2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Day 2: September 26, 1995:

Dorm Room:

Kathy is awake and roommate Eileen has left to attend college. Eileen's computer is on the desk and a yellow post-it note is stuck on the computer monitor. 

Take the post-it note. It is a letter from Eileen in which she gives Kathy permission to use the computer. Eileen's password is angellove.

Eileen also mentions the phone number of her friend Dave, the hacker, and Kathy records this number in her notebook. 

To the left of the computer is the red telephone on the desk, so use the telephone and call that Hacker Dave. 

Hacker Dave cannot deliver the illegal software because one Clyde, from the IT department, caught him when he was hacking and that Clyde has blocked his internet access. Answer Dave a few times through the options in the small text screen and listen carefully to what Dave is saying. Dave suggests to Kathy to crash Eileen's computer. Then Kathy can call that Clyde and he will come to fix the computer. For this, Clyde will have to log in to his network account and then Kathy can "watch". Dave will send someone to give Kathy the necessary software. 

Get out of the phone close-up and ......there is a knock on the door and an envelope swirls through the letter slot into the room.

Take the envelope and open the envelope in inventory ..... a floppy disk comes out of the envelope. Look at the floppy in inventory .... it's a "Boot Disk". Read the instructions stuck on the back of the floppy via "Read Instructions on Boot Disk" ...... Kathy reads Dave's instructions aloud and it is a whole story so listen carefully. Kathy notes the telephone number of that Clyde in her notebook. Now call Clyde, with the red telephone, and ask him for "Username" ....... Clyde tells that a Username for the school network consists of the "1st letter of the first name plus the entire last name of the student". Hang up via "Hang up" and go out of the phone's close-up.

The 1st letter of Eileen is  "E". Now to find out Eileen's last name. Eileen's pink suitcase stands against the right bunk bed. Click on the pink suitcase and ...... well ..... Kathy reads Eileen's full name and that is Eileen Mildred Summers. So according to Clyde's explanation, Eileen's username is Esummers. Take the Boot Disk from inventory and click it on the computer monitor to start up the computer via the floppy.

The "Phoenix Boot Menu" appears. Click on "Corrupt hard drive MBR" ...... 

a screen appears where in you have to confirm the choice so click "Yes" and then "Ok".

Then click on "Exit and shutdown" to shut down the computer. It is now time to call in the help of expert Clyde. So call that Clyde again via the red telephone and then use the "Broken computer" option. Kathy informs Clyde that Eileen's computer isn't working right. Get out of the phone's close-up and .......... Clyde comes in and he makes sure the computer starts up normally again.

Kathy must then log in with the username and password. As username you type Esummers but do not use angellove as password .... think up a password yourself and then type it in the password screen and then click the Enter button .... Of course you will be notified that you are using a wrong password .. 

You can try it 3 more times, so type in an incorrect password 3 more times or leave it that way and click the Enter button 3 times and ..... Eileen's account will be blocked so Clyde must log in with his account and he will do this then. Phase 1 was successful. Take the Boot Floppy disk again from inventory and smash the thing back into the computer to restart the computer and then click on the option "Extract admin password" and ....... Then write down the Username and Password of Clyde that appears in the following screen ....... Username = Admin and password = Gadget. Click "OK" and shut down the computer

The Boot Floppy disk is back in Kathy's bag. Left click the computer and then click in the action menu the option "Use Computer" and......

 then log in with Admin as username and Gadget as password and then click the Enter button. 

Kathy is then logged into the network as Clyde.

Click on the "Network Settings" logo and then change the following settings in the screen that appears: 

At Dorm you change the A to B, at Port you change the 1 to 8 and Status you set to ON.

Close the Settings screen via the top left cross button and then switch off the computer via the bottom right off button. Call Dave again on the red telephone and ...... Dave is happy, but Kathy still needs to us a bit of blackmail to get the required software from him. Get off the phone and ......... another envelope is thrown through the letter slot into the room.

So pick up the envelope again and unpack it in inventory. A new floppy comes out of this envelope ... a black floppy this time ...Look at this floppy via "Look at floppy" ...... the floppy is labeled "Tools" and in inventory it is then the Tools Disk . So ram the Tools Disk into the computer and then use the computer and log in again with Clyde's username and password, which are still in the login screen, so click the Enter button. You then have the "Tools" option added to the monitor. Click on the Tools floppy and ...... the illegal software from Dave will be installed and these are the "Voice Forge" and the "Image Analyzer".

Click away the gray screen. Shut down the computer again via the power button on the bottom right.  Eileen's Scanner is on the desk between the red telephone and the computer and on the right next to the computer is the Printer. Take the overexposed photo from inventory and place the photo in the scanner.

Use the Computer again, click Enter again to log in and then click the Scanner option on the monitor to scan the overexposed photo.

The photo is saved as "bright_pictice.bmp" on the desktop. Close the computer and then take the overexposed photo from the scanner via "Retrieve Overexposed Picture from the scanner". The original cassette, on which you hear Charles Wade calling Joseph, is probably still in the cassette recorder. Open the action menu on the cassette recorder and then choose the "Remove Tape from Dictaphone" option to remove the cassette from the recorder.

Then take this Answering Machine Cassette from inventory and place the thing in the Scanner. Use the Computer again and log in again as Clyde via the Enter button. When you are back on the computer screen, click on the "bright_picture.bmp" file and then drag the photo to the Image Analyzer and then release and .......... You end up in the Photo Editor. Click on "Analyze image". The program detects the overexposed photo and it tells you to filter the brightness of the image. Click "OK" to close the screen

At the bottom right you see 6 sliders with which you can edit the brightness of the photo ..... You can slide the sliders up / down through the slots. Slide with those 6 sliders until you have achieved the best result of the photo. Can't help you further with this .... just slide the sliders until Kathy says it's good and then she prints the photo automatically. 

The photo stays in your screen and it shows a forest ... In the middle of the photo there are 3 orbs floating .....

Click the lower left light bulb (2), 2 times to enlarge that area and then click the "Analyze Image" button and ...

An equilateral, but "tilted" triangle appears on the 3 orbs and Kathy finds this significant

Right click the enlarged sphere of light again to zoom out. At the bottom left of the photo is a red flower. Kathy has no idea what kind of flower it is ...... 

Zoom in twice on those red flowers then click "Print current image" to print the enlargement of the red flowers.

Kathy then indicates that she has finished the photo so click "Return" and to leave this program.

Click on the Scanner icon to download the audio file from the cassette. Kathy names this file as tape_ans_mach.wav.

Drag this tape_ans_mach.wav. file to the Voice Forge to be able to edit it in the sound editing program.

The program reports that it has found 5 different voice sections on the tape.

Click "OK" again to click away the gray screen and ........ an analysis will follow and a series of words will appear in the screen.

This is the Voice # 1 file. At the top left and top right you see scroll buttons. Click the right scroll button to scroll to the Voice # 2 file ...... an analysis will follow after which a whole paragraph of words will appear on the screen. You must now select a number of words in this screen to make this sentence "HELLO ERICA IT'S YOUR FATHER CALL KATHY RAIN" ...... click on these words and they will appear in the "Customized voice message" screen.

When the sentence is ready, click on "Export to tape" ...... Kathy then adds some extra text herself and saves it on the original cassette.

Click "OK" and then "Quit" and shut down the computer. Click on the Printer and then extract the 2 photos.

Kathy discards the original overexposed photo. In inventory you then have the photo of the red flower and the recovered photo with the 3 orbs. Kathy has already taken the cassette out of the scanner because it is in the inventory again. Take the Answering Machine tape from inventory and then scroll to the recorder and then click with the cassette on the recorder to place the cassette in the recorder

Use the red telephone and call Erica Wade via "Wade residence" ..... You will get the answering machine .....

Open the inventory and make sure the tape recorder appears in the screen and then click the Play button and ........

The sentence that you have made is played ...... Kathy then automatically calls again to speak in her phone number. Close the phone screen and ......

 Eileen comes in and a conversation follows ..... a very long conversation. 

After this you dive back into the inventory and combine the Light Orb photo with the Church brochure and .......

Kathy notice  that the church lodge in the brochure is very similar to the 3 orbs and she notes the "Church of the Holy Trinity" in her notebook. Kathy and Eileen view the photo on the computer....give Eileen some answers. Kathy asks if Eileen can look up the red flower ....... Kathy disappears for a moment and when she returns Eileen has the requested information about the red flower.

The phone then rings so use the phone to answer .... it is Erica Wade who now apologizes for her previous behavior. Accept the apology and ask Erica everything you can ask her via the options in the notebook.  Ask Erica about "Incident 81", "Charles Wade", "Lily Myers" and "Lily Myers Art" and listen carefully to what Erica tells you. Say goodbye by closing the notebook.

Charles Wade has been admitted to the hospital in Cornwell Springs. 

Close the telephone screen and we go to sleep and Kathy has a nightmare .....

We end up in:

Day 3: September 27, 1995:

Kathy received a photocopy of a page from a plant book from Eileen ..... it is the "Botany Book Excerpt". Left click on this page in inventory and then read it via "Read Botany Book Excerpt" Kathy then reads something about the "Red Scyte" flower. The red plant spreads a strong pepper smell and the seeds can cause hallucinations. Indians smoked the seeds as a drug. Leave the room and ...... 3 new locations are added on the travel screen ... they are the "Clinic", the Church and the Nature Reserve. Now drive to the:


We see the Bum, from the Sheriff's office, looking for something to eat in the garbage bin at the clinic.

The Bum then sits down on the wooden bench and then our girl arrives. Go talk to the Bum, who's name is Goober. Kathy now gives Goober his # 7. Then ask Goober about his life story via "Ask what his story is" ....... Goober says that he has been a film actor and that he has acted in various Hollywood films with the artist name Frankie Gold. Ask Goober further about his "Showbiz career". You will see a list of movie titles about which you can ask Goober further.  Goober then tells the story of each movie ....  If you don't fancy this, click "Back" and say goodbye via "Leave". Enter the clinic through the sliding glass doors

Go talk met the nurse behind the counter. The nurse has the caps of her stethoscope in her ears so Kathy has to shout quite loudly to get her attention. Then choose an option from the talk options that appear in the small gray screen. Kathy then asks about Charles Wade but according to the nurse he is not a patient in the clinic. End of conversation ..... Kathy does not believe that Charles Wade is not in the clinic, but it is difficult for her to rush in, since she will then have to deal with the security people at the clinic.

That counter bitch will have to be distracted. Go back outside and talk to Goober again and ask him for a Live performance via the "Live performance" option in the small gray screen. Kathy gets Goober to do his performance by telling him that the desk bitch is a big van from Frankie Gold. Then you have to choose a movie from the movie titles. Choose "The Usual Surprises" from the list of titles and ......Goober goes in, so go back in too and ..... Goober is working on his "Usual Surprises" monologue but of course the nurse doesn't hear about it. 

Quickly ..... Take the Stun Gun from inventory and click it on Goober and ......

Kathy zaps Goober with her stun gun and screams that Goober has an seisure.The nurse now disappears with Goober.

Kathy can now access the nurse's computer. Take the "Boot Disk" from inventory and use it on the Computer

When the computer has been started via the floppy then click on "Extract admin and password"

Then write down the nurse's username and password, which are cmendez and otorgador.

Click "Ok" and then "Exit and shutdown" to shut down the computer. The Boot Disk disappears into the inventory again.

Use the Computer again via the action menu and then log in with the username and password just found.

Enter the name Charles Wade or only Wade in the search box of the database and then click the Search button.

The computer finds the data about Charles Wade ..... Read the text.

Charles Wade has had a major heart surgery and he is in room 6B. Shut down the computer via the close button at the bottom right. To the left in the corner, past the filing cabinets, is the stairs to the floors, so go Upstairs and Kathy will end up with Charles Wade in room 6B. Tell Wade that you are not coming to score a journalistic scoop but that it is about personal matters via "That's not what this is about. It's personal". Kathy then says who she is and now Wade recognizes her as the girl he also saw at Joseph's funeral. Now you can continue talking with Wade via the conversation options in the notebook.

So ask Wade about "Incident 81", "Cocky call sign", and about "Lily Myers art .......

You will then also have to give Charles Wade an answer to his questions / comments via the gray screen. Wade also doesn't know what happened to Kathy's grandfather in '81 but he did everything to help. The "Cocky call sign" gives Kathy the name "Jimmy Cochran", a coward according to Wade. Through "Lily Myers art" Wade tells that Lily's paintings were worth 3 times as much as he paid for them. Wade also tells that the paintings were stolen from his house. Ask further about this theft 

Wade tells that all his really valuable paintings, including a Monet, have not been stolen. The thief has only taken the paintings of local artists. Sheriff Truman investigated the case at the time and a witness was found. Ask further about that Jimmy Cochran ...... Wade tells that that Cochran is included in the same madhouse where Kathy's mother is also. So tell Wade the truth about mother.

Say goodbye and leave the room and the clinic and walk outside to the left or right and then click "EXIT" to return to the travel screen.

Now travel on the Harley to the:

Nature reserve:

Kathy ends up at the place that we also saw in the "Overexposed photo". The guy from Kathy's dream pops up and asks if they have met before.

Give the man an answer through the options in the gray screen .... a rather strange conversation follows and Kathy wonders if she is dreaming again. The man says that Kathy should "focus" and that she should "follow the dead girl". More talk follows and then Kathy automatically ends up in grandma's house. 

Immediately leave Grandma's house and race back to the Nature Reserve. 

The strange dream man has disappeared, but there is a piece of paper in the grass.

Pick up the piece of paper and examine it in inventory via the action menu and then "Look at Ripped Drawing".

 It is half a drawing of a bald red man .... the dream man?

Close the close-up and then click the EXIT, left or right s in the screen to return to the travel screen. Now go back to the:

Lakeside Cabin:

Knock on the door of Sue's cabin and Sue invites Kathy back inside. Sue's son Nathan is not there but his drawings are still on the floor. 

Take the Ripped Drawing from inventory and use it on the drawing on the floor and .....

The two drawings fit together and Kathy merges them into one drawing ..... 

Apparently Nathan knows more about the red man so Kathy wants to talk to the boy

Nathan's drawing now shows the red man and a girl and a boy who all stand hand to hand. Click on the red man, the girl and the boy and listen to what Kathy tells them about them. The girl is Lily and the boy is Nathan. Nathan still sees himself as a little boy, Kathy wonders. Get out of the close-up and talk to Sue and ask her about the red man ....... according to Sue, the Red Man is not a real person but is a fabrication of Nathan's fantasy. Answer Sue and then leave the cabin, via the EXIT at the bottom right. Click on the Harley and then drive to Sheriff's station

Sheriff's Station, Grandma, Sue and Clinic:

Go to the Sheriff's office and talk to him and ask him about the theft of Lily's paintings via "Lily 'Myers'art-stolen?" The Sheriff asks Lenny to give the report about the burglary in the Wade house to Kathy and so does Lenny. So read the burglary police report in inventory via "Examine Police Report (Burglary)".

The name of the only witness to the burglary is Franklin Goldfarb.

Get out of the close-up ...... Kathy wants to find that Goldfarb guy to ask him about the burglary. Talk to Lenny and ask him about Franklin Goldfarb ..... However, Lenny knows nothing. Also ask the Sheriff about Franklin Goldfarb but he doesn't know where the man is. Leave the police station and drive to grandma and ask grandma about Franklin Goldfarb in the living room ......... Grandma knows the Goldfarb and tells that it is a drunk and a homeless bum .......good it be.....is it Goober? 

Leave Grandma and go back to Sue in her cabin by the lake. Also ask Sue about Franklin Godfarb and ........ Well ... Sue confirms that Goober is that Franklin Goldfarb. Kathy has zapped Goober with her stun gun and he is now in the clinic, so jump on the Harley and tear back to the Clinic. Go inside and talk to the Miss Mendez, the desk nurse again. Mendez says that Goober has leave the clinic and probably went to church. So go outside and to the travel screen and drive now to:

The Church:

In the church Kathy  has a conversation with the priest Isaac Price. 

Ask Isaac Price about the "Incident 81" and about the "Church of the Holy Trinity".

It is quite a story so just sit back and relax. You can also ask the priest about the other subjects in the notebook, but he doesn't have much to say anymore. 

Close the conversation. Goober is sitting in the pews, so talk to Goober and ask him about his real name Franklin Godfarb.

Goober tells what he saw during the burglary in the Wade house and he tells about a ring with the letters "BH" on it. Open the inventory and scroll through the items to Kathy's lighter and then click on the lighter ...... On the lighter are also the letters "BH" and Kathy shows Goober the lighter. Then ask Goober if he knows what "BH" stands for, but Goober does not know that.

Grandma and the Sheriff:

Leave the church and return to Grandma and ask her about "BH"

Grandma says it stands for "Black Hats", a motorcycle gang that Kathy's father was a member of. 

So ask Grandma further about The Black Hats.

Grandma gets angry and doesn't want to talk about that motorbike gang. Say goodbye and go back to Sheriff Station and ask Lenny about the Black Hats. 

Lenny then tells where the motorcycle gang's headquarters can be found. So jump on the Harley again and travel to the:

Black Hats:

Kathy enters the clubhouse of the Black Hats and is immediately harassed by a Biker who finds Kathy a "tasty chick". 

Click on one of the options in the gray text screen and then quickly take the Stun Gun from inventory and zap the biker with it

 Kathy zaps the biker and Beau, the leader of the gang, appears and a short conversation follows.

 Beau wants proof that Kathy is the daughter of Brain Rain, an old member of the gang, so take the Lighter from inventory and click it on Beau . 

Beau is then convinced. Then ask Beau about "Lily Myers stolen art".

Beau denies that he and his bikers have stolen the paintings and does not want to talk about it further. Close the notebook. 

Beau disappears and Emmett, the biker sitting next to Kathy at the bar, talks to her.

Emmett tells Kathy that she can make Beau more willing by brewing a special drink for him.

The drink has the name "Bloodier Mary" and it is created by Kathy's father Brian when he was still a member of this "social club". Beau loved that drink. 

Walk to the right and then leave the clubhouse through the door and drive back to the Nature Reserve

Now grab the Red Flower, which is on the right at the trees.

Exit and return to the Black Hats. Walk to the bar and give the red flower to the bartender and .....

Kathy orders a Bloodier Mary and says that the red flower should be mixed in as an extra ingredient. 

The bartender then mixes the Bloodier Mary cocktail and gives it to Kathy. 

Beau is at the window, so walk to Beau and give him the Bloodier Mary and ........

Well ...... the seeds of the red flower do their calming work on Beau and he now tells about the burglary in Wade's house ....

the order for the burglary and theft of Lily's paintings came from a bearded priest ...... Isaac?

Kathy goes back to grandma to spend the night there. Go back to grandma in the living room and ....... Kathy can stay the night.

It's getting night ... Kathy is dreaming about the Red Man again and then it's morning

Day 4: September 28, 1995:

2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Walkthrough by: Louis Koot