2019: Screenshots made while playing the game by: Louis Koot

Ben momenteel niet in staat om grote hoeveelheden tekst te typen.  Daarom introduceer ik hier nu een nieuwe manier......Een Screenshot Walkthrough

I'm currently not able, to do large amounts of text for this walkthrough. So.....I introduce a new way to do a walkthrough......A Screenshot Walkthrough


Menu and Option

The 7th Guest history: 

Deepwood Sanitarium: 

Introducing Dr. Richmond and Tad


Choose as who you want to play. You can play as Dr. Richmond or as Tad. As Dr. Richmond you play a different game with different puzzles then as Tad. So you can play The 13th Doll in two different ways and each way also has multiple endings. I start with the Dr. Richmond game, so choose Dr. Richmond to start this game.

Dr. Richmond Walkthrough:

Deepwood Sanitarium: 

Pick up the Doll's Head. It will be stored in inventory witch I shall explain later on....


Scoring VIP Names are part of the Achievements, so they aren't really necessarily to finish the game, but what the hell...since you're playing this game you might as well score all those silly achievements and boost about it in the STEAM forum

Another achievement that you can earn is the Coin Achievement. In the Stauf mansion are 20 golden Coins hidden. As Richmond you can find 10 Golden Coins and as Tad you also can find 10 golden Coins. I'm not going to show you where you can find al those coins because I'm not going to hunt for them. I have an absolute dislike of these silly achievements that they put into the games, so I usually don't take the trouble to try to score them. Find some other silly person that likes to boost about that he, or she, has found all coins, if you too want to find them all

The first puzzle

But before you can start solving the puzzle Nurse Anna comes in

When Anna has leave the room again zoom in on the puzzle again and go and solve it now

Slider puzzle with a twist

Richmond's Office

Move the Man to the X


Block Slider Puzzle

Stauf Mansion


Puzzle in the phone

Als de puzzel is opgelost hoor je Stauf. We zien Stauf niet maar hij legt aan Richmond uit wat de bedoeling is

After solving the puzzle you'll hear Stauf. We do not get to see Stauf but he explains to Richmond what he must do.

Music Room

Dining Room

Cut the Cake puzzle


Is it a Square or isn't it a Square puzzle

The Story of Stauf 

Don't use the map to go to Heine's room, but walk into the foyer to not miss out on a cut scène

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