2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This is my English translation of my 2015 Dutch Gabriël Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned walkthrough 

Chapter 4: Day 2: part 2

The tour group arrives at a stopover on their excursion, Château de Serras, a large country house and wine tasting facility .

Everyone gets off the VW bus to use lunch here, except for Emilio who says to Grace that he is not feeling well.

Château de Serras: 

Once you have control over Grace, you can try to have a conversation with Emilio in the bus, but Gracie does not want that. Enter the wine tasting. 

The other members of the tour group are at there lunch. As soon as Grace steps in, bitch Madeline starts flirting with Mosely, just to make Grace jealous. Mosely gets a stiff dick from it. 

You can click on everything here for some background information and you can talk with the Abbot. Grace will not want to talk with the other members of the tour group. If you're done inside, you'll go outside again. You can investigate the outside of the garage, but Grace will not be able to do anything here. Go to the big house and then, via the gate on the right side, go to the back.  Grace thinks she hears a baby cry. Walk all the way to the wall and then turn left and ....... you will see a basement hatch at the end. Listen at that hatch ..... 

Grace thinks the cry of the baby comes out of the cellar. When you try to open the hatch, Grace notices that this does not work ........ But now Grace really wants to get into the house. Turn around and walk back to the front of the low wall with the red tile roof. Open the Action menu on the wall and then click the "Climb" icon and ........ 

Gracie now climbs up, via the 2 red roofs and the in-between wall to the façade of the house ...... Grace stumbles a few times  but she won't fall. 

At the top of the roof, you have to climb even higher via the Ivy bush to the open window in the upper right corner. So open the Action menu on the ivy bush and click again the "Climb" icon and ..... Gracie climbs, via the ivy, to the top window and she ends up on the attic. Walk into the large attic room .... There is a large closet and a large chest in the attic .... Do not open the large chest yet. First of all, go to the large closet and open the closet doors. 

There are number of robes with strange symbols hanging in the cupboard. View the robes in close-up, using the action menu with your magnifying glass. 

In your inventory select Grace's sketchbook and then you click with the sketchbook icon on the robes in the closet and ... 

Grace makes a sketch of the strange symbols and stores the sketch in inventory ...... Grace must scan this sketch into Sydney when she's back in the hotel. Do not close the door of the cabinet. Look further at the other things and paintings here and then go to the big chest in the corner, opposite the cupboard. Open the chest and Grace sees something in it that looks like a baby's leg. 

Grace will immediately close the box again with a yell of fright and this has attracted the attention of the occupant of this house who is now coming up. Grace has to hide quickly. Turn around to the closet .... Quickly open the Action menu on the closet and click the "Hide" icon and ....... Grace will hide in the closet. 

Look at the scene with Mr Montreaux the owner / occupant of this house ...... Montreaux comes up but just as he shall discover Grace in the closet  Madeline calls him and because of this Grace is saved from discovery 

After Montreaux has disappeared Gracie comes out of the closet. Walk across the attic to the window and then go down the spiral staircase. 

Gracie comes into the library, as you can see from the amount of books here. Look at everything here. Zoom in on the desk with your magnifying glass, in the Action menu. 

You then look at the desk from the other side. There are some books on the desk and there is a drawer in the desktop. 

On the left side, under the desktop, sticks a small button. Do not click that button yet.  Open the drawer, via the "Open" icon of the Action menu 

In the drawer you'll find a book ..... do not touch the book yet ... first check this book for fingerprints ...... Grace finds 1 fingerprint on the cover of the book

Paste  the fingerprint on a piece of tape and then stick it on a piece of paper. 

Now read the book, via the "Read" icon of the Action menu .... This is the "Immortals Book" and you can read 2 pages of it, but Gracie thinks it's a lot of nonsense and so she puts the book back in de la.   A portrait of Montreaux is hanging on the wall behind the desk. In the left eye of Montreaux you can see something sparkle. Zoom in on the portrait and then click on the left eye ....... 

Grace screams, however, that the portrait is hanging too high. There is a chair behind Grace ...... 

Open the Action menu on the chair and click then choose the "Move" icon .......... Grace shifts the chair below the portrait. Then climb onto the chair via the "Climb" icon. 

Then click on the left eye of the portrait and click in the Action menu  the "Inspect" icon and ......... 

In the eye Gracie then finds a picture of the HOLY GRAIL ..... it is very bizarre ........ 

Climb of the chair by clicking right next to the chair and turn back to the desk. Zoom back in on the desk so you can see that little button underneath the desktop. Now open the Action menu on the small button and then choose the "Press" icon to press the button and ........... 

Grace now has activates 5 red laser beams with the small button, which come from the 5 heads, which are in the bookcases, and those beams cross each other on the spiral staircase.

The 5 red laser beams come from the 5 Heads, which are all around in the bookcases ...... Gracie must turn each of those 5 heads 1 turn to the left, so that the 5 beams form a PENTAGRAM, a 5 pointed star). This will open the spiral staircase to the basement. So go to each of the 5 heads. On each Head, open the Action menu and then click once the counterclockwise arrow, to turn each head 1 turn counterclockwise ....... 

You do not have to turn the 5 heads in a certain order, but you have to turn all 5 Heads 1 turn counterclockwise. As soon as you have turned all five Heads one turn to the left, the floor in the middle of the room opens up and you see that the spiral staircase goes down to the basement. Go through this staircase to the basement

The basement consists of a circular corridor that gives access to a lot of rooms . In none of the basement rooms there is anything to be found. Move Grace to the right through the basement corridor. 

At the back right of the basement a staircase goes down to a door. Go through the door. 

Grace ends up at the big winepress, the cause of the "Baby Crying". At the wine press stand an old woman Investigate everything and then go talk to the old woman and ....... 

Look at the scene  in which the old woman scares Grace, who then runs away in a panic.  Gracie then walks on to Mosely and talks to him for a moment. 

After some time, Madeline comes out and the group leaves for the next stop and that is the  "The Armchair of the Devil " and.......

...... the members of the tour group get the shock of their lives because on a boulder they find 2 dead men ..... They are the 2 "Scotsmen" of Prince James and their throats are cut. 

The time block ends and you continue with

As Gabriel 

At the beginning of this time block, the tour group is back at the hotel after they have found the 2 dead men, each member of the group is somewhere else and is doing something. In shock and out of breath, Grace goes to room 25 to tell Gabriel the news of the two dead Prince James men. 

During this part of the game, a clock is ticking, so maybe you do not have enough time to do everything Gabe needs to do in this time block, but don't worry about this, there is nothing vital in this time block for a successful outcome of the game, this time block is only meant to give the player more insight into the story.

You start in the hall outside of Gabriel's room. Quickly go down, to the Lobby. In the lobby, Gabe is likely to be approached immediately by Jean, the day-porter. Jean is also shocked by the news that the tour group has found 2 bodies. You can talk with Jean about the 2 dead "Scotsmen", but it will not bring you much. Wilkes sits in the seating area with a bottle of whiskey. You can talk to Wilkes, but he also does not have much to tell. Notice the glass that Wilkes drinks his whiskey from ..... Later, when Wilkes is gone, you can "lift" his fingerprint from the glass. 

Go to the telephone booths, behind the red curtains. The curtain of the left and of the middle telephone boxes are closed. You hear the voice of Buchelli ..... Buchelli is making a phone call in the left phone booth. Be quick ..... select Gabe's Tape recorder in inventory and then open the Action menu on the left or middle phone booth and then click the Tape recorder icon and .......... Gabe records the call from Buchelli 

The conversation is in Italian but you can scan this tape later into Sidney and then translate it into English. Buchilli then comes out of the telephone booth and will join Wilkes in the seating area, 

Now go back upstairs. You can listen to all doors in the corridor to hear if the guests are in their rooms. You know, however, that Wilkes and Buchelli are downstairs in the seating area and you also know that Mosely stayed behind at "The Armchair of the Devil "  with the two dead bodies. So it makes sense to only listen on the doors of  the rooms of Emilio, Madeline and Howard / Estelle. Select in inventory the glass that Emilio has left behind in the cupboard in the hallway. Then open the Action menu on a room door and then click the "Glass" icon and ...... With the help of the glass, Gabe will listen to the door and hear whether the guest is in the room and what he / she is doing it is. 

When you listen to the door of Emilio Baza with the glass on your ear, Gabe tells you that Emilio is not in his room. When you listen to the door of Madeline's room you hear that she is in her room and talk to someone in French. When you listen to the door of Lady Howard / Estelle you hear that they are in their room and talk to each other. Once you've done all this, head out of the hotel and go to the city tower, Tour Magdala. Go inside and up. On top of the tower is the Abbot and again he's looking at  the surroundings through his binoculars. Talk to the Abbot and use all options. 

When you are done with the Abbot you return to the hotel. Wilkes and Buchelli are still hoisting liquor in the seating area. Go back upstairs and listen again, with the glass, at the doors of Madeline Buthane and Howard / Estelle ....... You hear that Madeline is taken a shower and Howard is snoring. Leave the hotel again and pick up the Harley and drive out of town. On the map you choose the Armchair of the Devil location: 

The Armchair of the Devil 

This is the location where the two dead Scotsmen have been found. Gabe parks the Harley. 

Cross the road and follow the path to the two bodies. Mosely is at  the 2 bodies. 

Walk on to Mosely and talk to him for a moment. 

Examine the two bodies and look especially at their throat wounds. So zoom in on a corpse, via the "Inspect" icon of the Action menu, and then examine the gaping throat wound via the "Think" icon

When you have inspected the throat wounds, then you must look for a large pool of blood.

 You can find the pool of blood in an "inlet" on the left side of this area ...... past the tourist sign and then behind the trees .....

 If you click on the blood with your arrow, Gabe will continue to go to that pool of blood ...... Gabe then calls Mosely and they go stare at the blood together ..... 

Examine the blood, via the "Think" icon of the Action menu 

Just in front of the blood pool is also a spot to investigate .....It's a pear of knee prints in the sand......To find this spot you must move your cursor over the screen until your arrow lights up in a spot just before the blood pool ... Then open the Action menu on that spot and then click the "Think" icon

Gabe will bend over to see the spot and tell that it is a series of knee prints and then he has a vision of the murders and then know that the two men were killed while they were on their knees. Click once again with the "Think" icon on the knee prints and again Gabe has a vision in witch he "sees" the murderers. 

Now go and talk to Mosely and do this until there are no more things  to talk about ... so keep clicking on Mosely to continue talking to him. 

Go back to the Harley. Madeline arrives and Gabriel and Mosely return to the hotel on the Harley. 

In the distance you can hear the sirens of the police who are now on their way to the crime scene. Gabe parks the Harley again at the motorcycle rental and Mosely goes back to the hotel. Some time must pass by now, so the police will have actually arrived at the crime scene.


 All mopeds are now in the courtyard of the motor rental, so if you have not already registered all license plates of all mopeds, you can still do this here now. 

To kill the time, go back to the hotel. Wilkes and Buchelli will still be sitting in the seating area. In the rooms corridor you can listen to the doors again with the glass. But actually that does not make much sense because you know that Madeline is now on the crime scene, that Wilkes and Buchelli are still sitting in the seating area and that Emilio is not in his room. In room 25, Gabe / Grace room, you can try to have a talk with Grace, who is reading the Holy Grail book on the couch ..... 

You can also try to talk to Mosely in his room, but he probably don't want to talk with Gabe now. When you think that enough time has passed by, then leave the hotel and go to the Harley again and drive back to: 

The Armchair of the Devil: 

The police have arrived, but Gabe does not want to meet them. Do not cross the road to the crime scene, but stay at the Harley and turn left and search for tire tracks of a car. Examine the tire tracks. Then follow the path, behind the rock, and you end up at the car of the two murdered Scotsmen ....... Check the car. Select the notebook again in inventory and then click with the "Notepad" icon on the rear wheel of the car and ..........

..... Gabe draws a sketch of the profile of the tire. Go back to the tire tracks at the road and compare it with your sketch to confirm that they are from the same car.

Go to the Harley, click with your thick arrow on the road and drive to: 

Larry Chester's house: 

In front of the house you will also find tire tracks of the car of the two men, but actually that was to be expected because we already knew that the two men have been here. Knock on the front door. Larry lets you in. Talk to Larry and use all options. Finally Larry gets angry and he throws Gabe out his house. 

Gabe now automatically goes to the side of the house and peeks through the window. We see Larry make a phone call and then he sets his alarm clock at a certain time. 

Unfortunately we can not see at what time Larry sets the alarm. Larry comes out of his house and Gabe will hide. 

When Larry is out of sight, on his the way to C. Blanchefort to look through his binoculars, you zoom in on the window with hole

Open the Action menu on the upper window and then try if Gabe want to poke with his finger through the hole ..... Gabe does not want that. 

Then select the clothes hanger in Inventory and use it on the hole in the window and ... 

Gabriel bends the hanger and then inserts it through the hole in the window and with the help of the hanger he turns the alarm clock so that he can read the time. ... 2.00 AM 

So at 2 o'clock this night Larry wants to get up. Maybe interesting to be here again to see what Larry is planning to do. Jump on your Harley and head back to the hotel.

Lady Howard / Estelle's Site:

 Upon entering the hotel you will see a scene  between Emilio and Estelle in the lobby. 

Emilio then sits down in the seating area and Estelle walks out of the hotel. Gabe must now follow Estelle ....... Quickly leave the hotel and quickly walk to the fountain .... At the fountain you stop to look at the gate of the motorbike rental and ...... you see Estelle  leave on the sidecar mopet.  Quickly left click on Estelle and then click the "Trace" icon ........ you automatically arrive on the road map and you follow Estelle on the roads ...... .. In the end Estelle stops at a new location on the map. Click on this spot and Gabe will also stop there.

 If you do not manage to follow Estelle from the fountain, then that is not bad .... Then click in the street that goes out of the town and ...... you'll end up on the map immediately .... then go to one of the parking places, for example L'Hermitage, and wait patiently until Estelle comes tufting along on her sidecar .... Then click quickly on Estelle and then click the "Trace" icon and ...... 

Gabe will  then also follow Estelle to the new stop on the map ..... click on that spot on the map .... 

Find the path and follow it deeper into the area and you will find Estelle. 

When you've found Estelle then talk to her about all the options

When you're done go back to the road, hop back on the Harley and drive back to the hotel:


When you've enter the hotel, go straight to the telephone booths. Select in  Inventory the Prince James's card and click it on one of the phones. 

Gabriel calls Prince James and tells the Prince that his two men have been killed. 

Leave the telephone booths. If nobody is in the seating area now, you can now examine Wilkes' glass for fingerprints.

 But probably Emilio is now in the way, so you'll have to wait a little longer. Talk to Jean and tell him you want to be awakened at 02:00 to night, via "Wake Up call" 

Gabe's room:

Go up the stairs and go to Gabe's room . Grace is reading on the couch in the Holy Grail book. Mosely also comes in and sits next to Grace on the couch. 

Talk to Grace and use all the conversation topics you get. Grace tells about the Grail, the Freemasons and about the Priory. 

Grace also  tells about the "Bloodline" of Jesus Christ and that Jesus must have descendants. 

Mosely then leaves the room but he leaves his bottle of soda water on the table. We do not have Mosely's fingerprint yet, so ..... click the fingerprint box on the bottle and find Mosely's print. 

Grace does not entirely agree with this, but what the fuck...who cares...... Gabe puts the piece of paper with Mosely's fingerprint next to Sidney on the table .... Grace may decide later whether she wants to make a "Suspect" file for Mosely in Sidney. go scan. 

Activate Sidney. Select the ADD DATA button and scan any new fingerprints and license plates of the mopeds and possibly also the Buchilli tape and translate this into English with TRANSLATE. Link the new fingerprints to the relevant suspect in the Subject file. When you're done with this, it's time to visit the Château de Serres yourself, but Gabe does not want to go as Gabe. Gabe needs a different identity for a moment. So, in the main Sidney screen, click on the "ID CARD" button and then select "NY TIMES REPORTER" in the drop-down menu. Of course you choose the head of Gabriel as a photo. Then click on "Print Identification"

Gabe can now pretend to be a reporter from the New York Times. Exit Sidney and leave the room. 

Go downstairs. Probably there is now no one in the seating area, so now you can dust Wilkes glass for fingerprints. 

You can then go back upstairs to scan Wilkes's fingerprint in Sidney and link it to Wilkes in the Suspect Files. Then pick up the Harley and drive to: 

Château de Serras: 

Knock on the front door and Gabe asks for a meeting with Montreaux. Show the scary butler the false ID card and .......... 

Montreaux comes out and takes Gabriel to the wine tasting. Talk to him and use all the conversation options, but especially those about the wine culture. When you have finished talking, click on the motor and drive back to the hotel and return to Gabriël's hotel room. Back in Gabe's, Mosely also comes in who wants to dine with Grace, but Grace does not feel like it. Gabe and Mosely disappear to the dining room and this time block ends. 

Chapter 5: Day 2: Part 3

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot