are sitting behind Sidney (like Grace or as Gabriel), you must scan the  fingerprints in Sidney and then link them to a Suspect. But Grace must first make all these files in Sidney......right......let's go on. 

Leave the room again and go down one of the stairs and to the counter. Click on Jean, the day clerk, and Grace introduces herself. If there are talk options, you can use them all. Then go to the dining room. Buchilli, Howard / Estelle and Madeline Buthane are having breakfast. Go talk to Madeline Buthane and ........ 

Grace will talk with Madeline about the Tour Group and she buy herself into the group because she wants to join in. It cost Grace 3000 francs. 

Leave the dining room again and leave the hotel. Outside, Emilio is back on the bench, but Grace does not want to talk to him now. You can now explore the town with Grace, as you did with Gabe, but for Grace the most important building, in this time block, is the Tour Magdala. So go to the fountain and then past Villa Bethania to the:

Tour Magdala:

Enter the tower. Inside you can view everything first with your eye and listen to Grace's comments about the things you look at. Then go up the stairs to the tower. At the top of the tower you will find the Abbot spying around the surroundings through his binoculars. 

Go and talk to the Abbot and put all possible discussion topics out again. When you are done with this you will return to the hotel.


You can now go straight to the dining room and Grace will join the Tour Group immediately. The Tour Group then moves to the various locations. Alternatively you can first go upstairs and knock on Mosely's door 33. You will then see a scene in which Grace  warns Mosely that the excursion will begin. In any case, entering the dining room is  the starting signal for the tour of the group of guests led by Madeline Buthane.


NB: When the excursion doesn't start when you walk into the dining room, or you get the message that Mosely is still sleeping........ Then you probably forgot to use the Search function of SIDNEY at the beginning of this time block. You MUST have used the searched function of SIDNEY to look up:  Holy Grail, Templars and Vampires and within these texts you  also must have followed all yellow hyperlinks. You must also have found the Holy Grail book and talked to Madeline in the dining room and with the Abbot on Tour Magdala. When you did all this then the excursion will start when you walk into the dining room. The first stop for the group is:

 Poussin's Tomb: 

The first stop of the group is at Poussin's Tomb. Look, and listen, to Madeline's talk as she's talking to the tour group. When Madeline is ready she says that there is time to walk around here and / or take pictures. Use your mouse or key-board keys to view the environment. The most important thing for Grace is what Emilio Baza is "writing" with a stick in the sand. It seems that he writes down the word "SUM". Select Grace's sketchbook in Inventory and click on the word in the sand.

 Grace will be able to process this later in Sidney. You do not have that much time for this because the group is invited by Madeline to continue.

 If you do not succeed in noting down Emilio's word then it just stays in the sand, so that you can do it later, when you find out that you really need this word. If the excursion does not proceed right away, when Grace has noted the "Sum" word, then walk around a bit and go and talk to Mosely for a moment ... a certain amount of time must pass by. 

Finally Madeline will scream that we will continue, so the whole troop will get back into the VW bus and drive to the next stop and that is the: 

Top of C. de Blanchefort: 

Watch and listen to Madeline again and when that is over  you move Grace closer to Madeline and Wilkes, who are talking to each other. 

Grace will approach Wilkes and Madeline up close and listen to their conversation. 

Then turn Grace to Lady Howard and Estelle and Grace automatically listen to the conversation between Lady Howard and Estelle. 

Grace hears Lady Howard and Estelle talk about a manuscript called "Le Serpent Rouge". Listen carefully because this manuscript plays a very important role in the game. The rest of the group also hears this and they all talk about "Le Serpent Rouge". After the scene about "Le Serpent Rouge" you can talk to everyone about "Le Serpent Rouge". Do this especially with Madeline because she will give more information about this. 

When you're going to talk to Wilkes, do not forget to let Grace "flirt" with him through the "flirt" icon. Save Mosely for last  and talk to him about all topics. 

The end of the conversation with Mosely is also the end of this Time block and the beginning of the next Time block. You see a movie ... 

Macho Gabe has a "Schattenjšger" nightmare and then he finally wakes up. You end up in the second time block of this chapter. 

As Gabriel

Gabe has woke up and stand fully dressed in his hotel room.  On the table lies  the poem that Grace put there. Zoom in on the poem and then grab it.

In your inventory you try  whether Gabe wants to read the poem, but he thinks that this is really something for Grace.

 Go to the table with Sidney and pick up the remaining fingerprint box.

You probably already discovered the "Dumb Waiter hatch" at the start of the game and know how to open it. In this time block we will use this food lift to get into 2 other rooms.

Preparations for searching the other rooms:

Not every guest room is of vital importance for the solution of this game. In fact, only the rooms of Madeline Buthane and of Lady Howard and Estelle are really important to search. The other rooms are optional but provide you with the necessary information on the motives of the other hotel guests and give you more insight into the story. Leave Gabriel's room. In the hall you see the maid, Roxanne, who is busy cleaning the various rooms as in any decent hotel. Roxanne is just coming from Mosely's room and now wants to do Gabe's room.

First take a moment to study Roxanne's routine. 

You notice that if Roxanne is done with a room she will lock the door again. That is not exactly what Gabriel wants because he wants access to these rooms. First of all, Roxanne puts down her cart in such a way that the door is completely blocked. Roxanne then goes inside and comes back later with the dirty bedding that she then throws into the cart. Then Roxanne shifts the cart so she can catch her other cleaning stuff. Roxanne then leaves the car and takes her cleaning from the cart and goes back inside but she now leaves the door ajar. You see that Gabe can now go into the room. Now you can  Gabriel go into the room. You do this by opening the Action menu on the room door and clicking the "Sneak icon". Gabriel then "sneaks in" behind Roxanne.

Roxanne does something with a duster in the rooms and then she goes into the bathroom. This is the moment when Gabriel can hide in the room until Roxanne is out of the room again. This Roxanne routine is the same for every room. Of course Game will not want to sneak into his own room, why would he. So if Roxanne is busy in Gabe's room 25, make sure you put Gabe in front of the door of room 27, Emilio's room, and wait patiently for Roxanne. Because we start this sneaking into the rooms with:

Room 27: Emilio:

Roxanne is done with Gabe's room and pushes her cart to room 27. Roxanne knocks on the door and goes inside, while her cart blocks the door.

Roxanne throws the dirty bedding in her cart and then puts the cart at an angle and she disappears into the room again to dust

Now Gabe can sneak into the room ..... Quickly ... Open the Action menu on the half-closed room door and click the "Sneak Icon" and .......

Gabe sneaks into the room but stays in the hall ...... We see Roxanne busy with her spray can and duster .......

 Room 27 also has a "Dumb Waiter" hatch and so you have to unlock it . Roxanne then goes into the bathroom to clean it

Once Roxanne has disappeared into the bathroom you will regain control of Gabe ....... 

Quickly zoom in on the "Dumb waiter" hatch, via the Action menu, and unlock the latch via the "Turn Lock" icon on the yellow latch 

Make sure that Gabe does not open the hatch and quickly leave the room back to the corridor

NB: When Gabe is caught by Roxanne while he is still in the room, then he talks himself out of this awkward situation with the excuse that he has made a mistake in the room, but Roxanne only beliefs this once.

Roxanne comes out again and continues with:

Room 29: Madeline Buthane:

Well ... same routine, but this room has no Dumbwaiter. Here you have to make sure that the room door is not locked, but of course that is only possible when Roxanne is ready and gone. Roxanne checks here whether the balcony doors are properly closed and then she goes into the bathroom.

As soon as Roxanne is in the bathroom, click on the balcony doors with the "open icon" and Gabriel goes hiding outside on the balcony.

Roxanne then comes out of the room and leaves the room and closes the door behind her. Gabe comes back in again. 

Go to the room door and open the Action menu on the door lock ..... Then choose the "Turn Lock" icon to unlock the door and then exit the room. Roxanne will now be working in:

Room 31: Lady Howard / Estelle

Also no Dumbwaiter here, so follow the same procedure as for Madeline's room described above. Roxanne also locks the balcony doors here and then disappears to the bathroom

So once Roxanne has gone to the bathroom, open the Action menu on the balcony doors and click the "Open" icon again and .......... Gabe goes hiding again on the balcony

Roxanne is coming out of the bathroom again and leave the room where she closes the room door behind her. Gabe reappears. 

Open the Action menu again on the door lock and select the "Turn Lock" icon again to lock the door and exit the room.

Gabe now has access to the rooms of Buthane and Howard from the hallway and these are the 2 most important rooms. You can skip the rest of the rooms, but if you want to score all the points in the game then you'll continue with the other rooms. Roxanne is now in room 

Room 21: Buchelli's: 

Here again a Dumbwaiter, so follow the same routine as at Emilio's room. 

Roxanne will already be in the bathroom by now, so unlock the Dumbwaiter hatch via the "Turn Lock" icon of the Action menu and then quickly get back on the hallway.

Room 23: Wilkes: 

Wait in the hallway until you can sneak into Room 23 and then do that quickly

Also a Dumbwaiter here, so the same routine as in Emilio's and Buchelli's rooms ....... 

So when Roxanne has gone into the bathroom and you have control over Gabe again, you quickly zoom in on the Dumbwaiter hatch and slide the latch open through the "Turn Lock" icon. 

Then quickly go back to the hallway and .... Roxanne is done with her job, so she will put her cart back in the hall and she will disappear. 

If you have done everything right, you now have access to the rooms of the other guests. Gabe can now enter the rooms 29 and 31from the hallway ..... the other rooms Gabe must enter via the Dumbwaiter lift .... We will now search the rooms of Madeline Buthane and Howard / Estelle. As said, these are the only two rooms that really matter because you will find items that you need. The other rooms only give you more insight into the motives of the different guests.

Alternative way to search Madeline's room and Lady Howard's room: 

Because there are items in these two rooms that are crucial for the course of the game, the makers have ensured that, if you miss the entire Roxanne routine, you can still enter these rooms. This goes as follows: Go to Gabriel's room and open the window and then click above the window on the roof tiles. You now get the "Climb icon". Click  and Gabe climbs out of the window onto the roof. Walk up the roof and to the other side and then jump onto the balcony of Madeline or Howard and go through the balcony door into the room. You only get this opportunity if you are unable to get into these 2 rooms via the Roxanne way and I will not explain this further 

Searching the rooms: 

Room 31: Lady Howard / Estelle: 

Go inside, via the now unlocked room door or via the alternative route on the balcony in Gabe's room 25. Look around and click on everything. 

Especially the bed is important. Open the Action menu on the right side of the bed and then click the "Search" icon and ..... 

Gabriel will examine the bed and also looks under the bed and he will find a folder and put it on the bed. Open the Action menu on the folder and choose the "Pick Up" icon and ...... 

Gabriel takes two "Parchments" out the folder and he puts them in your Inventory. 

You will have to bring these 2 "Parchments"  back here again, after you have scanned them into Sidney. Enter the bathroom and investigate everything.

On the washbasin is a tube of toothpaste and a hand mirror. The tube of toothpaste is called "Suppuration H". Grab the tube of Toothpaste. 

Select the Fingerprint box in inventory and then open the Action menu on the round hand mirror .... Then click the Fingerprint box icon and ....... 

You come in the Fingerprint Box screen. Gabe wants to know if there are fingerprints on the mirror. In the box you will find pieces of paper, a brush, a round box with fingerprint powder and tape.

Take the brush  and click it on the round box to get powder on the brush. Then place the brush on the mirror and then move the brush, from left to right and from top to bottom, over the mirror .... do not skip a pixel ..... On the handle of the mirror 1 fingerprint will be visible.

When you have made the fingerprint visible on the handle, click on the tape to tear off a piece of tape. Then click with the piece of tape on the fingerprint ..... The fingerprint is then "stuck" on the tape. Then click with the piece of tape on the front piece of paper in the box and ..........

....... Gabe sticks the tape on the piece of paper and that piece of paper, with the fingerprint of Lady Howard , is now in your inventory. 

Gabe will have to scan all fingerprints, that he finds in this way, into SIDNEY. 

NB: If you accidentally picked up the mirror first and then examined it or fingerprints, then you will not find a fingerprint on the mirror. 

Leave Lady Howard's room and go to: 

Room 29: Madeline Buthane: 

Go in and search the room and the bathroom. Next to the bed there is a cupboard with 2 drawers. Open the top drawer via the Action menu and examine the contents.

There is a Mobile phone, a "Tracking device and a map in the drawer. Gabe is only interested in the map, so take the Map from the drawer, via the " Pick Up" icon of the Action menu. Gabe has to return the map to this drawer, when he has scanned it in Sidney. Also examine the bed here, via the "Search" icon of the Action menu and ...........

........ and Gabriel finds a suitcase under the bed. Open the suitcase and Gabriel finds a revolver in. Do not touch the revolver but dust the thing for fingerprints ....... 

You will find a fingerprint of Madeline on the barrel of the revolver. 

Stick the fingerprint on a piece of tape and then put the piece of tape back on a piece of paper and ....... In inventory you now have a fingerprint of Madeline Buthane ....... 

Ready here, so leave the room. Now you can skip the remaining rooms, but because this walkthrough wants to be as complete a solution as possible, we will search them anyway.

Room 27: Emilio Baza: 

Go to Gabriel's room25 and open  Dumbwaiter hatch. If all goes well, the elevator will already be there. If this is not the case, you have to pull on the rope. 

Climb into the elevator, via the "Exit" icon of the Action menu. 

On the other side you will see the hatch that gives access to the room of Emilio. In Emilo's room you have unlocked the hatch. Click on the hatch of Emilio's room

Gabe climbs into Emilio's room through the dumbwaiter hatch. Look at everything you can look at in Emilio's room. 

You can try to take fingerprints but you will not find anything and there is nothing to take with you. 

When you've finished your research here, you can just leave Emilio's room via the room door, but you'll have to unlock the door first. 

Buchilli's room and Wilkes room via the kitchen: 

To explore Buchelli's and also Wilkes's room you have to go to the kitchen. Go to the hotel lobby and ..... Gabe is approached by Jean. 

Jean apologizes to GabriŽl because he sent the cook home because he thought that all hotel guests would join Madeline on the tour today. 

Go to the dining room and locate the kitchen door. Click "Open" on the kitchen door and ....... Gabriel gets an idea about the Dumbwaiters in the other rooms. 

Go back to Jean and talk to him about the hotel rooms and then about food. 

Gabriel gets permission to make a sandwich in the kitchen. So go back to the dining room and then dive into the kitchen. In the kitchen are 2 of those dumbwaiter. The left leads to GabriŽl's and Emilio's room. So you have to use the right dumbwaiter. Open the right hatch and turn the handle

The elevator comes down. Step in the elevator and then pull yourself up with the rope,

 then enter the rooms through the hatches. When you are ready in one room you go to the other room via the dumbwaiter elevator.  In the Wilkes room you can read the letters on the writing table to the left of the beds. Furthermore, you can click on Wilkes laptop, suitcase and on his "pile driver", but Gabe finds nothing and certainly no fingerprints.

 In Buchelli's room, click with the fingerprint box on Buchelli's suitcase and use the brush on the locks of the suitcase and you will then find a fingerprint on the right-hand lock. 

Stick a piece of tape on it and store the fingerprint in an envelope.

Buchelli's clothes lie in the upper drawer of the chest of drawers. So it appears that Buchelli is a priest. On the left side of the drawer is a part of Buchelli's train ticket. Grab it. 

When you're done with this and you've searched all the rooms, you go down via the dumbwaiter elevator and then you leave the hotel, via the dining room and the lobby. Go to the cemetery because you still have to search the office of the Abbot

Office Abbot: 

In a previous time block you have already made sure that the window of the office of the Abbot is ajar. If this is not the case, you click on it and choose to scroll the window up. Click on the window and try to push it further up. However, the window will not open far enough to allow Gabriel to enter the office. The window is stuck. Select the tube Suppuration H toothpaste, from Lady's Howard bathroom, in your inventory and use it on the window. 

Now you can open the window completely and crawl inside. 

Examine the office. Click on the portrait that is hanging on the wall and also check out the chessboard. Go to the desk and click on it with your "green arrow". 

Gabe stands behind the desk and opens the top drawer. Zoom in on the opened drawer with your "magnifying glass".

Read the magazine. Make sure you have selected the fingerprint box and click on the packet of cigarettes and examine it on fingerprints. 

You can find a fingerprint of the Abbot on the cigarette pack. Store the fingerprint in an envelope. When you're done here you go back to the hotel, through the window or the door and the church, and go to Gabriel's room because Gabriel has to enter all his data, collected so far, in Sidney.


Once you've searched Madeline's and Lady Howard's room and the office of the Abbot and collected all relevant items from it, you can go back to Gabriel's hotel room to enter the data in Sidney. In this walkthrough I assume that you have searched ALL rooms. In Gabriel's room you go to the table on which the laptop stand and click on it to start Sidney. What you want to do in Sidney now is to scan all collected documents and fingerprints and number plates and then link the relevant information of the guests to their name in the Suspect file. 

The first thing to do is: select the ADD DATA tab. Your inventory is emerging. Now click on the item you want to scan into Sidney and then choose the Laptop icon

The relevant DATA will then be scanned into Sidney and Gabriel will give a name to it. What you have to scan are all mopet license plates, all fingerprints found, the two parchments from Lady Howard's room and, very important, the MAP from Madeline's room and the cassette with the telephone call from the Abbot. You have to do this one by one,  so open the ADD DATA tab each time to scan the next item. You should now have the fingerprints of Lady Howard, Madeline, the Abbot and Buchilli and the license plates of Wilkes, Emilio, Mosely, Buchelli and Lady Howard. 

When you have scanned all the relevant data then you can link some of these data to a suspect in the SUSPECT file. Click on the SUSPECT tab and once in it you click on a name from the suspicious list, for example Lady Howard. Then open the FILE menu and under fingerprints click on the name of Lady Howard. This will now be visible. In one of the drop-down menus you now select "Link File to Suspect". The fingerprint of Lady Howard will now be put in her file.

 Do this with all relevant files. Because Mosely has not yet been entered by Grace as a Suspect, you can not connect any of Mosely's files to Mosely. 

In FILES, click on the sound file of the cassette of the Abbot. Then choose TRANSLATE and then choose to translate from FRENCH to ENGLISH. 

Sidney will now show the English translation of the phone call. You can also link this to the Abbot in SUSPECT. If you have done everything in Sidney, click main and then EXIT Gabriel gets up and now he has to put the various stolen items back in the right room in the right place. So put the MAP back in the drawer in Madeline's room .....

..... and the two pieces of Parchments back under the bed in Lady Howard's room. 

As soon as you have done this, you go downstairs and Gabe will be approached by Jean and Roxanne about his lunch and this time block has ended and

 the next time block begins with Grace and the tour group

Chapter 4: Day 2: part 2

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot