Alternative Walkthrough to play Lighthouse The Dark Being in a different way. I assume that you already have played the game to achieve the only good Ending

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Parallel World part 1:

Tower and submarine


You were knocked-out by the Dark Being and you wake up on a beach. A wooden jetty protrudes a bit into the sea. 

Go forward to the jetty. When you reach the jetty, turn left. Under the wreckage, which is on the right of your screen, a Blue Bottle protrudes from the sand. 

Click on the bottle. In the close-up window, click on the cork of the bottle. 

The cork disappears and a Letter comes out of the bottle that appears big in your screen. Read the note.

 It is a kind of cry for help from the crew of a ship that has apparently sunk somewhere on the sea. 

Write down the coordinates that you read in the letter: "20 degrees North and 118 degrees West". The letter speaks also of a Temple. Click the letter away to store it in your bag. 

Close the close-up screen and turn right. Go 3 times ahead on the jetty and then turn right. 

In the distance you see a Tower. Go forward once again. To the right a staircase goes down to the lower end of the jetty.


At the lower end of the jetty there is a Big Green Key. Grab this Key.

Turn left, 2 times forward, left and 1 time ahead and you are back on the beach. Turn immediately to the left. 

In the distance you can see the tip of that tower above the rocks. Just before your feet are a lot of stones in the sand. Look for  3 small stones that you can pick up here and pick them up.

When you have found the three stones you turn back to the right and continue forward one time. 

You see 3 small shrubs. Take here the 2 small stones that lie with the bushes and. then move forward one more time. 

You come to a screen where you can continue to move left and right. Continue ahead, on the right, and then continue 3 times ahead and you will be almost at the Tower. 

You get the obliquely left-arrow to the tower. So go to the left and then go forward one more time and you are now at the:


The Drawbridge:

You stand in front of the drawbridge of the tower. However, the drawbridge is raised, so you can not go any further. That bridge must come down. There are 2 pillars in front of the bridge. On the bottom of each of the 2 pillars you see a round Ornament. Click on the Ornament of the Left Pillar. This Ornament slides away and a keyhole is visible. Take the Big Green Key from your inventory and click it in that keyhole. 

A niche opens up in the pillar and shows a button. Click on that button come in the Bridge Puzzle

in the close-up window you can now see that button. It is a kind of Joystick that you can move through the slot. You also see the Bridge Mechanism. It is an iron fence. There is a large Hook at the top right of that fence. At the bottom left of the fence you see a rosette and a small hook. You must  bring that big Hook down to the Small Hook and then up again so that the Big Hook grabs in the Small Hook and then pulls it up, causing the Rosette to turn and the bridge to come down. You move the Big Hook to the left, right, up or down by means of the arrow keys of your keyboard. It is not that difficult, but here is the right route.

If you do this right, the drawbridge will lower. 

Go forward over the bridge. You are then standing in front of the fountain in the wall of the tower. Climb the outside staircase 2 times up.... 

You come to a green door where you get the right-hand arrow. However, we are not going through this door now. That will come later. 

Continue up the stairs and.......almost upstairs you see a green fence at the top of the stone staircase. You also see two bird sticks on the left side of the stairs. To the right a Cuckoo clock hangs on the outer wall of the lighthouse. Go to the fence and...... 2 times ahead and ....What is that thing that comes flying at you? It is a big Mechanical Birdman and it is dangerous, very dangerous. 

The Mechanical Birdman sits on the lower bird stick and it shouts at you. Let's see what happens as you walk on to the green gate.......So, walk forwards to the green gate and......Well .... I have already said that the Mechanical Birdman is a dangerous animal. Fortunately, you automatically get a second chance. You have to get rid of the Birdman. But how? The large Cuckoo clock hangs on the wall and the hands of the clock indicate that it is 3 o'clock. Click once on the green pendulum that hangs at the bottom of the clock.......Nothing happens...........Now do the following

  • Click in your inventory on your hand bag to see its contents. 

  • Take the Toy Bird out of your hand bag and click this in one of your 4 inventory boxes. 

  • The item that is already in that inventory box automatically disappears into your handbag. 

  • Take the small key, from the toy soldier, out of your hand bag and place it also in one of your inventory boxes. 

  • Make sure that at least the pebbles remain in the regular inventory. Close your hand bag by clicking on it again. 

  • Then click on the toy bird in your inventory. The bird appears in the close-up screen, top right. 

  • Take the small key from your inventory and click this on the bird in the close-up screen.

  • Close the close-up screen. Take the bird from your inventory and click the little bird on the door of the cuckoo clock, under the dial. 

  • The bird flutters to the clock, the door opens and the bird disappears into the clock. Click again on the green pendulum of the clock and ......

This time the bird comes out and the bird chirps it for 3 hours. Apparently this is the feeding time because the big Mechanical Birdman is flying away and you can continue. 

So continue ahead to the green gate. Click on the green fence and it will open. 

Go forward and you stand in front of the upper Green Door. STOP .... do not click on the green door yet. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE ....

You must act very quickly in order to prevent that the Mechanical Birdman steals a very important part of the submarine out the room and take it with him. If you do not manage to prevent that, then you have a big problem and you'll have to try to recover that stolen part in a very complicated way. So, you better SAVE your game here now because if things go wrong, you can always try again by loading your Save Game.

Upper room of the Tower

So when you have saved your game here click on the Green Door. The door opens. Go forward through the opened door and you are inside the upper room of the tower. 

Don't be  afraid of the skeleton hanging in the chair, he's really doing anything anymore. On the left wall stands  a large closet and that becomes immediately very important for your.  Right in front of you is the open window. The green Window gate is open. Go forward to the window and ..... BIRDMAN flies out side of the window ........ 

You have to act quickly now......... if you do not act quickly, Birdman will come in through the open window to swipe the T-handle control stick for the submarine out of the closet and the he takes off with it. This should not happen. If it happens that Birdman takes off with the submarine T-handle control stick, then it is best to load your last Save Game to try again.

I'll  explain now what you must do.....

Turn left and go forward to the large closet. There are all kinds of drawers and compartments in the cupboard, but now you must quickly click the small drawer at the bottom right.

The drawer opens and you see the opened drawer in the close-up screen. There is a wooden flap in the drawer. 

There are 2 screws on it. Click on the 2 screws to remove them and then click on the cover. The cover opens. In the box lies the Window Key. Grab the Window Key and quickly close the close-up screen.

 Zoom out via the short arrow in the middle of the screen and then turn right and .............

......... click on the green window gate .......... The gate is closing. Click on the keyhole in the gate. The Keyhole appears in the close-up screen. 

Quick ...  Take the Window Key from your inventory and click, in the close-up window, on the keyhole of the green gate to lock the gate.

If you have done all this very quickly, then you have prevented the Birdman from entering the window and swiping the T-handle of the Submarine out of the large drawer of the cabinet and flying away with it. 

If you were too slow to lock the window, then Birdman steals the T-handle and you can not continue playing this game through this walkthrough. You must try it again via your last Save Game. There is a way to reclaim the stolen T-handle, but that is something I'll explain at the end of this walkthrough

If you have locked the window in time, turn back to the cupboard counterclockwise. You must  now take various items from the drawers and the compartments of the large cupboard. For that reason I have numbered the drawers and other stuff. You already had open up drawer 1. That's the drawer where you took out the Window Key.  

No open up on Drawer  2. You will see the contents of the drawer in the close-up. In drawer 2 you lies the large T-handle for the submarine in the drawer....

Grab the T-Handle out of the drawer and close the close-up screen.

Click on drawer 3. This drawer also opens and appears in the close-up window. There are a number of yellow folders in tray 3. Click on each yellow folder. 

There are drawings in the yellow folders that you can view. Between 2 of the yellow folders you will find a small crooked key. Grab this key.

Close the close-up. You see a compartment with a glass window in the middle of the cupboard. in that compartment stands a Lamp. To the right of the lamp compartment  are 2 vases, 4 and 5, in space  C. 

Click on vase 4 to take it and then place the vase in space  B, right next to the skull.

Then take vase 5 and c and place the vase in space A. 

Space C is now empty. Click in space C and in the close-up window, the compartment with the Lamp appears. 

Click on the side of the lamp compartment in the close-up window and the lamp will slide out. Grab the lamp and close the close-up screen.

Now click on the little door 6, above space C. This also appears in the close-up window. Open the door with the little curved key that you took from la 3. 

In the compartment behind door 6 you'll find a Pan Flute. Take the Pan Flute and close the close-up.

You don't have to open drawer 7 in this solution because you won't be needing the  black coil spring that's in drawer 7. 

Open door 8. Behind door 8 are 9 scrolls.. You can click on 3 of the scrolls to read them.....  Do this. 

You will then read 3 letters written by Martin, the old inventor of this parallel world whose skeleton is so peacefully in here. You read:

"I met a man who comes from the Other World, he says his world is just like our world, but both are in a different time." My research has confirmed that such a thing is possible, but that guy can also We talked to each other for a while, he is also an inventor, I wanted to know more, but the man became very nervous and wanted to leave quickly again I gave him the Golden Sparrow in case he wants to come back . "

"I am now a prisoner of my own creation, he does not allow me to leave the tower and try to enter when I lie down, I can hear him flying around outside my window, I do not know how long I can get outside I am exhausted and my food supply is running out, the Priests have not yet arrived and have not sent an answer to my messages. "

"My Birdman has gone insane, he no longer obeys me, I believe he is now under the influence of the Dark Being, I should not have let him in. I think he discovered our plan. will send a Hawk to the Priests to warn them, and I have given the Crystal Bottle to the doctor of the Other World, I trust him, and the Dark Being will not come to the thought of seeking there. "

If you have read these 3 scrolls, you close the close-up screen. You are now done with the closet. 

Turn left to stand in front of the skeleton of Martin. A Medallion is hanging around his neck but you won't be needing it, but you can click on the skull to break it off

Zoom out via the short arrow and then turn left. Open the green door and go forward three times, down the stairs. You will then be back at the Lower Green Door. 

Click on the door with the left arrow. You are right at the door. Open the door and advance 2 through the corridor.

The hallway ends in the Lower Room and there you see the Birdman. Birdman stands behind a table and is busy with destroying something there. Leave Birdman alone now. 

Turn right to see a tunnel going down. This is the tunnel to the Submarine Cave, 

Follow the tunnel down to the submarine cave

Submarine Cave

Opening the outer gate of the cave

You see a crane. You also see that the cave entrance / exit is closed by a gate. 

The submarine is located right in front of the crane. Turn right. You see a Cabinet standing at the end of the quay. Go forward 1 time.

You can now see that the submarine is a bit off the quay and that there is no gangway on which you can get to the submarine. 

There is a Wheel at the cabinet. Above the Wheel is a Black Handle, witch is the break for the wheel. 

Click on the wheel and then hold down your mouse button and then turn the wheel counter clockwise until the gangway is completely against the submarine. Then quickly click on the Black Handle to block the rotation of the wheel. If you are too slow, the gangway will roll back and you will have to try again.

You can now go over the gangway to the submarine but don't do that right now because you must first open the outer gate of the cave.

Turn around and take one step back and then turn right. You look at the Crane again. A round pillar with a round platform on top of it,  is sticking out of the water between the crane and the submarine. The hook of the crane now floats just above that platform. Behind the crane you see 2 barrels and  a gray hook that sticks in the ground. In the middle of the crane you  see the control panel. Click on that panel. It appears in the close-up screen.

The panel has 2 levers. With the left lever you turn the crane arm to the left or the right. If you click in left side in the slot then the crane arm turns counter clockwise. If you click on the right side in the slot, then the crane arm turns clock wise. By clicking exactly in the middle of the slot, you stop the crane arm again. With the right lever you lower the crane hook or make it go up again. When you click under the right lever than the crane hook goes down, when you click above the right lever than the crane hook goes up.

You have to put the 2 barrels onto the round platform of the pillar that stands in the water between the crane and the submarine. So use the crane levers to turn the crane hook above one of the 2 barrels. Then lower the crane hook so the hook grabs the barrel. Then pull up the barrel, turn the crane with the barrel above the pillar and lower the barrel onto the platform

Then do the same with the 2nd barrel and place it on top of the first barrel on the platform.

Then you turn the crane arm back to the gray hook. Make sure the crane hook hangs exactly above the gray hook and then lower the crane hook. 

The crane hook grabs the gray hook. So pull the crane hook up, to pull the gray hook further out of the ground and....... the outer gate of the cave opens....

The crane automatically returns to the platform. Go back to the gangway and go over it to the submarine. 

Click on the round hatch to open it and descend, via the down arrow, into the Submarine.


The submarine has 4 compartment and you are now in the 3rd compartment. The front compartment is the "Wheelhouse"", the second compartment is where the coordinate machine is located. The 3rd compartment is where the hatch to the Mini Sub is in the floor. The fourth compartment is the pump room and it is now behind you.

We first go to the Wheelhouse, so go 3 steps forwards, to the Wheelhouse, and you're standing in front of the steering wheel. You'll see a number of levers and you also see the ignition key and the holder for the T-handle, that you have taken out of drawer 2 of the cupboard in the upper room of the Tower. That T-handle is the throttle for the submarine. Let us now first number all those handles to avoid confusion.

On the left of the steering wheel there are 3 handles behind each other. From the front to the back you call these three levers: Lever A, Lever B and Lever C. Right of the steering wheel you see two levers, also behind each other. The front of these 2 levers is now down. Call these two levers, also from front to back, Lever D and Handle C. Left under the steering wheel you see the lever F, that is the ignition key. At the bottom right of the screen you see the holder for the T-handle, call this Holder G.

  • Lever A activates the Compression machine with which the submarine can dive.

  • Lever B activates the Coordinate machine.

  • Lever C activates the pump.

  • Lever D opens the door of the pump room. Lever D is now down.

  • Lever E closes the door between the control room and the 2nd compartment.

  • Lever F is the ignition key.

  • Holder G is where you have to insert the T-handle.

Be sure that you ONLY click on the handles you really need to click on and stay away from the handles that you should NOT click on.

 We will now first turn on the pump:

  • First take the T-handle from your inventory/Hand bag and place the T-handle in Holder G.

  • Then click on lever F, the ignition key. 

  • All meters on the "dashboard" now go on and you hear buzz.

  • Click on Lever C to turn it one turn.

  • Click on Lever D to raise it now.

Zoom out and turn around. Go back, through compartment 2, to compartment 3. 

You are standing in front of a closed door. There is a turning wheel to the left of the door. Click on the turning wheel. The door opens. 

Go forward 1 step. You are in the Pump Room. In the back you can see the pump. The pump is off. Below you see a lever. The lever is backwards. Click the lever to move it forward. A red tube comes up and the pump starts and stays on. 

Turn around and return to the wheelhouse and stand in front of the steering wheel again. Now click on Lever A to turn it. Zoom out and immediately turn left via the left arrow. 

You stand in front of a large brown panel with round meters, 2 wheels A and C, 2 levers B and D and 4 glass tubes. This is the Compression Panel. 

If you look at the 4 glass tubes, you will see that there is a blue mark in the 2 left tubes halfway. This is important. You have to click on the two levers and the 2 wheels in a certain order. Before you do it, first read what you have to do and then run it out: This is what you have to do:

Click on the left lever B.  

 Click on the right lever D  

Click on the left wheel A.

 Light blue liquid now appears in the 2 left tubes. 

As soon as this liquid reaches the blue marking in both left  tubes, click on the right wheel C and....

Now all 4 tubes fill up completely with the liquid and you see how the submarine sinks under water.

NB: If you click too early, or too late, on the Right Wheel, the 4 tubes do not fill and the submarine does not dive under water. You must then start again.

When you have succeeded in lowering the submarine under water, turn right and go back to the steering wheel. We will now enter the locations on the coordinate machine where you can sail with the submarine.  Standing in front of the steering wheel, click on lever B to activate the coordinate machine. 

Zoom out, turn around and advance 1 time to compartment 2. Turn right. You stand in front of a shelf that is on the wall. The shelf serves as a "desk". Turn right again. You are now in front of the Spherical Coordinate Machine. The large  screen is closed. Click on the screen and it will open. 

On the screen you now see a sea chart with 2 Red Stars. A red star is a location where you can sail to with the submarine. On the left is a Number Entry Display and this contains number keys and an ENTER key. 

There are now 2 red stars on the screen. If you click on a red star you see the coordinates of that location in the 2 displays of the keyboard. You then selected that location by clicking on the star. The star with the coordinates 21.65 - 118.87 is the Abandoned Building island. The star with the coordinates 20.88 - 118.82 is the submarine cave where you are now. 

In this solution we won't be going to the ship wreck, so you don't need to put the ship wreck location on this screen. And because we take an alternative route through the game now, you do not know the co÷rdinates for the Volcano at this point.  So you can not get the Volcano location on this screen. The only location you can go to now is the Abandon Building. But if you really want to, you can go to the Shipwreck and then go to the Abandoned Building. If you want to go to the shipwreck you have to set the coordinates on the screen. However, it is quite useless to do this in this solution. We are now going straight to the Building.

So click on the Abandon Building location in the screen. The Coordinates 21.65 - 118.87 of the Building will then appear in the Input digit display. Click the Enter Key to activate the location

 Turn right and go back to the steering wheel. Now click on the T-Handle and enjoy the underwater trip with the Submarine.

You have arrived in

Chapter 3: Abandon Building

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot