2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Taghira: The Ice age

You are in the "Water bell" of Taghira. You are in an ice cave. Taghira is an ice Age. 

Keep holding the "Stone Tablet" because you have to carry it with you, so you should see it at the bottom of your screen. Turn around. 

You see Esher standing, right in front of you in the ice cave. Go forward and listen to Esher, especially what he will say about the use of the Tablet

"I do not know why those Creatures chose this place for the Tablets.Taghira, cold, inhospitable and desolate, but also ...... so peaceful, but Yeesha only sees Evil here. This was a Prison Age for the one who had been found guilty of the most terrible crimes. They were sent here to spend their next life here, that is Justice ... not Evil.  There is a lot that you have to learn. First of all about the Tablets. Pick it up from the pillar and always carry it with you. But know this about the Tablets: They are the odious attributes of the Bahro and they are an insult to the "Art of Writing". But nevertheless ...... they have great power. You will experience that you can write on the Tablets, anything you want. There are a few elementary symbols that are understood by those Creatures. This allows you to make good use of them ...... They will take it ....... if you drop it. They will obey it ... if you command them. They will give it back ....... after a while. You will get more control by learning. Use the Tablets to free yourself. The burden you carry is heavy ..... but you will be grateful for it ".

Esher disappears again. So you are in an ice cave. Go 1 step forward. Look down at the ground. You'll see the "House" symbol carved in the icy ground.  Look straight ahead again and then go forward 2 times. The exit of the cave is blocked by a large ice lump. You can not get out. Turn around. You look back at the "Water bell". Take 1 step forward, back towards the "Water bell". Stand still. To your right is a large icicle.

Turn slightly to the right so that you get the forward cursor, right behind the icicle and then take 1 step forward.

You take a short step forward and hear the ice cracking under your feet. Stay still now.

NB: I use the "Classic Plus" control and that means that I always have to "Freeze" the screen with my right mouse button to go to the "wrench" and the books in the upper right corner of the screen. I also have to do that now to drop the "Stone Tablet" on the floor. Because that's what you have to do now. I assume that you also use the "Classic Plus" control.

"Freeze" your screen. Then place your cursor on your "Stone Tablet" at the bottom of your screen. You can get the "Hand" and a "Put Down Arrow" on the Tablet. Make sure you have the "Put  Down Arrow" on the "Stone Tablet" and then click. You let the "Stone Tablet" fall on the ground and you automatically go backwards and stand with your back for the "Water bell". You see a Bahro appear. The Bahro picks up the "Stone Tablet" and causes a crack in the ground. The Bahro disappears.

Turn to the left and go forward 1 time and then turn left to the "Water bell" and see ..... that Bahro now appears in the "Water bell" and puts the Stone Tablet neatly on the Linking Pillar

The Bahro disappears. Enter the "Water bell" again and grab the "Stone Tablet" from the pillar. You have to carry it with you again.

Turn around again and go forward 3 times to the crack in the ground. You stand on the crack and the weight of the "Stone Tablet" breaks the ice now and you fall down through the created hole.

You end up in a short tunnel under the cave.

Go forward to the entrance. Right in front of you see a ladder standing against the ice wall.  

Above the ladder you see a pillar and behind it you see a white symbol on the rock. Go forward to the ladder.

When you carry a "Stone Tablet" you can not climb ladders and stairs. Those "Stone Tablets" are simply too heavy to carry them up ladders and stairs. Standing in front of the ladder you "freeze" the screen again and let the "Stone Tablet" fall to the ground again via the "Put Down Arrow". "De-freeze" your screen with your right mouse button and click twice on the ladder to climb it. Above you take one step forward, left next to the pillar. You end at the Bridge that goes from here to the other island

Meanwhile, the Bahro has picked up the "Stone Tablet" and brought it back to the pillar in the "Water bell". Do not go over the bridge yet, but turn around and go forward, back to the edge and the top of the ladder. Don't climb back down yet but turn around again. You stand in front of  the Pillar. Behind the pillar you see a Bahro Symbol on the rock. It is the Bahro Symbol for Steam.  Copy it on a piece op paper because you must be able to draw it on the "Stone Tablet" later. 

Do you have it? Then go forward one time, right next to the pillar and then turn left to the pillar.  You now stand in front of the pillar. On top of the pillar you see the Anchor Symbol and below you see the "House" symbol. This is a Linking Pillar to return to the "Water bell" in the ice cave. First copy the Anchor Symbol on a piece of paper. Then click with your "hand" on the "House" symbol and ...... you will end up back  in the ice cave and in the "Water bell".

How to draw a Symbol on the Stone Tablet: 

Look .... Didn't  I tell you? .............. The Bahro has neatly picked up your "Stone Tablet" and put it back on the pillar 

Grab the "Stone Tablet" again. The "Tablet" is now at the bottom of your screen. 

Wait a minute ....... You know that you can't go up when you carry the "Stone Tablet". And yet the "Tablet" also has to go up the ladder, because from there you have to carry it with you again. Maybe you could  "tell" the Bahro that the "Stone Tablet" should be placed on the "Anchor" pillar, above the ladder? Let's try something.  Esher has told you that you can "write" on the tablets. Could you "write" the "Anchor" symbol, of the pillar that is at the top of the ladder, on the "Stone Tablet"? Well ... there is only one way to find out and that's to try. 

"Freeze" your screen (right mouse button) and place your cursor on the "Stone Tablet". First you get the "Put Down Arrow" again, but you should not use it now. Move your cursor a little further down and you get the "Hand" on the Tablet. Click with your Hand on the Tablet and the "Stone Tablet" is now completely in your screen. 

You now get a circle as a cursor on the Tablet. This circle is your drawing cursor and with this you now must draw the "Anchor" symbol on the "Stone Tablet". To draw you click with the circle on the Tablet and then you pull  the circle down, depending on the symbol you have to draw, while holding down the mouse button. 

NB: The game does not expect you to be a drawing artist, but the symbols that you have to draw on the "Stone Tablets" must have a reasonable liking. If your drawing does not look good enough, the Bahro will "reject" it and will not take the "Stone Tablet" You can also delete a drawing by clicking on the top left symbol, that is the Erase symbol. 

When you have placed the "Anchor" on the "Stone Tablet", you can move the Tablet back to the bottom of your screen by clicking next to the Tablet. Then turn around and exit the "Water bell" and walk to the hole in the ground and let yourself fall through the hole again. 

Walk up to the ladder again and put the "Stone Tablet"  back on the ground via the "Put Down Arrow". 

Click on the ladder again and climb up and walk to the bridge again and then turn quickly to the pillar and see.... it WORKS ..... 

The Bahro has picked up the "Stone Tablet" again and now puts it on top of the "Anchor" Pillar. 

NB: When you do not see the Bahro putting the Stone tablet on the pillar now, then your drawing of the Anchor Symbol wasn't good enough. The Bahro has rejected your drawing and he has taken the Tablet back to the "water Bell" in the Ice Cave. You must then go back to the Ice Cave to make a new "Anchor" drawing on the Tablet

Go pick up the "Stone Tablet" from the pillar because you have to carry it with you again. Then go back to the Bridge. 

You have now learned that you can give the Bahro certain assignments if you draw the correct Symbol on the "Stone Tablet". 

The Bahro then executes the assignment and will always place the Tablet on the nearest Linking Pillar. 

Now go 4 times over the Bridge and you are on the 2nd Island. In the distance you can see a pointed structure, it looks like a tower. 

Continue straight ahead, about 10 or 12 times. You'll reach the: 

Steam "Factory: 

You are in a kind of green oases and right in front of you are two enormous Blue Spheres. They look like trees and to your left and to your right there are more. Between the two Blue Spheres, right in front of you, a staircase goes up an green hill and on top of that hill stands the green Tower Hut. In front of the right Blue Tree Bulb there is another Linking Pill. Take a good look around here. 

Left and right you can see a number of green hills and on each of those hills there is a smaller green tower. Pipes connect all those towers together and they also connect with the big Tower Hut on the high hill. We first go up the high hill to the Tower Hut, but you can not climb the stairs while wearing the "Stone Tablet". So go to the Linking Pillar, that stands in front of the right Blue Tree Bulb. 

First copy the large symbol that is on the pillar. I suspect this is the "Tower" symbol. Then place your "Stone Tablet" on the pillar. 

Turn to the left and aim your forefinger on the steps that, between the 2 Blue Tree Bulbs, go up the high green hill. Then click and you are exactly at the foot of the hill and thus between the 2 Blue Tree Bulbs. Look up the hill. On top of the hill is the big Tower Hut. Smoke comes from the Tower Hut. 

In front of the Tower Hut stand small, round green pillar. There is a turning handle on this pillar. That pillar connects to the big Tower Hut with pipes. Now click on the steps. You go automatically go up 1x and stand before that Lever of the small pillar.....automatically you turn to the big tower and.......Esher appears again. Listen to Esher again: 

"Are you not stunned by what the Prisoner, here in this barren world and with so few resources, have managed to build? Like D'ni, they built their structures here, but all this is not , but then nothing at all, important now The future is all that remains for us.  Justice is at hand. We will build again ". And he is gone again. 

Don't you get a little nervous of that flicked back and forth of that Esher. You never know where and when he reappears. Go ahead into the Tower Hut. There is a Pillar in the middle of the hut. It is actually a thick steam pipe that goes up through the tower. Behind the pillar you see a diagram drawn on the wall. 

Go 2 times ahead, on the left of the pillar, and you are zoomed in on the diagram. Copy this diagram on a piece of paper.....

The diagram shows  a system of pipes. They are steam pipes and at 6 points you will see a Valve in the tubes. You see 3 red and 3 blue valves. Have you copied it on a piece of paper yet?

Turn left and go back to the doorway of the hut. Then go 2 times forward, back down the stairs. The staircase then continues right down to the icy bottom, but you are now turning to the left. You are standing in front of the small round green pillar with the round turning Lever. The round turn lever is now on the left and has to be turned to the right. Place your hand on the round part of the handle, then click and hold down your mouse button and turn the round part to the right so that the 2 blue pieces turn to the right. Do this as far as it goes and then release. 

Turn around and continue in 1 click back down the steps and then you are back down between the 2 Blue Tree Bulbs, at the foot of the hill. Do one more step forward and then urn to the right. You'll see an icy white staircase with which you can reach 2 green hills. On every green hill there is a such a small round green pillar, like the one on the big Tower Hut hill. 

Go forward to the white stairs, but do not go upstairs yet. Standing in front of this staircase you turn to the left. On the other side you can also see such an icy white staircase and that staircase goes to 3 green hills. On each of those 3 hills there is also a small green pillar with a turning lever. So there are 6 of those small green turning lever pillars and you have to turn them all to the right side now. You have already done the lever of the pillar on the big Tower Hut hill, so you have to go to each of the other 5 turrets.

First up via the "white" staircase and then via the brown stairs to the towers. On 4 of the towers the round turn lever stand on the staircase side. But on one of the hills stand the pillar on the right side. So, go up each of the 5 hills and turn the 5 turning levers to the right. Always get hold of the ROUND PART of the levers and turn it clockwise as far as it goes. 

First to the 2 levers behind you and turn both  levers to the right.

 If you have done those 2 levers, to the left of the big tower, you cross over to the 3 levers, on the hills, on the other side. Then first go do the lever on the left hill. Go back down and go to the middle hill and....... At the foot of the middle hill, the inevitable and annoying Esher reappears. Now listen very carefully to what Esher has to say.....

 "Honestly, I did not trust you so much, but I have to say ..... so far it's all fine. Now do not immediately go proudly "walking next to your shoes." You may think that you now understand everything you see, but you are mistaken., For example: This APPEARS to be ice, but there is more. Just like the prisoners, there is LIFE. Life that is looking for Warmth, for HEAT.......Life that you can not see ...in the WATER. There is no heat here in Taghira, but you can change that"

When Esher is gone again In you turn the turning levers on the middle hill and the right also to the right and then you descend again and you go to the Linking Pillar, which stands in front of the big Tower Hut Hill. Grab your "Stone Tablet" back from the pillar. You have to carry it with you again. 

Turn slightly to the right and now, right next to the pillar and the Blue Tree Bulb , go forward once.  You are then right next of the high Tower Hut hill. You must go to the other side of this hill now by continuing straight forwards, making a clockwise circle around this high hill and you'll end up behind the hill. So, continue 6 times ahead and you end up at the: 

Ice Lake: 

2 thick pipes go through the ice into the lake and you see a system of pipes under the ice of the lake. Say .... doesn't this look very much like that diagram you saw on the wall of the Tower Hut? Up front of the pipe system you see a valve. Behind the ice lake you see a couple of stones piles . You'll need to cross over the ice lake to the other side, but you can't do this just like that.

Let me warn you in advantage now that you will have to be quick to solve the next puzzle because you'll get limited time to solve it. You will have to run back and forth between certain points here, so it is better to locate all those points first before you actually go try to solve the puzzle, so that you  know where you have to run to

If you are now at the same point as me,  above the ice lake and therefore have the same view over the lake (see picture above), then you first turn right now, to the big pipe and then continue to the right until you see the end / beginning of the thick pipe. The thick pipe enters a thick round "Foot" and there are also 3 smaller pipes. Call this the  "Round Foot A" 

Go ahead to that "Round" Foot A "and stand straight in front of it.  You'll see 3 ovals  in the" foot "and in each oval there is a Lever. 

The levers are now pressed but later they are pulled out and then you have to turn them either to the left or to the right. Each oval has  2 dots that are half blue, so this is the "Blue Foot side". When the levers in the ovals are pulled out you can push them through the grooves....You can put the levers to the left (L), the middle (M) or the right (R) position

On the other side there is also such a thick "Foot". Name that as the "Round Foot B" 

Cross over 4 times and go stand straight in front of "Round Foot B." 

"Round Foot B" has also 3 ovals with a pressed lever that you have to turn to the right or to the left. This is the "Orange Foot", as you can see from the dots that are half orange. 

Now turn right and then go along the pipe, 4 times ahead, down to the Ice Lake 

You will automatically arrive at the edge of the ice lake and you will now be right in front of the Valve. This the only right place to stand near the lake. We now must solve

The Steam puzzle at the Ice Lake

Stay right in front of the Valve. "Freeze" your screen and first create a SAVE GAME via your blue boll camera, which is located at the top right of your wrench. In your Myst 5 Journal book you name this Save Game as "Start Steam Puzzle" or something like it. This Steam puzzle goes on TIME and if you do not made it in time then you can always start again from the beginning via the save game you just created.  Believe me .... it's a rotten puzzle but I'm going to explain it to you. 

You have to go to the other side of the lake, but you can not do that now. You have to make sure that the Bahro makes a path for you, on the pipe system in the lake, over which you then go to the other side. However, HEAT is needed to create that path. So you must now draw the Heat / Steam symbol on your "Stone Tablet". But that is impossible now because on your "Stone Tablet" is still the "Anchor" symbol. That must therefore be erased first. 

All right......Let's do it........"Freeze" your screen and click with your hand on the "Stone Tablet". 

At the bottom left of the Tablet you see a circle with two slashes. That is your "Eraser". Click on it and your drawing  of the anchor will be erased. 

You must now draw the Steam Symbol on your "Stone Tablet". You have seen the Steam symbol on the rock above the ladder, at the "Anchor" pillar. Draw the Steam Symbol with your circle cursor on the "Stone Tablet". You must draw the symbol as good as you can,  otherwise the Bahro will not approve of your drawing.

 If you have drawn the Steam symbol on your "Stone Tablet", then you leave the "Stone Tablet" again via the "Put Down Arrow", on the ground here. 

Now your on a TIMER, so  quickly turn left and go forward to go back up. Run fast .......turn right and quickly cross over to "Round Foot  A" and stand straight at it again. 

While you run to "Foot A" you will experience a flash of light and your screen will then turn white. The Bahro has touched the Tablet and has HEATED it. You have time to do the things you must do UNTIL THE NEXT FLASH, so until your screen turns white again. You have to be quick now ...... 

So quickly run  to the "Blue Foot A" and go stand before it.... See .... the three levers  have now risen. 

Round Foot A, the Blue Levers: 

Turn the Left Lever to the Right, the Middle Lever to the Left and the Right Lever also to the Left

It's pretty tricky to move the levers through the grooves......

You have to click with your hand on the round part of the levers and then hold down your mouse button while you drag your mouse to the left or to the right. 

 If you have the 3 levers of the "Blue Foot" in the good position and the 2nd Flash has not been yet,  turn quickly and cross over to the "Orange Foot", so to "Round Foot B"

Make sure you are right in front of the "Foot" again

 Round Foot B: Orange Levers: 

Set the levers of the "Orange Foot" as follows: Left Lever = Left, Middle Lever = Right, Right Lever = Left

 Still no  2nd Flash? Then  you are still on time, but you have to hurry

Turn right and go forward to the lake and go stand straight in front the Valve again.

If the 2nd Flash has not been yet,  you now must wait at the Valve for the 2nd Flash and for your screen to turn White again. When the flash is over, an ACCESSIBLE path will appear on the pipes in the lake. 

Now follow the route over this pipe path quickly to the other side. It is self-evident.

 You have to be on the other side of the Ice Lake before the 3rd Flash comes, because then the path disappears and you get stuck in the ice lake.

I shall now explain to you what to do when you're not able to reach the other side of the Ice Lake in time

1.  If you have trouble to set the levers on the ovals properly then you are probably still working on them when the 2nd Flash appears and your screen turns white again for the second time. Well .... I'm sorry .... but then you're too late. You have then taken too long to set the 6 levers in the right direction. You then better start over from  your Save Game "Start Steam Puzzle". 

2. If you manage to set the 6 levers on the 2 "Foot" in the right direction within the set time, but for some reason you still lose the Path over the pipes then you have to do this puzzle again from the start. Go back to the linking pillar at the Tower Hut and use it to zap back to the "Water bell" in the ice cave. The Bahro will have put the "Stone Tablet" on the pillar in the "water bell" again. Then grab the Tablet. If it is good then the Heat Symbol is now, in miniature, at the bottom left of the tablet. Link with the Tablet back to the pillar at the Hut Tower and follow the route back to the ice lake and go stand in front of the Valve again. Place the Tablet back in your screen and click on the Heat Symbol that is now at the bottom left of the Tablet. The Heat symbol is again drawn on the Tablet. Put the Tablet back on the ground and take a few steps away. The Bahro will activate the Tablet again and bring it back, but the Path over the pipes will reappear. 

When you have reached the other side of the Ice Lake via the "pipe path, then go further ahead 1 time and ...... .. you meet Esher again. Listen to Esher again: 

"These are the tombstones, and when they died here, the D'ni died also, they are guilty, but my D'ni were innocent, we could rebuild the structures, leave only tombstones behind. Have them take you to the "Keep" ....... because the "Keep" will run away from you ". Esher disappears again

You will experience flashes again and again and your screen will then turn white again and again. That is not bad now. Now go 2 times ahead to the "Water bell" in the distance. That "Water bell" is the "Keep" that Esher was talking about and that thing is on a separate island. When you approach the "Keep" you will experience a flash again and your screen will turn white again. When this is over, you notice that the "Keep" island has been driven away from you, just like Esher has said. So you can not come to it

The Keep

.The "Keep" is the same "Water bell" as in K'veer. Try to see the big symbol on that pillar and try to copy it. 

Turn around completely. To the right is a Linking Pillar between the Tombstones. Go forward 1 time and then turn to the right and aim your forefinger on the Linking Pill and go to it. You can copy the large symbol that is on top of the pillar. You can never know whether you'll need it later on

Then click with your hand on the "House" symbol and ..... you will end up in the "Water bell" of the Ice Cave. 

The Bahro has put your "Stone Tablet" neatly on top of the pillar here and he also has erased the Steam symbol from it

 Grab the "Stone Tablet" again from the pillar and click on it with your hand to get it back into your screen. Esher has told you to make sure that "SHE" takes you to the "Keep". With "SHE" he meant undoubtedly the Bahro. You now have to sign the "Keep" symbol on your "Stone Tablet" and then place the Tablet on the floor, in front of the pillar here. You're drawing of the "Keep" symbol must be quit accurate because otherwise the Bahro shall reject it.. So draw the "Keep" symbol now on the "Stone Tablet". 

Then place the "Stone Tablet" on the ground here in the "Water bell", by using the "Put Down Arrow".  

Turn around and go forward to the hole in the ground. Then turn back to the "Water bell" and see ..... the Bahro looks at the "Stone Tablet" and draws something on the tablet. 

The Bahro then grabs the "Stone Tablet" and disappears. Go into the "Water bell" again. It seems that nothing has changed on the pillar ...

...... but now click your finger on the "right shoulder" of the pillar and see ..... the "Keep" symbol appears.

NB: The Bahro must take the "Stone Tablet" with him. If the Bahro leaves the tablet on the ground then your drawing of the "Keep" was not good enough. It is also possible that the Bahro takes the Tablet but that the link symbol does not appear on the pillar when you enter the "Water bell". You have then entered the "Water bell" too soon. Move, or click, then with your Hand over / on the pillar, on the spot where the new symbol should appear. Chances are that it will appear after all. This is what happened to me a few times. 

Click with your hand on the "Keep" Symbol and ....... you end up on the ice island, at the "Keep" and have another meeting with Esher. Listen to Esher:

 "So .... so you have found the" Keep ", the final destination of the Tablets You have seen this pillar before in K'veer, where you And you'll come across it more often. It exists in many places at the same time. Touch the Tablet to complete your mission here, only you can make them solid. 3 shall stay there. Return to the Tunnels, the road that leads to D'ni. You will find a new Book. Well done ..... boy " .....Esher disappears again. Don't really know if you should be so happy with the compliments of Esher ........ The guy is quite discriminating about those Bahro creatures he only finds inferior.

 Turn left and enter the "Keep " ... Well ... as Esher has already said, this is the "Keep" you have already entered in K'veer . The Golden Tablet with the 4 Stone Tablets as locks lies again before you. The Bahro has placed the Taghira "Stone Tablet" on the front and it glows with a bluish glow 

Click on the Tablet to make it SOLED and this "Taghira Slot" lock now leaves the Golden Tablet. 3 to go......

Click, under the Tablet, on  the "House" symbol and........You're back in the "Water bell" of the ice cave and stand before the Linking Pillar.

You now have the "Anchor" symbol, the symbol from the pillar at the Tower Hut, and also the "Keep" symbol on this Linking Pillar, so you can now link back to the places in Taghira via this pillar, if you wish. The "house" symbol, left on the pillar, is now not active. Under the large "House" symbol you see the Direbo Symbol. Click with your hand on this symbol and you will return to: 


You are back in the "Water bell" on island 1 of Direbo. Turn around and go out the "Water bell". Go over the right bridge to Island 2 and there to the Linking Pillar in the "Water bell". Check that you're indeed on the 2nd Island, via the Linking Book for the "Water bell" on the pillar. On that Linking Book then the D'ni number 2 must be marked.

after almost 5 Myst Games I'm sure you can recognize the D'ni numbers

Are you indeed on the 2nd Direbo Island then you go into the "Water bell" in and grab the "Stone Tablet" of the Linking Pillar

do not forget to take the "Stone Tablet"......You must take it with you to the next Age.,

 on top of the pillar you will see the Todelmer Symbol, let's call it the "Triangle" Symbol

You see a smaller version go it also on the "left shoulder" of the pillar........ Click with your hand on the little Todelmer Symbol and .... you end up in ...

Chapter 3: Todelmer Age

2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot