2019: Screenshots made while playing the game by: Louis Koot

Ben momenteel niet in staat om grote hoeveelheden tekst te typen.  Daarom introduceer ik hier nu een nieuwe manier......Een Screenshot Walkthrough

I'm currently not able, to do large amounts of text for this walkthrough. So.....I introduce a new way to do a walkthrough......A Screenshot Walkthrough

Dr. Richmond story part two

Heine Room

Balance the Scales puzzle

Foyer: Grandfather's Clock

Divide the Clock's Face in 4 equal parts

Knox Room:

Typewriter Puzzle

Bath Room

Bones and Eyeballs puzzle


Test tube Puzzle

Don't use the map now to go to the next room because you'll miss a cut scene

Now go to the Attic and to the Room At The Top


Room At The Top:

Stauf's Machine

Dutton's Room:

Blood Cells puzzle: Beat Lilith


Doll Room

Room At The Top: End Game: Two Endings

Kill Tad Ending

Now load your last saved game to play the other ending

You are back on the Attick so go to the Room At The Top and interact with the machine again. Stauf wants you to kill Tad again:

Now go play a New Game to do the Tad scenario, witch is quit different then the Richmond scenario with a lot of different puzzles and it also includes the Maze. The Tad scenario also has more then one ending and during it you most make a choice

Graveyard: Secret Puzzle

Now that you have finished one of the possible 5 endings in this game you also have unlocked the secret GRAVEYARD where you can score a few VIP names and do the SECRET Puzzle. You can access the graveyard now through the left door in the kitchen of the Stauf Mansion. 

Some of the other walkthroughs mention an "EXTRA Menu", on the main Menu screen, but I do not have this "Extra" menu, so had to load a saved game to access the graveyard from the kitchen. Maybe I will explain how to do this Secret Puzzle if I do a TAD walkthrough next. That Secret Puzzle is however impossible to win because you play it against your own CPU. 

Golden Coins

 A word about the Golden Coins. As Dr. Richmond you can score 10 Golden Coins, that are hidden in the rooms of the Stauf Mansion. I have not been searching for those Golden Coins, so I have not made screenshots of the places where those Golden Coins can be found. I did stumble up on some of those Coins and found that some of them are hard to pick up because they are lying in spots that are difficult to get by.

2019: Screenshots made while playing the game by: Louis Koot

30 November 2019