2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Chapter 6:Brimcliff Industrial Centre part 4:

The Core Memory Artefact and the Victory Shaft:

  A: Core Memory Artefact:

You are back in the Ore Tramming corridor, behind Miners Dry, where you have found the 8th red ribbon. We are going to pick up the second Memory Core Artefact and then complete the Industrial Centre by repairing the last film projector of this part ... the film projector of the Victory Shaft.


  Climb the wooden stairs .... you end up on the wooden catwalk. Follow the catwalk backwards and then climb further up the long wooden stairs.  

  At the very top, Phyllis starts to moan with pleasure because on the outside balcony there is the Memory Core Artefact.  

Phyllis is almost ready and she screams that you have to take the thing. Don't grab the Artefact yet but turn around .... 

On the wall is the "Production Problems" note that you first read through.  

  Turn back to the Artefact and pick up the thing now ..... It is a lamp and you now carry it in your hand ...... Now listen carefully to Phyllis  

Phyllis says that with this Core Memory Artefact you can repair broken things, such as broken buildings, and she wants you to try this right away. On the other side of the canal you see the Victory Shaft ..... The Victory Shaft is broken but with the Artefact you can repair that building. On the iron tower of the Victory Shaft you see a plate with light blue letters ... with that plate you now get the instruction from the game about repairing items .....

  Aim your white cursor on that record and then press your right mouse button and hold it down and ......

...... Metal rods and plates fly through your screen and are attached to the Victory Shaft to repair the Victory Shaft ...  

  Continue to keep your right mouse button pressed and ..... On it self you are suddenly teleported away ...... you are in a twilight red corridor ....

  The "Living Room":


 Walk down the corridor and open the door and step inside. You are in a nicely decorated room. Here and there in the Living Room there are answering machines. Every time you repair something with the Artefact you will be teleported here and will have the time to listen to 1 answering device before you are teleported back to where you were.  

  So activate 1 of the answering machines and listen to the recorded conversation between a Jim and the unknown man. 

When the conversation has ended you will automatically be teleported back to the balcony.  

The Victory Shaft has now been repaired and Phyllis now wants you to immediately return to your Case and then open the 2nd door, the door of the Pinwheel Industrial Centre. You can do this but then you will miss the last Film Projector from the Brimcliff Industrial Centre ..... so I am not going back to the Case now ..... I am now going back to the Victory Shaft to repair the last film projector here and then, with the artefact, I am going to the Brimcliff Mine. So now you always carry the Artefact with you and the thing gives you light.

Turn around and walk back inside and then descend all the stairs back to the floor of the Ore Tramming corridor, where the panel with all those rotary valves hangs. Return, through the narrow corridor, to Miners Dry and then make sure that you are back at the channel below the Arsenic House ..... the channel with the 2 broken bridges ....... where you earlier in Chapter 3 found ribbon 2 and where Bell Cord 12/12 hangs.  

We can now, with the Artefact, repair the front bridge so that we can then cross the canal. Walk up the front bridge. Above the rear bridge section is a white plate. Aim your white cursor on that white plate and then press your right mouse button and hold it down and ....... the bridge is being repaired ..... and ... you will be teleported to the "Living Room" again.


  Find another answering machine, not the one you've already had, and listen to the conversation between Jim and the unknown man and ....... you will of course be teleported back to the canal and the front bridge has now been repaired. Now walk across the bridge to the other side and then look to the right.  

There is a desk in the corner here. Stand in front of the desk. There is a "red" number ring on the desk and a blank paper. There is also a typewriter on the desk. Pick up the blank paper and click it to your pocket. Then click on the typewriter to put the paper in the typewriter .... click on the typewriter keys to type the letter and then read that letter.  

  Pick up the red number ring .... you can place this number ring in the lock of the safe of your case, so go to your case and place the number ring in the lock of the safe  

  Return to the desk and turn around and walk to the barrel,there is a letter lying on the barrel.... read the letter ..... Walk on until you reach the staircase .....  

Well ...... the stairs are broken and you can't fix it with your Artefact ..... so just jump down and walk on and see., ..... you are back above the film projector van Miners Dry ..... here Bell Cord 7/12 hangs and in the corner you have listened to the answering machine in the cupboard and through the crack in the wall you saw Chimney D11 ..... Descend the stairs to Miners here Dry


  This was a detour but you now know how you can quickly reach Bell Cord 7/12 from the Tool Shed. Now make sure you end up in the Tool-shed again.

  Victory Shaft:

Climb up in  the Tool-shed via the internal stairs to the board where you find the Lever settings of the 4 main sections. To the right of the board is the long Victory Shaft in which you can walk to the button panel with the 4 manometers. On the left is the exit to the outside stairs, which were previously blocked.  

  Walk out through the left exit and see ..... The outside stairs are no longer blocked. Climb all the way up and ... you end up in it

Victory Shaft Office:  

Repair the Film Projector:

There is a desk and there is a Graph on the wall and on the floor is the last Film Projector of this Brimcliff Industrial Centre. On the desk there is a number ring for your safe in your Case and with the blank paper you can type the "MemoryJournal 4 " in the typewriter, read the Memory Journal.  

Take the number ring to your case and put the thing in the lock of your safe and return to the office.

View the chart hanging on the wall ... it's the "Pinwheel Industrial Water Pressure Points" chart .....  

There are 2 outside balconies here .... stand on each of the 2 outside and .... You see 4 chimneys that now emit smoke .... 3 of these 4 chimneys have you seen before because they are the J4, C3, D 11 chimneys ... I can't find the 4th chimney that now spits smoke and I have to guess .......  

These 4 chimneys are the 2nd part of the solution for the film projector here because you have to tick them in the graph .... but we first have to solve the first part and we will do that with the buttons / manometer panel in the Victory Shaft and the 4 Beall Cords we have found.

So go down the outside stairs again and, at the notice board, enter the Victory Shaft and continue to the button panel with the manometers. On the left panel you can see the red lights at the 4 departments now on .... On the right panel you turn on the power for each department and you set the water pressure for each department. The right panel has 3 columns with yellow buttons and 4 manometers. With the A buttons you turn on the power ...... With the B and C buttons you set water pressure on the pressure gauges .... This puzzle is also done in 2 phases ...


  Buttons panel Phase 1:

First, press all 4 A buttons to turn the Power on. You now hear a very stark sound and that sound must be reproduced via the 4 bell cords. Ok .... I assume that you know where the 4 bell cords 3/12, 12/12, 10/12 and 7/12 hang, because you have to go back to each of these 4 bell cords to pull the cords now and you must do that in the following order: 3/12, 12/12, 10/12, 7/12: You start with Bell Cord 3/12 and then you go to Bell Cord 12/12, then to Bell Cord 10/12 and last to Bell Cord 7/12  

Bell Cord 3/12 hangs on the outer facade of the Tool Shed.

Bell Cord 12/12 hangs at the canal below the Arsenic House.

Bell Cord 10/12 hangs in the "Marie.P corridor" of the Arsenic House.

Bell Cord 7/12 hangs above the kitchen ... above the mine supervisor's office

So go to each of the 4 bell cords and click on the cords to pull them down ........ do that in the order 3/12, 12/12, 10/12 and 7/12 .... every time you hear a dull horn honking ... with this you have simulated that shrill sound. From bell cord 7/12 onwards, return to the button / manometer panel in the Victory Shaft to solve Phase 2

Button panel Phase 2:

  Now you have to set the correct water pressure on each manometer .... Each manometer has 12 lines ... 

from left to right you count those lines as 1 to 12 ......  

  With the B buttons you move the pointer down and with the C buttons you move the pointer up. Number the 4 manometers, from top to bottom, A, B, C, D.

Put the pointer of Manometer A on line 12 = 12/12.

Put the pointer of Manometer B on line 10 = 10/12.

Put the pointer of Manometer C on line 3 = 3/12.

Put the pointer of Manometer D on line 7 = 7/12 and ......


  ..... you hear Jean ...... Ready .... Go up now, to the Victory Shaft office, via the outside stairs and see ......

..the film projector is still on the floor but is now pushed against the table.

Now part 2 of the puzzle.

Stand in front of the graph. On the graph you have to put a red cross in the boxes of the 4 Chimneys that now emit smoke. I was able to identify 3 of these 4 chimneys because they are the J4, C3 and D 11 chimneys .... the 4th chimney A 5, I determined via "trial and error" by putting a red cross in each section and again to take away and at box A 5 it was a hit.

  This is the right solution .... Click in the following boxes to click a red cross in it .... J4, C3, A5 and D11 ...

  ... the Film Projector has been repaired .... turn on the film projector .... this film projector will then project a postcard from Paris .....


  Ok .... We're all set here at this Brimcliff Industrial Centre. Press your T key to return to your Case

 Back in the Case:


Ok .... on the big screen you can click on the different areas, so on Pinwheel Harbour, Devlin and the Industrial Centre .... if you do that now you will see how many film projectors you now have repaired in each area. You can also travel back via the screen to previously visited places, even within the Industrial Centre.


  You can now complete the entire Industrial Centre here by starting the music box at the Pinwheel Industrial door here and then going through that door and taking the Memory photos 

I am not going to do this now because when you have taken the pictures the game will go into "overdrive" and you will end up in the Devlin Mine and then in Pinwheel Village. However, I prefer to save Pinwheel Village for the last and I will first go to the Brimcliff Mine.... I do not know at this moment whether this is a good idea, but I guess we will find that out later .... I am just curious of what there is to experience in the mines of Brimcliff. If you do not want this now, you will now do your thing behind the Pinwheel door and then you will see how you progress. If you want to follow me further, click on the big screen on Pinwheel Harbour and then on "Travel to Pinwheel Harbor" ..... you will end up, together with me, in:

  Chapter 7: Brimcliff Mines

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw