2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Chapter 3: Brimcliff Industrial Centre

Part 1: the Arsenic House:

At the end of Chapter 2 you have reached the Brimcliff Industrial Complex via the river. You went out of the river and entered the complex via the steel bridge. Phyllis has talked to you for a while and you are standing on the left bank of the river and in front of a stone staircase. You have to search for 8 red Ribbons again and you have to touch those red ribbons again to make them disappear to your Case.

In addition, there are of course documents and items that may or may not be of interest. Once again I recommend that you read all the documents you find, not only because you will better understand the story of the game, but some documents are also really important because they contain codes or other information for puzzles that you need to solve. Also pick up every item that you can grab and store every item immediately in your Case ...... You know by now that you can only carry 1 item with you and that you have to go back and forth with your T-key teleport to your Case and back. If you need a certain item here and you had it stored in your Case, you can pick it up from the cabinets of your Case.  

This Brimcliff Industrial Complex is a large area. It is the buildings and processing factories of the Brimcliff coal mines that extend deep below the hills. You can easily get lost here and wander for hours without finding what you are looking for. I follow a certain route through the complex, but of course you can go wandering on your own here and follow your own route, but then I don't understand that you use my walkthrough.

 Find the "Arsenic House"

From the starting point I first go to the so-called "Arsenic House" of the complex and on the way we pick up the 1st red ribbon

So climb the stone stairs .... you end up in the first hall. To the left you can go outside and you can continue straight into this hall. However, turn to the right .... you look into the right corner of the hall and you see a nodding machine. Via a wooden staircase "scaffolding" you can go over and behind the nodding machine to the next floor but do not do this.  

On the left side of the nodding machine, you see a thick pipe ..... you can crawl underneath that thick pipe and then continue on to the wall. Walk along the pillar to that thick pipe. A broom leans against the wall. Bend and crawl under the thick pipe to the wall and then turn right .... You are now behind the nodding machine... on the boxes there is an Answering machine .... Click on the answering machine and .... you hear that unknown man again.  

Listen to what that unknown man left behind this time and then crawl back to the hall. Now go straight out and then turn right. 

You can go further up the hill but you can also go to the sign that you see hanging on the wall and then enter it again ......

Walk to the sign that you see hanging on the wall and view that sign. On the board it says that there are 4 main departments in this complex " Miners Dry "," Arsenic House "," Ore Tramming "and" Mill Management ". The 4 red buttons are not buttons but lights but because the complex has no power at all, the lights are not lit now and all the levers and switches do nothing.  

"Miners Dry" is the changing room and shower room of the miners. The "Arsenic House" is the factory where the ore is "purified" and processed. "Ore Tramming" are the halls where the mine carts and the ore go to the various locations and "Mill Management" is of course where the offices of the administration and management are located. So now we first go to the "Arsenic House". So go back in through the gate and ..... On the right there is an inactive switch on the wall and on the barrel is the "Painter's Journal # 6"  

When you have read "Painter's Journal # 6" and clicked away again, you follow the corridor, down the stairs, down and .... you end up in a hall with rails in the floor.

Ore Tramming 1:  

You can go right through the hall or left through the gate to the left hall .... do the latter, so go left through the gate and ....

.... the sign "tells you" that you have landed here in the "Ore Tramming" halls.  

Go right away  through the next gate on the left..... you end up in a short corridor ... you can go up and down via the stairs.

Go upstairs and then through the open door and then into the office via the next staircase.  

There are 2 noticeboards on the left wall. Read all announcements on these 2 notice boards.

On the right wall there is a department board and a blackboard again. At the back wall is a desk and a writing table.  

The gray papers on the second notice board on the left wall are especially important. Click on each of the 4 gray messages on the right notice board. The elongated gray paper is a diagram of the 4 pressure valves of "Ore Tramming" and you can see how to set these 4 pressure valves. This diagram is hung on the 3 white bulletin boards in your Case, so if you need to set the pressure valves in the future, you can still see this diagram in your Case, but you can also now briefly note how much pressure each valve should have.  

On the blackboard, which is hanging on the right wall, you can read how many miners were working at what depth in the mine, on the day of the big accident ... now years ago.  

Walk on to the desk. On the desk is an edition of the "Pinwheel Post" from February 1961. 

In the article you read that the "Brimcliff Mining Company" was sold for 1.3 million pounds to the competitor "The Cornisch Mining Company"  

The writing table, which is against the wall, has a flap and the flap has a code lock. But you don't have to set a code because the lock is already on the right code. So click on the cover and it will open. There is a stamp in the writing desk and a Hammer. I would just put the Stamp and Hammer away in your Case ....  

Note: It is possible that the writing desk flap is locked .... If so then put code 2804 on the number lock rings and .... the flap opens.

When you are back here, walk along the wall to the other side of this office and climb the stairs and go through the door at the top of the stairs.  

You end up in an intermediate hall and see the next hall with a wooden staircase. 

Enter the next hall through the gate and ..... The 1st Red Ribbon of this chapter hangs on the railing ......  

Let the red ribbon disappear to your case and then take a look here at the large clock that is hanging on the right-hand side of the wall. Note that the clock has stopped at 12 o'clock. Climb the stairs here and then go through the wooden door and ...... You end up in a courtyard and right in front of you is the "Arsenic House".  

Take a look to the left .... you see a factory chimney with the number C7 on it ..... Every area within the complex has such a chimney with a number on it .... you can see where you are on the chimney. On the facade of the "Arsenic House" is the "Power Control Terminal" ..... They are 5 levers and a rotary valve ... the 5 levers are now all down.  

You do not know yet what to do with these 5 levers and it does not seem wise to click them up or down randomly. So stay away from it and now enter the "Arsenic House"

Arsenic House:  

In the wall opposite you, you see 2 metal shutters and you see 2 turning wheels. Those 2 shutters are the doors of 2 ovens. You can open the oven doors and you will see that there is no fire burning. Further down the hall is a Film Projector on the floor, but don't walk there yet. Turn left ..... you see that you can go down a staircase and you see a clock on the wall .... the clock is standing still here at 12 o'clock. Now first go down the stairs .... you end up in the downstairs corridor of the Arsenic House ... On the wall there is another sign with the 4 main sections of the complex and, through the gates you see a red ribbon .... go out through one of the 2 gates and continue to the 2nd Red Ribbon and then make it disappear to your Case.

You can't go any further here so turn around and ..... Well .... you can move along the fast flowing water but don't do that .... we'll do that later. Bell cord 12/12 hangs on the wall here. There are 12 of these Bell Cords in the complex .... you can click on it but nothing happens. Go back into the Arsenic House corridor ........ Before we go up again via the stairs we first take a look at the back of the corridor.  

There is a warning sign on the left wall .... look at that sign .... the sign says that the "Grinder" should be at 5 turns per hour for optimum export quality". At the back of the corridor there is a circle in the floor with a rotary arm .... that circle with the rotary arm is therefore the Grinder. If you stand in front of the Lever you see that you can set the machine to "Low", "Medium" and "Full" with the lever, but there is no power yet. Go down the stairs and you'll end up at a Lever and a mine cart tunnel "Pinwheel Export" is written on the tunnel ...... the lever is inactive, so nothing happens when you pull the lever down

The mine cart is under the Grinder and it is intended that the cart be filled with coal dust. But then there must first be power and the grinder must also run at 5 rotations per hour. You cannot go further here either, so go back to the upper hall, the hall with the 2 ovens and the film projector. Now walk to the film projector, which must  be repaired.  

Go through the gate, behind the film projector. You end up in a long corridor that is full of kegs of arsenic. 

Right in front of you a door, immediately turn right to see a notice board.  

Take a closer look at the diagram on this notice board. It is the diagram of the 5 levers that hang from the outside of the Arsenic House ....

 from left to right you can read on which position you have to put those levers to get fire in the 2 ovens.  

The door here in the corridor is the door of Marie.P's room, but the door is locked and has a code lock ..... you don't know the code, but we will find it in the office of the Mine supervisor. I call this corridor the "Marie.Pí" corridor. Continue to the other end of the corridor. The corridor turns left and Bell Cord 10/12 hangs on the wall .... On the bench there is a Hammer and a Flashlight.  

Grab the hammer and flashlight and put them away in your case. 

When you have done that and you are back here, follow the corridor further. The corridor takes you into an intermediate hall.  

If you walk straight ahead you will come above the nodding machine but there is nothing to look for, so turn around. You look back into the "Marie.P" corridor and you also see a passage on the left. Go out through the left passage. You end up in a large courtyard ... walk a little further ..... you hear Jean and in the window of the building across the street you see a red Ribbon. We are not going to collect that red ribbon yet. An orange waste container stands against the red facade. The building behind the red container is the Tool Shed and we will end up there later.  

Walk to the orange container and then turn right at the container. 

In the distance you see the Arsenic House again. So go under the walkway and back to the Arsenic House

Make sure that you are back in front of the 5 levers and the rotary wheel of the Arsenic House .... All 5 levers are now at 100 ....

On the diagram, on the notice board in the "Marie.P" corridor, you have read on which position you should put these 5 levers.  

There are 3 positions: 100, 200 and 300. 100 is down, 200 is centre and 300 is up. 

Now put these 5 levers, from left to right, on: 100, 100, 300, 200, 200 ....  

Then click on the rotary wheel .... the wheel rotates a whole turn .... 

go back inside and, if you had not already done so, open the two oven doors ....  

Then click on the turning wheels 2 and 3, which both turn a whole turn and ..... the fire will burn in both ovens ......

Look at the clock that hangs above the down stairs on the left, .... the hands of the clock are now moving and are turning in the clock now ...

by lighting the 2 ovens you have solved the 1st part of the Arsenic House puzzle ....... now there is a red fire burning in the ovens but that must be blue fire and for that you have to you go behind the "Marie. P" door. So we now need the door code for the Marie.P door and for this we need to go back to the "Ore Tramming" department.

Back to "Ore Tramming":

Go down the stairs and walk downstairs to the Grinder again, in the floor of the corridor and see ..... the turning arm in the circle now turns circles through the circle .... look at the lever .. ... the handle is now on "Slow" ..... you can now click on the handle to set it to "Half" or "Full" ..... Don't do this ..... let the lever stand on "Slow". Then leave the corridor to the fast-flowing river with the 2 bridges. You cannot go across the 2 bridges to the other side, so walk along the river and then down the stairs and .........

..... you are back in the "Ore Tramming" department. Turn around right away and take a look in the corner behind the stairs ....

 In the dark corner is a seat of 2 stools and a box and on the box is a Bottle of "Fields Cider" that you can grab and store in your Case.  

Ore Tramming: Office of the Mine Supervisor:

The first time you were here, you went left to the office. You can also go straight and right. First go to the right.  

Follow the rail to the right and past the white "wheel machine" you will reach the toilets. On the ledge above the 2 sinks is a "Hamer" note that you can read ....  

One of the miners has lost his hammer and he expects the person who "borrowed" his hammer to put the thing back. Beyond the toilets is the dining room. The clock stands still at 2 o'clock. On the notice board you can read the 3 announcement. If you click on the gray note, it will be saved in your Case. On the gray letter you can read the names of the foremen and where they were stationed. Beyond the dining room, on the left is the entrance to the "Miners Dry" and to the right is the Mining Warden Office.  

Walk further, because at the back of the corridor there is a Film Projector on the floor and is a small kitchen. 

There is a coffee machine in the kitchen, under the notice board.  

On the notice board, in the kitchen, you can read the gray note with the instructions for cleaning the coffee machine .....

If you climb the stairs here you end up at a "dead end" at Bell Cord 7/12.

If you walk into the left corner you will come to a cupboard with an answering machine where you can listen to a message from the unknown man again. Descend the stairs again. Under the stairs is an "Arsenic Disposal" container that you can open. Walk back to the "Miners Dry" and the "Warden" Office and enter the office now.

Mining Warden Office:

You end up in the office of the secretary. The clock stands still at 2 o'clock. On the notice board you read the notes, especially the gray notes .... In the "Holiday" note you read that Sean V has requested a day of paid leave to spend the day with his family. In the drawer of the desk you can again remove a flap and then take the note with the Cabinet codes from the compartment

Before you take the note from the drawer, place the cover on the desk and then take the note from the drawer.

On this "Locker Codes" note you can read the names of 11 employees and their employee number and codes.  

One of the names is Marie.P and her number is 152 and the code is 2218. This Locker Code note is also stored in your Case, on the 3 large white screens. However, you can take it with you or keep it in one of your cupboards in the Case. You can also put it back in the drawer here. Enter the next office .... this is then the office of the Supervisor. Behind the desk you click on the painting, which then slides to reveal the Wall safe.  

Of course, the safe has a numeric code lock and the thing is locked. You do not know the safe code yet. On the desk lies the "Disciplinary" letter that you read through ... you read that Sean V has stolen from the mine and is likely to be fired. Nothing of interest can be found in the drawers of the desk. In the cupboard, right next to the door, hangs the "Miners Dry Pressure Relocation" scheme and the "Denied" letter ... you can read on that note the name of the Warden ... Mr. Lewis.  

Make a note of the positions that you see on the "Miners Dry Pressure Relocation" schedule ..... 300, 100, 200, 300, 100.  

On the table, which is on the wall in the other corner, is a radio that you can turn on and there is a book in which you can read the "Pressure" note. When you have looked at everything in both offices you go back outside and return to the Arsenic House, via the route you have taken to get here .... So back through the "Ore Tramming" corridor and then up the stairs to the canal with the 2 broken bridges and then back into the Arsenic House via the Grinder corridor.

Arsenic House: The Film Projector puzzle:

Go to the Marie.P door in the "Marie.P" corridor. Zoom in on the number code lock of the door and put code 2218 on the number rings and ...

the door opens. It appears to be a pantry. Walk in. Left and right a rack, on the shelfs are bottles with a flammable substance. 

Grab 1 such a bottle from the rack and store it in your pocket.  

Leave the cupboard and go to the 2 ovens and throw the bottle in the left oven and ......

.... the fire in the oven turns blue and you hear the young Jean.  

Ok ..... back to the cupboard and grab another bottle from the rack  

Throw this bottle in the right oven and .... then burn a blue fire in both ovens  

Go down the stairs to the downstairs corridor and go to the grinder. The lever of the Grinder is set to "Low"

Now click on the lever until the lever is on the 7th green segment ...... the Grinder's pivot arm makes 5 rotations per hour ....  

Descend the stairs to the mine cart and click the lever down and ....

 the handle will now stay down and the cart will now be filled with coal dust of the right quality and the filled cart will disappear into the tunnel on the way to Pinwheel.  

Turn around and go back up .... at the stairs you see on the sign that the red light of the Arsenic House is On now. It  is a sign that you have solved the puzzles of the Arsenic House. When you reach the top you walk to the Projector and see ..... the Projector is now standing.  

Well ... turn on the Projector and ..... the projector projects Jean's Medical Bracelet and you hear her doctor again ......  

The Arsenic House has been solved ..... we will continue in

 Chapter 4: Industrial Centre part 2:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw