2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

A: TV Studio REDex

It's one day before the prologue and we are in the United States of America. Our hero Evan Kovolsky enters the Redex tv studio to do a speech at a TV debate about communism contra capitalism. Evan has, in inventory, an Invitation to participate and to speech during this debate

Evan also has a suitcase with stuff that he needs during his speech in inventory. Beside Evan there are 3 other participants in this debate, 2 of them are sitting at the table on stage and one participant is already standing behind the lectern to begin his speech. The Set Manager is standing at the stage. One chair  at the table is empty

Evan stand left of the stage at a wall with a yellow telephone and clocks. Look at the yellow telephone on the wall. 

If you want a hint then you can use this telephone to call Evan's mom through the number 5554357, but don't expect much about it. 

Leave the close-up and go talk with the manager, through the talk icon in the action menu

Evan tells the Set manager that he's one of the speakers but the manager don't has Evan's name on his list of speakers. 

So end this conversation and then drag the Invitation out of the inventory and click with it on the manager

Evan may go sit at the table on stage, so open up the action menu on the empty chair and then click the gear icon

Evan goes sitting at the table and the guy behind the lectern begins his speech. During this speech you must give the guy a few answers from the list that you get.

It doesn't matter one bit witch answers you click from the list, so click on one of the possibilities in the list a few times, during the speech, and eventually the speech will come to an end. Then it's Evan's turn to do his speech but he must first do a few things to prepare his speech.

When the bearded guy has finished his speech you click somewhere on the floor to let Evan raise his lazy but from the chair. Then walk to the right corner of the stage. On the wall you see an empty projection screen with a switch beneath it. In front of that empty screen stand a slide projector and in the corner stand a gramophone case.

The projection screen has no canvas and it hangs to high. Click the switch 2 or 3 times, until the empty projection screen is at the lowest position. 

Then zoom in on the Projector

You see the projector in close-up. Inside the projector is the empty Slide Holder. On top of the projector is the Start button and bottom left the On/Off button

Open up the action menu on the Slide holder and then take the empty Slide Holder out of the projector

Go out the close-up and then dive into the inventory. Click with the magnifier glass on the suitcase in inventory to see the thing in close-up

Open the suitcase with the gear icon of the action menu. Then take all the items out the suitcase to store them in inventory. You take out the slides, the speech folder and the 2 records

 In inventory combine the slides with the empty slide holder

Now click on the gramophone case, that stands in the corner

In the close-up you click with the gear icon to open up the gramophone case

Then drag the He record out inventory and click the record on the turn table

bottom left you drag the slider to the Up position. Bottom right you turn the speed knob on 45 and then you click the play button, top right and.....

....the record starts and you go out this close-up Right......the record plays...Now Evan wants to do his slide show but the screen has no canvas. 

Go back to the Set manager and talk with him again and ask him about a canvas for the screen

The Set manager will give Evan a white rolled up projection screen canvas. 

Go back to the empty projection screen. Drag that rolled up canvas out inventory and click it in the empty screen to fill the screen with the canvas

Click the Switch 1x to raise the screen 1 position up, so that it hangs in line with the projector.

Evan must now prepare his speech and the slides he wants to show. Go back into the inventory. Click with the magnifier on the speech folder 

You'll see the folder in close-up. Open up the folder with the gear icon . Inside the folder are the 7 drawings of Evan's speech

Click with the gear icon on the drawings to see them all in close-up. It's a pity but the 7 drawings are placed in the wrong order in the folder. 

You must put the drawings in the right 1 to 7 order. To do this you click on a drawing and then you click that drawing on the right place in the folder. The order is:

  1. Oh no! the end is coming!
  2. Only the leader of Matryoshka can save us
  3. Leader save us! Long live communism
  4. The Red star to the rescue!
  5. Statue of Liberty with the red star in the hand above the head
  6. Statue of Liberty red star in the other hand
  7. Understanding between nations brings world peace

Like this

When done correctly you go out of this close-up automatically. Now you must pick 5 slides and put them in the slide holder in the correct order. So dive again in to the inventory and click the magnifying glass under the slides/slide holder to see the slides and the holder in close-up

There are 10 slides but Evan only needs to put 5 slides into the holder.  When you stand with the cursor on a slide you read a description of that slide. You click on a slide and then you click that slide into the holder

You must put the correct 5 slides into the holder and you must do this in the right order from top to bottom. The correct order is :

  1. 1922 the flag
  2. 1943 power play
  3. 1945 new conquest areas
  4. 1949 the leader
  5. 1950 women on tractors

When done correctly you go out of the close-up. Zoom in on the projector again and put the slide holder with the 5 slides back into the projector

Then switch on the projector with the On/Off button and then start the slide show with the Play button. You leave the close-up and you'll see that the slides are projected on the screen

 Evan is now ready to do his speech, so take the Speech folder out inventory and click with the folder on the lectern to start Evan's speech

The audience doesn't like Evan's speech, so they through rotten tomatoes at him

While Evan is speaking we meet a very beautiful girl and a communist leader. The girl points out Evan to the leader

When the speech is over, and everyone has left the stage, walk to the left and of the podium. That girl that we saw in the cut scene is standing behind the wall. 

Click with your Matryoshka Doll on that beautiful stranger and then click the talk icon and.......Evan meets that girl and it's love on first site for Evan. 

The girl calls herself Anna Eaglove and she gives Evan an envelope

Go talk with the Set manager and then leave the studio, via the walk icon of the action menu

Evan takes a taxi to his home:

B: At Evan's Home:

Evan has a conversation with his father in the sitting room. 

Dad tells that there was a call for Evan from Matryoshka. They want Evan to call back. Evan mother knows the number

Dive into the inventory and use the magnifying glass on the envelope that Evan got from Anna Eaglove. Then open the envelope and read the letter.

On the drawing that also come out the envelope you see that Evan must put a flower at the window to signal Anna

To the right of daddy is the kitchen. To the left of dad is the stairs to go to Evan's room on the second floor. 

Go upstairs to end up in Evan's room and there you talk with mother. Ask mother about the phone call from Matryoshka.

The phone number is 0071234 and the password is Zegrzyslav.

Go back downstairs and then go behind the stairs. On the wall, behind the stairs, you'll find the telephone and also the door to the basement.

Zoom in on the telephone and call the telephone number 0071234. 

But........The telephone is dead and daddy suggest that Evan must go to the switchboard in the basement

So open the basement door and go downstairs to the basement.

Open the telephone switchboard and ......

...a cat jumps out and then jumps trough the round window......zoom in on the switchboard.

The 4 cables are connected wrongly and you must put both ends of each cable in the holes at the correct symbols

There are 4 rows and each row has 4 holes. There's a yellow, a blue, a white and a pink cable but all 4 cables are stuck in the wrong holes with both there ends. Number the rows, from top to bottom, Row A, Row B, Row C and Row D. Number the holes in each row, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4. You must put both ends of each cable into the correct holes. You pick up a cable end and then you click that end into the correct hole. Here's the solution..

Blue cable: Put one end in Row B;  hole 2 and the other end in Row 4; hole 4

Pink cable: Put one end in Row 3; hole 3 and the other end in Row 4; hole 1

White cable: Put one end in the first Row 1; hole 1 and the other end in Row B;  hole 4 

Yellow cable: Put one end in Row 1; Hole 2 and the other end in Row B; hole 3,

It must be like this

Leave the cellar and zoom back in on the telephone and call 0071234 and.....

....you get connected but you must the password: Zegrzyslav. So click in the list on Zegrzyslav

The man from Matryoshka ask Evan to put the photo of Matryoshka's leader on the shelf, left of the phone.

So click outside the close-up and go back up to Evan's room and zoom in on Evan's desk

Take the picture of the leader. Take the scissors and also take the Mr. Skram bust

Open the desk drawer. There's a locket in the drawer. look at the locket in close-up. Open the locket to see a picture of a woman inside it.

Evan doesn't take the locket. Go out the close-up and go back downstairs and use the telephone again.

 In the close-up of the telephone you take the picture of the leader from inventory and you place it on the shelf

Evan now continues with the phone call and he's invited to come to Matryoshka but before he can accept the invitation the phone goes dead again

Go back down to the basement and...... You see an intruder stabbing in the round window above the telephone switches, who are freight now. At the right side stand a washing machine and a cupboard. The cupboard is open and there are some photos stuck on the inside of the right cupboard door.  Look at the photos that are on the inside of  the cupboard door. 

There are 3 car photos and on each photo you see a number. Note down those numbers 04, 02, 81.

Examine the plaque with numbers, under the tool cabinet, in the wall and then enter, in the close-up, the number: 040281. 

The cabinet above the number plague goes open. Take the Hunting Rifle and the metal Cutting Scissors from this cabinet

Go back to the living room to watch a cut scene

Agents from The Fringe Intelligence Agency come in and search the house.

Evan has returned to the sitting room and he must now go for a plant to put in the window of his room.

Go into the kitchen and then click with the magnifying icon on the Kitchen to go in close-up of the stove and the refrigerator

In the close-up open the refrigerator door and then take the pot of cold instant turkey out of the refrigerator

Place the turkey pot on the gas stove and then switch on the stove by clicking the left white switch

You have to wait 45 seconds but then the turkey is ready. When the turkey in the pot is ready pick up the pot with the hot turkey

Go into inventory and place the turkey pot in close-up and then eat the hot  turkey and Evan will have an empty pot.

Go upstairs to Evan's room and take the red Matryoshka flag, that is hanging on the bookcase

When Evan has taken the flag you'll see a book on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Take that Book

Go into inventory and look at the book in close-up and then open the book. Evan's passport is hidden in the book. Take the passport.

The clothes that mom was ironing stand on the ironing board. Take the clothes on the ironing board.

Go to the basement.  There are a few bags with garden soil lying beneath the doorway. One of the bags is broken. Use the  stove pot on the broken garden soil bag.

Evan fills the pot with soil.  Go to the living room and walk on the table that stand in the kitchen area. Look at the woolen tablecloth. 

The table cloth has flower ornaments.  Use the scissors on the tablecloth to cut of a woolen flower

Go back to the basement. There stand a metal flower holder in the basement.  Use the metal scissors on the metal flower holder to cut of a metal Stem

You will then have a metal stem in inventory Evan now has everything to make a fake plant.

 In inventory combine the metal stem with the woolen flower and then combine the flower with the pot with soil. Evan then has a fake flowerpot.

Go back to Evan's room and put the  fake flowerpot in the window sill

Nothing happens. Click with the Matryoshka Doll on the flower pot to open up the action menu and then click the gear icon to slide the flower pot to the left

Once the flower pot stand left in the window sill a brick is thrown in through the window. There's a note wrapped around the brick

Take the brick and examine the brick in your inventory. Take the note of the brick to read Anna's Eaglove's instructions

Well......Evan has already taken his passport and some clothes. So he just needs to find his red socks and put everything in his suitcase. 

Go back to the basement and open the washing machine and take out the Red Socks

Now dive into the inventory and combine the red socks and then the clothing with the suitcase to put them into the suitcase

Go back to Evan's room,  and now slide the fake flowerpot back to the right and......

.....a rock is thrown through the window and again there's a note wrapped around the rock. Take the rock

Examine the rock in inventory and take the note of it and read the instructions.

Right.......Evan is ready to go to Matryoshka.....he only has to say goodbye to his mom and dad, so go to the living room and talk to mom and then with dad

After this you go back to the basement and........Anna's hand is sticking out the round window.....Click Anna's hand to talk with her

 Evan must give his suitcase to Anna, so take the suitcase out of inventory and use it on Anna's hand and......

Then click on Anna's hand again to open up the action menu again and now click the gear icon and........

Anna says that Evan has to get rid of the shotgun and the other hunting stuff. So go to the washing machine and put the Hunting Equipment in the machine

Then close the washing machine door and.....the rifles are being destroyed

Click on Anna's hand again and.....

............enjoy the long cut scene in witch Anna and Evan escape from the house and fly to......

Chapter 2: Matryoshka: The Leader's Heart Hotel

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot