2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw


Ether Institute:

Start a "New Game" and then choose 1 of the 3 Save Slots, confirm your choice and ......

 We start for a minute with a black screen in which we listen to the voicemail of a phone. A man advises someone not to go somewhere.  

We appear to be in a lift and the lift has arrived at its destination. The game tells you how to open the elevator door via a "floating message"  

So left click on the elevator door button and then get out of the elevator. You are in a hall.

Continue to the blue sculpture that is further down the hall. You will receive a message about the control of the game.  

Walk around the sculpture to the stairs and then go down the stairs to the downstairs hall and .....

As you descend the stairs, the game tells you that you have landed at the Ether Institute.  

When you reach the bottom you walk to the counter. On the left on the counter is the guestbook and on the right is a bell.

The game tells you what to do with the guestbook and how to push on the bell.  

First hit the bell, so stand in front of the bell and press the bell with your left mouse button.  

A voice then announces itself via the intercom and immediately introduces itself. Now stand in front of the guestbook  

When you go to the guestbook, the woman who talks to you through the intercom introduces herself as Dr. Phyllis Edmonds, but you can call her Phyllis. Phyllis tells you to sign the guestbook and to take a key card from a drawer. Left click on the guestbook to "freeze" your screen and then, on the bottom blank line and with your own keyboard, type your own name or a fantasy name.  

Then left click again to ďdefrost" your screen and walk to the other side of the counter and stand in front of the chest of drawers.

The game tells you how to open the drawer and how to pick up the Key Card.  

So open the drawer and then take the key card out and then left click to store the key card in your pocket  

Ok .... walk around the counter again and now go all the way back through the hall, along the stairs.  

Behind the stairs you get, in the next gate, another message about how you can view an object that you have put in your pocket. Try this out now with the Key card. So press your E-key to take the key card out of your pocket. The key card floats in front of your nose in the screen and by turning your mouse you can view the key card from all sides. Press your E-key again, or left-click, to put the key card back in your pocket.  

In the meantime, Phyllis is chatting away and she tells you to go to Restoration Room 3. Walk further and then go up the stairs to the balcony. 

You have to go through the white door, but first you can read a document that is on the table here.  

Stand in front of the table and left click on the document and ...... well .... this way you read documents, memos and letters in the game.  

Left click again to close the reading screen. Really relevant documents will be stored by Phyllis for you so that you can always consult them again. Turn to the white door. Stand in front of the doorknob and make sure your cursor is on the doorknob and then left click to open the door. Step through the opened door and then descend the stairs to the bottom floor.  

When you reach the bottom you can examine the room on the left or/and open the door in front of you but to continue you open the door to the right and then you run down the corridor (Run is Shift + Forward) to the next door Open the door and then enter the Chair Room.

Chair room:

Phyllis reports again and tells you to help her with an electrical problem because the chair has no power

Phyllis opens the hatch on the right balcony, where you then see a fuse box and some equipment.  

So walk to the right balcony and stand directly in front of the table so that you can also see the fuse box hanging. The game gives you another message  

So you can place items on the cupboard with the red button. Press the red button and ..... 

A short circuit occurs in the fuse box and the box pops open.  

Phyllis is a bit pissed off and says you have to replace the fuse with a new one. You will hate that Phyllis during the game, but for now you will find it an unpleasant piece of human being. Now stand in front of the fuse box. Before you take the Fuse out of the fuse box, first read the note that hangs under the fuse or on the inside of the door of the box. You read that you need a new Stop of 300A.  

Leave the fuse in the cupboard. Turn around and walk to the other side, that is to the balcony to the left of the chair. On the left balcony is a cupboard with various new fuses. There is also a desk and on the desk is the case file of the patient in whose brains you will roam  

First read the case file. You then read about the patient Jean Thornton.  

Left click to put the document back on the desk. Now stand in front of the fuse box. The game tells how you can find out which of the fuses is a 300A fuse. So left click on each fuse and then keep your left mouse button pressed and you then read the amp of the fuse. There are 2 fuses of 300A.  

Pick up 1 of the 2 300A fuses and put the thing in your pocket and return to the right balcony. 

Stand in front of the red button box again and make sure that your white cursor is on the black surface .....

then left click to place the 300A fuse on the box.  

Then take the broken fuse from the fuse box and left click to put the broken plug in your pocket. Stand in front of the red button box again and left click on the 300A fuse to exchange the 300A fuse with the broken fuse on the box. The 300A fuse is then in your pocket and the broken fuse is now on the button box. Place the 300A fuse in the fuse box and close the door. Press the red button again and .... if you have now put the correct 300A fuse in the fuse box, the light will turn on and you will have restored the power ..... If this is not done right then you have got the wrong fuse and you must change the fuse.  When you have done it correct then you must sit in the Chair.  

So left click on the Chair and ..... you take a seat in the chair ...... you cannot do anything while Phyllis explains what the intention is .... in the meantime the chair is lowered and a sphere is fold around you and ..... Phyllis then shouts "Are you Ready" and ..... your screen becomes black for a moment and then the space is filled with a liquid and you see some images on a screen .... You end up then in your:


Phyllis briefly explains what your Case is and you will receive a message in your screen about the use of your T-key. You then regain control of the game.

So you are in your case and you are sitting in a beautiful red leather chair .....  

The Case is in fact your home during your journey through Jean Thorntonís brain, but it only exists in your own brain .... You are here on the top floor of your Case, in the Chair Room. The Case is therefore a virtual home but it is also the central point from which you must go to the various other areas via the T-key of your keyboard. You can now immediately press your T key to start with Chapter 1: Devlin Mines or step out of the Chair to view your virtual home at your leisure. First let's take a look at our virtual home so get out of the Chair.

The Chair is in front of the big screen .... 

that screen will be activated by Phyllis later, when you find Jean Thorntonís first Memory and return here. 

You will find 4 gray doors here, which are now locked.  

Behind every gray door memories from Jean's life are stored and you are supposed to open those 4 doors 1 by 1. In the 4 corners of the chair room you will find a cupboard in which you can store items that you pick up during your travels, and that is handy because you can only carry 1 item with you.  

Behind the Chair is the stairs to the bottom floor of your virtual home, so go down those stairs and get a look at your living spaces


You apparently have a large safe, where you still don't have the number code and in addition ..... the safe lacks a few number rings. Behind the safe is your bathroom with toilet. You have a kitchen corner and you have a film projector and 2 cabinets in which the film reels will be stored that you will find in each of the  chapters, provided you know how to repair the film projectors in those chapters. If you look to the right you see the door to your Dark Room .... the DOKA ... you can look inside ...  

You have a sitting room, a back room and a bedroom. In the sitting room there is a numbers ring on the low table.

You will have to take photos later in the game and those photos will be posted here in your Doka  

If you want, you can pick up the number ring and put it in your pocket to deposit the thing in one of the cupboards, right away, upstairs in the chair room .... do this first .... so pick up the number ring and put it in your pocket. The back room has 3 large white screens.  

On these 3 white screens, Phyllis will save all important letters, notes, code papers and other documents that you will find in the game. You can always view and read through those notes, documents, etc. again. Ok .... if you are bored below, you can also press your T-key here to end up in Chapter 1. But first I go back upstairs to place that number ring in 1 of the 4 storage cupboards. Stand in front of 1 of the 4 cupboards and make sure your white cursor is on 1 of the cupboard shelves ..... then left click to place the number ring on the cupboard shelf.  

You don't have to sit in the Chair to get into Jean's world, so press your T-key and ...... you'll end up in:  

Chapter 2: Devlin Mine

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw