Original Dutch Walkthrough from 2013 by: Louis Koot

2018 English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: Back in J'Nanin: 

The Edanna Linking Book


After your experiences in the Voltaic Age you have returned to J'Nanin and you are back in the Observatory. Walk through the Observatory to the Blue Viewer and stand straight in front of the Viewer. In the round shaft, under the viewer, you see the Golden Egg. In the black border, under your game screen, you have the Diary of Atrus, the Saavredo News and the Voltaic Energy Symbol

Now freeze the game screen by clicking with your right mouse button. You can then no longer move but you can move the Hand cursor. Move your Hand Cursor down to the drawing of the Voltaic Energy Symbol. Then grab the Voltaic Energy Symbol drawing and hold down your mouse. Now drag the Voltaic Energy Symbol Drawing to the Viewer and then release the drawing and ....... 

You will deposit the Voltaic Drawing in the Viewer and ..... The Voltaic Symbol will be copied and the Golden Egg is coming up and ..... You see another video message from Saavredo who addresses you again and tells you a bit more about why he hates Atrus. 

When the video message from Saavredo has ended you go to the elevator. Open the elevator door and cross the elevator to the outside door. You already unlocked the outer door in Chapter 1, so click right now on the door handle and step outside. Walk over the high yellow path and then descend the ladder to the front yellow bridge. 

Go 1 time ahead until you stand in front of the ladder that goes to the beach. 

You have to make a choice now: You have to find 2 more Symbols: The Amateria Symbol and the Edanna Symbol. If you now go over the yellow bridges and then go beyond the 1st Red Reflector to the Amateria tusk, then you can now first go to the Amateria Age. However.......In this walkthrough we first go to the Edanna Age. 

Opening up the Edanna Tusk: 

Descend the ladder to the beach and then turn left. Then click 2 times forward, to cross over the stones in the water to the bottom of the brown / yellow rock slope

Then click 2 times forward to get to the top of the slope at the Purple Reflector. Then, to the left of the Purple Reflector, go forward once again, look down and click once in order to descend the upper stone staircase.

 2 yellow bridges deep under you. Turn slightly to the left and click 1 time forward to descend the stairs down the Observatory rock. 

Down you go 2 times ahead,  over the 1st yellow suspension bridge and then you stand on the rock plateau between the two suspension bridges. 

Turn to the right and .......You'll see the door in the Edanna Tusk. Click forward to the edge. There is a gap between you and the Tusk. On the right you can see a moss covered rock that goes to the tusk, but you can not get on it. Look down and you will see a ladder that goes all the way down to the lake. 

Click down 1 time to descend the ladder 1 click. Then look up. You are near a moss-covered platform and you'll see a beautiful large plant.

 Click once and then turn around. You are now behind the plant. Zoom in on the plant. 

You can move this plant back and forth and up / down over your screen. You do this by moving your mouse back and forth and up and down. DO NOT CLICK, but just move your mouse back and forth and up and down. The plant strengthens the sounds it receives. You notice this when you move the plant up to the yellow suspension bridge. 

Aim the plant on the suspension bridge and then you hear the creaking sound of the suspension bridge. The sound of the bridge is thus greatly enhanced by the plant. You will see "Bridge Creaking" or "Creaking Bridge" at the bottom of your screen. You can also click on "Whispering Rock", under the suspension bridge, and you hear the sound amplified and in your screen you see "Wishling Rock". "or" Screeching Rock"

Click with your left mouse button to leave the close-up and then click once to go back to the rock-ladder. 

Look down and descend the ladder now all the way to the lake. When you're down you stand on a large stone , in the lake, and before you are even more of these stones. 

 On your left you see the Garden House. You are now on the other side of the Garden House. We do not go back to the garden house now. 

Right of the garden house you see a "tent", in a shallow cave. Go over the stones to that "tent", in the cave

On top of the "tent" is a ball. In the water, to the right of the "tent",  is a plant. Click on  the ball, on top of the "tent",  and see ..........

 there is a squirrel in the "tent" but the animal does not come out. 

Turn to the right and click on the plant in the water The plant now opens........

 .........turn back to the "tent" and click again on the "ball"  and ...........

...... the squirrel now runs outside and sticks through the open plant to the other side and start to munch from the moss against the rock, 

the sounds that the squirrel makes, makes the moss swells up enormously and at the bottom of the screen you see the words "Squeeze Chirps" or "Animal sounds." 

Hey.......maybe you can make use of this knowledge  to get to the door of the Edanna Tusk. Turn to the right and click again 4 times to get to the bottom of the cliff through the stones in the water again

 Look up and click 1 time forward to get back on that mossy platform with that sound reinforcing Plant.

Go back behind the plant and zoom in again. Now aim the plant down and then to the right of the squirrel tent on that still eating Squirrel. 

If you hear the squirrel sounds and see "Squee Chirps" or "Animal noises" in your screen, click once with your left mouse and ......

...... you'll see what's happening with the moss at that Rock point, 

the red seeds on the moss are now swelling up enormously. 

You went out of the close-up automatically, so click once to the rock ladder and now climb all the way up again to the plateau, between the two suspension bridges. 

Turn around to the Tusk and click now 1 time ahead,  to get onto the moss covert rocky point and then click once more to get to the door of the Edanna tusk, 

open up the door and step inside and walk to the round pillar. 

The Edanna Linking Book hangs above the pillar in it's egg-shaped cage.  Zoom in on the pillar. Now you have to put the 4 marbles in the slots according the Edanna Linking Book code, that you got from via the Edanna Telescope, in the Observatory. Did you wrote the code down?......No worries.....here it is again

The marble on the outer ring: between 10 and 12 o'clock. 

The marble on the second ring: between 8 and 9 o'clock.  

The marble on the third ring: at 6 o'clock. 

The Marble on the inner ring: at 8 o'clock. 

Then the button in the middle and ..... The Egg comes down. 

Click on the Edanna Linking Book to open it and then click on the screen in the right-hand page and ............. 

..............you travel and ........ arrive in:

 Chapter 4: The Edanna Age

Original Dutch Walkthrough from 2013 by: Louis Koot

2018 English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot