The House of Da Vinci

2018: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw

Chapter One: The Street  

  When you start the game do not start a "New Game" immediately.... the first thing you must do is to click on Profile and then type in a name and click on enter. If you don't make a Profile first then you can't start a "New game"..

After you've made a Profile you can Start a "New game"....You play that game under the Profile name you've first had to make.  

The first part of the game is a tutorial. Zooming in or moving forward is done by double clicking with the left mouse button. Zoom out or back out by clicking with the right mouse button.

You'll see a number of white arrow heads flying past, after 3 times the arrow remains on the soldier, this arrow head is your mouse pointer.  

Double click on the soldier to zoom in. The soldier has a roll of paper in his hand. Click on the paper roll.  

The paper roll is now in your inventory, on the left side of the screen. You'll also see an icon with an X at the top right corner and that X will take you to a menu. The items on that menu speaks for themselves. If you have played "The Room" games before, you will recognize this, including the top left button, witch indicates that there are hints. There is also a lens on the right side. With that lens you can see hidden things, often that is text but also hidden mechanisms.

Click on the letter in your inventory, which will now appear in the picture. Slide off the ribbon and read the letter.

  Click the letter away, you are back at the soldier. Click right to zoom out. Then double click on the door to zoom in, then double click on the bell with the mailbox below it.  

  You see an arrow, spinning around the upper part of the bell, turn that part to the right with pressed LMK (left mouse button). Now a ring appears under the bell.

Turn the bottom ring to the left, until you cannot turn it further, 2 arms rise.  

Pull the chain, the weight on the other side hits the bell. Now a part of a key falls in the dish under the bell, pick up this part.

This piece is now in your inventory, you will also see a + sign at the bottom right of the key. This means that something has to be added.  

Double click on the mailbox, zoom in on the button on top of the mailbox. Pull the upper part to the right and you will find the other part of the key.  

Click on the first part, this will now appear in the screen. Now drag the second part to the first part and slide them together, then twist them together. The tutorial shows this.

You have to use the key somewhere, right click to zoom out. You'll see a slide under the edge of the mailbox, zoom in on it.  

Slide the slide to the left and you will find a keyhole. Drag the key there and turn the key counterclockwise, the door of the mailbox will open.  

  Pull this mailbox door open further, inside you will find a magic lens, the Oculus Infinity, take this magic lens. Turn to the left and zoom in on the center of the door.  

The magic eye is now in the middle right, drag the eye upwards to activate it. If you click on it, it becomes inactive again. You now see a hidden mechanism in the door.  

  You now have to turn the 3 discs so that the openings in all 3 discs point to the center.

The door then unlocks and pops open. and you'll see a movie in which there is an explosion in a tower.

Then push the door open and go inside, go to the door at the top of the stairs.  

  Chapter Two: The Library

  There is a lamp in the middle of the room. On that lamp is another letter.  

Zoom in 2x and slide the seal off, this is now in your inventory. Then read the letter, there is talk of a hidden passage and another invention. T

hen click on the seal, it comes in the middle of the screen. You can see that you can rotate the middle disc, put the 2 points together and 3 spokes pop out.  

Zoom out and turn left and zoom in on the bust, zoom in on the box below. Slide the plate in the middle to the side, there you will find an opening for the seal.  

  Drag the seal there and then turn it around, you automatically zoom in on the bust. Click on both eyes and the helmet will pop open.  

Pull the helmet all the way back and you automatically zoom in on the inside. It is a twist and slide puzzle. You have to put the larger colored stones between the stones of the same color.  

Puzzle solved then you automatically zoom in on the front of the box. There is now a handle on the place of the seal, pull it forward, in the drawer you will find a magic glove.  

You see that you put the glove on. Zoom out and then zoom in on the other half of the helmet. 

Pull up your magic lens. You see a hidden mechanism again, slide the left gear down and turn it clockwise.  

  Slide the right sprocket down and turn it anticlockwise, you will see a wooden rose in the space below it. Grab the rose,

You see that you still need something with the rose. In the same space you will also find a curved piece of wire, also take this one.  

Zoom out and zoom in on the bottom of the turret below the box. Then pull the magic lens up and you will see a cross at the bottom of the tower.  

Zoom 2x in on that cross and slide that piece to the left, you will see a slot there. Drag the piece of wire to the slot, turn it to the left.  

  You can then pull out a drawer just above the slot. In the drawer you will find a piece of an ornament.  

  Take this ornament piece and zoom out. Then zoom in on the left corner of the box. Then drag the ornament to it and slide the 3 parts towards each other.  

  When it is one piece, a hatch opens up above it, you see a wooden role. Turn the roller around and find a bronze screw, take it out.

Then click on the wooden rose and then screw the screw into the hole at the back of the rose.  

This is now complete.

Zoom out and turn to the lamp in the middle. Zoom in on the panel above the letter. Drag the rose to the hole at the bottom and 4 panels open.

You now have to push the rose upwards, every time you do this the tiles turn around.

 On the first panel you go up, on the next you have to go down again. Then back up again and down again on the last panel.  

  It is not that difficult.......You can also use the magic lens to  see the path you have to follow.  

When you are at the bottom of the fourth panel, the rose opens and there you will find a key. Take this key and.........the lamp now sinks for the most part in the floor.

You can search the book  cases.....You will find 3 books with the names of the Kick starter backers. You'll also find a drawing of a press, this is an achievement and not necessary for the game.

Turn to the box and zoom in (3X) on the top of the tower and you will find a keyhole. Drag the key there and turn it counterclockwise, the top opens.  

Take out the ornament, click it in your inventory and then pull the handle up. The square bottom is now octagonal, zoom out completely and turn to the lamp.  

  Zoom in on the top of the lamp, where the octagonal ornament fits. Drag it there and turn it clockwise until you cannot go any further.

A beam of light falls on lens / mirror 1, hence on mirror 2.

-Turn mirror 2 so that the light beam goes to mirror 3 and further to mirror 6.

-Turn mirror 6 so that the light beam goes to mirror 4 via mirror 5.

-Turn mirror 4, the light beam should now go to mirror 7. The light beam continues to mirror 8.

-Turn mirror 8 so that the light falls on the lens, the top closes and a light beam goes to the bookcase.

Zoom in on the bookcase and zoom in on the book to the right of the book with the yellow cover.

The book will be in your inventory. Click on the book, this is now in the middle of the screen. Turn the book with the spine forward. Then pull the 2 ends down first and then the middle part, there you will find a button.

Press the button and the book opens, read the letter and then pick up the Oculi Tempus. This is the time lens, with which you can look in the past.

Turn to the corner on the right of the bust, pull the lens down. You will see white drops on the floor, click on them. You will now see a figure, you must draw it with you with your pressed LMK.  

 Then a time bar appears at the bottom of the lens, slide the button to the right and see what happens. You see a shadow walking towards the wall and pressing a panel.  

  Zoom in on that panel and click on it. The bookcase slides slightly backwards. Push the piece of bookcase further backwards and you will find the corridor to:  

Chapter Three: The Workshop


Before you on the table is a catapult tower, there is a lot to see and a lot has to be done.

Da Vinci 031


Read the letter that is on the table.

Zoom in on the 2 soldiers on top, turn the soldiers over.

If they both look backwards, a 3rd soldier comes up.

Da Vinci 032



This soldier has a wheel in his hands, take this wheel. Then this soldier sinks down again.

On top of that you can see 2 more wheels, turn 1 of the 2 wheels around until 1 flag rises. Turn until you cannot continue.

Do the same with the other wheel until you cannot go any further.

You now have 2 flags and you automatically turn to the left side of the catapult.

A hatch opens and an axle is pushed out, also a thin shaft is pushed forward.

Da Vinci 033



Zoom in on the tip of that thin shaft and drag the wheel from your inventory to that point.

Da Vinci 034



Turn the wheel to the left to put tension to the catapult, a stone rolls towards the end of the arm.

A hatch opens at the bottom right, pullthe ringto open it further.

Da Vinci 035



In the hole there is a metal part on the left, take this.

On the right you see a trigger mechanism, pull it and a fireball is shot.

This ball lights up a lamp, you have a view of a globe.

Da Vinci 036



You are behind the table with the catapult again, zoom in on that globe.

Then zoom in (2x) on top of that globe.

You now have to twist the top button and the ring underneath in such a way that the patterns fit with the disc at below.

Da Vinci 037 + Da Vinci 038


First turn the ring so that the surfaces connect, then the top button.

If they are in the right position, the disc pops up, pull it open completely.

Inside you will find metal sun, grab this sun.

Da Vinci 039



You see that this sun needs something else.

Click on the sun and turn it around, at the back you see 2 slots.

Now drag the metal part that is in your inventory to the sun.

Now slide the 2 parts together and turn the metal part so that it is stuck to the sun.

Da Vinci 040 



Zoom out and then zoom in on the round disc in the middle of the globe.

Slide the 2 half covers to the side, below you will find 3 discs.

You must rotate these discs so that they form a kind of keyhole.

First the smallest drive, there must be a sort of T.

Then twist the other 2 discs until they coincide with the T.

Da Vinci 041


Now drag the sun here, it fits into the keyhole. Now turn the sun around until you cannot go any further.

The outer shell of the globe is now loose, move both halves aside.

Also 2 smaller rings have now emerged.

Da Vinci 042 +  Da Vinci 043



Zoom out and you see a desk behind the globe,  zoom in on the paper roll on the desk behind the globe.

Read the paper roll, there is a mechanical toy hidden in the globe.

Zoom out and zoom in on the wad of paper on the left side of the table.

Da Vinci 044 + Da Vinci 045 



Pull down your time lens, you will see another figure that you have to copy.

Then you find the slider again, slide it to the left. The paper is unfold.

Here you see 4 names, write down these names and also the place where they are on the globe.

Da Vinci 046 +   Da Vinci 047 


Zoom out, look at the inkwell on the left.

  Now pull the inkwell to the left and at the disc underneath it, a plate will slide to the left.

Then zoom in on the inkwell and in the slot before you see a button, slide it to the right.

Da Vinci 048 +   Da Vinci 049


A plate is now sliding away on the right side of the disc. You are now zoomed in on the disk.

Now draw the 4 quarters of the disc to the corners, you will now see an 8 pointed star.

Da Vinci 050

Zoom nu 2x uit en zoom daarna in op de poot van het tafeltje, schuif het plaatje omhoog.


Now zoom 2x out and then zoom in on the leg of the table, slide the panel up.

Da Vinci 051+   Da Vinci 052


Take the strange key out. Click on the key, at the top is a little disc horizontally.

Place this little disc upright and at the bottom of the key a little plate will be placed horizontally.

Da Vinci 053 +   Da Vinci 054 


Click the key to the inventory and zoom out-2x.

Then zoom in on the globe, zoom in on the leftmost ring.

Da Vinci 055+   Da Vinci 056


Now pull the magic lens up and you will see 5 scrolls with letters, these roles can turn.

Do you remember the names on that paper and their place, if you have made a drawing then you know that this must be TERRA.

Fill this in on the rollers and the small ring turns away also twists the middle ring of the globe.

Da Vinci 057 +   Da Vinci 058


The small ring is now above on the right side.

Zoom in on that ring right above, this is now closed but on the right you see a button that you have to push up.

The ring is now open, pull the magic lens up and you see another mechanism.

If you look at your drawing you will see that you have to fill in SIDUS here.

Da Vinci 059 +   Da Vinci 060


The clamps are released and the small ring turns away, the upper part of the globe also twists.

Da Vinci 061


Zoom in on the ring at the bottom left, also this is closed but there is a button on the ring.

Slide the knob to the other side and the ring is now open, pull the magic lens back up.

Da Vinci 062 +   Da Vinci 063 


You have to fill in LAPIS here, the ring is moved and a part of the globe is twisted.

Zoom in on the ring at the bottom right, this one is closed too. There is no button in the ring but 1 in the bar on the right next to it.

Slide the button from the rod, click it to your inventory and click the button again and place it on the ring.

Slide the button to the other side, pull the magic lens up again.

Here you have to fill in IGNIS, the ring has disappeared and the bottom part of the globe is twisted.

Da Vinci 066


You now see a zigzag gutter on the globe, zoom in on the beginning of the gutter.

Drag the key from your inventory the beginning of the gutter, turn the key.

Da Vinci 067


It now goes down through the gutter, after which the globe opens up. Pull the globe completely open.

Da Vinci 068+   Da Vinci 069


Zoom in on the playing field, you see the map of Europe with 7 towers.

First take a look at the board with the text, it shows what the intention is.

Da Vinci 070 +   Da Vinci 071 


You start in Sardinia and you have to conquer the rest of Europe, you can only move the towers through the slots.

You must always attack that country with the least soldiers.

You can also use the conquered countries to attack other countries.

The sequence of attacks and conquest then becomes:

Sardinia: 14, 29, 32, 19, 38 and 77.

Da Vinci 072


When the first round is finished, 6 sunken towers become visible, from a 7th hole a metal button comes up.

Take this button and zoom out 2x, zoom in on the desk behind the globe. Zoom in on the star.

Da Vinci 073 +   Da Vinci 074


Drag the metal button to the centre of the star, now twisting this button a little.

You then have 8 shorter rays on your star, slide these rays out.

The middle part now rises, zooms in on the button and click on it. You will find another tower there.

Da Vinci 075  +   Da Vinci 076


Take the tower and click it to your inventory, then zoom out a number of times until you see the globe again.

Zoom in on the globe and further on the playing field, now place the tower on the metal button.

Da Vinci 077+   Da Vinci 078


Now the 6 other towers also come up and you see the board with text turning, go and read the text.

The second round: 20, 28, 30. 47 and 58.

Da Vinci 079


There are now 8 more towers coming up and the board with text has changed again.

Go read the text and then see what the lowest number of soldiers you can attack.

That is not always the lowest number, but you cannot reach that lower from a red area.

The third round then becomes: 100, 123, 46, 143, 34, 300, 55, 351, 512 and 790.

Da Vinci 080  +   Da Vinci 081


The tower in Africa then slides aside and a solid ring now comes up.

Slide the knob to the other side and the ring is open then pull up the magic lens.

You now see 3 round discs and a shield.

Da Vinci 082   +   Da Vinci 83


First turn the middle 90 degrees, the left 45 degrees clockwise and the right 45 degrees counterclockwise.

You can now slide the shield out, take the shield out of the drawer to the side of the globe.

Da Vinci 084   +   Da Vinci 085


The globe closes, you are done with it. Zoom out and zoom in on the slingshot.

Turn to the back there you see the same shield, on the other side there is aplace for another shield.

Zoom in on the slot you see there and drag the shield towards it, pull the shield down.

Da Vinci 086  +   Da Vinci 087


The back opens, pull both halves open further.

On the right side is a key, in the middle hangs a handle behind 2 sliders.

Take the key and then slide the top slide down first and then the bottom slide to the right.

Da Vinci 088   +   Da Vinci 089


Take the crank, then look at the wheel on the left above the 2 wheels, zoom in on it.

Then drag the key there and turn the key, the wheel comes out.

Inside you will find a blue crystal, slide the crystal to the right. Zoom out and go to the front.

Da Vinci 090   +   Da Vinci 091


Zoom in on the round puzzle to the right of the catapult.

Drag the blue crystal to the box at the bottom of the circle, the left clamp opens.

Da Vinci 092  +   Da Vinci 093


It is now the intention that the stack of disks on the left will be moved to the middle.

It is not that difficult, but more than 30 steps are needed.

                                      L M means a disk from the left box to the middle box

Here is the solution for this puzzle:

When this is done, the circle turns around and you will find an opening for the crank.


Da Vinci 094   +   Da Vinci 095


Drag the crank to it, the turret that stood on the right side of the table slides through the slot to the circle with the crank.

The turret opens and you see 2 bulbs on each other, this is the aiming mechanism for the catapult.

Then pull the magic lens upwards and then turn the crank.

You see that there is a drawing on both the globes.

Turn the crank until the 2 drawings are above each other and form one whole.

Da Vinci 096   +   Da Vinci 097


Well, the catapult is well focused. Zoom out.

Now zoom in on the turning wheel on the left side of the slingshot, turn the wheel counterclockwise to put tension to the slingshot.

Click on the trigger on the right and the catapult shoots a fireball again.

Da Vinci 098 +   Da Vinci 099



This falls into a fire pit that stands next to something that is hidden under and behind a curtain.

Go there by double clicking on it, then pull the cord.

The curtain slides open and you will find a slender tower there.

Da Vinci 100   +   Da Vinci 101 



Zoom in on the bottom of the tower and there you will find a tetrahedron, grab it.

Zoom out and then in on the spire, there you see a triangular hole.

Drag the tetrahedron towards it, that part of the spire will open.

Da Vinci 102   +   Da Vinci 103


Pull this part completely open, a statue slides down and you will find a puzzle almost at the bottom.

You need something else to solve this, zoom out.

Then zoom in on the piece that hangs down and take a disc off it, it has 2 holes.

Then go back to the puzzle below, drag the disk here.

Da Vinci 104  +   Da Vinci 105


You have to put the blocks in the right place.

Slide the I to the left, the II down into the groove, then the III to the left against the I.

Turn the disc so that the other groove is at the top, now the IV to the left and down in the groove.

Move the III and I to the right and in place, place the IV up and to the left.

Turn the disc, the II up and then to the left in place.

All 4 blocks have disappeared and the puzzle has been solved.

The panel with the disc opens and you find a cube there, take it.

Da Vinci 106   +   Da Vinci 107


Zoom out -2x- and then zoom in on the spire, go to the panel to the right of the open compartment.

Here you will find the opening where the cube fits.

Drag the cube to the hole, which comes off the spire

Da Vinci 108   +   Da Vinci 109


Pull this section down, another statue will slide down.

On the panel below, a rose opens and there you will find a push button.

Further down a panel goes up, you see a similar puzzle as the first one.

Zoom out and then zoom in on the rose with the push button, press the button.

A hatch opens and there is another disk with 1 groove.

Da Vinci 110   +   Da Vinci 111


Zoom in on it and pick up the disc, then zoom in on the puzzle below.

Drag the disk towards it and then slide IV in and then the I, then slide the III into place.

Then turn the disc to the right and slide I out and in place.

Turn the disc to the other side and slide the II in, then turn the disc up.

Slide the II out and to the right, turn the disk to the left again and place the IV in its place.

Da Vinci 112  +   Da Vinci 113


A cylinder now comes out, on top you see a valve and 2 locks.

Zoom in on the flap and open the locks, slide the flap backwards.

Da Vinci 114   +   Da Vinci 115


Take the object out, click it away. You zoom out and the cylinder slides back inside.

You automatically turn to the front of the tower again.

Click in your inventory on the object, then turn the ends inwards and you now have a sphere

Zoom in on the tower's spire and go to the left, there is a round hole.

Drag the sphere towards it, part of the spire opens again.

Da Vinci 116   +   Da Vinci 117


Pull it open further but it does not go down to the bottom, the statue goes halfway.

Zoom in on the statue and rotate the statue, pull the panel completely open.

On the inside you will find a disc, zoom in and turn the half circles aside.

Da Vinci 118  +   Da Vinci 119


Then click on the disk, it also has 1 groove. Click away the disc and the panel closes.

The statue drops further down and there is another puzzle. Drag the disc to the puzzle.

III to the left in the disk, turn up and slide the III up and to the right.

Turn right again and slide IV up the disc, turn up. Slide the IV up and to the right.

Turn the disk to the right again, II in and up. Above you first slide III and IV down.

Now slide II out and to the right and down, drag I to the right in place.

Turn the disk and insert IV, rotate the disk and place IV to the left.

Turn the groove clockwise again and II in it, turn up and put II in its place.

Da Vinci 120  +   Da Vinci 121


At last pick up III and put it in its place. Another cylinder comes out.

Zoom in on that, you see a metal plate and to the right a pair of wooden slides.

Slide this 2 backwards, now you can slide the metal plate to the right.

Da Vinci 122  +   Da Vinci 123


Inside you will find a strange object, take this and click it away to your inventory. You automatically zoom out again.

Click on the object and you will see that there are 2 openings in it, if you look closely you will see a slider in both.

Da Vinci 124  +   Da Vinci 125


Put the sliders to the other side, the 2 points are now loose and now you turn them inside.

You now have a dodecahedron, a polygon.

Da Vinci 126  


Click this away to your inventory and see where it should go.

Zoom out and back in on the spire, go to the left side. He has to go in there but there are bars for it.

Da Vinci 127 


Zoom out again and zoom in on the lower part of the tower, go to the left side.

In the middle of the rear panel on the left you see a rectangular button.

Zoom in on it and press the button, the rose below it will open.

Da Vinci 128   +   Da Vinci 129  



Turn the knob that you see around until the 2 arrow points point to each other, you will see the bars disappear.

Zoom out again (2x) and then zoom in again on the spire.

Go to the left to the 6 angular hole and drag the dodecahedron towards it.

Da Vinci 130 


The panel will come loose, pull it down. The statue slides down and a panel slides open.

Zoom in on the panel and turn the corners into the correct position. This way the rectangle is no longer blocked.

Da Vinci 131  


Zoom 1x out and then go to the other side of the tower, there you will find a drawer.

Zoom in and pull the drawer open, in the drawer you will find a key. Take thiskey.

Da Vinci 132  +   Da Vinci 133


Zoom out and you will see a cross-shaped button above the drawer.

Zoom in on it and drag the key towards it, turn the key counterclockwise.

If the nut and the key are off you can pull open the panel.

Da Vinci 134   +   Da Vinci 135


There you will find a strange object again. Grab it and view it in your inventory.

On the wood colored part there are arrows, turn these pieces until the surfaces have 1 colour. 1 green plane and 1 golden plane.

You can now press the points inwards, you then have an octahedron-an 8 plane.

Da Vinci 136   +   Da Vinci 137

Da Vinci 138   +   Da Vinci 139


Zoom out and back in on the spire, go to the right. There is the place for the octahedron.

Drag it there, pull the panel down. Automatically you go to the front, at the bottom.

There comes a plateau down and out, on there is a metal head of a ram and a gear.

Da Vinci 140  +   Da Vinci 141


Take both objects and zoom out all the way back to the catapult, then zoom in on the slingshot.

Then turn to the back where you found the key and the crank.

Da Vinci 142


Click on the ram's head and look at it, you see that it has a screw at the back.

Click the ramís head to your inventory, then zoom in on the wooden trunk at the bottom.

Drag the ram's head towards it and turn the head on the trunk.

Keep running and the back goes up, you will find a round button there.

Da Vinci 143   +   Da Vinci 144


Take this button and click it to your inventory, the back of the catapult will close.

Zoom out and zoom in on the tower in the back, zoom in on the spire, whatís left of it.

There is a hole and drag that button towards it, turn the knob.

Da Vinci 145   +   Da Vinci 146



The spire disappears and a castle / church rises from below.

Da Vinci 147  +   Da Vinci 148


Zoom in on the church, drag the time lens down and you have to draw a figure again.

You will see the timeline, now move the button.

You see that the 2 front towers can turn, if both towers are in a certain position you can move the roof.

Da Vinci 149   +   Da Vinci 150


Click on the lens and then zoom in on the round disc under the church.

Turn that disk and you'll find a key that was hidden in that disk.

Da Vinci 151   +   Da Vinci 152


Take the key and zoom out, then zoom in on the church tower, there you will see a keyhole.

Drag the key there and turn the key, the 2 front towers come out.

Da Vinci 153  +   Da Vinci 154


These can now turn. Pull down your time lens and draw the figure again.

Then move the knob until you see the roof moving, leave the time lens.

Now turn the 2 towers until they coincide with the towers in the time window.

Da Vinci 155   +   Da Vinci 156


When they are well positioned, the rear 2 towers also slide out and the roof comes out a bit.

Now pull the roof all the way forward and this tilts down.

Da Vinci 157  +   Da Vinci 158


Zoom in on the top, you will see a keyhole and behind that a slot with a button.

Da Vinci 159   +   Da Vinci 160


Zoom in and move this button to the left, the point of the tower to the left opens up.

Push downthe rod you see there, you automatically go to the tower on the other side.

Da Vinci 161  +   Da Vinci 162


The side of the rear tower opens, zoom in on the opening and turn the object 90 degrees.

Take it out and it's a pocket knife, look at the knife in your inventory and pull open the knife.

Da Vinci 163   +   Da Vinci 164

Da Vinci 165  


Go out of your inventory, zoom out and go to the other side of the church.

There you see a knot hanging in a rope, zoom in on it.

Now drag the knife to it and then release your mouse button.

Da Vinci 166   +   Da Vinci 167


The knife is then on the knot, you have to move the knife back and forth and you cut the knot.

Now pull the remainder of the knot out of the eye and then pull the side up.

Da Vinci 168  +   Da Vinci 169


You see a number of gears, now drag the gear from your inventory here.

The mechanism will turn and you will automatically go to the front

You look at the roof, it opens up.

Da Vinci 170 


There you see a cylinder, it is divided into 3 discs and these rotate independently of each other.

You see an opening in each disk, these 3 openings together form the shape of an object.

This object is in the cylinder, you now have to click on the discs to stop it.

However, there is a problem, the disks remain stationary for a while and then turns again.

I cannot give you a solution, you just have to try it.

You must click on the disk if the opening is on the front and then quickly click on the other disks if the opening is on the front.

And then hope that the other openings are also in the front before the first disc starts rotating again.

It is not that difficult, you have to estimate when the opening comes on which disc.

And then hope that the first one will not turn again.

If you succeed you can take the object out, it is a crank with a pigeon.

Da Vinci 171 


Then zoom out and then drag the crank to the hole you see on the top of the church tower.

Turn the crank clockwise and on top a 6-angled column rises.

Da Vinci 172   +   Da Vinci 173


Zoom in on the column and view it in your inventory.

Turn the golden bottom part to the right and keep turning, the column slides out.

Continue until you have a 3-layer column, on one of the sides of the upper part you will see a button.

Slide this button upwards, you then have a 6-sided weight with an eye on top.

Da Vinci 174  +   Da Vinci 175


Zoom out completely, you are next to the slingshot, then look at the arc vaults in the back right.

Zoom in on the second vault, there is a wooden wall.

Da Vinci 176 +   Da Vinci 177

Then zoom in on the stone pillar to the right of the wall, there you see a narrow elongated opening.

Zoom in on it and then drag the weight towards it, the wall slides open.

Da Vinci 178  +   Da Vinci 179


You will find a wooden cabinet with 2 curtains. Pull up the magic lens.

You then see that there is something on the left up in the vault, then go through the curtains into the cabinet.

Da Vinci 180 


Just leave the magic lens on, you'll see a number of objects light up inside.

Turn slightly to the left and you'll see just a bit of metal behind the dial, grab that object.

Da Vinci 181


It is a aiming device for the catapult.

Zoom out to the catapult and zoom in on the slingshot, on the right side hangs a bracket with a groove.

Drag that metal object to that bracket, you now have a slingshot with a visor.

Da Vinci 181  +   Da Vinci 183


The turret to the right of the catapult closes and slides backwards.

If all is well you are still looking through the magical lens, if not pull the lens up.

In the vault you can see the mark which you have to hit with the catapult.

Zoom in on the crank to the right of the catapult and aim the catapult at that spot.

Da Vinci 184  +   Da Vinci 185


Turn the crank and then zoom in on the visor to see if you aiming is correct.

The crank on the screenshot is onthe right spot, the catapult is well aimed.

You now have to switch between the crank and the visor several times and adjust the direction with the crank.

If you are well-aimed, zoom out and then zoom in on the wheel on the left side of the slingshot.

Turn the wheel counterclockwise to tension the catapult.

Then go to the trigger and shoot the fireball, if you are well aimed the fireball flies in a fire pit.

Da Vinci 186


Now the area behind the cabinet is lit, zoom back in on the cabinet and enter it.

You see a number of statues there, a pedestal for an arch with a button above it that you can slide up and down.

But how should the

Da Vinci 187


Turn the knob up or down and turn the rotary knobs to adjust the statues.

I cannot give you a solution, you have to play with the buttons and the rotary knobs.

If they are in the right position, a door will open, you will see the group of statues.

Da Vinci 188


The group of statues slides apart and you are now standing in front of the pedestal.

Da Vinci 189 


Zoom in on the top, there is another letter. Read the letter.

Then draw the time lens down and draw the figure, move the knob.

Da Vinci 190 +   Da Vinci 191


You see the drawing of the Vitruvian man, made by Da Vinci.

Turn the discs until the drawing is correct and upright.

Da Vinci 192 


Then a hatch opens at the front of the pedestal, there is a goblet.

This is fixed, you have to twist the rings to be able to slide the protective cover away.

If the rings are right you can slide the 2 halves away and then slide the goblet to the left.

Da Vinci 193 +   Da Vinci 194

Da Vinci 195  +   Da Vinci 196


The plinth separates and the wall in the arch disappears, you see a spiral staircase down.

Da Vinci 197  +   Da Vinci 198


You have to make some light, zoom in on the top of the torch.

Slide the small button to the side and a block of metal falls against a flint, the torch is now burning.

Da Vinci 199 +   Da Vinci 200


Double click on the bottom of the torch, you suddenly hear something fall.

Da Vinci 201 


There is apparently something or someone around.

You take the torch and you descend the stairs, you now enter:


De BinnenplaatsĖ The Courtyard.



2018: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw