2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

Chapter 6: The End of Ages


After all your wanderings through the Ages of Myst, the time has come to  END the ages of Myst There are 4 Endings to the game. But there is only one happy ending. I am not going to tell you what end is the "Only Right End". There will some among you who do not need a "Happy End". There will be some among you who wants to give the villain his moment of triumph. That is why I will describe all 4 endings for you in random order. You, and YOU ONLY, can decide what is the right ending for you. We play all 4 ENDINGS and we do this here in K'Veer and  always start in front of for the "Water Bell".

You are back in the large round hall of K'veer, and right in front of the KEEP. The GOLDEN TABLET is now in the KEEP. SAVE YOUR GAME now if you want to experience ALL 4 ENDINGS. Name your Save Game "The Beginning of the End". If you are not save your game here now you can only do one Ending, or you have to go back to the last save game a long way back in the game. We will start with the:


Ending A: Give the Golden Tablet to Yeesha:

You stand for the Keep in the large round room of K'veer. Enter the Keep and grab the GOLDEN TABLET from the pillar. You carry The Golden Tablet carry with you, at the bottom of your screen.

Turn around and see ........ Yeesha is now in the room, under the balcony. Go 2 times ahead to Yeesha. Keep your cursor on Yeesha.

Your cursor is now the Golden Tablet  Click with your Golden Tablet cursor on Yeesha and ....

Look and wait. Yeesha is apparently not happy about it. We hear sad music while Yeesha is being tormented back and forth and then, after a while, Yeesha zapped herself away

Left in the corner, under the left staircase of the balcony, is the corridor through which you entered this room in the beginning of your journey

Go 2 times forward and then 2 times forward through the corridor. You are back at the Blue Lamp, in the wide corridor, where you picked up your Save Game Boll and your Myst 5 Journal at the beginning of the game. Turn right and follow the wide corridor now, 11 times ahead, via all steps to the end until you can not go any further. Turn right and you will see the large round hall with the 7 niches again.

Go 4 times forward and you are back on the "middle circle of the room". Turn right, to the niche where the table stands, and go forward .....

Grab the MYST LINKING BOOK from the "table". Just as Esher has already said, the locks that were around this book at the start of the game are now removed

 Open the Myst Book and click in the linking window and .......

.....You end up on the ......


It is raining, it is bleak weather and the island is in total disorder. The Myst Island is now a desolate island.......

You have "landed" on the jetty, where you once started the Myst series in Myst 1. Go 2 times ahead and then up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn left and go forward again. Turn right. You now see the Library of Atrus. Go 2 times ahead and .... Esher comes out of the library and ....

well ........ The Esher is pissed, really pissed because you have, against his advice, given the Golden Tablet to Yeesha. Gosh ... what is Esher saying wrong things now. Well .... you do not have to be happy also.... Yeesha was not happy when you gave her the Golden Tablet and for you ...... Well .... unfortunately for you ..... You will have to spend the rest of your miserable days here on Myst Island because there is no way back for you now.

 Esher disappears. Really ... Esher did not lie .... You can not go back and you will have to stay here until you die, which hopefully will be very soon because there is nothing here on Myst Island. You can wander around on this desolate island until all  Eternity.

This was ENDING  A. Load your Save Game  "The Beginning of the End" and then let's try

Ending B: Do NOT give Yeesha the Golden Tablet:

You stand for the Keep again. Enter the Keep and grab the GOLDEN TABLET. Turn around. Yeesha is under the balcony. 

Go forward 2 times but do not give the Tablet to Yeesha, ignore Yeesha

Do NOT give the Golden Tablet to Yeesha now, but IMMEDIATELY continue to the hallway under the balcony and through the hallway. Follow the route through the wide hallway to the 7 niches hall. Grab the Myst Linking Book from the table before Niche 1 and link back to the Myst Island. Follow the route to the Library on Myst Island. Esher is NOT coming outside now. 

Walk to the entrance of the library. There is a Golden Tablet Pillar in the Library. Go forward and go to the left or right of the pillar and turn to it........

Put the Golden Tablet on the pillar and Esher appears

Look and listen to Esher ...... the villain ..... Esher turns out to be a villain who wants to use the POWER of the Golden Tablet to make the Bahro his slaves. 

Well .... this end is not good for you because you are now also condemned to stay on the Myst Island until the end of your days. 

But perhaps you are one of those people who like to give the villain of the story a good ending .This was END B

Load your Save Game "The Beginning of the End" again and now play

Ending C:Go to Esher without Gold Tablet:

Again you stand for the Keep. DO NOT ENTER THE KEEP NOW. So...DO NOT TAKE  the Golden Tablet, but turn right away. Yeesha does not appear now. 

Well .... follow the route to the Myst Book and link again to Myst Island. On the Myst Island you go to the library and the end is exactly as described in ENDING  A.

Load your Save Game "The Beginning of the End" and play now:

Ending D: Through  the Golden Tablet BEFORE Yeesha on the floor:

Again you stand for the Keep. Enter the Keep and grab it\GOLDEN TABLET. Turn around. Yeesha now appears again under the balcony. 

Go 2 times ahead and stay in front of Yeesha again. She sticks out her hands again. FREEZE YOUR SCREEN ........ 

Move your cursor to the left above the edge of the Golden Tablet. You then get the "PUT  DOWN ARROW" 

CLICK WITH "PUT  DOWN ARROW" to deposit the Golden Tablet before  Yeesha on the floor.

 "Unlock" your screen again and turn right and walk forward to the right balcony stairs and ...... Do NOT go up the stairs. 

Your screen will turn black for a moment and then you turn back to Yeesha and she and the Bahro kneel down for you on the floor .... 

Now relax and see the Final movie ....... 

After all the gratitude from Yeesha and the Bahro we end up in Releeshan. Yeesha and ATRUS are now finally reunited and you get a word of thanks from Atrus.

 Yeesha is proclaimed the new "Grower" and the Bahro are free.  Esher will rambling at you l for a moment, but is then taken away by the Bahro to meet his fate

Yeesha thanks you for all your hard work and help over the last 20/25 years.

The remaining Bahro spreads his wings and flies away to enjoy his newly acquired freedom ........ 

Supports by Yeesha, Atrus walks into  the new D'ni, to spend his last days there in peace and happiness, with his only remaining relative

Well .... that's it ....The Myst Saga has come to  a definite END.............But...as Atrus always has said......Perhaps the Ending Has Not Being Written Yet

2013: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot