The sequel to Myst

Original Dutch walkthrough 2013 by: Louis Koot  

2018: English translation by: Dick Leeuw  Screenshots and Web Lay-out by Louis Koot

 Chapter 1: Temple Island

You have arrived in the teleport house of Riven's Temple Island. You cannot do anything because the gate is closed. You will have to wait patiently for the things to come. A local native appears who calls you something in a language you cannot understand a word of and then the guy steals the "Linking Book" that you received from Atrus.


  The man brows through the book as he suddenly grabs his neck and then plunges down to the ground. The man is dead. Shot dead by an arrow from one of Ghen's soldiers.

You see that the corpse is being towed away and then that soldier appears.

  The soldier grabs the "Linking Book" and put it away, than he operates the lever through which the gate opens.

Then the soldier hammers a big nail next to the handle to prevent it from moving again and then he disappears again.

You now have control over the game.

 In the original 5 Cd-rom version you click with your cursor in the upper left corner of the top edge to open the Menu bar. You then have various options in the Menu Bar. Via the "File" option you open a drop-down menu with various options such as Save and exit. Through "Transitions" you can indicate how you want to move through the game and the options "Options" and "Help" speak, I assume, for themselves. In the version of Riven you press your F5-key to open the menu-screen.

All the time you were patiently waiting, you were already staring at the big funnel-shaped device that is right in front of you. That device is the Telescope and with the help of that Telescope you will leave Riven at the end of the game. That is to say.....If you ever make it to the end. The fence has already dropped down and you now have control over the game. Go forward to the Telescope in 3 clicks. 

You are then zoomed in on the bottom of this funnel-shaped telescope. On the right you see a round button with a lever. You can click both in the middle of the round button and on the lever, but nothing happens. Apparently there is no power for the Telescope. 

You see a round hatch in the ground under the funnel. Click on this section and you are zoomed in. On the hatch you see 5 buttons that you can press.

However, it is not yet very useful to press the 5 buttons now because you do not know the right code yet. So step out of the close-up via the downwards pointing finger. Left of the round hatch you can click at the bottom of the left leg of the scaffolding, where the Telescope hangs, You zoom in on that left leg and you see the "brake rod" that prevents the telescope to lower. Click on the handle of the brake rod and you have lifted this lock.

So ...... at least you already did that, so you don't have to worry about this at the end of the game. Get out of the close-up. 

Then hold your cursor on the right edge of your screen and you get the turning right cursor. Turn to the right and then walk, over the bar, to the back of the gorge.  

Look down at the back of the gap. You then look into the deep gap. You cannot do anything with this, but at the end of the game this gap is your "portal" back to your own world. Look up again and then turn left or right and then go 4 steps forward, back to the golden teleport house with the big "exclamation mark" (or is it a big Sword) next to it.  

  Turn right and look up. High on top of the mountain you now see a part of the Golden Dome.  

  Look down again and turn left. You see the lever with which the soldier has opened the gate of the Teleport House.  

  Click on the lever to zoom in on it and then click on the tip of the lever and ....... well .... indeed the lever doesnít work anymore. Step out of the close-up and continue 1 step ahead and ........ you will now see a footpath going up to the connecting bridge that connects this island with the Temple.  

Before you go further up the stairs, turn right and walk to the edge. Look down and ...... below you is the corpse of that book thief.  

  This is the way how Ghen deals with the local population. Turn left and ...... you are now on the staircase path. Walk up in 5 times. 

To the right is the bridge to the temple and straight ahead the staircase goes down again.


  Turn left, however. You are now in front of the main entrance of the:

 The Portal room:

  Go 1 step ahead and ......... you are standing in the front hall of the portal room.  You will see a button on the right wall. This is the Rotation button.  

Donít touch Rotation Button at this moment. In an little while I will explain the operation of the Rotary Knob and the Portal Room. 

Go one step ahead into the Portal Room. First investigate the portal room thoroughly. The Portal Room is a round room with 6 thick round pillars.  

  On each pillar you see a thick Golden Beetle. Click on each beetle and then click on the ring, which is on the "butt" of the beetle, to open the beetle.  

  Then look through the sight glass and zoom in on the image you see, study the images.  

  You will discover, through the sight glasses of the 6 Golden Beetles, that Ghen has presented himself to the local population as a kind of deity. When you have opened all 6 beetles and then you have viewed the images through the peep holes, you go back outside to the front hall and then turn around again to view the portal room and see the Rotation button on the right-hand side of the wall.  

I shall now first explain the meaning and operation of this portal room to you

The Portal Room is a round room with 5 walls surrounding the 6 pillars. The Portal Room has 5 entrances of which 2 are always open. These entrances are: Position 1, position 2, position 3, position 4 and position 5. You are now at Position 1, the main entrance at the bridge to the temple, where now the other open entrance is, is at Position 3 and that is the passage to the Golden Dome. This passage is now closed by a gate, first you have to open that gate.  

When you press the Rotation button, the inner wall of the Portal Room turns to the left. Your entrance, position 1, is then closed and the two open entrances are at positions 2 and 4. Position 3 is closed. If you press the rotation button again, the inner wall rotates one more turn to the left and then the open entrances are in the positions 3 and 5. If you click the rotate button again, the openings are at the positions 1 and 4 and you can go inside again from position 1. If you then press the rotation button again, the openings are at the  position 2 and 5. You must have the last one because you now need to have position 2 open first. But in order to get to position 2, position 5 must also be open.

  Okay, now that I've explained the operation of the portal room, let's try it out:

  Now click once on the Rotation button and ....... The inner wall now turns to the left and the open entrances are now at position 2 and position 4. Position 1, 3 and 5 are now closed.  

  You can see this when you zoom in on the wall and then look through the looking glass. 

You will see, right in the portal room, that one of the 2 open entrances now stands before position 4, this open entrance was first at position 3.

You also see that this position 4 is closed by a gate. The other open entrance, which was first with you, now stands for position 2 but you cannot see this position. Zoom out twice. Click once again on the rotation button. The inner wall rotates again and now the open entrances are in positions 3 and 5. You can also check this when you go through the looking glass again. You will then see position 3 again  

Then zoom out twice and click once again on the rotation button. Again the wall rotates and now the open entrances are in position 1, so with you, and at position 4. Click once again on the rotation knob and the wall rotates again and the openings are now in position 2 and position 5. Your opening on position 1 is now closed again. Now you have Position 2 and 5 open, but you cannot enter the portal room from position 1 anymore. If you now look through the peephole again, you can see 1 of the pillars in the Portal Room but no opening and that is how it should be now.  

  Zoom 2 times out of the viewing hole close-up. Click right or left to turn around to the bridge and then head for the bridge. Then turn left and then go down the staircase in 4 clicks.  

  You are below but now on the other side of the bridge. Turn 2 times to the left and .......... 

you are standing in front of a wooden gate.  

This gate is the entrance to the cave behind Position 5 of the Portal Room. If you click on the wooden gate it will not open. It's locked. 

Click, at the bottom of the wooden gate, on the ground and you are on your knees. Then click under the gate and ...... you crawl under the gate to the inside of the cave.  

You see a ladder and above the ladder you see light. Go 2 clicks ahead and ....... then you have climbed up the ladder. 

You are now in front of the entrance to the portal room on Position 5. Enter the portal room and walk on to the now opened exit on Position 2.  

  You are in a cave again. Walk all the way to the end and you're at a pipe with a lever. On the rising pipe you can see an image of the Funnel Telescope. The lever is now up  

  Look up ........ you can see that steam comes out of the rising pipe.  

  Look down again and now click on the lever to lower the lever

Look up again and see ..... there is no steam coming out of the pipe. The steam now goes through the horizontal pipe to the Funnel Telescope, and that is the intention. 

Look down again and turn around and walk 2 steps back to the portal room, but do not go inside. There is a lever on the left side of the gate. The lever is now down.  

Click on the lever to raise the thing and ....... You hear a rattling noise because with this lever you have now hoisted the fence at Position 4. On the right is the Rotation button. Turn right and click twice on the Rotation button to turn the Portal room twice. Turn left again. Now Position 2, where you are now, and Position 4 are open. Step back into the Portal Room and out through the now opened Position 4.  

You are again in a hallway. You cannot leave the Portal room here because the door to the outside is shut.  

Turn around so that you look back into the portal room. On the left again a lever, which is down, and on the right again the Rotation button.


Click the lever again to raise it and ......... you hear a rattling noise again because you have now opened the fence at Position 3. Turn right and click again 2 times in a row on the Rotation button to let the Portal Room rotate twice again. Now Position 4 and 1 are open. Turn left again and walk through the portal room to position 1 and enter the hallway again.  

Then turn around and look into the portal room.

Now click twice on the rotation button again to let the portal room rotate twice. The positions 1 and 3 are then open.  

  Go through the portal room to Position 3, go outside and walk over the connecting bridge to the Golden Dome.  

  The Golden Dome:

Once you have stepped inside, via the connecting bridge from Position 3 in the Portal Room, turn around completely so that you look back at the Portal Room. You will see a lever at the bottom right of your screen. The lever is now down. With this lever you can move the connecting bridge up and down again when you click on the handle. The bridge is then the connection from the Portal Room to the roof of the Golden Dome. Click the lever to raise it. However, nothing happens now with the connecting bridge. Apparently the connecting bridge does not have steam because it does not go up. 

Put the lever back down again and turn around again and walk 2 steps forward, over the metal path. Take a look at the inside of the dome......... Just to enjoy it. Click on the square in the middle of your screen and you will see a schematic representation of the Riven Islands and how they are connected to this Golden Dome via the steam pipes.


Study the shape of the various islands well because you should recognize them later in this game on the various Linking Books.

As you can see, this Golden Dome is the center of Riven. All 5 islands are connected to the Golden Dome. This Golden Dome is actually the Energy Centre of Riven. 

Zoom out and turn left and go all the way over the hanging metal path through the Golden Dome. It is 10 clicks ahead. Then turn left and go 3 more steps forward and ........ you are back outside.  

Follow the outside path first 4 steps ahead, along the rock around the corner. You will see a path to the left where see a steam pipe.  

You just stopped past that "balcony". Turn left and then click on the steam pipe to get on the path and then walk on to the pipe.  

  This pipe also has a handle and this lever is also up. There is a drawing of a bridge on the pipe. 

Turn left and then look up ....... you will see the Western Drawbridge that connects the Golden Dome with the Crater Island. The bridge is up.  

Look down and turn right back to the pipe and click on the handle to lower it (left).  

There will be no more steam coming out the rising pipe because the steam will now go through the horizontal pipe to that Western Bridge.

It is very important that you have now clicked this lever down. Turn around and walk back to the path then click left on the path along the rock. 

Follow this path 4 steps further forward and ....... you are standing on a small platform in front of the entrance of a tunnel.  

Turn right and you will see a button in the rock. You cannot do anything with this button now. Look up and  ....

.... you notice that the platform you are now standing on is actually a lift that can go up to an above path. That path is the connection to a Fire Marble Dome. 

Look down again and turn left and now walk all the way through the tunnel to the other side of the mountain. You are then at the end of the path and you are standing on a small "balcony". 

Another steam pipe with another lever that is now up. Look up and ....... also from this pipe comes steam and further up you see the connecting bridge between the Golden Dome and the Portal Room Look down again and click on the handle to lower it.  

So there is now no more steam from the pipe and with this lever you have now sent the steam to the connecting bridge above you. Turn around and go all the way back through the tunnel and over the path into the Golden Dome. They are 16 clicks forward but then you are back in the Golden Dome on the iron hanging path. Turn right and follow the iron hanging path all the way back again. 

Before you leave the Golden Dome you can see another entrance of the dome in the distance.  

That entrance in the distance is at the Western Drawbridge and is the connection between the Golden Dome and Crater Island. Unfortunately, you cannot continue straight on because a piece of the iron path has disappeared. So turn right and walk to the exit and click the Bridge Lever up again and ...... Look ...... because you have clicked the handle of the steam pipe down on the other side of the tunnel, the connecting bridge now rises

From the Portal Room the Connection Bridge is now the connection between the Portal Room and the roof of the Golden Dome. However ..... Now the bridge is up you cannot leave the Golden Dome, so click the lever down again to hoist the bridge down again. 

Then walk over the bridge to the Portal Room and go outside via Position 1 again.  

You then stand before the bridge that is the connection between the Portal Room and the Temple Rock. Walk across the bridge to the Temple Rock and look to the left on the bridge to enjoy the view. On the other side you dive into the tunnel.


Now follow the tunnel all the way to the end. After a few steps you see, on the left, a rusty metal door.  

Ignore the rusty door for now and continue to the end of this cave tunnel. You are then at a heavy Stone Door. Click on the door handle to open the stone door.  

Do 2 steps forward and ... you are in the Temple. In the middle of the room you see a large "cage" with a round screen.

Walk  to the "cage". The round screen is in fact a large projection screen on which Ghen, from the throne room, can project his face if he wants to address the assembled natives here as God. To the left and right of the cage you see a fish head. They are Wahrks, the local dolphins. Turn around and ........... you see a big closed door. This is front door of the Temple.  

Take 1 step towards the door. The door does not open. Turn right and then go 3 steps forward to the corner between the pillars and you go back through the stone door back into the tunnel.  

Now walk 4 steps back through the tunnel and ...... You are back at the rusty metal door. Click on the door to stand straight in front of it and then click on the door handle to open the door.

You look through the opened door into the Throne Room and see Ghen's Throne. Walk on to the Throne and ..... The cage around the throne will rise automatically.  

Do two more steps forward and ...... you sit on the throne and look at the door through which you entered

You see a round sight glass in the rock wall on the left and right. Click on the right viewing glass, then click again on the viewing glass and you look through it.

You now see what is behind that closed big door of the Temple. It is a station of the TRAM that you can bring to Jungle Island. 

Click to the left of the viewing glass to exit the close-up. Turn left and then click on the left sight glass. Now you look inside the Temple and you see that closed door. 

To the left of the window you see a lever, which is now down. Click on the lever to raise it and see .. ... the door in the temple opens. 

Click under the handle with the pointing down finger to step out of the close-up and turn clockwise and take place on the throne again. On the left armrest of the throne a lever is placed and on the right armrest a button. Ghen has the habit to occasionally take place on the throne, show his face on the screen in the temple and speak to the Díni people like a kind of Deity. To do that you have to use the button and the handle on the armrests, you can try that but it is not necessary.

If you want to try this, click on the button first. The gate then comes down again and in the gate there is a Microphone.  

Now click on the handle and then hold your mouse down to pull the handle backwards. It looks like nothing is happening and you cannot leave the Throne now, so click the button again to raise the gate again. Walk back from the throne to the metal door. The throne's gate will automatically drop down again. Open the metal door again and follow the tunnel back to the temple and then go through the now opened large door. You are at your 1st departure point of the Tram.  

Click on the ladder and then the Blue Button to call the Tram Cabin. Wait patiently for the Tram, which comes to you from the Jungle Island and opens.  

Step inside the Tram and then click on the lever to zoom in on it. Then click on the round side handle to turn the Tram around. 

If the Tram is turned over, click on the big handle to set the Tram in motion and ...

... enjoy the beautiful tram ride over the water to Jungle Island ......  

Upon arrival you have to put CD 3 in your computer, if you have the 5 CD-Rom version of the game. If you have the downloaded Gog/Scumm version then you can go on straight away

 Chapter 2: Jungle Island

Original Dutch walkthrough 2013 by: Louis Koot  

2018: English translation by: Dick Leeuw  Screenshots and Web Lay-out by Louis Koot