2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: The Todelmer Age:

Part 1: Find the coordinates

A: The Control Room:

Of course you end up in a "Water bell" with Linking Pillar. Make sure you do not place the Linking Tablet on the pillar. You have to carry the Tablet with you again. Turn around and go out  the "Water bell". Oops ..... did you land on a moon?  This Todelmer Age is an Astrological Age. Turn left. You see a stone staircase going up along the rock. Go forward three times to the stairs and then up the stairs via 1 time. You come on an intermediate plateau.

What would that be for a devices that hang over your head and above all those little "floating" islands, that are connected to each other via cables? We have no idea .... Go ahead 2 times and then descend the stairs on the other side of this plateau. Below you see the next, wider, staircase right in front of you.

Go forward and ...... automatically turn around to a high gate. Go forward to the gate and ......automatically you go inside and inside you are welcomed by Esher. Listen to Esher:

"Todelmer is built to study the Heavens. And  glorious Heavens you will find here. But I am sad that we have never finished our work here. I have told you something about our history. Yeesha's great-grandmother, Tiana, came to us, desperately searching for Control, she convinced my people to sin against our rules of life, rules after which my people had lived for generations. And so we died. Yeesha says that our death, however painful, was necessary and was a plan of the Maker, but that she will "Rebuild" ....... She will "Rebuild." I have to tell you that this kind of wisdom is based on vague feelings and day dreaming The Tablet that you possess has grind to this kind of wisdom ... Todelmer ..... Enjoy the beauty of Heaven, while you consider that with "Power" you will be able to manipulate them ".  Esher disappears again

In his own cryptic way Esher has told you that Todelmer is one gigantic Planetarium .... a stargazer as it were. But ..... there is no POWER ..... no electricity. And you will have to take care of that first. Before you  a staircase goes up to a kind of stage. We are not going there now. Look up. You notice that you are actually at the bottom of a high and round shaft. This is the "Control Room" and there are gigantic "Bulbs" hanging on curved metal "Arms". This space is lit red.

Turn left and now go forward 5 times along the round wall.

After 5 times you see a faint green light on your right. So turn right and ..... you are standing in front of a round screen. The screen is darkened Green / Blue. There are 2 Bulbs under the screen. In the bulbs you can move a lever through a slot. The left lever is now lowered and the right lever is now to the left. You can move the levers up and down / back and forth through the slot of the bulbs. 

Grab the left handle and move it up to the center of the slot, then release the handle. Grab the right handle and now turn it all the way to the right and ..... 

The outer ring of the round screen will now turn TURN and you have POWER in the Control Room.

Turn left (but of course you can also go to the right, it does not matter) and go back 5 times to the entrance. At the entrance you turn again to the stairs that goes up to the podium.

Now go up the stairs and then stay. The Control Center hangs at the top of the stairs. It consists of 4 small "turrets" and each "turret" has a large screen that you can not see from here. To avoid confusion, you can now better give those 4 "Turrets" a letter. Give the right back "turret" the letter A, give the front right "turret" the letter B, give the left back "turret" the letter C and give the left front "turret" the letter D, thus:

Turn slightly to the right and then go 2 times forward, past "turret" B. You can not go any further. Turn left and ... you now face the large round screen of "Turret" A. Do nothing, just look at it.

Turret A:

You see 2 sliders and a red round planet screen. The center of the red planet is in the blue segment at the top left. Under the red planet screen are D'ni number sliders. You also see a larger round screen with 3 buttons that do nothing, except giving you interference. Would this screen be broken? Turn left and go forward 1 time and then turn right. You are now facing the screen of:

Turret B:

The red planet screen has the center here in the middle with the blue segment at the top right. In the big screen you see the close-up of that blue segment of the red planet. Under the red planet screen are D'ni numbers again. Turn left and go forward one time, back to the stairs and then turn back to the "turrets". Now go 2 times ahead on the left side and then turn right. You stand in front of the screen of:

Turret C:

The Red planet has the center point in the bottom left segment and in the right screen you see a close-up of the bottom left segment of the red planet. Under the red planet screen  are D'ni numbers again. Turn right, 1 time ahead, turn left. You stand in front of the screen of: 

Turret D: 

The red planet now has the center in the middle again and here the lower right segment is blue. 

In the larger screen you see the close-up of that segment and again the middle button is pressed. Under the red planet screen there are D'ni numbers  again. 

So you have now looked at all 4 screens and you have seen that in every screen there is a "red planet" where a segment is always out. Below that "red planet" are two smaller screens in which you can set D'ni numbers. These D'ni numbers  are coordinates. So you will have to set certain coordinates on each screen, but we have to look for those coordinates  first. 

Now remember that: in 

  • Screen A the "red planet" misses the upper left segment, 

  • in Screen B the "red planet" misses the upper right segment,

  • in Screen C the "red planet" misses the lower left segment

  • in Screen D the "red planet"  is missing bottom right segment

Turn right again and continue forward to the stairs. Go down the stairs and go straight ahead and out through the gate. 

Turn left and climb up the wide stone staircase and then the next narrower stone staircase. 

At the top of these 2 stone steps you come to 2 metal stairs. Climb it up too and then turn right and climb further up via the next stone staircase and then ...... you can not go any further.

 A lot of round stones block the way. a thick cable is around the stones. Look up. An enormous pulley hangs over your head. The cable of the pulley is broken and that is why the stones have been lowered. Turn around and descend all those stairs again, back to the Control Room. Enter the Control Room again and climb the stairs to the 4 "turrets" again. Turn right again and to "Turret A". Go straight again in front of the screen of "turret A". 

Turret A

As you have seen the first time, there is a slider on the left and above the red planet screen.

Grab the left slider and slide it as far up as can. Then grab the upper slide and slide it to the right as far as possible.

Between the red planet screen and the larger screen, a green light will go on. Click on the green light and ........... 

You hear a noise as if something is being moved somewhere and the green light goes out again. 

B: Coordinates for "Turrets " B and D

Leave the control room out again. Climb, left, all those stones and metal stairs again, up to the barrier and see ..... Apparently you have the rope of the pulley lifted up and because of this a passage between the round stones has arisen. Further on you see the next staircase already. 

Go further ahead, climb the metal staircase and then another 2 stone stairs and you are finally completely on top of the mountain. Turn left. There are 2 buildings in the middle of a huge round platform. Large pulleys protrude into the roof, and from those pulleys, thick cables go all the way to pulleys on the outer rim of the platform. If you look to the right for a moment, you will see a huge wheel coming up out of the platform. 

The 1st Telescope: 

Turn around completely. You now see the wheel-shaped telescope viewer. Go forward one time to the telescope. 

You must go stand on the round platform of the telescope. Now aim your forefinger to the right of the round platform and go forward and then turn left and forward onto the round platform. Turn left. Now you are standing in front of the sight glass, the eyepiece, of the telescope. Click in the eyepiece and you are now looking through the telescope. You are in the telescope screen

The telescope is aimed at a thick rock pillar, which "floats" further into the air. There are 3 sliders around the screen. With the upper right slide (1) you zoom in and out by moving the slide through the slot. You move the telescope to the left and to the right with the bottom-right slider (2). You move the telescope up and down with the left slider (3). 

We are now going to zoom in on that rock pillar that you now see in the screen. 

  • Grab slider 1 and pull it down slowly. You zoom in slowly on that rock pillar and see that there is a structure on that pillar. 

  • After further zooming in you see, under that structure, a black surface in the pillar and a door and a staircase that goes up from that door. 

  • Now use the sliders 2 and 3 to zoom in on that black area and you will see that 3 symbols are visible in that black screen. 

  • Now fully zoom in on those 3 symbols in that black area: 

When you are zoomed all the way to the 3 symbols, you will see that the 2nd and 3rd symbols are D'ni digits. They are the D'ni numbers 13 and 21. 

The left symbol represents the "red planet" in the screens A, B, C, D of the "turrets" in the Control Room. 

Because in the left-hand symbol the upper-right segment is missing, you conclude that the 2 D'ni numbers are destined for Screen B in the control room. Note the 3 symbols down them and state that you have to set these 2 D'ni numbers on Screen B. 

Make sure you zoom all the way out, so that you put the telescope back to the initial situation.  

Zoom out of the telescope screen via the bottom left or bottom right. Then go to the right of the telescope and then turn left. 

You look again at the huge round platform with the round building in the middle. Go forward 1 time. You are back on the outer rim of the platform. Turn to the right. In the distance you'll see that the big Wheel again. Aim your forefinger on Wheel and then go forward 2 times. 

You will be next to the big Wheel and you can now look behind it. Look to the right behind the Wheel. A thin pillar rises up in the "sky". In front of that huge pillar, a lower pillar "floats" on which a metal ring construction stands. In those ring construction red lights turn on and off. 

Above that thin pillar is Telescope 2 and the linking pillar to get there. However, you can not see that linking pillar and Telescope 2 from here. You need Telescope 1 again. Turn around and return to Telescope 1 and go back to the round platform of the telescope and click again in the eyepiece. You look back through the telescope to the pillar you just zoomed in on. 

Make sure you are completely zoom out via slide 1. Then move the telescope with slide 2 to the left until you have that big Wheel in sight. Because of the Wheel you can not see the pillar and the construction with the red lights. The Wheel is in the way. Now make sure that you zoom in on the Wheel in such a way that you just see one of the yellow en red lights. You have to zoom in a bit with sliders 1, 2 and 3.

You can not see more off that pillar through the telescope here, because the damned Wheel is in the way. Now let the telescope so zoomed in and go out of the telescope screen. At the left side of the telescope, go forward 1 time now and then turn left and now go 4 times ahead to the round building, in the middle of the huge round platform. Then turn left. 

Left next to the round building is an other, more or less, round building, and you see that you can enter that building, because the door is open. Aim your forefinger in the doorway and go forward and you'll end up in the doorway and look inside the building. A Sphere is hanging in the building. Enter the building. You are standing in front of the Sphere. You can walk around the Sphere. Turn slightly left and go forward to the entrance of the corridor that goes past the Sphere. You look into the corridor and, behind the Sphere, you'll see a Map hanging on the wall. 

Go 2 times ahead  and you are exactly in front of that card. View the map:

 Well .... the map shows you exactly what to do. That big blue circle in the middle will be the round building that is exactly in the middle of the huge round platform. 4 red lanes connect to that blue circle with 4 red circles in which you see the "red planet" symbol of the 4 "turrets" in the control room. The circle at the top left is therefore for turret A, the circle at  top right is turret B (and that is the pillar that you have already seen through the telescope and on which you have seen the 2 D'ni figures). The circle on the right is for turret D and the circle below left for turret C. 

A green lane connects the big blue circle with a slightly smaller blue circle and also a blue circle on the top right. These red circles are pillars on which you will find the coordinates for the turrets in the control room. I think the red circle at the top left of the pillar is behind the big Wheel, that you can not see through the telescope. We are going to do something about that now. 

Turn right and go 2 more times forwards and you will come out of the corridor, on the right side of the Sphere and look at the door. On the door you see a Blue Button and also on the wall, behind the door, there is a Blue button. Go forward to the door. You end up in the doorway, so turn left to the door and now press the blue button on the door. The door is now closed and you can now click on the blue button on the wall. Do that and ..... you hear that something is being extended behind you

Turn clockwise and go forward again to the corridor that runs behind the Sphere. He .... the corridor is now a stone staircase that goes down. Go down the stone stairs now. The stone staircase then becomes an iron staircase. Also follow this down and then you can go further down or down on the metal staircase. It does not matter which way you take. 

Go down the right-hand staircase and when you're down turn right and .... you look through a gate to the outside: 

Go 2 times ahead and you are standing on a metal platform. Right before you are the "floating" pillars. On the right you see the pillar on which you have seen the coordinates for turret B through the telescope and on the left you see the pillar that "floats" behind the large wheel. We are now going to make sure that you can see that pillar better through the telescope. Turn around and ... both on the left and on the right you see a "Wheel". Go to the left "Wheel". 

Go stand in  front of the left "Wheel". On top of the small round part is a small lever, but don't touch it.  

There is a large Lever in the middle of the small round section. Grab that large Lever and pull it down and then release and.......

 Via the pulley, on the right, something is now hoisted away, while the lever automatically goes up again. If the lever is up again, you do not touch it anymore.

Turn clockwise to the gate.......you have to go back to Telescope 1 now and that is just following the route back. At the top of the stairs you have to open the door via the blue button on the door. 

So make sure you return to Telescope 1 and stand on to the round platform of the Telescope again

Telescope 1 again

Look at the large gear Wheel again through the telescope. If you had not changed anything on the telescope, then the telescope is sill zoomed in on the Wheel as when you left the telescope. But something has changed. Instead of 1 yellow light you can now see 2 yellow lights of that pillar through the Wheel. With the lever you apparently have turned the gear wheel a bit. Now use the levers 1, 2 and 3 of the telescope to zoom in on those 2 yellow lights. 

When you see the 2 yellow lights more clearly, you also see that there is a Linking Pillar  be fore the left yellow lamp. 

Now zoom all the way in on that Linking Pillar,  so that you can see the Symbol that is drawn on the pillar. 

Note down the Symbol exactly and then Zoom out of the telescope. 

Freeze your screen and then click with your hand on your "Stone Tablet" that you carry along with you all this time. The "Stone Tablet" fills your screen again. Now draw on your "Stone Tablet" the Bahro Symbol that you have just seen through the telescope, and make sure your drawing will be acceptable to the Bahro. If you are not satisfied you can delete the drawing by clicking on the" circle "with the two dashes in it 

Have you made the drawing then put the "Stone Tablet" back, but  please ... Do not put the Tablet on the floor here, you have to take it back with you, 

 So you have to get on top of that pillar, behind the gear Wheel. Get off the telescope and return to the stairs and now  descend  ALL STEPS back  down to the "Water bell."

Enter the "Water bell" and place the "Stone Tablet" before the Linking Pillar on the ground 

Go out the "Water bell" and run to the left until the foot of the stairs, then quickly turn back to the "Water bell" and see ........

...... ..The Bahro appears and looks at your drawing on the "Stone Tablet" and ...... if you have drawn the symbol a little neatly then the Bahro puts this symbol on the Linking Pillar and then he disappears with your  "Stone Tablet"

Go back into the "Water bell". If you do not immediately see the new symbol on the pillar, move your cursor over the pillar. It will really appear.

Click with your hand on the symbol and ...... you end up on top of the pillar and stand for the linking pillar. The Bahro has put your "Stone Tablet" on the pillar, so grab your "Tablet" again. Turn to the right. At the rim of the pillar, in front of the yellow lamp, stands ....... Telescope 2.

Telescope 2: 

Go forward to the telescope and go stand on the round platform of the telescope. Look through the telescope. 

Through the telescope you see 4 pillars. Now move the telescope, via slider 2, to the right of the large planet.

 Keep moving the telescope to the right until you see a thick pillar bearing a construction. 

I think this is the same pillar as where you saw the coordinates for turret B, only now you see it from the other side. Now use slider 1 (top right) to zoom in on this pillar until you see a Gate at the top of the pillar. Below the Gate you will see the D'ni coordinates appear. Now zoom in on the 3 white symbols until you can not zoom in any further. Also use slider 2 and 3 to zoom in on it.

 At the "red planet" symbol you can see that these coordinates belong to Turret D in the Control Room. Note down the two D'ni numbers and note that they are for Turret  D. 

Zoom out of the telescope and walk back to the Linking Pillar and press the 5-angle symbol and you will return to the "Water bell" 

Well .... we now have the coordinates for turret B and turret D. We have to go back to the Control Room so we can enter these coordinates in the screens of Turret B and Turret D. 

But first place your "Stone Tablet here in the" Water bell "on the pillar, because in the Control Room the "stone Tablet" will get in the way. Then leave the" Water bell" and climb the first stone staircase again, then down via the 2nd stone staircase and enter the Control Room again.

Control Room

Coordinates Turret B: 

In the Control Room you walk up the stairs and then to the right and then you go in front of the screen of turret B. 

You now must place the  two right  D'ni numbers in the middle of the 2 tumblers, beneath  the "red planet". These are the 2 D'ni numbers that you first saw through the first telescope. You do this via the 2 sliders. Grasp the left slider and slide it down (or up) until you have the correct D'ni number in the left tumbler. Then grab the upper slider and slide it to the left (or to the right) until you have the correct D'ni number in the right tumbler. 

When you have set the right 2 D'ni numbers, click on the GREEN lit BUTTON . 

In the blue screen you now see the blue sky moving and you hear how a next telescope is directed. 

Turn left and go to the other side and in front of the screen of Turret  D: 

Coordinates Turret  D: 

So these are the 2 D'ni numbers that you saw through the 2nd telescope. With the left slider set the left symbol in the left tumbler and then with the upper slider the right symbol, in the right tumbler

Then click on the green button again. Again a telescope is directed.

Good .... 2 more to go. Leave the Control Room and go via the 2 stairs, back down to the "Water bell". Enter the "Water bell" again and grab the "Stone Tablet" from the Linking Pillar. You have to carry it with you again. On the Linking Pillar, click on the small symbol of the pillar, were the second telescope is on, to link back to it. 

So you end up on top of the pillar again. We continue with: 

C: the Coordinates for turret C: 

You are back on the Pillar with telescope 2, where you have discovered the coordinates of Turret D. Turn right again and go back to the telescope and stand on the round platform again. Look through the telescope again. If the telescope is still zoomed in on the D'ni numbers, zoom all the way out via slider 1. Now move the telescope to the left via slider 2, until you see the large telescope in the telescope screen, which is right in front of your pillar. You recognize it immediately because it is a big steel construction where red lights always light up 

in the middle of this telescope you see a round ball. That round ball is placed in a metal circle and above the ball is the round viewing glass of the telescope. 

Zoom all the way in on that round sight glass and .........

....... in that sight glass you will see a new Linking Pillar, on top of another thick pillar, and on top of that Linking Pillar you see a new Bahro Symbol. 

Note down the Bahro Symbol again. Zoom out of the telescope and step off the round platform. 

Go back to the Linking Pillar and click on the 5-angle symbol to link back to the "Water bell". Stand in the "Water bell" in front of the Linking Pill. Bring your "Stone Tablet" up. On your Tablet is still the drawing of the other pillar, erase it by clicking on the circle with the 2 slashes. Now draw on your Tablet the symbol you just have seen through the telescope. Do this as neat as you can. 

Put your "Stone Tablet" back here on the floor, in front of the pillar and go come to the stone stairs. Turn again to the "Water bell" and wait until the Bahro has disappeared again with your "Stone Tablet". Enter the "Water bell" again and move your hand over the pillar so that the new Symbol appears on it. 

So click on this new symbol and ..... you end up on top of a new Pillar and the new linking pillar. Grab your "Stone Tablet" again.

 A stone staircase goes down behind the pillar. Look to the right. At the bottom of the stone staircase, your 3rd Telescope is waiting patiently for you. But we are not going right there yet. Turn to the left and go forward 1 time. Turn right. The top of the pillar where you are now on,  is again a large round platform and in the middle is exactly such a building as were you previously was at the 1st telescope. But you can not enter this building. To the right of this building is again a huge gear Wheel on the edge. 

Step forward on the platform and then aim your forward cursor between the gear Wheel and the building and move forward. Before the door of the building you will meet Esher again. Listen ....

 "Your destination is not here ... it's up there." The stars and planets have to be put on one line, but unfortunately this can only be done by the perverse powers of those Creatures. they do it"

Esher disappears again. The door of the building is closed and you can't get it open from this side, how often you want to click on the blue button of the door. And that's a shame because it would made your life so much easier if you could enter this building now. Turn around and return to the stone staircase. Now descend the stone stairs completely. At the bottom of the stone staircase you'll find telescope 3, but we will never use it. 

Look to the left of the telescope. Outside the platform hangs the cabin of a cable car. Go forward to the edge and see ..... the cable car cabin hangs to low....... You can not get in. This has happen when you lower the cabin with the lever under the Sphere  building. When you  look to the left, you can see the gate below the building that is above you on the round platform. You see that there is the same kind of lever as you have used before. 

It is a pity that you can not reach that lever from up here. You have to go back to the previous lever. 

So climb the stone stairs back up and when you're up again turn left and go back to the Linking Pillar. 

Press the 5-angle symbol to return to the "Water bell". 

Well .... you have to go up  all those stairs back to the top. Do that. 

When you up again go to the round building that stands in the middle of the enormous round platform and then you turn slightly to the left and go to the Sphere building. 

Go back inside and descend all the stairs in the Sphere building and you go outside again through the gate. 

Then turn right again and you are again in front of the lever that you pulled down earlier. 

First grab the upper lever and pull it all the way to the left and release. Then pull the large lever back down completely and release and ........ 

The Trolley, that is the cable car, is now lifted up again. Ok ...... back to the "Water bell" and link via the right symbol on the linking pillar back to the Pillar. 

Back on the Pillar you place the "Stone Tablet" on top of the Linking Pillar, otherwise you can not climb to the cable car. 

Then descend the stone stairs completely and go back to the cable car and see .......the cabin is now again at the right height. Go forward to the front "roof shelf" of the cabin

On the shelf, turn right and take a step forward and turn left. You are now right in front of the ladder and you get your down finger on it. 

Click and you look down into the cabin and now you see a ladder on your side. Click with your finger on this front ladder and .... 

..... you climb down into the cabin. Turn right and go forwards 2 times, to the gate. 

Now go through the gate and follow the iron path, around the column to the back of the column. Turn right. At the top of the small metal staircase, you will see a round green screen again, you  have seen such a screen also in the Control Room in the beginning.

 Go forward to stand in front of the screen. Also under this screen are 2 Spheres with levers that you can move through the slot. 

Take hold of the left lever and move it up through the slot to NEAR above, but just not all the way up. 

Then take hold of the  right handle and move it to NEAR right through the slot, but also not completely to the right. 

If you do this well then the outer ring of the round screen will rotate again and you have turned on the power of this building. 

Left and right a metal staircase goes up. It does not matter whether you go further up via the left or via the right-hand staircase.

 Continue up by one of the two stairs and then turn to the right (or left) and continue to the door in the column. 

The door is closed. Standing in the door, turn right and then click on the blue button and .......

... wait patiently until the stone staircase is completely rolled out. Climb all the way up via the stone staircase and .......

When you're up then stay still...... To the right of the door you see a new Bahro symbol drawn on the wall. Note that symbol down. 

Then go to the door and open the door via the blue button on the door. Step outside (if you have not been here between the building and the gear Wheel before, you now have the meeting with Esher). Go to the right and to the Linking Pillar at the top of the stone staircase and grab your "Stone Tablet" again. 

Well .... you have your "Stone Tablet" again. Return to the entrance of the building, at the gear Wheel. Go back inside and descend the stone staircase again, then the iron staircase and at the green screen the small stairs. Then follow the iron path to get back to the gate and step outside again.

Bring up the "Stone Tablet" and delete the drawing that is still on it. Then draw the Bahro Symbol that you saw on the wall at the top of the building, near the door. 

Now place your "Stone Tablet" on the floor here, in front of the gate. Then head back into the cabin of the cable car. Walk all the way through and turn around so that you look back at the gate and ......... The Bahro is looking at your drawing on the "Stone Tablet" full of interest ... and now causes a strong wind and your screen will turn white for a moment. 

When your screen has returned to normal, you will see that the Bahro picks up your tablet and disappears with it

If the Bahro disappears but your tablet is still lying on the ground then your drawing of the symbol was not good, or you have made a step forward which has frightened the Bahro.

When the Bahro is gone with the Tablet, place the hand cursor on the lever in the cabin and pull the lever towards you. Then turn quickly around and ........ The cabin now takes you back to the main rock but it stops halfway at a ladder pillar. Turn right. Between the ladder you  now see the coordinates for Turret C in the Control Room. Note them down again. 

Turn back to the lever and pull the lever  towards you again  and ............. the cabin continues its way and delivers you at the gate, under the 1st Sphere  building. 

Well .... follow the route, through the metal stairs and then the stone stairs, through the building,  back up and then step through the sliding door to the outside. Turn to the right and walk over the round platform to the upper stone staircase, in front of the telescope. Go down all the stairs again  the Control Room level and enter the Control Room again.

Control Room

Turret C:

 Up the stairs to the 4 turrets. Go  left and to Turret C. Go right in front of the screen of Turret C: 

With the two sliders, set the D'ni numbers you just found, in the two tumblers and then press the Green Button again.

 In he red screen you see the star sky moving again and the edge of the big planet appears in this screen. That is not right.

 Above the large round screen, 3 small buttons are placed ...... Click on the right button, of the 3 buttons and the edge of the planet disappears again. 

Leave the Control Room and then go back to the "Water bell" via the two stairs, on the right. 

Grab your "Stone Tablet"  from the Linking Pillar,  that the Bahro has put down here again. 

Carry the "Stone Tablet" back to the Control Room.

 D: Alignment:

Control Room:

 Enter the Control Room again, step up and left again to Turret C. Go straight again in front of the screen of Turret  C. Now raise your "Stone Tablet" again. The Tablet is already cleared by the Bahro, but the bottom left shows the last symbol in the circle. It is the symbol that you had to draw on the Tablet in the cabin of the cable car. Click on it and the symbol will be automatically drawn on your "Stone Tablet" again. 

Now place your "Stone Tablet" in front of the screen of Turret C on the ground and go to the front of the turret stage, so go to the stairs. Then turn back and look at Turret C and .......

The Bahro appears and does what he has to do. The Bahro is now putting the entire machinery in motion, as a result of which the process of "Alignment" is about to begin. The Bahro disappears. 

Don't move......stand still because .... the Bahro will reappear and he/she/it will pick up the "Stone Tablet" and bring it back to the "Water bell". 

Only when you have seen, after the white flash, that the Bahro has disappeared with the "Stone Tablet you go back to Turret C to look at the screen again

The process of Alignment takes a while and in the round red screen you slowly see the planet appear and then .......

 after a flash of light a completely new Bahro Symbol appears. It is the Link Symbol to link to the "Keep" of this Age. Note the symbol down

Return to the "Water bell". Grab your "Stone Tablet" from the Linking Pillar in the "Water Bell" and bring it up immediately. 

Erase the possible drawing that may still be on it and draw the new Symbol that you saw in the screen of Turret C. 

Deposit your "Stone Tablet" on the ground here and go out of the "Water bell" to the stone stairs.....and turn again to the "Water bell". 

The Bahro appears again in the "Water bell", looks at your drawing and if the Bahro judges it as good then he ensures that the "Keep" symbol is placed on the Linking Pill. The Bahro takes your "Stone Tablet" to the "Keep". 

When the Bahro disappears, you enter the "Water bell" again and on the Linking Pillar the "Keep" symbol appears

Click on the "Keep" symbol (the rightmost symbol) and you end up in the "Keep" .

E: The " Keep "

You meet Esher here again. Listen to Esher:

"Are you starting to understand the great power of the Tablet a little bit now?" "You have to feel how you pulls at you now." The power of the Tablet grabs you, look around without the Power of the Tablet. you can only see what you see here in your dreams, then try to imagine how the Tablet pulls on HER . She has already "tasted" it and she has the ability to use it like never before someone has done, and SHE tells you that you should NOT give it to her, because she desperately wants it, she has already destroyed the D'ni and she will complete the destruction if YOU give it to her. Listen carefully now...... The Quest is now half full filled and the moment  that you have to make choices is approaching. You have seen a lot of what the D'ni once were and what they were capable of Doing..... you see what we could create again? The CITY! The AGES! Do you see it? GO now and ...... bring us closer "

Esher disappears again. You can turn right now and then, between the "Ears", look down and then climb down the ladder. But perhaps you also want to be amazed at what the D'ni could do. Where Esher stood, you see  a ladder between the "ears". Go 1 time ahead and then turn left or right to one of the ladders. Click on the ladder and you look up the ladder. 

Then click somewhere at the top of the ladder with your forefinger and you climb up to end up on the round balcony. Here you can zoom in on the large round windows to enjoy the view of the stars and the planets. If you are tired of it, look for one of the ladder, between the "ears", and go down again. 

Below again, where Esher was,  go back on the rear round platform and click on the down ladder between the "ears". 

Go down the ladder to the bottom of the "Keep" and you see, through the rungs of the ladder, the Golden Tablet again in the "Water bell" and the Todelmer Tablet is blue: 

Go left, or right, 2 times  to the front and enter the KEEP "Water bell". Walk around the pillar to the Blue Todelmer Tablet on the other side. 

Touch the Blue Todelmer Tablet. It becomes solid again and it comes forwards. You have opened the 2nd "Slot" of the Golden Tablet. Still 2 to go.

Click on the "Triangle" symbol and you will return to the "Water bell" at the beginning of this Age. 

Click on the "Direbo" symbol, directly below the big "Triangle" symbol and you will return to: 

F: Direbo: 

You are back in the "Water bell" of island 2 of Direbo. Turn around and leave the "Water bell". Go over the left bridge to Island 1 and then again over the left bridge to Island 3

Step 3 on Island 3 into the "Water bell". Grab the "Stone Tablet" of the Linking Pillar. Where the "Stone Tablet" was, you now see the big "Sandwich" symbol of the Noloben Age "Water bell".

 Click on the little "sandwich" symbol, left on the pillar, to start with:

 Chapter 4: Noloben Age

2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot