2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Tekst by Dick Leeuw, Screenshots by Louis Koot


introduction to the game, how to play and the intro movie

Chapter 1: Valsembor Clinic
Chapter 2: Youkols Camp Chapter 3: Valsembor: Steiner's Medicine
Chapter 4: Fire up the Krystal Chapter 5: Underwater
Chapter 6: Valsembor: Escape the Clinic Chapter 7: The Monster of the Lake
Chapter 8: Baranour part 1 Chapter 9: Baranour part 2
Chapter 10: Baranour part 3: Metro Tunnel Chapter 11: Olympic Stadium and Swimmingpo
Chapter 12: The Bridge Extra Content.......Oscar, An Automaton With A Plan