2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 5: The Laki'ahn Age

You start  in a "Water bell" again. Turn around and leave the "Water bell". You are in a tropical world. Hope you brought the sun factor 40 or higher with you because the sun is burning fiercely in this tropical Age. You will also experience that every now and then the sun disappears and it becomes darker. In other words ...... this Age has a kind of day and night cycle.

You stand in front of  a palm tree and a large gray "round" rock. Turn right ..... you see a large building. Aim your forefinger on the steps in front of the building and click and .... you automatically arrive at the building and meet Esher on the platform of the building. Listen again to what our Eshertje  have to say ....... the dick now starts to become very annoying .......

"I wish I could show you Laki'ahn the way I knew it ... Foreboding ..... The call of the beasts, carried on by the warm skies ........... the conversations ...... while we wait for the fire and the beginning of the battle, this was a place of great power and great triumphs...... we achieved great victories here. I wonder if you will also have so much courage. The door of the Trade House is locked, but the jewelers door can be unlocked "

Esher man disappears again. Go forward to the double door. So this is the Trade House and this is the front door but it is locked up, just as Esher told you. However, Esher has also told that you can enter through the back door, the so called Jeweler door. So we go look for that jeweler's door. Turn around. You look back at the "Water bell". Go forward 3 times to the "Water bell" and then turn to the right so that you see the blue sea.

Then continue ahead to the sea. You are now on the beach at the edge of the ocean. You can follow the beach to the left or to the right. You are standing here in a "bend" of the ocean, a small inlet, and the beach goes, right, around the inlet. On the other side you see a large number of large, gray, rocks and that's were we go to first

Turn right and then follow the beach  to the bend. Then turn left. Further on you see a bunch of palm trees standing in front of the thick gray rock. Go forward and you stand next to those palm trees. Then go forward one more time and you are standing in front of a small gray rock.

Go, on the right of the small gray rock, 1x through the "gorge". You "hit" against a thick gray rock. Turn right. You look through the canyon to a large clearing between the gray rocks. On the right is a building. You can go down to that building via a sand slope.

Go 1 time ahead to end up in front of that building. Then turn left. There are a number of large carcasses (from Whark's?) In front of the building.

Go to the carcasses and......Right before you, you'll some kind of "duck" that is eating at the carcasses. Be careful because the beast has a very sharp beak. On the gray rock, to the left of that "duck", you see a white Bahro symbol drawn: Go forward to that white Bahro symbol on the rock and note it down on a piece of paper because you'll have to sign it on your "Stone Tablet".

Did you note down the Wave symbol? Well .... then turn right to the "duck" and look at the corner of the open space, left behind the building. The sand path continues between the rocks to the beach on the other side of this island. Now go 4 times ahead and you stand there, between the rocks, and you look at 2 islands.


You are now on the other side of the big island and again at an inlet of the ocean. There are 2 small islands here. Between the two islands you can see a lock / sluice and the lock gates are open. A large carcass floats in the water in front of the lock. Go forward 2 times. You go through the water and end up on the beach of the front island.

Aim your forefinger in the opened lock gates and then go 2 times ahead and .............. you stand in the water and look through the lock.

Go through the lock and continue until you can not go any further. You are at the end and stand in front of a round iron cage.

You can not enter the cage but you can see that in the cage a lever is sticking out of the water

You can not go any further here, so turn around so that you look back at the lock. Now take 2 steps back towards the lock. Turn to the right, to the right river bank. 

There is a big hole in the right river bank, which does not have those big tusks. Here you can go back to out of the water

Let it Storm:

Go through the breach in the river bank. Right in front of you is a very large gray "Egg rock" blocking  the passage. Turn right......You see a second, slightly smaller, "Egg rock"

Go to the smaller "Egg rock". Then turn right again. You now view the area behind the lock / sluice and the round cage. At the 3 large "egg rocks", stands  a Windmill.

 Go, left or right, along the water pool to the windmill and stand straight in front of it to face it.  Behind you is the sluice with the round cage. There is another "duck" at the windmill here. Now point your forefinger to the left of the windmill and then go forward 2 times. You end up behind the windmill. Turn around ............ You are now standing in front of the back of the windmill. 

You must first wind up the windmill, so walk up the "slope" of the windmill. You are then in the mill and you'll see 3 red levers and 2 red buttons. 

Go down again and turn around again so that you are behind the windmill again and now look at the back of the windmill. There is no wind, so the wicks of the windmill aren't turning now. But with the aid of the windmill you still have to pull up that round iron cage. So  wind is needed first, a lot of wind. So we need the help of the Bahro again. Bring up the "Stone Tablet" and draw that "Wave" symbol on it. It is the Bahro symbol for a very hard storm. You have to draw it a little more precisely now 

Drop the "Stone Tablet" here behind the windmill on the ground. Then go 1 or 2 times, along the windmill, to the water pool, right in front of the windmill, and then turn quickly to the windmill and see ............

.....The Bahro appears and if he approves your drawing the white flash follows and then it storms violently. 

You must act quickly now, before the second white flash comes you must have lifted the cage....

The Bahro does not take your Tablet with him now .... The tablet now stays behind the windmill on the ground. So go pick up the Tablet and then climb the windmill back up to the red levers and buttons

NB: if your screen does not turn white when the Bahro disappears then your drawing of the waves symbol wasn't good enough. Pick up the Tablet again and try again. If you wait too long  to pick up the tablet, the Bahro will reappear and take the Tablet to the Water bell. You then will have to go back to the Water bell to pick up the Tablet there again.

Number the levers and the buttons, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

  • Pull Lever 1 all the way to you and release. 

  • Pull lever 2 towards you and release. 

  • Click on button 3. 

  • Pull Lever 5 towards you and release. 

  • Click on button 4. 

You have lifted the metal cage out of the water and turned it one turn.

It is still storming but that does not matter. As soon as the 2nd white flash follows, the storm will over again. Get out of the windmill and make sure you pick up the "Stone Tablet" from the sand again, if you had not done so already. Return to the breach in the river bank and enter the water again. Turn left and go all the way back to the Metal Cage and see ...... You have lifted the Cage up with the help of the windmill and in the cage you now see a Linking Pillar with a Link Symbol in the form of 2 triangles...Note it down

 To get into the Cage

You have to get into the Cage and that's why you have to put that triangle symbol of this pillar on the pillar in the "Water bell" so that you can link into the cage from the "Water bell".  So you guess right ..... you have to go back to the "Water bell", before the Trade House. I assume you can find the route back yourself? .....It's the same route you followed from the "water bell, so just follow the route back....But eh.........Hurry up a little because I want to finish this walkthrough. See you at the "Water bell" ........... .

Finally......been waiting for hours for you but you've finally found it then.  Enter the "Water bell" again and stand in front of the Linking Pillar.  Bring your "Stone Tablet" up. Probably the "Wave" symbol is still drawn on your "Stone Tablet." Erase this with your "surface eraser", so by clicking on the circle with the 2 slashes. Then draw the 2 Triangle Symbol on the "Stone Tablet, so the 2 triangles you saw on the pillar in the cage

Put your "Stone Tablet", here in the "Water bell", on the ground, turn around and go 2 times towards the beach.

 Turn again to the "Water bell " and wait patiently until the Bahro is done with his work and  has disappeared again with your "Stone Tablet"

The Bahro will put your "Stone Tablet" on the pillar in the cage. 

Go back into the "Water bell". The triangles of the cage pillar are now on the linking pillar. So click with your hand on the 2 triangles and ..... 

you will now end up in the Metal Cage. 

Turn the Cage another turn 

You are now in the Metal Cage but it won't do you any good......It's a wasted trip....... First grab your "Stone Tablet" from the pillar. You can only get out of the cage on one side, behind the link pillar, but then you end up in the tank behind the cage and you can not get out now. I regret to inform you that the Cage has to be turned one more time. So make sure you are in front of the pillar and link, via  the " Dome symbol", back to the "Water bell". 

Well ..... unfortunately ... that visit to the cage was completely useless. You have to go back to the Windmill, on the islands where the lock and the Metal Cage are. Ah .... the route to it you probably know. So I'll see you there again.....and please.....hurry

Go straight behind the Windmill again. You have to use the levers in the windmill again to turn the cage again. So first it has to go storm again. So raise the "Stone Tablet" again. Erase the triangles drawing and then click on the circle at the bottom left of your Tablet which contains the 3 waves. The waves are automatically put on your Tablet again. 

Then put your "Stone Tablet" back here behind the windmill in the sand and run 2 times further to the water. White Flash and the storm again. 

Quickly back to the back of the windmill and climb the mill again and stand in front of the red handles again. 

Number the levers and knobs, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

  • Pull Lever 1 back to you and release. 

  • Pull Lever 5 towards you and release. 

  • Click on button 4

The cage is now turned again. It is probably still storming today, but that is not bad. 

Well ...... it is getting monotonous, but you have to enter the Cage again and that is only possible via the linking pillar in the "Water bell". So ...... Make sure you get back in the "Water bell" at the Trade House. Do not forget to pick up the "Stone Tablet" again, if you had not already done so. I'll see you again at the "Water bell" ............Hey hey ..... just out of breath after all that running...... I'm sorry to have kept you waiting at the "Water bell" but I got hungry along the way and went to have a burger at the Burger King on the beach. But here I am, so let's get on with it......

Dive in the "Water bell" again and link back to the Cage via the 2 triangles on the Linking Pillar. You are back in the Cage and if you  turn around you will notice that the cage is indeed turned again. If you are standing in front of the linking pillar you can see that you now can leave the Cage, behind the pillar. This exit of the cage is now turned to a Triangular Tunnel and on the other side of the tunnel is the Water Arena. Take one step forwards, on the right side of the pillar. Then turn left and go 1 step ahead, behind the pillar and, then turn right. 

You are still standing in the cage but now behind the pillar and right in front of the tunnel entrance. 

Go 8 times ahead, through the water and through the triangle tunnel and .......you are exactly in the middle of the:


You are standing in the water,  in the middle of the Arena. In front of you is the big Podium, between the 2 stands. Via the ramp you can go on stage but don't do it yet. Take a good look around. Turn left to see the end of the left stand. Under the turret of the stand you see the entrance of another "triangle" tunnel, witch is also closed with a fence. Turn to the left again. The tunnel from where you came, from the cage is,  right in front of the stage. Turn left again. To the left of the "cage" tunnel you can enter a channel but that is a "dead end". 

Turn to the left again  and you will see the turret of the right stand and also in this tower you see the entrance of a tunnel, that also is closed with a fence. Turn further to the left until you look straight ahead again to the stage. In the middle of the stage is a thick round column with a Linking Pillar on it. Now go 2 times forwards, via the ramp, to end onto the stage. You will probably end up on the right side of the thick round column on the podium, just like me. 

There are 2 small pillars on the semi-circular back wall. At the top of these 2 pillars you see 2 small yellow round covers and underneath these covers there is a round gray button. I do not know if it is the same with you now, but in my game  the 2 small yellow tabs on the right pillar are open, but on the left pillar they are closed. To the left of these 2 pillars you see a thick round yellow button. The button is located under the bridge that goes from the gallery to the thick round pillar. 

Go 1 time ahead and then turn right and you are standing in front of the two pillars. If you now look to the left again, you will look behind the thick round pillar to the other side. There you see also  2 pillars with each 2 round yellow covers. In my game each of those 2 pillars  has 1 cover open and 1 cover closed. You will also see a round niche with a round tile on the floor and a panel in the niche. 

You have to close all the round yellow covers on the 4 pillars, which are now open, and you do that by clicking the round gray buttons on each pillar, under the yellow tabs. 

  • If both round yellow covers are open on a pillar, clicking  the gray button once is sufficient. 

  • If there is only 1 yellow cover open then you have to click twice on the round gray button. 

  • When you have all 8 yellow covers closed then you go to the thick round yellow button, which is between the pillars. 

  • Click on the thick round yellow button and turn around to the thick round column. 

  • The thick round column now sinks completely down into the floor

  • The Linking Pillar is now down here on the stage. 

Go forward until you stand against the linking pillar. Note down the Linking Symbol of this pillar. 

You have to get on the top gallery, above the podium. Unfortunately, the two elevators, in the two half-round niches, don't work. So the thick round pillar with this linking pillar on it must be brought up again so that you can then link via the linking pillar in the "Water bell" on top of the round pillar. So you have to open the yellow covers on the 4 wall pillars

Number the 4 pillars now, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4 and go to: 

Pillar 1: press the round gray button once so that only the left yellow cover is open. On the pillars 2, 3 and 4, press the round gray button twice to open both yellow covers of these 3 pillars. 

Then press the thick yellow button again, underneath the bridge, and .... the thick round pillar goes up again. 

Well .... now back to the "Water bell" at the Trade House. But fortunately this is now possible via the linking pillar in the metal cage. So jump into the water of the Arena and wade through the water tunnel to the Metal Cage. Step back into the Cage and then link via the "Dome" symbol of the linking pillar back to the "Water bell". 

In the "Water bell" you stay in front of the linking pillar. Bring the "Stone Tablet" up again. Draw  the symbol of the linking pillar, that stands on top of the thick round column of the podium in the Arena, on your "stone Tablet".  Put your "Stone Tablet" back on the ground and go out of the "Water bell ". 

Wait until the Bahro has disappeared again, with your "stone Tablet"" from the "Water bell" and then go back to the "Water bell" and link back to the big column in the Arena via the new symbol.

When you have landed on the round column it will sink down a bit, but that is not bad. The Bahro has placed your "Stone Tablet" here on the linking pillar. Leave your "stone Tablet" on the linking pillar for a moment. Turn around. Go 2 times ahead, over the bridge. Then turn back to the thick round column and see .... it has gone up a lot again, so you can not reach the linking pillar on top of the round pillar. The stone ledge goes to the left and to the right, to the both ends of the stands. At the end there is a narrow balcony on each side, and above it stand the turret. On those 2 balconies is a narrow pillar with a red button. You have to press those 2 buttons 

Standing on the ledge and looking at the thick round pillar, turn right and follow the stone ledge, 4 times forward, to the end. 

Then turn left and go to the red pillar under the turret and click on the red button: 

You see that, under the turret on the other side, the tunnel opens up. Turn around and follow the ledge all the way to the other side, so past the thick round column,  and then turn left around the corner and then ..... halfway through the stands on that side you will have another encounter with the Esher. Listen to Esher: 

"From here we oversaw the" harvesting "of the jewels that we had liberated from the hands of the Laki and that had been soaked in their blood, what a triumph ....... What a show of strength. Yeesha thinks that it is a display of brutal force, but she still desires to possess such a power as well .... Ah, I  wish that I could be connected to my people again through such power "

Esher disappears again. Esher came out of a red corridor and in this corridor is the "Jeweler door", the back door of the Trade House. 

Do not enter the red corridor yet, but first go to the red pillar on the balcony below the tower and click on the red button of that pillar. 

 You see that the tunnel, under the tower on the other side where you were just before, now also goes open

Open up the "Jewelers door" of Trade House

Go to where Esher stood and step into this short corridor,  to the double Red Door. 

The Jeweler door is locked with a lock that consists of 5 rings. You will see a symbol on each ring. From left to right they are: 6 pointed figure, triangle, diamond, square, circle. You will have to click on these symbols in a certain order to unlock the lock. But what is that order? You do not know. Turn around and walk out of the corridor again to the edge. You then look down along the lower stands to the water of the Arena.

 Go down the steps and dive into the water and then back through the water tunnel to the Metal Cage. Go in the Cage and link, via the "Dome" symbol on the linking pillar, back to the "Water bell" at the Trade House. Leave the "Water bell" and turn clockwise so that you look back at the Trade House. Go forward, up the steps, to the front door of the Trade House.

Left and right of the door are two "window", allowing you to look inside the Trade House. Stand against the front door and then turn left. 

Go forward 1 time and turn right again. You are now right in front of the left  "window" 

Aim your cursor in the "window" and then click....... You look through the "window" and you'll see a paper, lying on the table. 

On the paper you now see the code for the lock on the "Jeweler door". Write down the order but remember that you see it upside down.

 So you have to "read" it from right to left. The code is then: Circle, Square, Triangle, 6 pointed figure, Square. 

Go back to and in the "Water bell" and link back to the top of the thick round column in the Arena. Leave the "Stone Tablet" still on the linking pillar. Go back to the "Jeweler door". Number the rings of the lock, from left to right, as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then, according to the code you saw on the paper, click on: 5, 4,2, 1, 3 and .. ... the "Jewelers" door opens. 

Inside the Trade House: 

Go forward. You are in the middle room of the Trade House and stand in front of the table, in the middle of the room. Behind the table is the front door so you can go out and to the "Water bell" again. Left and right are  side rooms, Turn to the right and then enter the side room via the right door. Walk to the table in the back of this side room. 

On the table is a piece of paper on which you see a number of colored spots. Click on this piece of paper to view it in a close-up. There are 2 Red, 1 Green and 1 Blue spots on the paper. 

Put the paper back on the table, turn around and go back into the big room. Turn right and go forward to the front door. Open the front door, by clicking on the 2 door handles you see in the middle of the doors, and then go outside and continue to the "Water bell". Enter the "Water bell" again and link, via the right symbol on the Linking Pillar, back again to the thick round column of the Arena:

 Arena Tunnels: 

You are back on the thick round column. Now grab your "stone Tablet" from the linking pillar. You now have to carry the "Stone Tablet" with you again because you need it in a moment. Turn around and walk up the ledge again. Turn right and follow the ledge again to the "Jewelers" Door, but do not go to the "Jewelers" Door. Standing in front of the hallway that goes to the "Jewelers door" you turn clockwise so you look down again at the water in the Arena. 

Go down the steps between the stands and then one more time so that you are exactly in the middle of the Arena, in the water again. 

 You are then right in front of the tunnel that goes to the Metal Cage. Now turn to the right until you stand straight in front of the turret of the left stand

The tunnel under the turret is now open, so go 3 times ahead and you are in the tunnel. Turn right and go forward one time through the round tunnel under the stands and then you go a long way through the tunnel automatically. You com at a stand still  at a crossroads in the tunnel.

 A tunnel also goes to the left. Click in the entrance of the left tunnel and then go forward one more time through the left tunnel. You end up on a large round "Floor tile" and face the end of this tunnel. You see a niche in the wall and you also see that the tunnel ends t here. At the end of the tunnel a red "Mat" is on the ground. Continue forward until you are on that red "Mat" and turn around. 

You look back through the tunnel and now you see that large round tile and you see the niche. In the niche stands a small red pillar: 

The "Lift Pillar"

Do one step forward and turn right. You stand in front of the niche with the red pillar. You can move the pillar upwards through the slot. However, this will only work if you have put your "Stone Tablet" on the ground. So put the "Stone Tablet" on the ground for a moment. Then grab the peg with your hand, hold down your mouse button and drag the pillar upwards in the slot and release. 

Turn right quickly and go back to the red "Mat" and turn around again and see ...... 

That round tile is not a tile but the top of a thick round pillar that now rises from the ground. The red "mat" you're standing on is a Pressure Plate and by your weight, and because you have raised the pillar, that thick round pillar now rises up. Do another step forward. You are standing in front of the niche again and ..... the pillar drops down again and so that thick pillar comes down again. 

Well ... this is a problem. You have to go up with that thick round pillar .... but how? To raise the pillar, a weight must  be placed on that red "Mat".  What to do. Well .... you do not have to stand on the Pressure Plate yourself, but you have to put something on it or "ask" someone to stand on it. The Bahro? .......Now go and pick up the "Stone Tablet again", before the Bahro appears to bring the Tablet back to the "Water bell". 

First make a SAVE GAME because you have to be quick and you only get 1 chance.

 Name your Save Game "Arena tunnel lift column" or something. I will explain it to you first. So read the next piece again first

You have to draw a new drawing on your "Stone Tablet" and that symbol is  "Friendship" symbol. Freeze your screen and go to the top right of your screen to get your books out. Click on the yellow "Yeesha Books" to get them all in your screen. Then open the 7th "Yeesha Book" and browse to the last left page. On this page you see the "Friendship" symbol, on the drawing of the round "Stone Tablet".

Draw or remember the symbol and close the "Yeesha Book" and the screen. Now bring up your own round "Stone Tablet" and draw the "Friendship" symbol on it. 

Put the "Stone Tablet" away again, but do not put it on the ground. Go back to the red pressure plate and stand on it again,  but do NOT turn around.

Now put your "Stone Tablet" on the Pressure Plate. Then turn quickly and go to the niche and slide the pillar up again. 

Quickly turn left and go forward to the round top of the round pillar and ..........

....... If you were fast enough, you now go up with the pillar. ATTENTION .... as soon as the pillar is completely above, there are tunnels on all sides. Straight ahead is a tunnel with a red button. On the left a tunnel with a Blue Button. Quickly do 1 step off  the pillar, towards the Red Button. 

NB: If you wait for only 2 seconds, then you go down again on the pillar......you don't get a second chance, so you will have to load the last Save Game to try again. If you don't get a chance to get off the of the pillar because the pillar really goes down immediately, it means that your "Friendship" drawing on your Tablet was not good enough. Then you have to load the last Save Game also to try again but then you must make a better drawing on your "Stone Tablet". 

The Tunnel Maze:

 I assume that you have also succeeded to reach the top tunnels via the round elevator pillar. You see a red button. However, this is not the right red button to start with. SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN. You are in a TUNNEL MAZE  but unfortunately you have stepped off the wrong side of the thick round pillar. You also understand that you have lost the "Stone Tablet" now because you had to leave it behind on the red pressure plate. Let's hope that the Bahro has taken it and put it back in the "Water Bell" 

If you're now standing in a short tunnel with a side tunnel to the right and look at a red button, on the corner of 2 tunnels that goes to the left and to the right, then turn around. You then stand in front of the round hole where the round pillar rises from below.  Right in front of you see a green button. In the tunnel, on the right, there is the blue button. In the tunnel, on the left, is the red button and that is the good red button ..So turn slightly to the left and then click in the entrance of the left tunnel. So the tunnel to the left of the round hole when you look at the green button. You are then on the right side of the tunnel maze.

Go forward to the Red Button. Press the Red Button. Turn slightly to the right and look through the right tunnel. You will see a red button again. Go forward to the Red Button. Press the Red Button. Turn slightly to the right and you will see a Green Button. Go to the Green Button. Press the Green Button. Turn left now. You look at the end of the left tunnel and see a Stone Door with a Blue Button. Go to the Stone Door and click on the Blue Button and ..... 

........as soon as the Stone Door is opened you quickly run forward because ............

 the Stone Door only stays open for a short while and then closes again. If you are not outside after the Stone Door has closed again, you have to press the 2 red and the green button all over again, but then you better load your last Save Game. 

You made it and you are back outside in the fresh air. Do not go forward but turn right. In the corner you see a new Linking Pillar. 

SAVE YOUR GAME HERE again and then move forward to the Linking Pillar and note down the Bahro Symbol that's on top of it.  

Then click on the "Dome" symbol to return to the "Water bell" at the Trade House ..... Thank goodness........The Bahro has been a good boy and has put your "Stone Tablet" back in the "Water bell" on the Linking Pill. So grab the "Stone Tablet" again. Bring the "Stone Tablet" up again and draw the new linking symbol on it. 

Put the "Stone Tablet" back on the ground and go out the "Water Bell" again. Wait until the Bahro has put the new symbol on the linking pillar and went off with your "Stone Tablet" again. Go into  "Water bell" again and link, via the new symbol, back to the pillar behind the tunnel maze. 

The Flag on the Beach: 

You are back at the linking pillar behind the tunnels. Grab your "Stone Tablet" again because you need it again in a few moments. 

Turn left and go forward 2 times. You end up in front of a pond with a thick "Egg rock" in it

Behind the pond you can see the wreck of a boat lying on the beach. Go 2 times ahead to the boat wreck and ..... you meet the ever cheerful Esher again.......I don't trust the guy

 Esher is getting more and more excited now ... you have to be almost the end of your journey. Listen to Esher again: 

"Once again I am very impressed by your abilities, the way here was not easy.....you have come here via the route of the Kresh ........Warriors ... the natives we sent here to subdue those Beasts to our will, what has become of them? Returned to their barbaric existence? What a waste, but there will be more devastation By those outsiders who have never understood what D'ni really is ......... And they would then rebuild D'ni? 

Esher boy disappears again. You look at the boat wreck. Turn right and go forward 1 time. Then turn slightly to the left. You can see a lonely palm tree, between the rocks and on the beach. Go forward 2 times and turn right. You are back on a beach by the ocean and you see  4 "Egg rocks" with some palm trees. 

Go forward 2 times to those rocks. Then turn slightly to the right. Between the "Egg rocks", on the left, there is a wooden construction and there is a pond. 

Go further 3 times ahead to the pond and turn left. You now stand at that wooden construction. It is a lookout. To the right of it is a construction with 7 ropes. Each rope has a handle and a boulder is attached to each rope. Go forward to 7-ropes construction. You are then right in front of it. Number the handles of the ropes, from left to right, 1 to 7. You must now pull  4 of the handles. Because you can not get the 7 handles in 1 screen at a time, this means that you have to turn from left to right. 

  • Take hold of Handle 1 and pull it down. 

  • Take hold of Handle 2 and pull it down. 

  • Take hold of Handle 3 and pull it down. 

  • Take hold of  Handle 6 and pull it down.

A door now rises behind the thick rock. Turn right and go forward one time. Turn left and go forward to the ocean. 

Turn left and go forward one time along the ocean and ..... You will now see what you have brought up with the ropes. A Wooden Door and through this you can now go up through the tunnel in the round rock. Go further ahead and then 4 times through the rock tunnel and you end up on top of that lookout where you just pulled on the ropes at the front. Turn right. In the fence is a "window"

 Go to the "window" and look through it. In the distance you see a small island with 3 "egg rocks" on it. 

However, it is not about that island but about the flag that stands on the beach just in front of the window. On the flag you will again find a new Bahro Symbol, but you can not see it yet because the flag does not fly. There is no wind. So you will have to let it storm  again and then look through this window again. But you have to be in the right place to make it storm. 

Turn around and go back 1 step, turn left and go back through the tunnel to the beach. Stop immediately if you have landed on the beach again. Standing in front of the rock tunnel, with your back to it, you bring the "Stone Tablet" up again. Erase the drawing that may still be on your Tablet and then click on the "Waves" symbol, in the lower left corner, to have it displayed on your "Stone Tablet" again. 

Deposit the "Stone Tablet" in the sand and go 2 steps forwards and wait for the Flash and the storm to come. Turn around and go up again through the rock tunnel and look at the window. 

Look through the window again .... The flag is now waving cheerfully in the wind and on the flag you now see the Wahrk Symbol ....... 

....Be quick now..... Note down the Wahrk Symbol on a piece of paper, before the storm is over. 

You may have picked up the "Stone Tablet" again when you went up through the tunnel during the storm.. It may also be that the Bahro has taken the "Stone Tablet". If that is the case then it will again be on the linking pillar in the "Water bell". That island in the distance is the island where the "Keep" is on and this symbol on the flag is the symbol to get on that island. It will still be storming and if that is the case, then it will be dark in a second. But that is not bad. I have already mentioned, at the beginning of this chapter that, this Age has a kind of day and night cycle. When it gets dark then it takes a little while ....but it will turn light again. 

Back to the "Water bell" Turn around again and go back through the rock tunnel to the beach. When you have come out of the rock tunnel again, turn left. 

Now go to the right of the rock where the tunnel is in, 3 times ahead, along the ocean, then turn left. You are now right behind the wooden lookout. 

Go forward 2 times. You are under the lookout. Turn slightly to the left and go forward again and you are at the front of the lookout, at the pond. 

Turn clockwise. Now follow the route across the beach back to the boat wreck where you just had the meeting with Esher. 

At the wreck, turn left and go 4 times forward, back to the door of the tunnel maze.

 At the door turn left and go to the linking pillar and use the "Dome" symbol on the pillar to link back to the "Water bell" at the Trade House. 

Back in the "Water bell " you grab the "Stones" Tablet "of the linking pillar, if the Bahro had taken it with him after he had taken care of the storm on the beach again. I just had it with me. Bring the "Stone Tablet" up again. Now draw the "Keep" symbol on your "Stone Tablet" 

Put the Tablet back on the ground and go out of the "Water bell" and wait again until the Bahro is gone with your Tablet. Go back into the  "Water bell" and click, on the "Keep" symbol 

You end up on the: 

Keep Island: 

You end up in the Keep "Water bell" but immediately you leave and you meet, for the last time ..... Esher again, listen to Esher again : 

"The far away island ......... Few have come here. You have ...... you did a fantastic job. Treasures were kept here ...... and still, The Tablet in the "Keep" is probably the greatest treasure of all that the Beasts have ever possessed. And now you will possess it. You then have the POWER in your hands, friend ....... whether you like it or not. This will be my last chance to speak to you. You will link from here to the last Tablet. The Tablet will then be in your hands, but also the CHOICE .. I will just say it as it is... because this is my last chance ............ D'ni's last opportunity. Her mind is sick ........ She believes she must own the Tablet ...... She believes she is the "Grower". If you will see her later she will beg for it ....... Do NOT give the tablet to her. But .... the Book in K'veer? I opened it up. Bring the Tablet to Myst Island ....... Yeesha will not follow you ...... She does not want to be their Master. Take the Tablet to the island. There is no other choice. I will meet you there again ......... Please.......DO NOT Fail ........ It is what has to happen "

Esher disappears, turn to the right. right in front of the KEEP. Go forward to the "Keep", then turn right and enter the "Keep" .

Go, left or right, around the Golden Tablet pillar to the other side where the Laki'ahn Tablet is blue. Click on the blue Tablet and this is now also solid and comes forward and ........

..... you automatically return to .... K'veer where we now will finish the game in

Chapter 6: The End of Ages

2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot