2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Chapter 1: Devlin Mine:

Picnic place:

You have landed high on the hills at a picnic area.  

Turn around a bit and walk forward to the stone wall that you see in the distance.  

Phyllis will report again and explain a few things to you.  

So you are in a virtual representation of Jean Thorntonís world, as composed by Phyllis from Jean's brain. Just walk through and at the wall turn right and follow the only path you can follow. You then end up at a long staircase that leads deep down.  

Go down the long stairs and .... continue to the house with the chimney.

This house is the workplace of what used to be the Devlin Mine and in this mine we are now looking for the 1st Memory of Jean.

Mine buildings:  

Walk under the pipe and then turn left .... you are now in front of the entrance of the house. Go inside and take a look around.

At the back there is a desk on the wall and you can go down to the dressing room via the stairs in the middle.  

Walk on to the desk. There is a letter on the desk. Left click on the letter to read it. 

In this "Unease in the Mine" letter you  read about turmoil among the miners because the working conditions in the mine are rather sad. The mine was not doing well at all.  

You don't necessarily have to find and read these kinds of letters and notes .... they are not really important to be able to play the game, but they do provide you with a lot of background information about what is in Jean Thorntonís life occurrences. Left click to put the letter back. You can still descend here, via the stairs in the middle or via the rear balcony, to the changing room to find and read some newspaper articles and a letter there. I take the route via the rear balcony. so turn left and walk outside and backwards. Then turn left and go down the stairs and ......

.... then walk through the hallway to the changing room. 

On the notice board you can read some articles about the mine and on the table is a letter that you can pick up and read ....  

This "Such an idiot" letter tells you that one Dan has been so stupid to take the manual of the compressor to the mine and has left it there behind the blast doors.  

When you are done here, climb back up the stairs and walk outside through the front entrance.  

Back outside you continue further to the left and you go down the 2 stairs to the office building, which is below .....

.... as you descend the stairs you will hear a whole story again from Phyllis who again fully explains that this virtual world is composed of bits and pieces of Jean's demented memories. When you reach the bottom, do not walk straight into the office building, but turn left. You see, on the right next to the stairs, the entrance to a corridor .....  

Walk into the corridor. In the hallway is the entrance to the mine but the door is locked with a code lock and you don't know the code now.  

So walk back outside and now to the office building and enter it now. The door on the right is the door of a small kitchen where there is nothing to do. Inside are 2 stairs, up to the office on the floor and down you can go to outside at the "Blast door" of the mine. But that "Blast door" is still locked so it is not necessary to look there. At the down stairs is a cupboard with a letter that you can read. In this "Letter to Mr. Harvey of Hail" you read that one Mr. H. Smith wants to buy the company from Harvey.  

Ok .... put the letter back and go upstairs. When you reach the top you walk to the desk.  

On the desk is a typewriter and there is a sheet of paper and a copper plate. Pick up the sheet of paper and then left click to put it in your pocket. Then click on the typewriter to insert the paper and then click on the keys of the typewriter a number of times to type a letter ..... you will notice that the letter is ready .... you type the letter from Jean's memory. Take this  "Memory Journal #1" letter from the typewriter and read it through ...  

It is the 1st page of Jean's diary and you read that she had an accident and that she remembers that she smelled perfume. Left click to put the letter back in the typewriter. Now pick up the copper plate and then turn the plate over .... on the back of the plate you read the number 1670 and that is the code for the lock on the door in the mine corridor.  

Left click to store the board in your pocket ..... If you already had another item in your pocket, that item will be placed here on the desk.

You can now first return to your Case to store the copper plate in one of the 4 cupboards.

Do that now, so press your T-key to return to the Case and then put the copper plate in 1 of the 4 cupboards ....  

Then press your T key again to end up in the office next to the desk.

Well ..... you now know the code for the door, so go back down and go back to the code door in the hallway. Stand straight in front of the door and click on the number code lock to zoom in on it. The lock has 4 tumblers and you see 2 rows of numbers .... on the bottom row you have to put the code 1670 ... so click on each of the 4 tumblers until you have the code 1670 on the bottom row and .....

.... the door will open, so step through the opened door and ..... you will end up in the:


Pump the water away:

Phyllis will have reported again. The corridor is a bit under water and that is a problem.

Immediately turn left and walk to the back along the 5 turning wheels.  

You end up at the power switch ....  

Click on the power switch ..... unfortunately ..... because of the water in the corridor the power doesnít turn on, the switch jumps back.

 You must first pump the water from the hallway. Turn around and walk into the watery corridor.  

The layer of water in the corridor is not deep but deep enough to hold the rails underwater. Turn left ..... at the left end of the corridor is the elevator that you need to go deeper into the actual mine, but the elevator is also underwater and therefore has no power. Turn around .... at the other end of the corridor the water is deeper, so don't go there.  

you have read about the compressor diagram in one of the letters. Well......this Compressor Diagram hangs on the wall above the workbench . There is a letter on the box, which is under the diagram. Walk to the compressor schedule. First read the "She Stirs Beyond The Waves" letter on the cupboard.  

Put the letter away again and stand in front of the schedule. The diagram shows the 5 rotary wheels of the compressor. The red arrows tell you how to turn each wheel. Number the 5 wheels, from left to right, as 1 to 5. You see that the buttons of wheels 1 and 4 must be on the right and the buttons of wheels 2, 3 and 5 must be on the left.  

Go back to the power handle and then turn around. You see the 5 turning wheels ..... Number the 5 turning wheels, from left to right, now also as 1 to 5. Then stand right in front of wheels 1, 2 and 3. According to the diagram on the wall, the knob of wheel 1 must be to the right and that of wheels 2 and 3 to the left. Wheels 1 and 3 are already positioned correctly, so click on wheel 2 to turn it to the left. Then stand in front of wheels 4 and 5 ..... Wheel 4 must go to the right and wheel 5 to the left ..... Wheel 5 is already to the left so click on wheel 4 to turn it to the right.  

Now go back to the power lever and click the lever down again and ..... if you have now correctly turned the 5 turning wheels, the lever will now stay down and the water will be pumped out of the corridor and the lift. So go back into the rail corridor and then walk to the elevator. Enter the elevator and pull the elevator lever down and .....

..... with the elevator you now sink down to the mine corridors, deep underground ....

Mine corridors:

When the elevator has stopped and the gate doors have opened, walk out of the elevator. You are now really in the mine. There are 2 rooms, one on the left and one on the right.  

First go into the right room and ..... Phyllis tells that there is a film projector on the floor, and I have to admit.......

 .... that Phyllis is not crazy .... There is a film projector on the floor.  

The Film Projectors:

Phyllis further explains that you will come across more of these film projectors in the rest of the game. But Phyllis also tells you that you don't have to do anything with all those movie projectors unless you want to continue playing the game in the longer and more difficult way. These film projectors are optional in the game. Here and there you will find these film projectors and they are all broken. By repairing all those film projectors you can collect film reels on which there is a piece of film with memories from Jean's life ..... The film reels are then stored by Phyllis for you at the film projector in your Case, where you can always see them.

The Film Projectors are not necessary to be able to play the game ..... if you choose to repair all film projectors then the game takes longer because repairing the projectors does not just happen .... you will have more puzzles to solve to find the parts of every projector because every projector lacks different parts. My walkthrough assumes that you also choose to get as much out of a game as possible, so that you choose to repair all those film projectors. If you do not want that, you can still use this walkthrough because in the future you will just skip all the parts that are about the film projectors. Again ..... the movie projectors are OPTIONAL ..... Except for this 1st projector you don't have to do all the others.

 But Phyllis has reported that you have to repair this 1st film projector, and we will do that too.

There is a letter on the pile of wood that is against the left wall. Take the letter and read it .....  

this "Air Hose Clogged Up" letter says that air hoses are clogged so that smoke cannot get out of the mine corridors. The foreman states in the letter that he will poke holes in the air hoses so that the air can leave the hoses to blow away the smoke. Put the letter back on the wood pile and turn around and walk to the back of the room. Here is the large air pump and a desk and 2 orange cupboards.  

There is another letter on the desk and a bottle on the stool. Pick up the letter ..... this is a note and this works differently from the other letters ......

 Phyllis says that this is an important note and that she will keep it for you in your Case, on the 3 large white screens in the rear room of your Case ..

.... the note says that Steve can't find the "Air compression manual" anywhere but that it is somewhere in the mine.

Find the "Air Compressor Manual"

Left-click to put the note back on the desk. Then pick up the Flask and put it in your pocket because you never know whether you will need a flask in the future. However, you must immediately carry another bottle with you so now press your T-key again to end up in your Case and place the flask in 1 of the 4 cupboards.  

Press your T-key again to return to the mine ... you will be in front of the desk again. Turn left and walk to the 2 orange cupboards, of which the left cupboard is already open. Open the right cupboard and then take the glass Bottle out ..... you'll hear Jean's voice when you pick up the bottle.  

Left click to put the bottle in your pocket. Turn and leave this room and then go to the room across the corridor. This is the Press Room. The press room has a front space and a rear space. There is a radio on the table in the front room and there is also a letter. You can turn on the radio by clicking on it.  

Read the "Something is Coming Down" letter .... and uh .... 

.......from now on I will not make more screenshots of all letters and process them in the walkthrough ..... only the really important letters I will show. Just read all the letters, notes, memos, etc. that you encounter. 

Enter the back room, where you will find 2 large presses, 1 left and 1 right.  

Stand straight in front of 1 of both presses and then place the glass Bottle in the press and then click the lever down and ......

.... the press breaks the bottle into a number of fragments .......

.... you hear Jean again and then a remark from Phyllis. The press is reopened..... grab the large shard from the press and store it in your pocket.

Leave this room again and then go left. The corridor continues on the left, but here in the corner is another note on a chest.  

Read this "Hide and Seek" note and then click it back to the box.  

Go left through the "gate" to the next part of the mine and ..... you will arrive at the 1st Air Pump. A hose is attached to the air pump and you have read that the hoses of the air pumps are clogged with grit. You also read that the foreman would poke holes in the air hoses so that the air would still blow the smoke out of the halls .... But there are no holes in the air hose of the pump .... stand in front of the hose of the pump and then click on the hose with your white cursor and ..... with the shard you punch a hole in the hose and the air blows from the hose.  

The pump stopped pumping immediately. Turn around and follow the corridor, which turns and then becomes a mine passage, to Air pump 2 and here also puncture the hose and .... the metal door then sinks into the ground and you can continue your way through the mine passage.  

Follow the corridor further .... you end up in a large bend in the corridor with a pump and a wooden scaffolding. Below the scaffolding is a Letter .... walk to the scaffolding and read this "The Devils Chamber Part 1" letter. Then turn around and .... the mine corridor continues on the left, because you came from the right corridor  

So go into the left corridor ... you will come to Air pump 3 .... poke a hole in the hose of the pump and ..... the next metal door will open.  

Walk on and ..... the next part of the corridors will be a bit underwater. Continue to the wooden table. On the left  Pump 4 is  pumping. On the wooden table is a Book and you can enter a left corridor and a right corridor here. You can search those 2 other corridors, but you have to stoop to get to those corridors. Both corridors are dead but in the back of the left corridor you can find another letter ... it is the "The Devils Chambers Part 2" letter. Then return to the table and take the Book from the table ........  

You hear Jean say something about perfume and this book is the Compressor Manual that you read about on Steve's note.

 If you now put the book in your pocket, then the Shard is placed on the table .... Do that, then pick up the Shard again immediately .... the Book ends up on the table. You may need the shard later, but you will never come back here, so let's first put the shard in the Case. So press your T-key again to return to the Case and then place the Shard in 1 of the 4 cabinets. Return to the table in the mine via your T-key. Pick up the Book again and click it in your pocket. Now go all the way back, through the corridors, to the room where the film projector is on the floor.

Projector room:

Stand straight in front of the desk again and then place the Compressor Manual Book on the plate, which also has Steve's note on it and .....  

 ...... you have given Steve his Manual back and ...... you hear Jean and the metal door of the room closes ..... you can't leave the room now. Turn around and see ..... the Film Projector has now been repaired and is now in its full glory on the table and is loaded with the 2 film reels. Click on the buttons of the projector and .... well .......... the projector is projecting a Bottle of Perfume and you hear Phyllis saying that you must have done something good somewhere.  

A Blast door will open behind the projector, so go through the open door and follow this new corridor ....  

You pass a gate door, which is locked with a padlock, and you reach a cave where a glowing Blue Crystal sticks out on some rocks.  

Phyllis reports that the crystal is, partly, the cause of Jean's dementia problem. Walk on to the glowing blue crystal, which is actually an "Eternal Rock". Behind the crystal you see a Press Pick up the Crystal and ..... Phyllis announces that you must destroy the crystal and that she will then be able to bring you back to your Case.  

So store the crystal in your pocket and walk on to the Press. Place the crystal in the Press and then pull the Lever down and ......

..... Jean does not want the crystal to be destroyed so she resists violently ...... You are thrown back a bit and Phyllis interferes with it and screams that you should not listen to Jean ..... When Phyllis screams that you have to pull the lever down again. move forward and click on the lever again and ...... it will continue automatically .....

Phyllis thinks you don't want to destroy the crystal so she gets a little pissed off, but then we see that the crystal is falling apart. The result, however, is that the emotional stress in Jean's brain becomes so great that now this entire imaginary world will collapse ....  

You now automatically go through all kinds of doors and a town and eventually your screen goes black and you hear the voice of young Jean. 

You then end up in your:


Phyllis explains what has just happened and she is talking about an Artefact that we now have to look for, on the screen you see now the Map. You get the message that you must now select "Pinwheel Harbour" on the screen, because we will continue to look there.

But there is no hurry .... Let's see if Phyllis kept word when she said in the Devlin Mine that she will save all the important documents here in your Case for you. Go down the stairs behind the chair, down and to the back room and see ..... on the middle of the 3 large white screens there is indeed that note from Steve, about the Air Compressor Manual.  

So you can always find all the really important documents here, if of course you have found them first in the game, and read again. If you also take a look at the film projector, you will see that Phyllis has stored the film reel from the mine here for you in the film reel cabinet ..... If you place the reel on the projector, you can see the film of the perfume bottle.

Return to the top and click in the screen on the Port (bottom left of the screen) and ...... 

At the bottom of the screen appears the travel link "TRAVEL TO: PINWHEEL HARBOR" ......

.. Well ...... Click on "PINWHEEL HARBOR" and ...... you end up in:

 Chapter 2: Pinwheel Harbour:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw