2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 2 of the walkthrough

The St. Anna Chapel

Look at the information sign and see the drawing on it.

He....doesn't the drawing  look like the colored stripes on the box that's on the mantelpiece in the basement of Hendrik's house?. 

Zoom out and step forwards to enter the courtyard of the chapel. Turn right and go forwards to the stone altar

On the wall, above the altar, you see the ornament that you just saw on the information sign. Zoom in on the ornament

The colors of the 4 stripes are: Top left = blue, top right = lilac, bottom left = green, bottom right = brown. Note this and zoom out and.......

Carol screams that she better take a photo of this ornament, so take the cell phone out inventory and click with it on the ornament to take a photo of it

Click the photo to the inventory. You can't enter the chapel further, so turn around and leave the courtyard, find the EXIT and travel back to:

Hendrik's House

Enter and go to the basement via the stairs and through the glass door. Walk on to the mantelpiece and zoom in again on the square box that's on it

Take the box to put in close-up. Ok...you now the colors of the 4 stripes...you saw those colors on the ornament of St. Anna Chapel and you have taken an photo of it. 

So look at that photo again and then click on the 4 stripes on the box until you have given then each the right color. The box then opens and you take the key out

This is the key for the locked office door upstairs, at the front door, so click the key to inventory and go back upstairs.

 Go to the front door, turn to the right and use the just found key on the door and enter the office.

On the floor, in frond of the desk, stand a briefcase. Zoom in at the briefcase and click on the colored document that's sticking out.. 

Read and take the colorful document. Notice the 4 colored telephone horns....it's the order in witch you must click the 4 horns on the treasure box in the living room

Click the note to inventory and then take the letter out of the suitcase.....

It's a letter from Tim from the Tourist Information Center and this location will now be on the map.

Look at the desk and see the "Chinon 38 Pacific" camera brochure.

Go to the living room and look  again at the treasure box that's on the antique cabinet.

Click on the 4 colored telephone horns in the correct order, as you have seen on the note from the briefcase

So click: Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. Then take the key bit from the treasure box 

Leave the house and travel to 

The Tourist Center

Talk to Tim Gerald

Tim needs Carol's help because Hendrik didn't finished all things four the City Puzzle Tour. 

Tim has given Carol a list with questions of witch she must find the answers in the Miniature City and this location is now on the map

The Micro City

Check the City Tour Leads in your inventory for the 3 puzzle assignments. Go forward once and then turn right 

Go forward to the stall behind the house and then zoom in on the cart that's in the stall

You look into the cart and you'll see that there are 4 large stones in the cart

You have found the answer on the first question: Number of stones in the cart = 4 and this is now put on the puzzle note

Zoom out a few times and turn around and go back to the main path (1 click forwards). Then turn right

Go  forward 2 clicks over the main path and then turn left

You see a kind of bridge with red planks ahead of you. Go forwards one click and then zoom in on the road sign that's on the bridge 

The road sign gives you the answer on .question 2: Road to Stockholm = 2

Turn around and go back to the main path and then turn left

Back on the path you go forward and....you look at the town hall. Zoom in on the Town hall

You get the answer on question 3: Windows........It's a museum.....it's the 42 Windows Museum

The 42 Windows museum is put on the map and that's where Carol must go to know. 

Zoom out a few times, turn around and follow the main path to the big house and then turn left to the EXIT.

EXIT and travel to the

42 Windows Museum

Go forward to the double stairs. Don't climb up yet but turn right turn 

Go into the side room, turn left and zoom in on the wooden box that is standing on a table

The box is miniature desk on the table with a lid and 2 drawers. Click the lid to open it and then take the Puzzle Note out of the box. 

Carol needs to find 4 things here in the museum and on this note you reed witch 4 things she needs to find. Click the question note to the inventory

Carol must find three animal species and the name on a fire extinguisher. See the colorful buttons, yellow, red, green and purple,  on the front of the desk next to the two drawers. You must push those 4 buttons in the right order to open up the drawers and you will find that order when you have solved the 4 questions on the note. 

Zoom out, turn left, forwards, turn right and now climb up via one of the stairs

Carol climbs up to the second floor. Turn left and climb up, via the right stairs, to the 3rd floor

Carol is now on the top floor of the museum and here she must find the answer to the 4 questions. You need to walk around this circular room and then always turn to the windows on the right. Click with your Eye on the animals you see behind the will find the answers of the 4 questions that's on the note.  Every time you have found an answer there will be a colored dot put on the note at the questions

The first answer, for question 1,  you find right away when you look through the window here.

Zoom in on that bird and you will get a red dot on the note at question 1

Go around and look through all the windows. You see animals, some of which are on the puzzle list. The second one I found was the Bird in frond of the Elk


The third answer I found was the name on the fire extinguisher. You find that fire extinguisher on the left side at the door of the office

The last answer you find when you move along and keep looking through the big windows

When you have solved all 4 questions you will have a red, a yellow, a purple and a green dot on the note and this is the order in witch you have to click the 4 colored buttons on the miniature desk. 

So find the stairs and descent to the ground floor.

Back on the ground floor you go into the side room again and you zoom in again on that miniature desk.

Now click the buttons in this order Red, Yellow, Purple and Green and the drawer slide open

See a case with a numerical code. Get the case with the code in close-up.....

Carol needs to go back to the Tourist Information Center for the next clue, but first note down the code 0, 1, 2, 3

Leave the museum and go back to 

The Tourist Center

Talk with Tim again about everything and you get the location of Hendrik's Summer House on the map

Leave and travel to

Hendrik's Summer House

Go to the front door and zoom in on it and try to open the door. No luck....We need the key

Turn around and go forwards 2 times, to the caravan. Then turn right

 A shed. The shed has a right door and a double door on the left. Zoom in on the right door and then click the latch to get into the shed

In the shed turn right and zoom in on the hammer that hangs on the nail

Take the hammer and click it to inventory. Turn and leave this part of the shed. You are outside again in front of the caravan

Turn back to the shed and now zoom in on the left double doors. Use the hammer on the pin, that locks the doors,  to get inside this part of the shed

Inside turn left and then zoom in on chicken wire. There's a Key hanging on the chicken wire

When you are in close-up of the Key, take the Key and click it to the inventory. It's the key of the front door of the summer house

Go outside, turn left  when you are again in front of the caravan and.....

... go back to the frond door of the summer house 

Zoom again in on the front door and then use the just found Key on the door and......

Carol goes inside the house and we are on the ground floor Move forward to the washing machine. Turn right and you'll  see a bag of powder on a chair

Carol don't take the bag of power, but she knows it's here when she needs it. Zoom out turn left twice and open the door and Carol steps into the boiler room

Turn left and go to the other wall and then turn left again. 

A little blue Key hangs on a nail. Take that blue key and click it to the inventory

Turn left, forward, right and leave the room. Go to the front door and then turn left and step  into the kitchen. 

When you are standing in front of the kitchen table turn left. There's a letter in the windowsill.

Take the letter and read it. It's about using a trailer

Put the letter away and turn around and then go through the door into the bed room.

Zoom in on the left bedside table and then open the drawer. Take the blue Membership Cart from the drawer and click it to inventory. Then take and read the letter from Stefan.

Stefan isn't a fan of Hendrik and he mention his stump. Put the letter away Turn left and go through the door to the hall and then turn left to the stairs

You see a little door under the stairs. Zoom in on that little door and....

Open the door under the stairs and look into the dark closet. There's an "M-Key" on the black device. Take the "M-Key" and put it in inventory

Zoom out and turn 2 times left to see a closed  white door where you do not have the key for now

Turn back to the stairs and now climb up to the 2nd floor. Upstairs turn right and look left at the wall. There's a door behind the wallpaper!

When you zoom in on that wallpaper door you cant see a keyhole and also there's no door handle. Zoom out and go through the white door into a bed room. Look at the suitcase that's on the bed and then look close the padlock. The lock has 4 round buttons that change color when you click them. You cant open this lock now

Click back, turn left 2 times and open the bathroom door. Look at the iPad on the seat. 

Take the Ipad and turn it on......you see 4 geometric shapes. You need the click the shapes in the correct order, but you don't know the order yet

Click back to put the Ipad back on the seat. Turn left and go to the balcony door on the other side of the stairs. Then turn right  back to the right and open the door with the "M-Key". 

You look into a dark storage closet. On the floor is something that you can zoom in on, so do that and then take the thing that's on the floor

It turns out to be a bottle of White Spirit / Turpentine. Put in in inventory

Zoom out. You can go on the balcony, but it's a bit windy there so why bother. Go back downstairs. 

Go to the living room.......you have to find the living room yourself but it's not that difficult.....

Then find the fireplace and the mantelpiece. There's a lighter on the mantelpiece but Carol leaves it here

Now find the front door, via the kitchen and the hall,  and Leave the house.

Outside again you walk all the way forwards until you reach the EXIT from this area. Do not EXIT but turn left and..........

.......another shed / stable.....Zoom in on the double doors and then use the Blue Key on the lock and.....Carol goes in

Turn left and go through the door to the next room

Turn to the right and .....a Pitch Fork.....Zoom in on the Pitch Fork and then take it and click it to the inventory

Turn right and see a hook and chain. Above the Hook and Chain stand a Crowbar on the ledge......Zoom in on that crowbar

The crowbar is to high up for Carol to reach it, so use the just found Pitch Fork on the crowbar. 

The Crowbar will fall on the ground, beneath the hook and chain. So zoom in there and take the crowbar and click the bloody thing to the inventory

For this moment we are ready here and in Hendrik's summer house but we will come back. Leave the building and when you outside again turn left and now click the exit.

Via the map you now travel back to: The Salem Wetlands

Part 3 of the walkthrough

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot