2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Translation by: Louis Koot

Part 3 of the walkthrough:

Norrköpping Furniture Museum

This museum is housed in a wooden chalet. Go inside and immediately turn 2 times to the left. Carol then stands in front of the reception counter. There are 2 wooden chairs on the corner of the counter. Behind the front wooden chair is a blue key card on the counter. Take the blue key card and click it to the inventory.

Turn right and then continue to the back room. Carol is then in the back room and in front of a round table with 4 chairs.

Turn left 2 times and then go forward 2 times and then turn right again.

You are now in a room with chairs, which you also saw in the photos, on the camera. 

Read the "The Black Exhibition" and the "Durmer Black's Safe at the Furniture Museum" explanation on the wall here.

You read that Durmer Black did 12 years in prison for stealing the "Cadeaux diamond of Count Ebon von Piper". Durmer Black died in prison in the 3rd year of his sentence and the diamond was never found. On the "Durmer Black Safe" poster you can read about the Durmer safe, which is exhibited here in the museum for a week. Visitors can make an attempt to crack the code and the lucky person will win an original Sweline chair. The Black exhibition is open on working days from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When you have read both posters, turn to the right. Walk 2 clicks forward and .... a clock strikes 3 p.m and Carol also tells this and she also says that the Black exhibition will now be open, but it is in another part of this museum. Turn right, walk back to the counter, turn right and step outside. Back outside, you do not click EXIT, but you turn to the left and ... You see a house now and the front door is open.

Enter the house .... so here is the Black exhibition. Left and right a room. In the left room all kinds of tools and such are set up, with which Durmer Black has made his furniture. You can take a look, but you cannot click on anything. When you are ready, you walk to the right room, where the chairs are. On 2 chairs there is an enlargement of the photo of Durmer Black with his son Gerard .... you also saw this photo in the camera in the silver mine suite. 

Turn left and walk into the side room, towards the window. Turn right and ...... a closed white door. 

Above the door handle is a slot for a key card. So click the key card, you stole from the counter, in the slot ..... 

you hear "click", so click the door handle and the door opens and Carol looks into a deep cupboard. The Durmer safe is in the cupboard. Zoom in on the safe. You must then enter the number code and that code is on the back of the Durmer business card that you have put in your inventory. So press the number keys 5,4, 4, 9 and .... the safe opens.

In the safe there is a dice and a letter. Read the letter ...... "Under the wallpaper behind the Chagall painting in the guest room on the floor", you read on the note. Get out of all the close-ups .... Carol is not a thief so she does not take the dice and the letter and she also wants to return the key card. So leave this house and go back to the chalet and put the key card back on the counter. 

Carol now wants to bring the handcuffs back to Mistress Allegra and then receive her reward. So back outside, find the EXIT and then travel via the map to:

Mistress Allegra:

Press the doorbell again and then use the conversation options to give Allegra her handcuffs. Claim your reward ...... 

Allegra says that Morty also muzzled her with a piece of cloth and a cord ...... Allegra shows Carol then the charging cord .....

Click with your magnifying glass on the cord and then with your hand to store the cord in inventory ..... Carol had expected something else, but nevertheless she will take the cord with her. Then Allegra shows Carol the rope with which Morty had wedged her. Carol does not want this rope and she says goodbye to the old whore. Now go to the:

Rhodondendron Valley:

Carol ends up in a park .... the rhododendrons are in full bloom, yuck ..... hay fever ......... Go 4 clicks forward .... 

Then you see, straight ahead but to the left next to the path, a group of trees with police tape around them

1 more click ahead and then turn left and ..... Carol is now standing in front of those closure..... it is a viewpoint on the river and there are 2 benches. 

So here they found the amputated arm of Morty's last victim. Continue until you reach the railing

Then turn clockwise and ...... against the tree standing in the water of the river, you see a piece of white paper .... 

zoom in on the roots of the tree and then take the rolled up paper and roll it out... 

it is Morty's rhyme again but there is also the missing piece of the map that Carol found in the toilet in the silver mine. Read the rhyme ...... 

Morty says here that you have to stick the fragment of the map onto the big yellow map and then find the location of his house on the map in order to come to the house. Morty won't be there. 

So take the card fragment from the note ........... you will see a red colored house on it. 

Click the fragment to the inventory and also click the rhyme to the inventory.

Find the location of Morty's house:

Carol must now find that red house on the map. First of all you combine, in inventory, the map fragment with the large yellow map that you have fished out of the toilet in the silver mine. The large yellow map then appears on your screen and your cursor is now that round map fragment ..... the large map is divided into squares with white lines ..... you now have to slide the map fragment over the large map until the fragment matches the same houses / squares on the large map .....

 look carefully at the white lines ..... search with the fragment the squares on the large map on which the lines of the fragment coincide exactly. Then click on the spot to fixed the fragment on the map. When you have found the right place then the fragment will stick to the large map and the location of Morty's house will be put on the "normal" map.

Then put the yellow map away and turn to the right .... Carol will say "I seems we are ahead of Black now". Walk back to the path until you reach the bush where the lifebuoy is. Then turn left and walk 1 click further and then click EXIT. So now travel, via the map,  to Morty's House.

Morty's House:

Carol meets an old acquaintance, the concierge. The residents / owners of the house are, according to the caretaker, in Switzerland. Talk to the concierge through all the call options. There is another house and that is rented to a guy, but that guy is not at home either. Janitor does not trust that tenant because the guy often snoops around in the attic. The janitor has lost his reading glasses, ring and e-cigarette.

If Carol goes looking for that stuff and brings it back, then he will let  Carol into  Morty's  home. So say that you will look for the things and ....

Carol then looks into the garage. There is a workmate and 2 supports with a stack of planks. Turn left and click with your magnifying glass on the shovel

Then click with your hand on the shovel to move the shovel to the left .Where the shovel was  is then the e-cigarette is on the floor .... 

Take the black e-cigarette and click it to the inventory.

Click the shovel back to its place, because Carol is a tidy girl and otherwise she doesn't want to continue. Get out of the close-up, turn to the right and walk on to the pile of wooden planks. Then turn left again. On the workmate is the glasses case of the caretaker but the glasses are not in it. However, zoom in on the workmate ..... on the right next to the tape measure lies the caretaker's ring .... take the ring and click it to the inventory.

At the stack of shelves is a blue bucket ..... zoom in on the blue bucket and ........ behind the bucket is the reading glasses .....

Grab the reading glasses and click the thing into the inventory .

Carol has found all of the caretaker's things, so go outside, via the EXIT on the gray door. Give the caretaker his things back, via the conversation options. 

The caretaker unlocked the front door of Morty's house, so go inside.

Carol looks into the kitchen from the hall. Behind the kitchen is the bedroom. However, the caretaker talked about an attic. 

Turn left and click on the door handle of the attic door and ..... Blast ..... locked.

Living room:

Turn left again ...... the living room annex dining room .... enter the living room. Turn left. 

Underneath the window is a suitcase and on the table is a lamp and a vase. There is also a drawer in the table.

Zoom in on the suitcase and then try to open the suitcase by pulling on the zipper. Unfortunately the zipper stays on the right side. Get out of the close-up and then zoom in on the drawer in the table. Open the drawer and then take the Key and click it to the inventory.

Close the drawer again and get out of the close-up. You can take a closer look at the small gray vase and then pick it up and then turn it around and shake it  to see if something falls out, but Carol finds nothing in the vase. Turn back to the right and walk to the window behind the dining table .... admire the nude on the wall. Then turn right ...... on the wall is a large yellow cupboard, which consists of 3 parts. Next to the cupboard a white door. Then a fake antique cupboard and a white door, which you only partially see.

Zoom in on the yellow cupboard and then open the 6 doors one by one to see what is in the cupboard. Always close the doors first before you can open the next door. In the upper left part of the cupboard is a wallet. Take the wallet, click on it again to open the thing and then take the card out ....

"Into the toy the inserts go. And vital numbers you shall know" Morty wrote on the card. Click the wallet back into the cupboard and close the door.

In the lower right part of the cupboard is a toddler toy where geometric blocks must be entered.

This is the toy that Morty talked about on the card. The "inserts" are the 4 blocks, a circle, a square, a triangle and a 6 corner that must be placed at the top of the 4 holes. We have to find those 4 blocks, because you can't grab the 4 blocks at the bottom. Step 2 out of the cupboard close-up. Then zoom in on the white door, on the right next to the yellow cupboard .... 13 is on the door but unfortunately the door is locked. Get out of the close-up.

Zoom in on the brown cabinet and then open the top drawer. There is a cigarette case in the drawer. Take the cigarette case and open it. An aluminum cigarette box comes out of the case, so you also open it. There is a wallet in the cigarette box. Take the wallet. The wallet has a closure with a small gray button and a thick round knob that has 5 colored segments.

To open the wallet you have to turn the color segments under the gray button in the right order ..... You don't know the order yet, so click the exit arrow 4 times to put everything back in the drawer and close the drawer again. Then open the large flap, under the drawer. You will see 6 small drawers and 1 large drawer. Between the 6 small drawers is a door with a painting with 4 number buttons below  it, which you can change the numbers of.

To open the painting door you need to know the correct code and you don't know it either. So get out of the close-ups and turn right. 

You now see the seating area and the passage to the hall. There is a TV on the low cupboard. Walk to the TV.

You can open the cupboard where the lamp is on. There is a pouch with a mask in it, Morty's mask but Carol doesn't want it so you can just forget it. 

Walk through the opened red door into the hall and then turn left and enter the kitchen


You stand in front of the stove and look into a bedroom. Turn left ..... well ...... the wallpaper of the cupboard doors leaves something to be desired.

There are 3 cupboard doors and an open shelf with coffee and a microwave. 

Open the door above the open shelf. Behind the orange funnel is an orange block ..... grab that block .....

You read a hint about where you can find the yellow square of the toy in the yellow cupboard....at the Badger. Step out 2 times and now open the large door..... You then look into a cupboard and see a waste basket. Click with your hand in the basket and ..... You get a ruined message from Morty about a bottle of "X".

Get out 2 times and turn right again ..... you look into the bedroom again ...... Turn right again ...... there is a tablet on the kitchen table. Take the tablet. Take the tablet out of the cover and then click the on / off button. Carol tells you in a sad voice that the tablet has no power ..... so the thing has to be charged. Put the tablet back on the table. In the wall you see a wall socket and Carol has received that charging cable from Allegra. Put that charging cable into the socket and ... 

the cable is then automatically plugged into the tablet and the thing is now charging and that will take a while, so first go to the bedroom.

 Standing in front of the bed, turn clockwise. To the left of the window  you see a cupboard and a table in front of the window.

On the table lies a letter .... Read the letter .... it is an explanation of how you can make invisible ink and how you can then make a text written with that ink legible again. Put the letter back on the table and go back to the kitchen table because the tablet will now be charged. Pick up the tablet again and ..... You now read a message from Morty on the tablet ....... apparently you have to find a usb stick and insert it into the tablet to read Morty's next clue

Put the tablet back on the table. You took a key from the drawer of the table in the living room ..... would that be the key for the attic door?T

urn to the right and step back into the hall and then turn right twice. Put the key in the keyhole of the attic door and Carol lands on:

The Attic:

Turn left immediately and walk further into the attic. Take a good look around the attic. 

Continue to the middle and then turn left. On a white shoe box is a green tube with a hand

You can pick up the tube but you cannot take it with you. Walk through to the attic window and then turn left again. On the board table there is the green 6-cornered block for the toddler toys in the yellow cupboard. Zoom in on it and take the green 6-corner and click it to the inventory.

Go back and down the attic stairs. Carol needs a grapefruit .....Hey .... doesn't Stina now have a fruit stall on the market? 

Leave the house and find the EXIT and go back to:


Ask Stina for a grapefruit. Stina wants to give Carol a grapefruit but then Carol first has to find her tweezers, which Stina has lost on the beach. 

Hesitate a bit, but eventually Carol has to give in  and The Beach is thrown on the map. So go to

The Beach:

Walk forward and then turn right ....... On the beach you will see a puddle and the outlet of the sewer .....

1 step forward, turn right and Carol is standing in front of the sewer outlet. To the right of the pipe is a small purple tube .....

Zoom in on that little purple tube and then pick it up ...... It looks like a lipstick but it isn't. Click on the tube a few times and ..... it is Stina's tweezers 

Click your hand again a few times to put the tweezers back into the tube and store them in inventory. Turn right, 1 step back, turn left, 1 step forward and EXIT back to:


Give the tweezers to Stina via the options and as a thank you Carol gets her so much wanted grapefruit, that you have to click on to put it in inventory.

Now go back to Carol's flat, so travel to Home:

Carol's flat:

So Carol has to squeeze the grapefruit to get a message written in invisible ink with the juice. So go to the kitchen. Continue to the window and then turn right. You then stand in front of the kitchen counter and in front of the orange press. In inventory, combine the knife with the grapefruit to cut the grapefruit into two halves. Take the sliced ​​grapefruit from inventory and click it on the orange press and then click the turning arrow to squeeze the half grapefruit to the last drop.

Then take the pressed grapefruit off the press to throw it away. Click with your hand on the press to remove the upper part. You have a bowl of grape juice 

Take the brush that Carol brought from the tree house from inventory and dip the brush in the juice ....

Click the brush back into the inventory ..... Carol has also found a note in the tree house, the "Wrinkled paper"

Combine the paintbrush dipped in the juice with that "Wrinkled paper" and a hint of Morty written in invisible ink becomes visible on the paper .....

Of course Gerald Black has already read this hint ...... you read that there is a green arm in the attic of Morty's house and that that arm contains an important diagram ...... Hey ..... would that be the green tube with the hand? Put the paper away again and walk back to Carol's front door and ..... another white envelope dangles from Carol's letterbox. Take the envelope and take out the bill for Carol's stay in the Tree House ..... joke from the maker, although ..... Carol did spent a night in the tree house. Store the bill.

Carol has received the orange hint about the yellow square in front of the toddler toy in the kitchen of Morty's house ..... that yellow square can be found at the Badger....would does this mean the animal.... And so The Wildlife Trail? There is only 1 way to find out. Leave the flat and return to the:

Wildlife Trail:

We are back in the forest and the path is the Wildlife Trail ..... Go 4 clicks forward and then turn right and ..... you are at the Badger. 

Read the information board if you feel the need. Behind the information board stand the Badger. Continue to the Badger and then turn left and ......

The yellow square block is then behind the tree. Take the yellow block and click it to the inventory.

Turn left, walk back to the path, turn left and run 4 clicks back and EXIT to the map and travel back to

Morty's house:


Go back inside and to the attic and walk to the green tube. So this is the green arm that Morty is talking about in his invisible ink message. Pick up the green arm and then click the hand off. Then click twice on the tube by hand.  A paper comes out of the tube. grab the paper and ....there are 3 circles on the paper ..... 

Each circle has 5 segments in the colors red, green, blue, yellow, orange. in the left circle is the red color above, in the middle circle the yellow color is above and in the right circle is green above ...... well .... this is the solution for the wallet in the brown cupboard in the living room. Click the paper to the inventory and go back down and then to the living room.

Living room and bedroom of Morty:

Open the drawer again, at the top of the brown cupboard. Take the cigarette box from the drawer and open the box again and then take the wallet out of the box ...... you now know the solution for the colored button, because it is on the paper that you have removed from the green tube achieved. Click with the rotary arrow on the button to click the correct color at the top and then always click on the gray button,

First place Red on top and click the gray button. 
    Then turn Yellow on top and press the gray button. 
                     Finally, turn Green on top and press the gray button and ..... 

the wallet opens .... Take the Key and click it to the inventory.

Step back 5 times. The white door 13, between the yellow cupboard and the brown cupboard, is locked, but perhaps the key just found fits on it. So zoom in again on the white door and try the key and ...... yes ...... the key fits and Carol ends up in Morty's bedroom. Turn right and open the cabinet doors. There is a backpack in the cupboard. Grab the backpack and click on the back closure and then on the flap ..... Carol finds a socket wrench screwdriver and a brochure about a mouth gag in the backpack.

Click the screwdriver to the inventory and then step back 3 times. Turn left twice. A chest of drawers with mirror. 

Zoom in on the drawers and then open the upper large drawer and take the white Candle out and click the candle to the inventory. Close the drawer. There is also a small drawer to the left and right of the mirror. Open the left small drawer and ..... You have found the blue triangle block ...... Pick up the blue triangle and store it in inventory.

Ready here, so turn left and step back into the living room. Now let's see if we can't open that red suitcase any further. Go to the red suitcase and zoom in again. The zipper sticks on the right side. But Carol has found a candle in the bedroom and candle wax is a good lubricant. Take the white candle from inventory and click with it on the zipper and then click again hand on the zipper and ..... 

the zipper now slides all the way to the left and the suitcase opens .... there is mainly unusable stuff in the suitcase.

But behind the "Azreal's Tear" DVD there is another hint from Morty ..... Take that blue note and read the hint ........

 the rhyme tells that the last block for the toy can be found at the Sun Cannon Tower. Get out of all close-ups.

Well ..... on to the Sun Cannon. Leave Morty's house, find the EXIT and travel back to the:

Sun Cannon:

Go 1 step forward and then turn clockwise and see ...... you have found the red block

Take the red block and click it to the inventory. Turn right, 1 click down, turn right and click EXIT on the soccer fields and return to:

Morty's House:

Go inside and to the yellow cupboard in the living room. You must now have the green 6-corner, the yellow square, the blue triangle and the red circle in inventory. So open the bottom right cupboard, in the big yellow cupboard, and put the 4 colored blocks in the appropriate holes of the toy and ..... on the animal pictures you will see other numbers and those are 8 , 5, 9, 1, and this is the code for the painting door in the brown cupboard.

Step out 2 times and then zoom in again on the brown cupboard and open the large flap again. 

Click on the numbers, below the painting, according to the code you just saw on the toy. So click on 8, 5, 9, 1 and ..... the painting door opens.

There's is a box ..... Take the box ..... On the lid you see twice a wrong shaped Swedish Flag and in the 4 corners a blue star. The colors of the Swedish Flag are wrong because the Swedish Flag is a yellow cross on a blue background. You have to click on the 4 blue stars to get the 2 flags right. Click in this order on the 4 blue stars: bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left and ..... 

the 2 Swedish Flags are good and the box opens. The USB stick is then in the box.

Grab the USB stick and get out of all close-ups, but close the painting door again. Carol has the USB stick and she now has to put it in the tablet, so back to the kitchen now. Pick up the tablet again and take the thing out of the cover. At the top right you see the symbol that indicates a USB port ...... click the USB stick on that symbol to put the stick in the tablet ...... in the screen of the tablet you can read another hint of Morty .....

So Carol has to look out the attic window, then she will see the building where the next hint is hidden. Get out of the close-up en go back to the attic. Walk through to the attic window and click with your magnifying glass to look through the window Carol sees a Barn in the distance ..... click with your magnifying glass on the Barn to see it better and Carol's to hear a comment and ........ 

the location of the Barn is put on the map. Well .... get out of the close-up, run down and out and find the EXIT again. So now travel to the:


Of course Carol does not end up right at the barn, but on a country road between grain fields. But in the distance, at the edge of the forest on the left, she sees the barn. So walk 3 clicks further, then turn left and then click the slanting arrow to continue towards the barn ..... 

Then walk on to the barn and enter.

In the barn you turn left to a pile of dirt ..... on top of the pile is a torn open bag of logs ....

Click on the logs in the bag ...... Carol takes a log out of the bag ..... turn the log over with the turning arrow and ....the inevitable rhyme of Morty ..

The rhyme tells that the next hint is hidden in a hollow tree on the Eastern Promenade ..... Carol, however, has to fish the hint from the hollow tree, so she needs a fishing rod or something. Get out of all close-ups, turn left and step back outside and go back to the road via diagonal right, straight ahead 2 times, diagonally right. Then turn right and walk back along the country road to EXIT. Travel back via the map to:

Tree house (The Woodpecker Hotel):

Click on the wooden board again to hoist Carol up again. Then walk on to the garden chair, turn left, walk on to the white box and turn back to the garden chair. 

So here is the "Christmas tree lamp" on the table. Zoom in again on the "Christmas tree lamp" .....

 Among all white drops there is also a black, green, yellow, purple and yellow drop. In the basement of Gerald Black's office you have found the hint about this "Christmas tree lamp". Those were the shreds of paper that you had to tinker together and that paper with the 4 drops was taken by Carol, so check that out again


 The drawing of the drops tells you in which order you now have to click on 4 of the colored drops and that is green, purple, black and blue, so do that and ..... The "Christmas tree" turns around and you see the bottom ..... a cross screw is inserted in the bottom ...... combine the crosshead with the green screwdriver in inventory to make it an "unusual screwdriver".

Then take the screwdriver from inventory and screw the screw out of the "Christmas tree" ..... the "Christmas tree" is hollow and a Key is inserted.

Take the Key and click it to the inventory. This key is for the drawer, in the large cupboard in Black's office. EXIT through the part and now travel back to:

Gerald Black's Office:

Go inside, turn right and zoom in on the drawer in the large cupboard. Insert the Key just found in the drawer lock.

The drawer slides open ..... above the yellow thermometer is a fish hook.

Take the fishhook and click it to the inventory. Leave the office and EXIT to the map and travel to the:

Eastern Promenade

A footpath between trees in a residential area. So we are looking for a tree with a hole in the trunk. Go forward 2 clicks and then turn clockwise. 

The tree where Carol is now standing has a thick knot with a hole in it .... Zoom in on it ........ Carol needs something to fish the hint from the tree. In inventory, combine the fishing hook with the fishing line and then combine it entirely with the pull rod and ..... Carol has made herself a sort of fishing rod.

Click with the fishing rod in the tree hole and ..... Carol is fishing a white basket from the tree and there is a socket wrench in the basket.

Take the socket wrench and click it to the inventory. In inventory, combine the socket wrench with the socket wrench holder (Heavy Tool).

Step away from the tree, turn left, 1 step further forward, turn left and click EXIT and travel back to the:


Carol land back on the country road between the fields. Now walk 1 step forward and then turn left. In the left field you now see a ditch .....

Go 1 click forward, then turn 2 times to the right and ...... a sewer pipe ...... zoom in on the sewer pipe ..... there is a block of wood in the pipe .....

pick up the wood block and turn it over ..... a screw is inserted in the wood block ....... use the socket tool (Heavy tool) to remove the screw.

Then take the propped up paper out of the hole ...... The paper looks like the chessboard and there are letters in 4 boxes ...... 

The letters are in different colors. The letters make the word "CHECKMATE" ..... the order is therefore red, purple, blue, green. Remember this color sequence and then click the paper to the inventory. Step back 2 times and then click the forward arrow, above the pipe to get back on the road between the fields, then turn left and then go back to the barn

So 2 steps ahead, left, stilted arrow, 2 steps ahead and Carol is almost at the barn again. Now do not click the straight arrow but click the slanted left arrow. Carol does not want to go further into the forest, but turn to the left ...... Carol is now at the rear of the bar and here you can see the opening of a sewer pipe .....

Zoom in on the sewer pipe and ...... there is a chess box in the pipe. Pick up the chess box .....

4 squares are colored in the colors purple, red, green and blue ....... 

You must now press the 4 squares on the box where you saw the letters on the paper from the sewer pipe, but that must be done in the right order

Press: the red box, the purple box, the blue box and then the green box and ...... the box opens and you can read Morty's new rhyme 

The rhyme tell where Morty hid the next hint. Carol must follow the path further. Carol does not take the chess box with here, so get out of all the close-ups ..... the box goes back into the sewer pipe. Turn to the right and ...... now Carol wants to go further into the forest ......

Walk 3 clicks forward ..... in the distance you see another barn ..... if you now turn left you will see a sewer pipe in the grass ... 

then turn right again and continue until the end of this path, those are 6 clicks. Then turn left and ..... a red barn .....

Continue to the red barn. Open the barn doors to get in. Turn left ...... behind the open box there's a plough is lying ..... 

Zoom in on the sharp teeth of the plough  and get the chess box, which sticks between the dangerous teeth.

Open the box .... there are chess pieces in the box as well as a photo of the Water tower of Norrköpping ..... Pick up the photo and then turn the photo because on the back there is an explanation of this tower and the location is then placed on the map.

Click the photo back into the box and then click the chess box to the inventory and step out of the close-up. Turn 2 times to the right, towards the other barn wall. There is a cell phone on the yellow bar. Zoom in on it, grab the cell phone and click on the cover.... Then click on the screen of the phone and .....

You see 2 chess pieces, the black knight and the black king and you see part of a chess board, with numbers and letter ..... You have to click on the correct 4 boxes, but you don't knot which boxes to click. Click the phone to the inventory. Turn right and click the barn door to get outside again. 2 times forward, turn right and then 13 clicks forward. Then turn right and walk along the country road back to EXIT and then travel, via the map, to the:

Water Tower:

An industrial area. Go forward 2 clicks and then turn right. The construction fence ends here and you can see the water tower in the distance. So go 2 clicks further, over the grass ..... Carol then cannot continue but she sees the tower. Turn left and ....... He ........ a chessboard in the grass .... Zoom in on the chessboard

The black knight and the black king are in the middle, but they are glued to the board. You now need to know on which 2 squares, the black horse and the black king are ...... A chessboard has 8 by 8 = 64 squares.... and each square has a letter and a number such as A1, A2, A3 ... and so on ........ The black knight is therefore on square F4 and the black king on D5.  Right-click on the phone that you found in the red barn to put the thing large on your screen. You must now click on the squares where the black knight and the black king are on the chessboard ... So click on the squares F, 4, D. 5 and .... the rhyme appears

the rhyme tells us that Gerald Black and Morty are one and the same person, Gerald Black is Morty .... 

Gerald Black has a "split" personality ..... 2 people in 1 body ......

Get out of all close-ups. There is 1 more hint to follow, namely the hint we found in the Durmer safe and that hint told us: "Under the wallpaper behind the Chagall painting in the guest room on the ground floor". So we have to go back to Gerald Black's parental home. Return to the road and click EXIT and travel now, via the map, back to

Gerald Black's parental home:

Of course Carol first has to do the walk again, so 2 clicks forward, turn left and on through to the porch and enter. Turn left immediately and step inside the left front room. Then turn to the doorway of the corridor. On the left is the place where a painting must have hung on the wall ..... Zoom in on that spot ..... below the painting spot you can see the ragged edge of the wallpaper .....

Click with your hand on the spot to pull a piece of wallpaper off the wall .... Then pull another piece of wallpaper off the wall ..... You then get your magnifier, so click ..... Carol moans that she really can't pull the rest of the wallpaper off the wall with her delicate hands, so use the rusty red Knife to continue to remove ..... always find the place to click on it with the knife and ..... eventually Carol has removed a large piece of wallpaper and you see a text on the wall

Zoom in on the text, you read "The Diamond is in La Paz ....." 

Click it again with your magnifying glass so that Carol exclaims "La Paz?" ...... in 1 of Morty's rhymes you have read that "La Pas" is the name of Black's teddy bear. Where is that  the Teddy Bear again? ..... Oh yes .... In Black's house. Leave this house, find the EXIT and travel back to:

Gerald Black's house:

Carol ends up in the hall again. Turn right and enter the living room. Turn left and walk to the closet where the teddy bear is.

Pick up Teddy and turn it on the turn arrow. With the rusty red knife, cut Teddy's back twice and ....

Take the Diamond from Teddy and click the thing to the inventory ....

Get out of the close-up, turn around and ..... Carol now meets Gerald Black .....

Black wants to know what the hell Carol is doing in his house ..... So talk to Black via all options and ...

Well ... it's a meeting that gives Carol quite a headache because she is now beaten unconscious and locked up in the deep hall closet.

Escape from the closet:

After an hour Carol comes back to her positives .... Carol is locked in the hall closet. It is dark in the cupboard ...... But luckily Carol has kept her things .... Take the Safety lighter from inventory and click it in the screen and .... We have light. Turn to the door ..... Click the door handle ..... The door is locked ..... Take a closer look at the keyhole .... Click with your magnifying glass twice on the keyhole ....Carol hopes that the key, on the other side of the door, is still in the keyhole. Get out of the close-up and turn left ...... boxes ..... Click away the blue box and then take the Letter from the larger box ......

It is a letter from Dora, the murdered wife of Gerald Black ..... In this letter Dora confesses that she has cheated, but that she has ended that relationship.

Click the letter to the inventory. Turn back to the door. Take the letter from Dora from inventory and click the letter under the door. Carol slides the letter half under the door, under the door handle and the keyhole. Turn right. There is a computer and there are plastic containers. There is also something in the upper plastic bin. Take that thing out of the plastic bin .... it turns out to be a meat thermometer with a sharp point .... click it to the inventory.

Turn back to the door and zoom in again on the keyhole and now poke with the newly found thermometer in the keyhole and ..... Carol pokes the key out of the keyhole and the key falls on the letter. Get out of the close-up and pull the letter underneath the door again and ...... Carol then has the key, which you then click to the inventory. Immediately take the key from inventory again and click it on the keyhole and ..... Carol gets out of the cupboard and she is right outside the front door. Leave the house through the front door and ...

Carol now draws her conclusions but she is not ready to go to the police with her suspicions. The map will appear ..... travel to:

Albert Edison's office:

Edison's office is locked .... Carol cannot enter. Turn right .... you are in front of the office of John Brown and Nina Jorun .... click the door handle to enter this office. You stand in front of the desk, turn left ..... just like a cupboard as in Black's office. Zoom in on the drawer and open the drawer .....

In the drawer, on the orange box, lies a small note ..... Take the note ..... the note is stuck on the key to Edison's door.

Click the note away and then click the key to the inventory. Get out of the close-up, turn left, leave this office. 

In the corridor, turn right and open Edison's door with the key you have just found to end up in the office.

In Edison's office you can see a number of things, things that give Carol a little more insight into the matter. Like the box in the big cupboard and the reproduction of the nude from Morty's house. Behind the office chair is a small cupboard with 3 drawers and that cupboard is important ....

When you have looked at the low cupboard behind the desk chair, Carol knows that she needs a key for it. Get out of the close-up and turn 2 times to the right. You now see the right part of the desk and on the edge you see a black button with an up / down arrow.

Click on the button and ...... your screen will go black for a moment and then the desk will come up ..... put your hand on the up arrow and then click again to hoist the table even further up and ...The key of the low cupboard is then stuck on the table's support column ..... Zoom in on the key and pull it loose and click it into the inventory.

You have to lower the desk again, so click the down arrow on the black button, then turn back to the low cupboard and zoom in again and put the key in the keyhole. Open the top drawer, but there's nothing important in the drawer. Close the drawer and open the middle drawer. Take the black document folder from the drawer and open the folder ......

A purple letter and a blue card are in the brochure. There is also a zipper case that you can zip open

On the blue card you can read the last rhyme and Carol now knows that Edison has written all those rhymes. Albert Edison is Morty and he killed Dora and the young woman. The purple letter is another letter from Dora and this time addressed to Albert Edison ......

Edison was the secret lover of Dora. Click the purple letter and blue card in the brochure again.

Then open the separate compartment by clicking on the zipper and then take the yellow letter and read it through ......

The yellow letter explains why Edison hired Carol to track down Black. Also click the yellow letter back into the folder and then click the exit arrow a few times and then click the closed folder to the inventory. Then go out of the close-up of the box and then turn 2 times counter clockwise a ........... Murderer Albert Edison appears ...... Talk to Edison through all the conversation options ......

When Carol tells Edison that she has told the police everything, Edison does not believe this and he threatens to kill Carol ....... Edison is blocking the exit with his fat body .....

Quick .... take the Socket wrench (Heavy Tool) from inventory and click twice with it ton Edison's face .....

.After the 2 times Edison then leans to the right and there is then a space on the left side of Edison to run out of the office ......

As soon as Edison leans to the right, quickly move the cursor to the left of Edison and click the Forward arrow to run into the corridor

Then turn right and run further down the corridor and ..... you will see the ending then.

Edison gets arrested and convicted for the murder of Dora and the young woman. 

Black writes a book with Carol as co-writer and the publisher of that book even wants to publish Carol's book


2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Translation by: Louis Koot