2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This Director's Cut edition of Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templars is a bit different then the original game. The Director's Cut edition begins with a new chapter feathering Nicole Collard and further more there are a few new puzzles to be solved and the interface is a bit different. 

The game starts with a Intro with Nicole (Nico) Collard,


Paris, city of love, romance and dreams.  But for Nicole no more, since the day of the murder.

Nicole Collard,  a newspaper journalist gets a call from her boss telling her that she should go straight to the Palais Royale, to do an interview with Pierre Carchon, media king and perhaps the future president of France. Carchon has specifically asked for Nicole to do the interview. Nicole walks to the palace where Carchon and his wife live. At the entrance Nicole has an encounter with a street artist, a mime player.

From experience Nicole knows that you if you want to pass a mime player you better play along with his game. 

Nicole calls and is brought to Carchon's wife Imelda, also known as the ice queen.

Pierre Carchon joins them and tells that he was a friend of Nicole's father. 

But before they can start the interview, they hear a sound in Carchon's office. The mime artist has penetrated through the window and intentionally has dropped a vase. Carchon thinks it's the cat and he goes to have a look. Then Nicole and the "ice queen" hear a shot. Nicole rushes into the office and is promptly knocked down by the mime player. 

When Nico comes around Imelda tells her that her husband Pierre Carchon is dead....he's been murdered by the mime

This is not the first murder of an influential person lately. The murderer reminds Nicole of an earlier "costume" murder. Nicole decides to do research before the police arrive.

You now get control over Nicole

Chapter 1: Paris; France: Nicole Collard: Palais Royal
Chapter 2: Paris; France: George Stobbard: Café de la Chandelle Verte

Chapter 3: Paris; France, Nicole Collard: Café and Quayside revisited

Chapter 4: Paris; France: Hotel Ubu and Crune Museum
Chapter 5: Lochmarne; Ireland:
Chapter 6: Paris; France: Crune Museum and Montfaucon
Chapter7: Marib; Syria
Chapter 8: Villa De Vasconcellos; Spain
Chapter 9: Spain: Villa De Vasconcello revisited:
Chapter 10: Scotland: Ending

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot