2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 5: Day 2: Part 3

As Grace.

Grace starts at the hotel. There are several things that you can do. First go to the hotel lobby to talk with the night clerk Simone about all kinds of subjects. 

Then go to the dining room. Grace does not go inside but stays behind the screen and hears a conversation between Gabriel and Mosely. 

Gabe and Mose talk frankly about Grace and also Madeline joins them to make Gabe even more horny about her! ............ 

Upstairs in the hallway you can also have Grace take a glass of the tray that is placed on the floor in front of Lady Howard / Estelle's room. 

With this glass Grace can now also listen to the doors.  Outside of the hotel, Emilio is sitting on the bench and you can talk to him too. 


Leave the hotel and go to the museum. The museum is obviously closed because it is evening, but zoom in on the front door. 

Someone has hung a large envelope on the doorknob. Grab the envelope. 

Grace opens the envelope and extracts the mysterious "Le Serpent Rouge" document, which was mentioned earlier from the envelope. Examine the envelope for fingerprints

You will find 1 but Grace obviously does not know who this print is from. The "Le Serpent Rouge" is crucial, so do not miss it.


After you find the envelope at the museum door, go to church and enter. Walk to the table en grab the English- museum folder. 

This museum brochure is also crucial. Take a moment now and read all the riddles of the "Le Serpent Rouge" document and also the Museum folder. Grace will have to solve the "Le Serpent Rouge" puzzles with the help of Sidney to find access to the secret temple. The Museum Folder is  also important. Then look at everything in the church...... So click on all images, paintings, etc., and then use your "lamp icon" and listen to Grace's comments. Also make sure that Grace find the TILTED SQUARE,  in the painting with the 4 angels at the entrance with the help of the Trace icon, as you have done on Day 1 also Gabe.  

Grace must find this Tilted Square in the painting now, because it's of crucial importance . Once you've done all this, go to the entrance door of the Abbot's office and knock on it. The Abbot lets Grace in. 

Speak to the big fat Abbot about the different subjects and research the different objects here. Pay particular attention to the portrait on the wall and the chessboard on the table, because they are indications of a later puzzle. Then leave the church and return to the hotel and to Gabe's room. You start Sidney in Gabe's / Grace's room. 



When you start Sidney, you'll start  on the Main Menu Screen. At the top of this screen you see, from left to right, the following "buttons": SEARCH; E-MAIL; TRAFFIC JAMS; ANALYZE; TRANSLATE; ADD DATA; MAKE ID and SUSPECTS. Let Grace now first enter all new data, via the ADD DATA button. So click on the ADD DATA button. Your inventory will come up. Scan all fingerprints, the sketch with the symbols from the Château Serras and the sketch with the word SUM into Sidney. 

You have to do this one by one and Grace will give them automatically a filename. When this is done then click on the SUSPECTS button and then on File / open File. From the list that appears, click on "Serr_Symb", this document now appears on the left of the screen. Then click on the Suspect button and....a new list will appear and in this list you click on  Excelsior Montreaux. Then click on LINKS and then on LINK TO SUSPECT. 

The Serr_Symb document is now linked to the suspect Montreaux. Do this now with the SUM document and with the fingerprints that Grace has scanned. So now link them to the Suspect in the Suspect list. When you're done with this, click on MAIN MENU at the bottom right of the screen to return to the Sidney main screen. 

When you have scanned the "Serr_Symb" of Château de Serras, press the ANALYZE button in the menu. Use OPEN FILE, and choose the SYMBOLS file. At the bottom of the screen, press START ANALYSIS. Sidney can not find anything in his database but will now send the Symbols file via E-MAIL for analysis and interpretation. Later Grace will receive an e-mail about this. 

You can check if Sidney can link the unknown fingerprint of "Le Serpent Rouge," in the Suspect file, to a suspects via Match Print. You must then have linked all fingerprints found to a suspect. 

We are now going to work with "Le Serpent Rouge" and with the Map.  So stay in Sidney 

Le Serpent Rouge Riddle 1: Aquarius:

The Sunrise Line:

First open your inventory, click on the "Le Serpent Rouge" document and enlarge it with the "Inspect" icon. You see that the first puzzle, AGUARIUS, of this document is now "lit up". Click on it with the "Read" icon and Gracie will now read this riddle aloud. Then click with the "Think" icon on the riddle and Grace gives you a hint about RA.

Close the inventory and click Sidney's SEARCH button ....... Type in the word RA and press your Enter key or click on search. Sidney now searches for Ra and shows what he has found. So Ra is the sun god, usually represented as a man with a bird's head and his number is 6. Open your inventory again, click on "Le Serpent Rouge" again and use the "Think" icon again and Grace gives you a hint about the Sunrise line. Well, close the inventory again.

Click on MAIN MENU at the bottom right of the screen to return to Sidney's main screen and then go to the Files button and click OPEN FILES. Click MAP in the list. The MAP, which Gabe "borrowed" from Madeline's room and has been scanned into Sidney, now appears on the screen. Click START ANALYSIS on the bottom right. Sidney goes to work and then shows the map in 2 sections. In the left part you see a detail of the map and in the right part you see the entire map.

If you click anywhere on the map in the right-hand screen, that part of the map is shown in the left-hand screen. Just click on the map on RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU and you will see this appear on the left. Grace must first draw the SUNRISE line on this map. This Sunrise line connects RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU with C.de BLANCHFORT.

How do we do that: Make sure you see RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU in the left-hand map. You will then also see a small red cross. This is the church. Now, at the top of the toolbar, go to the MAP button and then select ENTER POINTS in the list. Then, with your cursor in the left map, click on that red cross at RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU. A green dot will now be placed on both maps at that point.

Then, on the right map, look for C.de BLANCHEFORD and click on it. 

This part appears, enlarged, in the left part and there you see, just above the name, a red cross. Click on it and a green dot will now appear on both maps

Now click START ANALYSIS at the bottom right of your screen. Sidney now draws a straight line to connect both BOTH GREEN DOTS and this line is the SUNRISE LINE.

Riddle 1 solved, we continue with riddle 2. Open your inventory again and then click on the "Le Serpent Rouge" document again and you will see that the second puzzle is now "lit up".

Click on Pisces with the "Read" icon and then again with the "Think" icon and Grace will read it again and give you another hint. Gracie thinks she needs the Parchments from Lady Howard's room now. Close the inventory and you're back in Sidney, where the map is still on the screen. Leave this screen.

Le Serpent Rouge Puzzle 2: Pisces:

Put a circle on the map:

Click on OPEN FILE and then choose "Parch_1". This is then opened. Click on START ANALYSIS again and....... Sidney will get back to work and then shows a screen telling you that Sidney has found a hidden GEOMETRY and hidden TEXT in the document. Close this window by clicking OK and then click on GRAPHIC at the top of the menu bar and select VIEW GEOMETRY from the list. Sidney thus finds a hidden triangle and shows it and saves it.

Click OK and then go to the TEXT button and click on EXTRACT ANOMALY in the list. Sidney finds a piece of hidden text and wants to know in which language it has to search. Click on FRENCH and Sidney translates the whole text. Read it and click OK. Now click on OPEN FILE again and open the MAP again. When the 2 maps are back on the screen, click on OPEN FILE again and then on "Parch_2" to load it. Click again on START ANALYSIS and now Sidney indicates that this text requires further analysis, that there is hidden geometry in the text and that it can also be rotated. Click OK. Then go to GRAPHIC in the menu bar and click VIEW GEOMETRY in the drop-down list. Sidney now finds a SQUARE standing on his point containing a CIRCLE, in this text.

Click OK and go back to GRAPHIC and click on ROTATE SHAPE.

That happens and Sidney now shows a screen with the found symbols and this, says Grace, forms the word SION. Click OK.

Now go to the TEXT button and click ANALYZE TEXT. Sidney says that the text is in Greek and then connects to Heidelberg University to download the translation. When that's  done then you choose as language for FRENCH. Gracie reads the text aloud and writes something down. Click OK.

Go back to OPEN FILE / MAP to get the map back on your screen. Now Grace has to put 4 green dots on the left map on 4 church crosses. These 4 crosses can be found at the following places: Rennes-Le-Château; St.Just et le Bezu; Bugarack and Coutassa. Find these 4 places, on the right map, and click on them to see them in the detailed map. When you have got these 4 places in the left map then you click on the red church cross to put a green dot at them. Also put a green dot again at Rennes-Le-Château. You do this via the Map and then the ENTER POINTS button at the top of the menu bar. 

You then have 4 green dots on both maps. Click on START ANALYSIS..... Sidney indicates that it needs more information. 

At the top of the menu bar, go to the GRAPHIC button and in the drop-down list click on USE SHAPE. In the screen that appears, click the CIRCLE

A green circle now appears on the right-hand map. You must now enlarge the circle so that it  touches each of the 4 green dots that you have placed on the 4 villages. 

Click on the green outline of the circle and it will turn black and you will now see that your cursor has become an arrow. 

You can now stretch the circle and pick it up and move it. Now draw the circle just so large that it passes through all 4 green dots. 

You know that it is good because both the circle and the 4 green dots turn blue and Grace bursts out in cheers. 

Click on OK and the first part of "Le Serpent Rouge" is now solved. We now give Grace a break, so exit Sidney and leave the room and go to the lobby to see some cut scenes. 

Hotel Lobby: 

When Grace comes down the stairs she sees a scene between Gabriel, Mosely and Madeline. They have decided to go to the pub in Rennes-Le-Bain. 

Emilio enters and joins Buchelli in the seating area. In the Dining Room you can talk to Lady Howard and Estelle. Then go back to Gabe's room because we continue with Le Serpent Rouge puzzle: 

Le Serpent Rouge riddle 3: Aries: 

Square around the Circle: 

Open your inventory again and again select "Le Serpent Rouge" with magnifying glass. Read the ARIES riddle and click on it with  the "Think" icon ..... So Aries is about Pythagoras. Close your inventory and in Sidney you search via the Search button for the following terms: Quaternity; St. Michael and Pythagoras. Do not forget to follow all hyperlinks to the subdocuments in the documents that Sidney finds about these subjects. Grace gives some comment and a hint here and there. So you find out that now, on the map, you have to draw a SQUARE around the Circle

So open the MAP again, via Files / Files Open / Map and when the two maps are back on the screen choose the USE SHAPE option in GRAPHIC and click on the square in the screen that appears. 

A green square appears on the right-hand map. You now have to enlarge and drag these so that the square fits exactly around the circle. 

Click on one of the green sides of the square to select it, the green lines will turn black. 

With your arrow cursor you enlarge the square until you have it all around the circle. 

Grace indicates when it is good. However, she also says that it must be a "TILTED Square", so the square must be on one of its points. 

So you have to turn the square a turn, but how and to which side? Grace suggests to first read "Le Serpent Rouge 4" TAURUS.

 Le Serpent Rouge riddle 4: Taurus:

 A "Tilted Square": 

So open your inventory again and now read the TAURUS riddle, via "Read" and "Think" ...... 

You again get a hint from Grace. Close the inventory. Grace is at a loss now ... she needs a hint ........ Right click to open the Menu screen and then click on HINTS

Grace now repeats TAURUS and adds that she should go through her notes of the symbols from "Parch_1 and Parch_2". So open your inventory again and look for these notes ...... it is the big loose white sheet of paper. Click with "Inspect" and let Grace read it out via "Read" and then click on it with "Think" .............. 

Grace now says that with "Bleu Apples" probably a VINEYARD is meant. Close your inventory and return to the Map in Sidney. 

You now have to put 2 green dots on the map again, but where?  Well, you must place 1 dot on the cross at Château de Serres and the other dot exactly on the upper intersection of the SUNRISE line with the BLUE CIRCLE. Click on the right map on this intersection so that you get that area on the left map in close-up. Then go to the MAP button in the button bar at the top of the screen and select ENTER POINTS and then put a green dot on the left card on Ch. The Serras and at the intersection of the Circle with the black Sunrise line. 

Then click on START ANALYSIS again and Sidney now draws a straight line between these two points. 

Now the square has to be turned. Click on one of the outline lines of the square. The outline becomes black, move your cursor a little back and forth so that you get a thick red curved arrow

Then turn the square clockwise, with the thick red curved arrows, down so that the top line of the square exactly coincides with the just drawn line Sidney has made 

You have made the "TILTED SQUARE" on the map now ......... Good time for some relaxation, exit Sidney now and go to: 

Hotel Lobby: 

Emilio and Buchelli are invited by Lady Howard and Estelle for a game of bridge. 

Emilio leaves his glass on the table. You can try to get Emilio's fingerprint again, but again you will not find a fingerprint. Emilio seems to be a strange a man without fingerprints. If you have not, as Gabriel, taken Buchelli's fingerprint, you can get it from his wine glass, which is also on the table here. You can also watch the bridge game in the Dining Room for a while, but Grace will not want to talk to any of the players. so go back to Sidney and start:

 Le Serpent Rouge riddle 5 and 6: Gemini and Cancer:

 The "Chessboard": 

First read the "Gemini and Cancer" parts of "Le Serpent Rouge" in your inventory and use the "Think" icon to get some hints from Grace's In Sidney you choose Search again and look for the words: Asmodeus, Chessboard and Duality. Also follow all hyperlinks ........ Grace then finds out that she has to draw a "chessboard" on the map. 

Once you have finished, press the ANALYZE button again and open the map. Select "DRAW GRID" from the MAP menu. 

Then select "FILL SHAPE" and choose the 8 by 8 as grid size. 

Click on the tilted square on the map and this will now be an 8 by 8 grid chessboard. 

Grace will sit back very satisfied and then ....... there will be a knock on the door of the room ..... 

Gracie closes Sidney and stands up to see who is knocking at the door ...... Well ..... look at the long end movie of this time block

It's Wilkes who knocks and he makes Grace a proposal to go to dine with him. Grace goes into this, hoping to learn more about Wilkes's discovery. 

After dinner we are in Wilkes's room. Wilkes is pretty drunk and horny and Grace has to use some force to keep Wilkes of her

but Wilkes now tells Grace about the Caves he has discovered with the help of his "piling machine" and satellite photos. Grace the has to use her judo skills to keep her virginity intact.

Grace meets Gabe in the corridor. Grace plays "Femme Fatale" and enters Mosely's room. And Day 2 has ended

Chapter 6: Day 3 part one

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot