2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: The Great Shaft and Direbo:

A: K'Veer:

You start in a large circular room and you see a number of strange creatures who run away when you appear. These creatures are Bahros and you are in the K'veer Cave. You know this cave if you have played Myst 1 and Myst 2 Riven. At the end of Myst 1 you have met Atrus here in this cave. Myst 2 Riven starts in this cave from witch Atrus sent you to Riven to free his wife Catherine from the hands of Daddy Gehn.

It is a large circular hall and there are a total of 7 Niches with doors in this hall. You will occasionally experience an earthquake, but that is no reason for panic. Although it is an indication that the Ages of Atrus are about to collapse. In the middle of the cave you see the "center spot" on the floor. Go stand on the "center spot" and then turn around, so you can view the entire round room. There are 7 Niches and there is a door in every niche. In one of the niches you also see 3 stacked shelves, standing on top of each other. In front of the steps of that niche stands a "Table" with a "Linking Book" on it

Click on the Linking Book. It will be big in your screen and it is the "Myst Linking Book". Through this book you should be able to link to the Myst Island. But you can not open the book now  because \the book is tightly bound with leather straps. However, remember this book because at the end of the game you will need it.  Click aside the book to put it back on the "Table". 

Turn around and go stand back in the middle of the hall. Looking at the niche where the table is standing, turn to the right to see the next niche. The door in this niche is the only door that has a door handle, so it is the only door you can open. Go to the door in niche. Place your "hand" on the door handle and then hold down your mouse button and pull the door knob down and release. The doors will open. 

Go 2 clicks ahead. You are now in a wide corridor. To the right the corridor goes up via steps, but above the steps the corridor is blocked by a collapse. Turn counter clockwise and now go forward 4 times through the corridor. You go down a few steps and then you are in a wider section of the corridor.

You can go up the steps to the left and then peek through the windows.  However, it doesn't bring you anything. Continue 3 times further through the wide corridor. You go through the gate and then stand above a stairs  go down. The hallway is now goes down 2 floors. Below you see a small Blue Lamp burning,  at the foot of one of the wall pillars.

Go forward to that blue lamp. Behind the blue lamp is the entrance of a narrow corridor, but in front of the lamp lies a tube and a book on the floor.

Click on the Book and ....the Book and the tube will disappear to the top right of your screen and are now next to your "Wrench Key".

So move your cursor to the upper right corner and ...... a few icons pop up now.

Next to your "Wrench Key" you now see a "Blue Globe" and the brown book. That "Blue Globe" is your SAVE GAME Sphere. It is actually a photo camera. The Brown Book is your personal Myst 5 Journal. If you click on the Blue Globe you will create a SAVE GAME and this will be saved as a "Snapshot" in the brown book. You can then type a name for your Save Game in the book yourself. From the Journal book you can Load your manual saves, but you can also Delete them again

Give it a try. Click on the Blue Globe and then click on the Book. The book opens and you see your first own made Save Game in it. So now you have made a Save Game yourself at this point in the game. Via "Restore" you load the Save Game and via "Delete" you remove the Save from the book. 

The wide corridor goes even further and then through a number of steps down, but there the corridor is again blocked by a collapse. So do not go that way. Here at the Blue Lamp you are standing in front of the entrance of a narrow corridor. Let's take a look at where this corridor is going. So move 3 times through the narrow corridor. The narrow corridor takes you into a second large and high hall. Go forward into the hall and look to the right. In the back of the hall you see a "Water bell". There is a little pillar standing in the "Water bell".

Go stand just in front of the "Water bell". Do not enter the "Water bell" yet, but turn around and take a look through this hall. Via the stairs, left and right, you can go up to the balcony, but believe me ... there is nothing to do up there on the balcony. Under the balcony, and right in front of the "Water bell", there is a large Stone Door in the wall. You can not go there. Turn back to the "Water Bell". Stay there for a moment. A changing panorama is projected on the wall behind the "Water bell". You always see a scenery with 2 large stones, a ladder, a wall with symbols and the sea. Are they perhaps the Ages you'll have to go to? 

The Keep

Now step ahead into the "Water bell". You are in the "Water Bell" and are standing in front  for the pillar. This "Water bell" is the KEEP and on the pillar lies a Golden Tablet. The Golden Tablet is held in place by 4 Stone Tablets that serve as locks. Look carefully .... The Golden Tablet will turn blue transparent. The Golden Tablet is not SOLID ....... Click with your "finger" on the Golden Tablet.

You hear a sound and you'll see some water drops. You have made the Golden Tablet SOLID  and the thing is no longer transparent .But you can not take the Golden Tablet. If you could already pick up the Golden Tablet then you would already have finished the game. But that is not possible. The Golden Tablet is "locked up" by the 4 Stone Tablets. It is therefore the intention that those 4 Stone Tablets are released from the Golden Tablet.  And that is YOUR task. Each of the 4 Stone Tablets represents an Age and you will have to go to each of the 4 Ages. Your only goal in each of the 4 Ages is to disconnect the Stone Tablet from that Age in the "KEEP" from the Golden Tablet.

Turn around so that you look back at the large stone door, in the wall under the balcony. Step out the "Water Bell" once and.....automatically  your turn back to the "Water bell" and you now meet:


.... what has she grown...... The last time we saw Yeesha she was still a child ... that was in Myst 4 Revelations. 

The little girl from Myst 4 Revelations has grown up but she's not a happy woman .Listen very carefully to Yeesha.....he says:

"So, friend, The Tablet has reacted to you, of course.  If you're looking for my father ... well ... his time is over, he no longer needs your help, The Book to his cursed land is locked up and it is collecting dust in his prison ... That book now belongs, together with all his pains and fears and burdens, to me. And you will know it now too. Listen carefully.......You should not take this lightly. The Tablet has reacted to YOU so it will be YOUR BURDEN that you have to bear now. If you come to the end, choose wisely because you will not  get a  2nd chance. 

 Many have taken the Tablet and tried to hold it. With the "Power of Writing", it tempts anyone who tries to hold it. I kept it ..... I tasted its sweetness. But now I can't  bear it no longer. "THEY" have "served" for so long. Always serve, always pay attention. And now .... you may be able to free them. You have to search together "that which is spread everywhere" and then the Tablet will be "liberated". Then you will keep the Tablet. In every Age you will experience that help is available, but there will also be obstacles. You will begin your journey wherever I have started, and where my father and my great-grandmother Tiana have also started. And you will end up HERE again when the Tablet is released. When you return, it will be YOUR Tablet. But what you have to understand is.... Under no circumstances give the Tablet to ME .........BEGIN."

Yeesha zaps you away now and you end up in

B: The Volcano:

You are spoken to by a guy. This is Esher. Listen to him very carefully

"So ... You have seen Yeesha, I'm sure she was certainly not very" hospitable". Undoubtedly you are a bit confused now, I am Esher and I am pleased to meet you. She has given you the Quest......Yes......the Quest..... The Task to carry the Four. The Task to free the Tablet. The Task that you will undoubtedly fall heavier than you realize at the moment.  Heavier than SHE has foreseen.  Many have taken on this TASK, but the Tablet still has not found ME.  I will tell you what she does not want to tell you, I will assist you where she does not want to, but She and I agree on one thing..... DO NOT GIVE THE TABLET TO HER. She has already lied to you .......... has spoken words that "bite into her heart while they roll her lips" ....... because .... She wants the Tablet for herself .... More than she wants something else she desires to possess what she no longer has ... but once tasted, whatever happens ....You mustn't give the tabled to her. Ah .... She's  the desert bird that wants to fly ......... Find the Hole in the Ground for there will begin your journey. I'll find you again ".

Esher knows Yeesha well. However, he does not have a high opinion of her, on the contrary .... Esher does not trust Yeesha. But ok ...... I do not trust this Esher either. But in one respect Esher agrees with Yeesha ..... Yeesha may under no circumstances receive the Golden Tablet!.  You now have to find "the hole in the ground" and go in there. When Esher is gone then you first have a look around. Also take a look at your "wrench". You have now also received a Blue Book and all dialogues will be automatically saved in this book

You can always read back in that blue book what Yeesha and Esher will tell you.

You are in the crater of the Volcano. In the middle is a small pond. Small and large boulders are scattered here and there. On the larger boulders are symbols that you can study, if you feel like it. You also see a big Dagger, standing with his point in the ground. To the left of the dagger you see a big boulder.

Go to the left behind that big boulder, to the left of the dagger, and you'll have found the "Hole in the ground".

Well ........ what are you waiting for ........ you aren't  afraid to jump into a dark black hole? Click with your "down finger" in the hole. A ladder goes down in the hole. Click on the top of the ladder and you will now descend via the ladder. When you are down, turn around. You look into a dimly lit blue illuminated cave. A Bahro creature is eating its lunch, in the middle of the cave. Go forward 1 time.

The Bahro, and a few of his brothers, flees. Go forward 3 times. You leave the cave through the opening on the other side and are now in a wide and straight tunnel. You can follow the tunnel to the left, but also to the right. Turn to the right. At your left you now see a box with a blue lamp. A book leans against the box. Further on in the tunnel you see another book, at the next yellow lamp.

Click on the book that is against the box. This is the first of 12 "Yeesha Books". It will be big in your screen. Click on the cover to open the book. 

Listen to Yeesha who now reads the first page of her life story aloud. So listen and read:

Yeesha Book 1:

"These pages tell about my journey, they tell about my Path. They are meant to keep things secret, but to reveal them. Sometimes this happens in the form of a poem, sometimes they are vague, sometimes long, sometimes short. But giving up these words is like balm for my pained soul.
The words must fly from me because otherwise I will die. And eventually these words will be like crumbs that you can find the Path of my life for a long time. Whoever will "eat" them will have learned more about me ".

Through these "Yeesha Books" you will learn a lot about Yeesha and her state of mind. When Yeesha has finished, click next to the book to close it. The book is placed in a screen with 12 boxes.

So you have to find 11 "Yeesha Books". Click this screen away. You can reopen the "Yeesha Books" at any time by clicking on this Book at the top right. The  screen appears and in this you can open the "Yeesha book" which you would like to read once again.

Now go through the tunnel 2 times and then turn left. Grab the 2nd "Yeesha Book" and open it again.

Listen to Yeesha again. This 2nd Yeesha Book contains 4 pages and Yeesha reads all 4 out loud. Read along and listen.

Yeesha Book 2:

I discover where I am by understanding where I was. And everything I was is connected to Myst Island, my refuge. I also need to know where they were, my People and my Family, my "Legacy". My Father, who was the prisoner of all that was Secret, yet was told and shown. 

My Father, raised by Tiana, who hid the Truth. Then raised by Gehn, who revealed the Truth. But Tiana hid the Truth out of love, while Gehn revealed the Truth from his desire for Power. My Mother too was nothing more than the slave of her own knowledge and feelings. Taught by Gehn to write what she knew. Taught by Tiana to write what she felt. But Gehn's lessons made her a prisoner, while Tiana's lessons freed her. 

And in the end, by the Hidden and the Signed, by the Knowledge and by the Feeling, by the Good and by the Evil, by the Gods and by the Devils, THEY COME TOGETHER, Together they came: Father "floating" and Mother "caring". Father "Omniscient" and Mother "All-feeling". And my great-grandmother Tiana watched, and my grandfather Gehn felt. Thus began our "Path of Pain". 

Tiana was called the "Exterminator," but she brought them together and lived with them on Myst Island. Father could not let Myst be a simple Island. New structures had to be created and new Ages had to be written. Mother could not all live with Father, Gehn and Tiana. Children had to come. And so she gave birth to 2 sons, my brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. And they grew up and became "hungry" for power and wealth, just like their grandfather Gehn. But like Gehn, Sirrus and Achenar did not know the art of "Writing Ages". As a result, they all became a prisoner, each in their own Age, their own retreat. I will NEVER go back to that place 

Click the book and the screen away as soon as Yeesha is ready, turn right again and go forward one more time. You'll see an opening in the left wall. This opening is the entrance to the: 

Rest Room 1: 

Go in......You'll encounter more of these "Rest Rooms" They all look pretty much the same, just look around here. A stretcher bed stands on the floor, right in front of the entrance. There are 3 niches in the room, they serve as a sleeping place. On the right there is a KI Dispencer, that you probably know from "Uru Ages Beyond Myst", standing in the corner.  In a half round niche you'll find a KI-Link Pillar with a Linking Book to the Direbo Age .In the corner, left of the entrance, is a Holo-projector where you can see Yeesha if you click on the blue button.  The only thing that really matters in this rest room is the 3rd "Yeesha Book" and the Linking Book to the Direbo Age. So, go stand in front of the stretcher bed and click on the 3rd "Yeesha Book". Open the book again and listen again to Yeesha.

Yeesha Book 3: 

"Proud is like a thief. Proud stole the soul of the D'ni people. Proud stole my own brothers.  The temptation was too great.  It is not Power in itself, but the longing for Power that is so destructive ... That desire is also in my blood because it is also the blood of my ancestors, the blood of my flesh.

  I resist it, but the desire is strong. Even now it draws me. My father has tried to conceal that which he prefers, his "Books of the Ages," while my brothers tried to hide their desire for wealth and power. Father was too good of faith, or simply na´ve and as a result, Ages and Peoples are being destroyed. 

So my family was imprisoned, my brothers in Ages who were written by my father, Father in the same D'ni prison from which he once escaped as a child, and mother in the world she loved but also feared, Riven, her home, her  haven. Perhaps this is why I am afraid of my house, my refuge. And then suddenly, through the Maker or through Fate, The Book appeared to a Stranger. 

A stranger found The Book. The Book had to be destroyed by fire but it was spared. By the Maker or by Fate. The Book survived until the Time of the Book was there. It would have been the Maker who survived The Book. The Book that brought help. Now it's Time. 

A stranger found The Book, came to the Island and freed my father. A lesson was learned, a friendship was forged. The children are my friends. I have to use the Children wisely. Must listen to them, respect them. They are powerful, they are willing, but they are also afraid "

On the last page you'll see a drawing of a" Bahro Tablet. There are 2 figures drawn on it, I think these two characters represent "Friendship ". I would copy it if I were you

Close the book and the book screen Turn left to the Holo-projector.  Go to it and click on the little blue button

 A woman's face appears in the round screen...it's  Yeesha. Listen to what she says..... Jesus.....can you really have so much hatred for another human being?  Yeesha is full of hatred of her family

Turn around so you look at the KI Dispenser. Go ahead and turn 1 time. 

You then turn clockwise until you look at the niche where the KI-Link Pillar with the Direbo Linking Book is in. 

Then go once ahead. On the pillar is a Direbo Linking Book. Click on the Book.

 Below the linking screen you can see that Direbo consists of 4 islands that are connected by bridges. 

In the bottom right is the D'ni number 1 highlighted, so that will be Island 1. Well ...Let's take a look in Direbo. Click with your hand on the left screen and ..... you end up in: 

C: Direbo:

Esher welcomes you here. Listen to Esher again:

 "Ah-Ah .... Direbo, the" Rest Age ".... a peaceful world, and ...... the "gate "to the 1st Age. ....that Godless Thing, and all those other pillars, they're not from D'ni....They are the necessary attributes for your Journey. These pillars work just like the Linking Book you brought here, but know this ... . It's the perverse attributes of the Creatures ... O ... those Creatures ...... You've already seen them ...... Always staring at you and growling in the darkness .... disgusting phantoms. They are not like us Never forget it .......Touch the pillar..... It will take you to the "Taghira Age" and we will see each other there again ". 

You are on Island 1 of Direbo and you stand before  a "Water bell ". In the "Water bell" you will find the Bahro Linking pillar with which you link to the "Taghira Age". Esher explained this to you and he also said that you should now go to Taghira but we are not going to do that now. 

In front of the "Water bell" is the Linking Book that will bring you back to the 1st Rest Room. Stay still and turn around for a moment. You'll notice that it is only a small island, but that you could go to 2 other islands via 2 Wooden Bridges, were it not that these bridges are closed on both sides by means of a fence. Now go to both bridges. Before each of the bridges there's a small pillar with a light blue round button. Click on the light blue button. 

The gate, on this side of the bridge,  now opens. Go to the other bridge and also press the blue button. You have then opened both bridges from THIS side.

Go over one of the two bridges to the other side. You come to the other side of the bridge and ..... this side is also closed with a gate but you can't open the gate from this side. So there are 4 Islands. Each island has a "Water bell" containing a Bahro Linking Pillar to another Age. So there are 4 Ages. Unfortunately, you can not go from Island 1 to one of the other islands because you can not open the gates of the bridges on that side.  So what we have to do is to first ensure that all bridges are open on both sides, so that you can go from island to island. So we first take care of this and only then we can go to the 4 Ages.  So go back to the "Water bell" of Island 1 and click on the Linking Book that stands before the "Water bell". Click in the link screen to link back to the 1st rest room. You are back in: 

D: K'veer: 

You are back in the 1st Rest room, after your short visit to Island 1 of Direbo. You are again in front of the Direbo Linking Book. Turn right and go forward to the holo projector. Back at the holo projector, turn left and leave the rest room, 2 times ahead. You are back in the broad tunnel. Turn right and now go through the tunnel 8 times. You'll be then almost on the other side of the tunnel. Turn right. You are standing in front of a large hole in the wall. 

That hole did not come naturally and it is not a door. Through the hole you look into a large circular hall. In the middle of the hall there is a "Wheel" in the floor and a large round lamp, on the ceiling, shines on the "wheel". Enter the round hall 2 times in advance. Esher appears again. Listen to Esher again: 

"I apologize for those night glasses that I had earlier, unfortunately my eyes are not accustomed to the bright sunlight in this Age, and I have also taken the Journey, the Quest. I have failed, but I still believe that my experiences can help you on your journey, and your journey will continue through THAT DOOR ".

 Esher points to one of the large round doors in this large round hall and he then disappears again. There are 2 large round doors, left and right of the large hole in the wall. There is also a short and open round tunnel. Now enter the open round tunnel first. It is short tunnel and it's a dead end. However...at  the back of the tunnel, at the lamp, you can find the 4th "Yeesha Book". Pick it up, open it and listen again to the outpourings of Yeesha: 

Yeesha Book 4: 

"The Stranger, the Friend, returned to help Father to free Mother ... Imagine ..... a stranger in Riven who risked is life to help someone else, out of humility, not thinking of himself but thinking of the needs of others....Humility... no more than this is needed to free prisoners .Gehn, my grandfather, that monster who thought he was a God , was finally captured again. Perhaps he "reigns" over that deserted and lifeless world, driven by the pride and bitterness of his own heart.

But probably he's a prisoner in a deserted and desolate world, where only the cry of the damned can be heard. I hear that he feels miserable. I can not forgive what he has done. It "eats" into my heart. I hate him, because I also have HIS desires.

Mother and father were together again in their refuge, Myst Island. But it was just like an empty cap, no more than a place to exist, a "fallen" place. Separated by Pride, just like the proud and grand D'ni City. Just like me. 

What is a stranger? Someone that I am not? But sometimes I feel like a stranger to myself. Then I be like 2 different people. The one I am, the other I do not know. Where does that OTHER come from? Which of the 2 am I? "

Close the book and the box screen again. Turn around and go back into the large circular hall. Turn clockwise to look at the large round door, to the left of the tunnel. Esher has pointed out this door to you. That other door does not open anyway. Just in front of the door there is a rock on the ground and before this rock stand a lever with which you open the round door. Go forward to that rock, to be at the Door lever. 

Grasp the lever ends, then hold down your mouse and turn the lever to the right. The door will open now. 

Go to the now open door and stand straight in front of it.  You look into a short round tunnel witch mouths into a large round "room." Go through the tunnel 4 times. "You're entering into the "Great Shaft".

 E: The Great Shaft: 

At the top floor of the Shaft

You're at the top of a big round, and very deep, shaft. Turn right and go forward one time and..... You'll  meet Esher again. Listen to Esher: 

"Re-gah-ro-ti-woh .. ..... The Great Shaft. Amazing, is not it? Built by the people "out of the depth". My people. I am also D'ni. It is through this shaft that the great-grandmother of Yeesha has discovered our city, our deeply hidden city. I do not want to bore with all the annoying details, the only thing you need to know is ......... She killed us all and destroyed our beautiful and powerful D'ni City. There is a room at the end of the 1st lift. It is only a small room. You will find a "D'ni Rest Age Book" there. That book links you to Direbo. I'll meet you there again. " 

And he's gone again, I wish he would stop with that. During his talk, Esher pointed backwards ... He pointed to the 1st elevator. 

Go up to the steps  and then turn left . You now stand in front of the gate of the 1st elevator. To the left of the pillar you see a lever 

Stand by the lever and grab the thing and pull the lever to you ........ so pull the handle down. Then turn right to the right and you will see the weights of the elevator going down. Go forward one time and turn left, now you are right in front of the elevator fence........ wait patiently, the elevator has to come up from the bottom of the shaft and that takes a while, but then the elevator appears and the gate opens. It is a half round elevator. 

Step in the elevator, then look slightly to the left and up and pull down that hanging handle 

The elevator will take you a long way down the shaft and then you'll be on the: 

1st Floor of the shaft

You are automatically outside the elevator. You can only go one way here, so go 5 times ahead and then turn left. You are standing in front of the entrance of the 2nd Rest room. Go inside. 

second Rest room:

So this is the room that Esher was just talking about. It is the same room as the 1st rest room, only now there is no holo projector. There is also a stretch bed here and here too there are 3 sleeping niches, a KI Dispenser and a Linking Book to Direbo. In the niche, behind the stretch bed, is your 5th "Yeesha Book". Grab it, open it and listen again to Yeesha: 

Yeesha Book 5: 

"I get sick of the Grower... Oh yes .... there are those who believe in what the predictions preach, that D'ni will be rebuilt ... that the fallen City of D'ni will rise even greater than it already was. There have been attempts, and there will still be attempts, they will all fail miserably, even those who have tried it under the direction of my father have failed. They learned of  the great deeds of the "Maker." They learned about the Bahro, about the "Lesser" and they learned about the "Deeper Truth." They learned about the Father and about His ability to "Rebuild" and to "Rewrite"

The D'ni city blossomed and flourished again for a short time, the dead were buried and the living was taken care of, D'ni took a breath of fresh air again, but unfortunately the Tree did not want to grow. There was no "Grower." Also father did not see what I see now, 

the "Grower" never came, I never came....I'm the "Grower". And I have failed. Do  I think myself "Worthy"? I am NOTHING ----- I am the Failure Child of Failure Parents and Failure grandparents. How many generations still have to fail before we finally give up. Why am I trying still? I have already failed with the Tablet. There is no 2nd chance. And yet ..... and yet I long to be allowed to hold it one more time, to try it one more time "

Save the book again and close the screen. Now go to the Direbo book, on the pillar in the niche.  

Click on the book. Under the linking screen, you can see the D'ni number 2 on the upper right, so you can link through this book to the 2nd Island of Direbo.....Do so


You are on Island 2 and there is no Esher now that welcomes you. There is also a "Water Bell" on this island. The Bahro Linking Pillar in the "Water bell" links to the Todelmer Age, but do not enter the "Water bell". In front of the "Water bell", on a little hill, is the linking book to return to the 2nd Rest room in the Great Shaft. Again 2 bridges that are "closed" on this side.

NB: You only meet Esher the first time you end up in Direbo. So if this is the first time that you end up on an island of Direbo, because you follow a different route through the game, then you now have the meeting with Esher. His story is the same on the Age after which the "Water bell" links to. However, it seems to me more logical to keep the islands order, as they are indicated on the Direbo Linking Books in the Rest Rooms. The purpose of this is to open the connecting bridges between the islands on both sides so that you can go back and forth between the four islands via the bridges.

Go back to both bridges and open the bridge fences via the blue button on the pillars. 

The bridge, straight in front the "Water bell", is now completely open. Via this bridge you can now go to Island 1 and back to Island 2. Try it, but return to Island 2 immediately. The other bridge on Island 2 is still closed on the other side. Well .... we have now connected Island 1 and 2 to each other. But we still need to connect them with Island 3 and 4. Link, via the Linking Book back to the 2nd Restroom in the:

Great Shaft:

You are back in the 2nd Rest Room on the1st floor of Great Shaft, and again stands for the Direbo Linking Book. Turn right and go forward, turn left and go back out of the rest room 2 times. Be careful not to go down the Great Shaft. Turn left and follow the walkway again 5 times, to the second elevator

Turn right. You stand in front of the gate of the 2nd elevator. On the other side you can see the 1st elevator, hanging against the wall of the shaft. Go forward until the gate and turn left. Also at this 2nd elevator the elevator lever stands left of the pillar. Go forward and turn right. Now you are right in front of the lever. 

Next to the lever is the 6th "Yeesha Book" on the ground. Grab it, open it and listen again to the soul stirrings of Yeesha:

Yeesha Book 6:

"Tomahna- My Home ---- the place where I was: the place where I started. I was like "a spark full of joy" for my Mother and my Father in whom the fire was almost extinguished. But still ..... it would have given so much more joy if my brothers would have been with us in Tomahna.

Still torn .... Father and Mother shared me, their beloved "Desert Bird". Father shared his knowledge and wisdom with me and Mother gave me her visions and dreams. From what point did they know what my destination would be, what would be my future? Surely not since I was born?

When I look back on it ..... They knew so much, they saw everything so clear....... She planted the "seed", gave it "water" so that I could learn what they could, to do the same thing they did. Only much later would I realize that I would never see them again. Am I the "Grower" because they have trained me for this, or have they trained me because I am the "Grower"? Torn.... But in Tomahna we still had no rest, no peace.

From the past an enemy came to Tomahna. An enemy who wanted to avenge himself. But for the 3rd time there was help. Without that help ... where would we be? Would there be a "Grower"? Would there be another "seed" to grow? It is all so delicate, so fragile. But it must be through the "Maker" that I exist, and so my existence has a Purpose, a Course. Or is it just a whim of Destiny that I exist and my existence has no intention at all, no Purpose ".

Close the book and the screen. Pull the standing elevator lever back towards you to raise elevator 2. Turn right, forward, left and wait again, before the gate, for the elevator. Elevator 2 also rises from the bottom of the shaft. When elevator 2 is with you, step into the elevator and pull down that Hanging Lever again. 

Lift 2 now brings you further down through the Great Shaft and delivers you on the 2nd Floor.

2nd Floor of the Great Shaft

Get out of the elevator and turn left and go forward 1 time. You are at the top of a red carpet staircase. 

Go down the stairs 2 times and ........ Esher turns up again. Listen carefully to Esher again. Esher now gives you 2 assignments:

"Stand in admiration and bewilderment, you are now 4 miles underground. our construction was Triumphant ....... and Tragic at the same time. But you can not go down any further, you need to get fresh air into the Tunnels. first raise the Floor and turn on the Ventilators. I trust that you will find out for yourself how to do that "

Esher disappears again but he has given you 2 assignments. First you have to raise the Floor and secondly you need the ventilators turn on, so that air is blown into the tunnels. The tunnels through which you, much and much later, have to go to the old D'ni city. The floor that Esher was talking about, is still one floor below. It is what is know as the "Bottom" of the shaft and this "Bottom" has to be lifted up to this second floor We will now take care of that first. 

Go ahead 3 times and then turn left. You are now in front of the entrance of the Stair Tunnels, which go down in tiers to the bottom of the shaft: 

Go 1 time ahead. You now look down through the upper stair tunnel and see a circular hall below you. There is a Bahro looking at you. Go down the top stairs. From the round hall you can then follow the Left Tunnel or the Right tunnel further down. We'll take the right tunnel.....So turn right and descend the stairs in 2 times to be a floor deeper down in the next hall. Continue down the next staircase in 3 times.  You are now in the hallway under the 2nd staircase of the right stair tunnel. urn right again and descend the 3rd stage. 

At the bottom of the 3rd stage you are in a round hall again and here stands a low and thick Pillar. On top of the pillar is a BLUE BUTTON.

Left and right then goes the last, short staircase, further down to the lower hall. 

Before the Blue Button Pillar, however, lies the 7th "Yeesha Book" ion the floor. Grab it, open it and listen to Yeesha again: 

Yeesha Book 7:

 "I was very young when I first felt Strong. Yes ... I was young, but I thought I understood it all. I had all the Qualities, but had little Wisdom. It is better to have some less Qualities and some more Wisdom. I knew that I was doing something Great, for us, but I did not understand what I did. I thought I would reunite our family to bring back the joy of well-being back into our lives, but I brought the Life almost to an end. 

And again it was a Friend who came to our aid, and now I know you can never restore most things to anything. They had never been ... My brothers were not destined to be "Liberated." 

But, despite my bad choices, the Maker still made something good, Achenar repented and died like a good person. While I write all these memories, the suffering and the pain that I have caused is insignificant. A suffering and pain that I also had to endure. 

And yet I am grateful. I will be as strong and powerful as the Bahro. I long to be so strong. They will then sing their Song of Gratitude. They will sing it without taking into account their own circumstances. They will stand and sing to the Maker with Joy in their hearts. Oh ... had I such a heart myself "

The drawing of the Bahro Stone, on the last page shows you, I believe, the Bahro symbol for Joy, but I could be wrong. 

Close the book screen. Left and right you can now go to the lower round hall and through those 2 lower round halls you then reach the right or the left Balcony of the Floor of the Great Shaft, I 'll go down the right tunnel and I ask you to join me in this. So if you have stored the 7th Yeesha Book again, turn to the right and go forward one time and then down the last set of stairs to the lower round hallway. 

Then turn left and go forward 2 times.....now you stand on the right balcony of the "Blue Button" side of the Great Shaft and right above the huge round floor, turn left and go down the stairs. 

Turn right and ..... you now look straight ahead over the huge round floor of the Great Shaft: Exactly in the middle of the floor stands a pillar, so the middle of the floor is between the 4 Pillars that will lift the floor up. On the other side you'll see the steps and the 2 balconies of the "Yellow Side". 

Now cross straight ahead over the floor to the pillar that stands in the middle of the floor. There is also a button on this pillar. The button is now "colorless" and you can not press it NOW: 

Lift up the floor of the Great Shaft:

 Continue forward to the steps on the other side. You are now on the Yellow Side of the shaft. Go up the stairs and turn right and go up the stairs to the balcony. 

On the balcony, turn left and go ahead into the lower circular hall. Turn left and go up the stairs and you are in the next round hall. Here is the pillar with the YELLOW BUTTON.

STOP.......Don't do anything now......just listen to me for a moment because I shall explain it first. But first make a SAVE GAME now, because this Floor lifting puzzle goes ON a TIMER and if you are too slow you get, as Yeesha has told you, no 2nd chance. 

What has to happen? The round floor of the Great Shaft must be raised to the 2nd floor. You've found the BLUE BUTTON, at the bottom of the right-hand tunnel, and you are now standing at the bottom of the left-hand tunnel and at the YELLOW BUTTON. That is why the right staircase tunnel is the Blue Side  and the left staircase is the Yellow Side

In the middle of the floor there is also a button on the pillar. That button must now be activated, so that the button will be RED. If you then hit that button, the floor will be hoisted up to the second floor of the shaft. But that is not on easy task. It does not matter whether you start with the BLUE BUTTON or with the YELLOW BUTTON. I assume, however, that you followed me and that you are now at the YELLOW BUTTON.

Are you ready for it? Have you made a Save Game? Take a deep breath because you will have to RUN as fast as you can to do this puzzle before your time is up. So don't go "click by click" but keep pressing your mouse button all the time and then always turn left or right in time to always be in one continuously run ahead. If you go "click for click" you won't be fast enough. 

Okay ..... are you ready? Here we go: 

  • Press the YELLOW BUTTON and turn around and run back to the lower round hall. 

  • Turn left and go forward onto the balcony. 

  • Turn left and go down the balcony via the steps. 

  • Turn right and run to the pillar in the middle of the floor. 

  • Do not stand still but run to the steps on the other side. 

  • Quickly, up the steps, turn right, up the steps to the balcony, turn left and forward into the round hall. 

  • Turn left and forward up the bottom stairs and you are back at the BLUE BUTTON. 

  • Press on the BLUE BUTTON and run straight down the stairs to the lower hall.

  • Turn left and enter the balcony. 

  • Turn left and go down the balcony via the steps. 

  • Turn right and run to the pillar in the middle of the floor and see .... 

  • The button is now RED.

  • Press the RED BUTTON and STAY  HERE. 

Depending on how fast you were, the floor will now come loose and with the floor you will now go up and you will return to the 2nd floor. You have raised the floor of the Great Shaft and have met Esher's first assignment. 

NB: If you were not fast enough then the button isn't red and then you can't press it. There's no second change, so you'll have to restore your last Save Game to try all this again from the Yellow Button

Now for Esher's second assignment......

Turn on the Ventilators

Stay in front of the red button and make sure you do not click on it again. Turn around to the left. You will see an opening in the wall. 

Go 3 times ahead. You go off the round floor. Go through the opening in the wall. 

Left is the entrance to the 3rd Rest Room, but first turn to the right. You see a Dome. There is a Lever on the Dome and the 8th "Yeesha Book" is on the floor in front of the dome. 

Go forward to the dome and then grab the 8th "Yeesha Book"

Yeesha Book 8:

"Only.........There was a powerful connection between the "Inner and Outer", the "Lower and Upper", a Wound, a Mouth, a Source, a Well. I wanted to make the Journey, for myself, from where Tiana once descended the first time
and where Father followed Evil, deep into the ground.

I started my journey with a "heavy mind". After all, it was Tiana who went to D'ni and destroyed it. I am hers. I feel as if I too will bring destruction. Father and Mother have tried to prepare me. Tried to tell me who I thought I was. I still see the power of both. I have the Best of Both, but also the Last of Both. And as I left, I could see their sadness and their fear.

But what frightened me most was that I could also see their HOPE. And so I left my comfortable Home. And while I took the first steps away from Tomahna, my shoulders became heavy. Heavy from the heavy burden that I carried with me. There is so much to learn, so much to understand about myself.

My Father once said we will never understand, we will understand more and more but we will never be able to fully understand it. The more I understood, the more powerful I became and the more dangerous I became, but ...... I always understood LESS ".

Close the book and the screen. The lever  on the Dome is now to the right. Grab the lever and pull it all the way to the left and release.

A drum is now turning around in the Dome. You have switched on the motor of the ventilators. Now for the ventilators themselves. Turn left and go forward to and through the gate of the 

3rd Rest Room.

This 3rd Rest Room has an Holo projector, but you will not find a Yeesha Book here. Go to the Holo projector and click on the blue button. You see a holo image of Yeesha again. Listen. These words are not saved in your blue book. You see and hear a Yeesha who thinks she is the "Grower". She is so full of HATE.  After this intermezzo you will find the Direbo Linking Book, which will be placed on the KI-Pillar in the semi-circular niche. Click again on the Direbo Book. You see that this book links to the 3rd Island of Direbo because of the D'ni number 3, on the lower left side 

So click on the screen and you will return to:


Go to both bridges of this 3rd island and open the fences of the bridges on this side via the blue button on the bridge column. One of these two bridges is now completely open. Still 1 island to do. Go to the Linking Book, which is on the pillar before the "Water bell" and link back to the 3rd Rest room of the:

Great Shaft:

Back in the 3rd Rest room you go out and back to the Red Button in the middle of the round floor of the Great Shaft. 

Press the Red Button again. With the floor you now go down again.

When the floor has dropped down again, you quickly press the Red Button again and then you RUN to the red stairs of the balconies.

It does not matter which way you run to.... just make sure you are off the Round Floor when it goes up again. It is now the intention that the round floor goes back up WITHOUT YOU on it. So make sure you are on the red steps quickly, on the Blue side or on the Yellow side. Then turn around and see how the floor goes back up.

NB: you mustn't wait too long with pressing the Red Button when you have lowered the floor again. The red button only remains red for a moment and then you can no longer press it. If  this happens to you then you're out of luck.....you will have to do the hole thing with the Blue and Yellow buttons again to get the floor button red again so that you can click on it again.

The Round Floor now hangs again, without you on it, at the top of the shaft and on the 1st floor. Where the floor was there is now a big round hole. On 3 sides of this hole a ladder goes down  to the bottom of the hole. Look for one of those ladders and stand straight on top of the edge of the round hole. You look down at the real floor of the Great Shaft. In the middle there is also a button pillar and there you see the 9th "Yeesha Book".

Now click with your lower finger in the middle and then on the ladder and you descend. Then turn around and advance 2 times to get to that pillar in the middle via the iron steps.

Do NOT click on the pillar, because then you will be crushed by the round floor that will come back down. Grab the 9th "Yeesha Book" from the floor. Open it and listen to Yeesha again:

Yeesha Book 9:

"Home was far behind me, I was not a child, I traveled "deep within myself", deep into the Earth, to the D'ni Cave. There I was alone, breathing  the air of the cave and taking the knowledge of my people to me. But I was alone, lonely, and the desire for company made me crazy. It's so crazy that I "employed" a Senomar (an animal) as my confidant and a fish, that swam in the harbor, became my younger brother. I talked to them as if they were my family, and they spoke back. I swear to you ....they answered me. 

And then I really got insane. During a visit to the library of Ae'gura I imagined an old D'ni man, on the floor below me. See .... I had become so insane that I was going to fantasize people to break my loneliness. But that old man was REAL and his name was Calam. And he was the "D'ni writer of the Ages". 

The trust between us came gradually and not without a struggle. There were conflicts between us, between this Old Ruler over the D'ni, which I did not respect, and my own creativity, which he feared. We fought and we feared, we waged war and we shouted, until we, forced by exhaustion, started to learn from each other. 

We learned each other about the Power of Both, just as Father and Mother had done. And so I learned the art of Writing, and I learned it much better than my Parents had ever taught me. I learned Writing from the Master, an opportunity my Father never received. Calam's abilities caught my breath. He knew everything that D'ni people knew before they were destroyed. But Calam also learned from me. I taught him the Forbidden Words, the Forbidden Concepts, who detested the D'ni who feared the D'ni. 

But I had no fear of that, so I dug deeper and deeper and asked questions that Calam did not know the answer to. And together we looked for the answers. And so we learned about the Bahro and about the TABLET. I experienced about the Power of the Tablet. We grew in Knowledge and in Power, and Calam became one of my dearest friends. I started to believe that not me, but that Calam would be the "Grower." But Evil is found everywhere, even in the deepest part of the Earth, and Calam was murdered. "

Close the Book and the screen. I assume you're standing in front of the pillar, at the spot where the Yeesha Book was.  Turn around and....you see a long tunnel that goes to another round room. Go through the tunnel......The tunnel mouths into a round space with tubes on the floor and a pivot axis in the middle

On the axis of is the same type of lever as on the dome, before  the 3rd rest room. Grab the lever again and pull it all the way to the left and let go.......

.....the pivot shaft turns and you're sucked up.  You have turned on the ventilators and fulfill Esher's second assignment 

While you're being sucked up, you see a ladder coming down, half way through the tunnel.  You land back on your feet again before the lever. Turn around and go back 3 times through the tunnel. You are now at the ladder that has come down half way through the tunnel. Turn slightly to the right so that you can click with your forward finger to the ladder. 

Then do that and then click in the round hole at the top of the ladder. You climb up and end up in a round tunnel. 

There is a large round door on both sides of the tunnel. The door on the left is open, the door on the right is closed.

 Go to the right door, the closed door. On the left in front of the door is the Door Handle and there is also the 10th "Yeesha Book" on the floor. 

Grab the Yeesha book, open it and listen to Yeesha again: 

Yeesha Book 10: 

"Power is a Gift, Power is a Curse. I learned the full Power I had on the day Calam was assassinated when I, in a fit of rage, murdered the murderer, and thus murdered my innocence. And again I experienced that you can not bring things back to their original state.

But my strength continued to increase, as I began to see more and more off the "Prophecies" that A "Grower" told me about . My destination became clearer, but there was more. "The Lesser", abused and maltreated, misunderstood and ignored, they were insulted and treated as scum, but they continued to serve. and yet they served as servants, they treated me with kindness and I learned from them, They respected what I was, taught me the Laws, new Rules and new Forces,

  I used these Forces to make a Tree and the Tablet enabled me to grow my Tree to a greater height than Tiana, Father and Mother and even Calam could ever have done. The Tablet held them under their spell, the Tablet kept them chained. The Tablet chained me. The Tablet was more powerful than I was. 

I waited with them. I learned with them. I released them from their captivity and I grew in strength with them. Together we became weak and strong. And then it was MY time to carry the Tablet. My time to make choices and ...... I was ready. I felt how the Tablet channeled and liberated the full power of the Bahro. I would rectify all the injustice. I would make sure that everything would be as it should be, as it was meant to be. I would make the right choice because ....... I CAN NOT FAIL..... I AM THE GROWERS.

  I was so sure, so strong, so wise, that I failed to listen to the soft voice of the MAKER. His soft voice drowned in my own sound. So I FAILED ..... Failed to see that there was more than myself ..... Failed to see what was so clearly visible ....... And Pain came quickly, when I knew what I had all done. The Tablet disappeared and the Bahro became servants again, became the "Juniors." The pain still burns inside me. But the powerful Bahros waited their time and meanwhile they served. Pain is often a powerful teacher. But it is not for us to give ...... we are not the teachers. We must not abuse them. We must not abuse the Bahro: 

You'll see another drawing of a Bahro stone. No idea what the symbols on it mean. Pain maybe? 

Save the book again and close the screen. 

Go to the Door Lever, grasp the ends of the Lever and pull the lever all the way to the right. The door opens now. 

Turn right and go forward through the now open door and ....... You are back on the round floor of the Great Shaft. 

The round middle floor is still on top of the 2nd floor. You have nothing to look for here now, so turn around and go back into the tunnel. 

Follow the tunnel to the other side and go through the already opened door. You step into a "Wheel" room. 

You are now in the same round room as you were when Esher pointed out the door to the Great Shaft to you, only now you are deep underground. Except for the door you came through, there are 2 more doors. The left door is open, the right door is closed and will never open. Go to the right door. The door lever for the right door is gone. Only the pillar is still there and here is the 11th "Yeesha Book" on the ground. 

Grab the book, open it and listen to Yeesha again:

Yeesha Book 11: 

"Why couldn't  I see the" True Path "? Now I see it very clearly, but will I have another chance to set it right? They came to D'ni .... Those who felt "called up on". I knew it and I was ready and I showed them the way. I spoke about the "Pride of the D'ni",  about their faith in their own strength. a few people understood it and they followed me because I am the "Grower" and I will lead them to their rebirth, 

Another burden for me. But what is the job of the "Grower"?  My father wrote an Age, but I see that the Tree is not a place but a People ..... the Heart of the People and that Heart has to grow, I got a new chance to make it right. The Tablet is the key. How could I fail? "

Close the book and the screen. Turn completely around. You look at the "Wheel" in the middle of the room. 

Cross the hall in three times straight ahead, to and through the open door on the other side. You end up in the

 4th Rest Room. 

On the right is the stretch bed. Turn left and head for the niche, to the left of the KI Dispenser. In this niche you'll find the 12th "Yeesha Book". Grab it, open it and listen to Yeesha again: 

Yeesha Book 12:

  "I know what to do, see it very clearly now. A final chance to determine the fate of the Tablet. I feel it. To be so close to the goal,  but still so powerless ..... it makes me insane ... The Tablet is there ... and keeps the power of the Bahro in itself and only I know what needs to be done. 

I have failed once, but what does that mean? Why aim I being punished while I could do so much? The Rules seem to be open to many interpretations, some come from the Maker and only He understands them perfectly. This inheritance of failure But now I see the Last Chance to make up for generations of mistakes again, to let go of the Force that was imprisoned for thousands of years. It's in my fingers, I know what to do now, but I can not tell it for fear of breaking the Rules. It torments my heart, my soul .

I had a dream ........

In my dream  I carry the Seed of the D'ni, the seed of all that is D'ni. And I come with the seed in a small cave and carry it over a path. And I come to the end of the Path. And at the end of the path are 2 HOLES. A hole under me and a hole above me. Through the Lower Hole I see the Grand D'ni City in the D'ni cave and through the Upper Hole I see the Sky and the Sun. A Voice calls to me: "In which hole will you plant the Seed?"

And I know it's easy to plant the Seed in the Lower Hole. And I know that it is impossible to plant it in the Upper Hole. And I call to the Voice and ask for wisdom. And the Voice answers: "DO NOT plant the seed in the Bottom Hole because that is too easy and the way of the Past". And the Voice continues: "DO NOT plant the Seed in the Upper Hole, because that is too difficult and is the job of ANOTHER". And the Voice asks again: "In which hole will you plant the seed?" And I know what to do. And I know ...... I am the Grower "

Close the book and the screen. ... you have now found and read all 12 "Yeesha Books." 

Are you feeling just as gloomy and miserable as I'm now, of what you have read in these books from Yeesha ? Isn't Atrus's family a degenerate family who thinks that they are Gods?

It is time to leave the Great Shaft to start the real work. Turn left and go to the Holo projector and when you are there, click on the blue button and you will see Yeesha appear again. 

I say it again..... what is that Yeesha full of hatred. 

After this you turn around and go to the Direbo Linking Book, which is again on the pillar. Click on the book and see the D'ni number 4 in the top left island. 

Click on the screen and you will return to:


You are now on the 4th Island of Direbo. Now first go back to both bridges and open the bridges via the button on the bridge pillar ..........

 You now have all the bridges on both sides open and can now walk from island to island via the bridges. Via the Linking Books that stand for the "Water bells" on each island, you know which island you are on because the number of the island is on those books. You have to be able to recognize the D'ni numbers to know witch island your on, but here they are

Direbo is, as you have heard from Esher, a Rest Place for the D'ni who used to travel back and forth between the various Ages. It is therefore a Dividing Age. 

Via the Bahro Linking Pillars in the "Water bells" you link to the  4 Ages. Those 4 Ages are A are: Taghira, Todelmer, Noloben and Laki'ahn

If you stand in each of the "Water bells" and then turn inside the "Water bell", then you see on the inside of each "Water bell" a projection of the Age that the "Water bell" links to. Go enter each of the 4 "water bells" and see that projection. Make sure that you do not pick up the Stone Tablet from the pillar, that is in each of the 4 "Water bells". 

In each "Water bell" you turn around and then you see the following landscapes projected on the inside of the "Water bell": 

  • Island 1 = an icy stone landscape = the Taghira Age.

  • Island 2 = a dark sky with stars = the Todelmer Age.

  • Island 3 = a beach by the sea with high cliffs = the Noloben Age 

  • Island 4 = a building in a tropical landscape with palm trees. In front of the building there is a man = the Laki'ahn Age. 

You now have to go to each of these 4 Ages, to do the things that you have to do in these Ages. You are free to choose your own order in which you want to do this. As far as I know, there is no set order in which you have to go to the 4 Ages. But it  seems logical to me to keep the order of the numbering of the 4 Islands of Direbo. The makers of this game have certainly not numbered the 4 islands for nothing. If you want to play the game further in a different order, then it is fine by me, but then forget this walkthrough and continue on YOUR OWN and don't come complaining to me when you're hopelessly get stuck in the process

So we shall now first go  to the "Taghira Age". Look on the islands at the Linking Books that are standing before the "Water bells" if you are indeed on Island 1. You know this if you see the D'ni number 1 on the linking book

On Island 1 enter the "Water bell".

 In the "Water bell" you are then standing in front of the Linking Pillar on which the Stone Tablet lies. On the "Stone Tablet" you see 5 figures...they are all the same.

2 figures on the left and 3 on the right. The upper figure on the left side has 2 slashes.


Grab the "Stone Tablet" of the pillar and click. So this is the "Taghira Tablet" and you have to take it with you to the Taghira Age.

 At the bottom of your screen you will see the top round edge of the Tablet. 

Place your cursor on the stone tablet now. You will then get an Arrow cursor and the tablet will be transparent. 

If you click with the Arrow cursor now you will lose the "Stone Tablet". And that is not the intention now. So do not click with the Arrow cursor on the Tablet. Make sure you continue to see the round edge of the Stone Tablet ,at the bottom of your screen. Now look at the pillar again. Where first the "Stone Tablet" was, you now see a large illuminated figure. It is the Bahro symbol for "House / Hut". Left below you see that same figure, but smaller, on the left "shoulder" of the pillar.

Now click with your hand on the small symbol, that is on the left "shoulder" of the pillar. This is the "link" to Taghira and you are zapped away and end up in

 Chapter 2: The Taghira Age

2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot