AR-K: Episode 1

2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Louis Koot

AR-K is a point and click adventure game that will ultimately consist of 4 Chapters .......

Episode 1: Gone With The Sphere.

Episode 2: The Girl Who Wasn't There.

Episode 3: The Great Escape.

Chapter 4 was not yet realized at the time of writing these walkthroughs.

There is also a Spin-Off from the AR-K for sale and it has the title "Bullshot". In this spin-off  you get to know bull Franky in more detail.

If you purchased the AR-K through STEAM, you can earn 16 Steam Achievements in Chapter 1. I don't care about those Achievements and I won't mention them in the walkthrough either

When you start Episode 1 you will hear Alicia Von Volish, the heroine of this story. Alicia asks if you believe in providence or if you believe that everything that happens in your life is based on coincidence. Alicia goes on to say that initially her meeting with Blaine was nothing more than a nice interlude for her, but later it turned out that it was not as "coincidental" and simple as it seemed.

We then see Alicia Von Volish go completely crazy in a pub / disco, in the company of the aforementioned Blaine, who appears to be in the mood for such a nice loose girl ....

Alicia and her Blaine are going to experience a wild and passionate night. It is 5 past 10 in the morning when Alicia is woken up by her alarm clock and gets out of bed

Alicia can't remember much about last night. But despite her cracking headache, Alicia still feels very satisfied with the previous evening and last night. There are 2 beds in the room and there are some posters and photos on the cold and sterile walls. In the corner, next to the exit door, stand a wardrobe. Click on the beds, the poster and the photos and then listen to Alicia's comment. Alicia shares this room / apartment with one Nuno, a rather depressed young man. When you have viewed everything, click on the doors of the wardrobe ........ Alicia opens the wardrobe to get her clothes ...... a piece of paper swirls out of the wardrobe and Alicia bends over to pick up the piece of paper ..... it is a drawing of a strange sphere with circles and it jogs Alicia memories

Alicia then takes her outfit out of the wardrobe and disappears into the bathroom to get dressed. While Alicia is getting dressed, she tells a few things about herself

5 years ago Alicia was a brilliant junior police officer and on her way to promotion. But one day when she opened her locker, a strange golden sphere rolled out .... 

Alicia caught the strange sphere and ....... was promptly arrested by her colleagues

Alicia was accused of theft, but she was allowed to leave the police academy on the condition that she would never tell a single word about the incident. Alicia thought this was strange but of course she agreed. Alicia then decided to go back to school to do the training to become a journalist and we are....

Alicia then returns fully dressed, from the bathroom and she is now also in the company of her dog Ambar. You have control again. Before you leave the room to go to college, you can take a look at the Poster that is stuck on the inside of the wardrobe door. So click on that Poster and listen to what Alicia says ....... Since the incident at the police school we are 5 years later and Alicia still has many questions, because what was that strange sphere and who has put the thing in her closet?.

Click the Exit door to go outside.


Alicia ends up on the street and she has taken her dog Ambar with her.

On the right, police officer Bollizei is 'relieving him self" against the wall. Alicia still knows officer Bollizei from the academy, or at least she has heard of him

To the right you can go to the University. Across the street is Franky's Bar and to the left it goes to the Metro. Dog Ambar will accompany Alicia from now on and you can also use Ambar to do certain things. Click on Ambar ........ your cursor becomes Ambar ...... Click with Ambar on agent Bollizei and he makes a comment about the dog

Click on Bollizei again to talk to him via the conversation option in the screen that appears and use all options.

Bollizei, however, does not have much to say so in the end say "I'll leave you to your duties! Bye!". Click on the Bar door to enter it now:

Franky's Bar:

Alicia tells you something about the bar and about Franky. Nuno, Alicia's roommate, is lying with his head on his arms, on the corner of the bar. Alicia tries to scream Nuno awake but without any noticeable success. Conversation option appears, so use this to continue chatting with Franky

Franky says that Nuno came to the bar because he did not want to bother Alicia when he came home with a wild strange guy from the disco. Alicia can't remember who the guy was, with whom she shared her bed last night, so she wants to wake up Nuno and ask him.

However, Nuno is almost unconscious so Alicia will have to do something special to get Nuno awake. Franky then suggests that his special drink, the "Corpse Reviver", can help to  get Nuno back to his positives, but that he doesn't have the necessary ingredients. If Alicia now collects and gives those ingredients to him, Franky then can mix that drink. Franky then lists what he needs and that is "something to warm up", "something exciting", "something that cleanses you" and "something that you abhor"

You can try to wake up Nuno, but that will not work. Click on Franky to continue talking to him through other conversation options.

Inventory / PDA

At the top right of the screen you see 2 icons. The left icon opens the inventory, Alicia's hip bag, and the gear icon takes you to the menu screen. Click on the Inventory icon to open the inventory. You can also open the inventory by pressing your spacebar. The inventory consists of 2 parts. The items that Alicia collects are stored in the left part. The Hamburger is now the only item in inventory. The right part is the PDA, with which Alicia can contact other people. The PDA now contains the photos of 3 people. The photo with the 3 question marks is the unknown guy that Alicia met in the disco and with whom she was fucking with last night.

Close the inventory by clicking the icon again or by stalling your space key again.

On the left side of the bar is an unfolded menu. In that unfolded menu there are 2 Tabasco bottles. Take a Tabasco bottle.

 Alicia puts the Tabasco bottle in her hip bag. The Tabasco is one of the ingredients for Franky's drink, because it is "something that heats you up". You can give the tobacco to Franky right now or you can wait until you have collected the other items for the drink. Leave the bar.

Back on the street you see that Bollizei is still pissing against the wall. Open the inventory. In inventory, click on the hamburger and then hold down your mouse button ....... Drag the Hamburger to the bottom of the screen, or press the space bar to close the inventory. Your cursor is now the hamburger. Click with the hamburger on Amber the dog and .....

 Alicia gives the hamburger to Ambar but the dog gets sick of it and spits out a heap of Vomit .... 

Alicia sweeps up the Vomit and she puts it in her small hip bag.

The Vomit of Ambar is needed for Franky's drink. Go to the University, via the exit right next of agent Bollizei

Alicia and Ambar end up on the bridge, in front of the University. To the right stand an information post on the bridge and behind that post you see, in the distance, a Statue. Click on the Statue ........ Alicia says that the statue represents Professor Eduard Leopold and the picture of Leopold is included in Alicia's PDA. Click on the University to continue one screen.

There is a round Kiosk (Stand) in front of the uni but the kiosk is closed. Click on the University building again to end up at the main entrance.

3, rather unconscious looking, students sit on the stairs and a video telephone hangs on the wall. Click the video phone ...... Alicia tells that the camera of the phone is broken and she finds that useful info. There is nothing else to do here, so go through the glass door.



In the hall of the uni, Alicia is welcomed by porter William Wallruce with a remark about Ambar. Click on William and Alicia asks him where she can find Professor Rheiterman. William tells that Rheiterman is in his office, on the 1st floor. There is a soft-drink machine and a coffee machine between the two stairs. Alicia doesn't want coffee. Click the soft drink Vending machine. The machine has 3 types of cola. and you see that in a text window

Buy all 3 types of cola ..... So first click on Skunk-Cola and when Alicia has taken this from the machine, click on the machine again and then click on "Skunk-U-Nancie" to also have such a bottle from the machine. Repeat this one more time to also get a bottle of "Super-Skunk" from the machine. There is a notice board in front of the left staircase that you can view. Walk up one of the 2 stairs. Alicia and Amber end up on the 1st floor.

A cleaning robot is mopping the floor. Open the inventory. 

Combine in inventory the can of red Skunk-U-Nancie (purple letters) with the blue can of Skunk Cola (red letters) and ...... you get a cup of cola mixture.

Take the cola mixture from inventory and click it on the robot ....

Alicia pours the cup empty on the floor and the robot promptly sucks up the pool of cola but the cola causes the robot to break. 

The reservoir tray then protrudes from the robot.

Click on the reservoir Tray (Can) to take it out of the robot ........ With some effort Alicia manages to squeeze the Tray / Can into her small hip bag. The stuff that is now in the tray can serve as one of the ingredients for Franky's drink. Walk to the right into the corridor and ........ at the end of the corridor we see the door of Rheiterman's office. On the left is a fire extinguisher on the wall. Between the wall lamp and Rheiterman's door is a nameplate on the wall. View the fire extinguisher to hear Alicia's comment about it.

Look at the nameplate (Info) ....... On the sign Alicia reads Rheiterman's telephone number and she saves it in her PDA. Knock on the door and ......... 

Rheiterman opens the door ...

Reitherman is an incredible asshole and he hates Alicia because she is much better at investigative journalism than himself. Now that Alicia is too late, Rheiterman sees his chance to get back at Alicia because he refuses to give her the graduation assignment. But Alicia has to submit a report that same evening on an approved subject. Rheiterman slams the door shut

Alicia thinks that she will have to break into Rheiterman's office to find out which subjects have been approved, but that is a concern for later. Walk back to the left and then go back down the stairs. Back below you click on porter William Wallruce again. First ask William about the handbag and the bracelet via "Could you check the lost and found for a bracelet and purse?".... William says that he has a handbag but no bracelet and he lets a compartment rise from the floor.

Alicia automatically takes her lost handbag from the compartment and she discovers that it only contains a brick and she finds that strange. The brick ends up in inventory. There is another object in the "Lost and Found" compartment, but because this is not from Alicia, you cannot just grab that object now.

William has a thermos flask beside him on his table ..... Talk to William again and ask him what he has in the thermos flask via "What've you got in that thermos?" ......There is coffee in the thermos flask. Ask William what he thinks about his job via "Rough job?" ...... William then complains that he doesn't have a moment for himself anymore because he can't go outside for a coffee break. Say hello to end the conversation. 

Open the inventory and then click on Rheiterman's photo in the right part .....

Hold down your mouse button and drag the photo down the inventory, or press your space bar. Click with Rheiterman's photo  on William 

Alicia then asks William what he thinks of Rheiterman ....... William claims that he finds Rheiterman a great fine guy ....... Alicia does not agree with that ...... you now have to give 3 reasons why Rheiterman is actually a big jerk click on a reason in the text screen and do this 3 times and ....

William will then admit that he too hates Rheiterman, because he has had the coffee machine placed in the hall so that William can no longer leave his desk for a short coffee break. William will not mind at all if someone were to demolish the coffee machine and that gives Alicia an idea.

Take the Brick from inventory and then click it on the coffee machine and .... 

Alicia smashes the coffee machine with the stone and ....Rheiterman immediately comes to take a look. William finds it funny and Rheiterman disappears

A few coffee cups have fallen out of the machine. Take the coffee cups (Glasses) from the floor

Take the coffee cups straight from inventory and click them on the broken coffee machine to fill 1 cup with coffee.

 You will lose the other cups. Leave the university and return to Franky's Bar:

Franky's Bar: 

The Corpse Reviver drink:

Grab one by one the following items from inventory and give them, one by one, to Franky: Cup of coffee, Tobasco bottle, the Vomit of Ambar and the Tray / Can of the cleaning robot and .... Franky mixed then the drink, which Alicia then puts away in her bag. Take the drink from inventory and click it on the still sleeping Nuno ......... But....Franky screams that you should use a funnel because otherwise you will make a mess. So go look for a funnel. Leave the bar.


Back on the street, Alicia and Ambar are standing in front of the entrance to the residential block. Above the entrance you see the balcony and there you also see 3 windows. The left window is from Block A, the middle window is from Block C and the right window is from Block D. Block A has red light but Blocks C and B both have green light. Click on each of the 3 windows and then listen to what Alicia has to say about it.

A Munzzer lives in Block A and he throws everything he has in his hands at Alicia when you wake him up. Block C is inhabited by a certain Silvio and according to rumors he is quite a recluse. Block D is uninhabited. You can pick up Ambar and then click on window A with the dog, but the dog does not bark hard enough to wake up Munzzer.

On the left side of the street you see a Sewer cover. Take the can of Super-Skunk cola from inventory and click it on the Sewer cover and ...

Alicia throws the cola can on the cover and ..... 

the cola can explodes and this causes the Munzzer to wake up and he throws a green bottle of alcohol out of his window.

Take the green Liquor bottle. Go back, via the bridge and the kiosk, to the:


Go inside again. Alicia and Ambar are back in the hall at William Wallruce. Take the Liquor bottle from inventory and click it on Wallruce .....

Alicia offers Wallruce to spice up his coffee with the gin, but he doesn't want to drink alcohol during working hours. Say "It'll help you relax, like you were talking about" and William agrees and he then falls asleep promptly and accidentally presses the button on the compartment, which then comes up from the floor again. Take the camera from the compartment .......

It is Nuno's camera, but Alicia cannot view the photos because the camera is protected by a password.

Beneath the desk of William hangs a key ring with key cards (Keys). Take the key card.

Go up the stairs again and continue to Rheiterman's door. Click on Rheiterman's door again

Rheiterman is not in his office but he has locked his door. Take the key card from inventory and click it on the door and ....

Office of Rheiterman:

The room has a desk, a bookcase and a small cupboard with a water cooler. A Funnel hangs at the bottom of the water cooler. Grab the Funnel .... 

Alicia pulls the funnel from the cooler with some force. An orange computer screen (Screen) sticks into the desk. Click on that flat orange screen and ..

Alicia opens the screen and she then reads the emails from Rheiterman .......Alicia reads that Rheiterman has received an anonymous tip about criminal activities that were going on in warehouse 23, on the industrial site. Rheiterman could earn the Pulitzer prize with the story, but Alicia decides to write the article herself and then hand it in on time. 

Leave the office and the university and return to Jacky's Bar:

Jacky's Bar: Nuno:

Enter again. Take the Funnel from inventory and click on it with Nuno .....Alicia puts the funnel in Nuno's mouth.

Take the "Corpse Reviver" drink from inventory and also click on it on Nuno and ......

Alicia pours the drink into Nuno through the funnel and ...... the drink does its work because Nuno wakes up for a moment but Alicia beats him unconscious. Alicia then carries Nuno to their room in the residential building where Nuno then wakes up. A conversation follows in which Nuno shows Alicia the photos on his camera and says that the guy she was with the night before was probably working in the disco. Nuno also says he last saw Alicia's bracelet when she wore the thing in the nightclub last night. Alicia can borrow Nuno's camera and she leaves the room and returns to the street.

Industrial park: warehouse 23

Now walk one screen to the left (Subway) ...Alicia gets into the Subway automatically and delivers it to the industrial area at warehouse 23.

At warehouse 23, a security guard is drooling over a porn magazine

View the porn magazine the guard has in his hands to enjoy Alicia's sarcasm. Then click on the guard to talk to him and try to get him to leave his post for a moment ... Unfortunately..... whatever you say the guard cannot be lured away and Alicia is not allowed to enter shed 23 either. Move your cursor to the right edge of your screen and then click "Subway", to take the metro back home. Click in the entrance of the "Hall of Residence" to return to Alicia's apartment. Alicia's wardrobe is probably still open, otherwise click on the cupboard to open it again, then click Alicia's clothes and .......... Alicia puts on her sexiest dress.

Leave the apartment and take the Subway back to warehouse 23. Back at warehouse 23 you talk to the young guard again and ......The poor boy don't stand a chance and speechlessly keep staring at Alicia's bare tits while it drools its mouth out. Be quick now.... Click on Ambar and then with Ambar click on the young guard and .....

.Ambar runs away with the guard keys and the guard runs after the dog and ...... Alicia then enters warehouse 23

warehouse 23:

It is dark in the warehouse. Move your cursor to the left until you get the indication "Shelf" and then click and ....

The light comes on and there is a hell of a noise and then Alicia sees a truck drives out of the shed and she can take a picture of it just in time. 

Dog Ambar then also enters the shed via an air vent. The light in the shed is now on

On the left is a storage rack with blue-lit shelves. On top of that rack is a Mysterious box

At the entrance door of the shed there is a metal rod (Stick) and a rolled up Rope (String) hangs on the wall.

Take the metal rod (Stick) and ......... Alicia then automatically barricades the door with the bar. Take the Rope. Walk to the storage rack and then click on the mysterious box on top of the rack. The box is too high so Alicia cannot reach it. Take the rope from inventory and click it on the Shelf......... Alicia ties the rope to the rack.

Click on Ambar and then click with Ambar on the rack and .......... 

Ambar pulls the rack over and the box has fallen open. 

A golden Sphere has been rolled out of the box and is now lying on the floor. Take the golden Sphere ..... and .....

Alicia goes back to Franky..... Listen to the conversation between Alicia and Franky about the Golden Globe.

The sphere is the same sphere that was in Alicia's locker 5 years ago and which forced her to leave the police academy. Alicia, of course, cannot take the sphere to the police because then she will be arrested again. Franky therefore advises Alicia to continue her research and to track down that truck.

Agent Bollizei:

Alicia change quickly into her "normal" out fit and then we are back on the street with agent Bollizei. Go back to the university and enter it again. In the hall, click the Coke machine again and pull out a can of Skunk-Cola, a can of Skunk-U-Nancie and a can of Super-Skunk

Return to Agent Bollizei. Back at agent Bollizei, take the photo of the truck from inventory and click on the photo on Bollizei.

Alicia asks Bollizei if he recognizes the truck. Bollizei, however, does not want to provide Alicia with information and says he does not recognize the truck. Ask Bollizei why he does not recognize the truck via "No? Why not?" ....... Bollizei does not want to help Alicia because she has been very unkind to him all day. If Alicia wants to get info from Bollizei then she will have to change her attitude towards him. Alicia will have to flatter Bollizei. So don't use insults but say "Pity. My father never had an unkind thing to say about you, Agent Bollizei ....." 

Alicia is lying about it by saying that her father was a big fan of agent Bollizei. Bollizei is flattered that the famous father of Alicia knows his name but he wants to know exactly what daddy said about him, so say "He called you a shining example of the best the force had the sacrifice" and then continue with " He calls you a hard worker, studious, diligent ". Bollizei does not trust it and he asks if Alicia's father also knows his first name ....... Alicia of course does not know the first name of Bollizei but she has to give an answer so choose 1 of the options and ....... It conversation is over because you always give the wrong answer.

Alicia needs to know the answer to the 3 Bollizei questions about himself. She must know the first name of Bollizei and she must know the answer about his character and career. You can get this information in various places. First go back to Alicia's apartment and click in the wardrobe again to put on your sexy black dress. Dressed in your sexy outfit you go back to Bollizei. Take the blue can of Skun-Cola (red letters) from inventory and click it on Bollizei and ........

Alicia finds out that Bollizei is a Skunk-Cola fanatic, he prefers to drink Skunk-Cola rather then coffee. If you click the other 2 coke cans on Bolli you find out that he does not like those cola's. You only get this information about Bollizei's addiction to Skunk-Cola if Alicia, dressed in her sexy black dress, offers the cola to Bollizei.

Alicia refuses to go to other locations in her sexy dress, so first change Alicia back in her normal outfit and then go to Franky's Bar. Take the photo of Bollizei from the PDA inventory and click it on Franky ..... Alicia then asks Franky what he thinks of Bollizei. Franky says that Bollizei is a quiet modern agent who does not like hamburgers and donuts. Leave the bar and go to the round kiosk, which is in front of the university. Manager Bob has now open up his kiosk.

Click on Bob to talk to him. Bob appears to be a rather rude person. Continue to talk to Bob via the options.

Bob is a Cardessian and he sells Tickets for every event that is organized at the ARK. Close this conversation when you have completed all options. Then click with the photo of Bollizei on Bob and ........ Bob then tells that agent Bollizei has received an award for arresting a few aliens. The aliens were Bob's partners and, according to Bob, they were totally innocent

Go to William Wallruce in the hall of the university and also show him the photo of Bollizei. Wallruce tells you that Bollizei studied here and completed his studies, but Bollizei was not the best of students. Now that you are here again, you also have a look at the blue notice board, which is located at the left staircase. Click on that board to get into close-up and then click on the left part and also the middle part to read what it says ........

The middle part of the board has a message from one Otto. Otto would like to exchange his coffee machine for a Skunk-Cola machine, would that Otto be Bollizei? 

The conversation is then over. Immediately take the photo of the truck from inventory and click it again on Bollizei and ......

Bollizei now tells that the truck delivers drinks to all clubs in the city that belong to the Ziusudra Group and he immediately sends a list of club names to Alicia's PDA. Alicia looks at the list and sees that the Space club, where she was the night before, is also on it. That works out well, because then she can immediately ask for her bracelet there. 

Go back to the:

Bob's kiosk:

Talk to Bob again until you can ask him what he sells through "What do you sell here", then use this option and ....... Alicia then asks if Bob also sells tickets for the Space Club. Bob still has 2 tickets for the Space Club but he doesn't want to sell them because they are for his friends. End the conversation.

There is a window in the facade of the University Building and you can now see Nuno in that window. Bob's red motorbike is parked in front of the driveway to the entrance. Continue to the university entrance. The students who used to sit on the stairs have now disappeared. A public Telephone is on the wall. If you have previously viewed the sign next to Rheiterman's door, Alicia now knows his telephone number. If you have previously viewed the statue of Eduard Leopard and then talked to William Wallruce about Rheiterman, Alicia knows that Rheiterman is a great admirer of Leopard, after which the university is named. Get Eduard Leopold's photo from the PDA screen and click it on the phone and .....

Alicia presents herself as Eduard Leopold's secretary and tells that she is calling for an appointment with Rheiterman that evening at the university. Rheiterman almost gets a heart attack of joy and he immediately runs outside to make everything ready for the arrival of his big idol. However, Rheiterman sees Bob's red motorcycle standing in front of the entrance and requires Bob to move it immediately. Bob then uses his remote control to move the motorcycle under the window where Nuno is sitting.

Rheiterman stays outside, waiting for the arrival of his idol. Enter the uni and walk up the stairs to the2nd  floor and ........ Nuno is sitting in the windowsill. Go talk to Nuno and use the conversation options. At some point Nuno will go stand on the windowsill..... Click immediately on Ambar and then with Ambar on Nuno and ......

Ambar barks and because of this Nuno falls out of the window, but he lands on top of Bob's bike and Bob is not happy with that. 

Rheiterman is also not happy and he sends Nuno back into the university.

Walk back down and leave the university to Bob's Kiosk. Bob is howling at the wreck of his bike. However, there is a Space Club Ticket in the Kiosk, so steal the Ticket.

Go back to the Hall of Residence street and then get back on the Subway and......


Alicia arrives in the street where the Space Club is and she just sees that truck driving away ......Alicia and Ambar are sprinting to catch the truck...

Ambar just managed to get into the truck, but Alicia landed on the rear of the truck and clings on tightly. 

Click on the window in the back of the truck and then call for help via "Oh! Oh no! Help!" ......... Ambar, who is in the truck, whines. Call for help again via the same option and ....... Ambar then jumps against the door. The door is then slightly open so that the door (Lock is now visible. Take the rope from inventory and click it on the door lock .....

Alicia is stuck to one end of the rope while holding the other end ....... Click on one of the passing 

Alicia lasso-ed the rope around a lamppost through which the door is pulled out of the truck.

Click in the Lorry to climb in the truck and .........

Watch the end movie film of Episode 1

Alicia is surprised by what she finds inside the truck ........ only boxes with Skunk-Cola ...... Alicia returns to her apartment while she tells that the drink Skunk is made of water and detergent. Back in her apartment, Alicia writes her article. Alicia suspects that the Ziusudra company will now be screened by the police. Alicia delivers her research report to Rheiterman on time and thinks he cannot do anything else then to let her pass her for the exam.

Because she thinks she deserves an outing now, Alicia is putting on her red dress to go completely crazy again in the Space Club ...... In the Space Club she meets Sacha Blaine, the man from the previous one evening. Blaine gives Alicia the bracelet back and drinks a drink with her

Then Nuno calls because he has surprising news for Alicia ..... Dick head Rheiterman has published Alicia's article under his own name in the newspaper. In the meantime Sacha Blaine has also received a phone call. We find out that Blaine works for Ziusudra.

Blaine's boss instructs him to keep a close eye on the man who wrote that incriminating article.

Blaine, however, looks at Alicia and he thinks he "has an entrance" with her. Alicia sighs that it is never even simple .....

We continue with 

Episode 2: The Girl Who Wasn't There

2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Louis Koot