2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part One: The Leader's Heart Hotel

A: Lobby

Always ask people everything and talk to them several times, because they often have something new to say. 

Evan has entered the lobby of The Leader's Heart Hotel and he has $1.10 in his inventory. 

On the left side you see the closed Currency Exchange booth. On the right site is the Security Cubicle. 

Between the Hotel Exit and the Security Cubicle stand a Souvenir Machine, but it is closed of with red and white tape. 

Go to the Currency Exchange and use the bell......No one opens. You now also see the window of the Coatroom, but it is also closed. Go to the Souvenir Machine and look at it.....it is broken. Click with magnifying glass on the security cubicle and then try to talk to the chef of security - 

The security guy doesn't want to talk with Evan now. Go out of the close-up.  Walk down and to the right and go through the fence.......Evan comes at a golden statue with a kneeling bench in front of it. On the wall is a Poster. Examine the poster and the Kneeler in close-up

You can fill in forms on the kneeler, but Evan haven't got a form just yet. 

Leave the close-up and walk back to the currency exchange and down go down to the closed window of the coatroom. 

Use the bell, but the coatroom stays closed. Left of the coatroom hangs a telephone and further left is the reception.

Use the telephone and call 625 and ask Briedniev how you can get a hotel room

Evan must fill in a registration form, get a stamp on it and praise the leader.

Leave the telephone and walk left, to the reception. Behind the reception counter stand the receptionist and the second guard. On the left wall is a Poster. 

Talk with the receptionist. Evan needs a Room Application form and he can get one from the second guard. 

So talk to the second guard and ask for a room application form

Then take the Room Application form folder from the hands of the second guard.

Use the telephone and call hotline 625 again and ask  Bredniev for help with filling in the Room Application form. 

Evan must only tick off the first box on the form

Go back to the golden statue and use the kneeling bench to be in the close-up of the kneeler again

In close-up place the Room Application form on the bench. Then pick up the pencil and use the pencil to put a "V" in only the first box of the form

Put the pencil back and then pick up the form again to store it in inventory


Go back to the receptionist and show him the filled in Room Application form.

 Evan needs a stamp. Ask the receptionist about everything. 

Evan then knows that he must ring the bell of the currency exchange 3 times and to ask the security guy to call for the porter in the coatroom. 

Evan also gets permission to use the souvenir machine

So go back to the currency exchange and use the bell again and......

.....Evan now rings the bell 3x and the window goes open.  Ask the guy about prices in Matryoshka

Evan needs to exchange his $1.10 into Matryoshka currency, so give the exchange guy your $1.10 and....

Evan gets 50000000 rupiejkas for his $1.10. Go talk to the security guy, in the security cubicle, again

The security guy will now call for the porter in the coatroom, so go back to the coatroom and.....the coatroom is open know, so talk to the porter. 

The porter wants to have Evan's suitcase, so give your suitcase to the porter

Go back to the reception and now examine that poster that's on the left wall......

In close-up of the poster you click on all 3 texts and Evan will then know witch 3 things he needs to make a stamp

Go to the souvenir machine and click with your gear icon on the machine to remove the tape. Then zoom in on the machine

From the souvenir machine Evan needs the Souvenir Key Ring, the Chewing Gum and the Matryoshka Doll. 

Top right are the 9 buttons with numbers that you must press to get an item out of the machine. Each item has a code of two digits, so you must press two buttons for each item. All numbers on the machine are Matryoshka numbers but they are the same as our Western Numbers, so the symbols on the 9 buttons, on the right, are the numbers 1 till 9

For each of the 3 items you must first put your money into the money slot and then press the 2 number buttons of that item on the number buttons. Then take the item from the item slot. Evan doesn't know witch buttons to press to get the 3 items he needs out of the machine. So get out of the close-up and go back to the telephone. Zoom in on the telephone and dial 625 again to get Bredniev on the line again. Ask Bredniev everything about the souvenir machine and ask about the codes for the Key chain, the Gum and the Matryoshka Doll

For the Key chain Evan must pres the bottom left and the top right button. 

For the chewing gum Evan must press the middle right and the top right button. 

For the Matryoshka Doll Evan must press the top middle and the top left button. 

Close the conversation, leave the telephone and go back to the souvenir machine. Zoom in on the souvenir machine again.

 Put your money in the coin slot and buy the 3 items you need

For the Souvenir Key chain you press the 7 and 3 buttons. For the Chewing Gum you press the 6 and 3 buttons. For the Matryoshka Doll you pres the 2 and 1 buttons

When done Evan has the Souvenir Key chain, the Chewing Gum and the Matryoshka Doll in inventory. 

Examine the Chewing Gum and then Chew the chewing gum

In inventory you combine the Chewed Gum with the Matryoshka Doll and then combine the Doll with the Key chain and.....Evan has his Stamp

Go back to reception. If the Receptionist isn't there then use the Bell to summon him

Then show your Stamp to the receptionist and.......

....with his stamp Evan must now stamp the correct 3 forms.  If you stamp a wrong form than the receptionist gets pissed off but you get the change to do it right

There 3 are forms with Evan's photo on it and with the correct image. There are other forms with the wrong photo and the wrong image on it. The images are in the lower right of the screen - red telephone, bed, key. You must only stamp the 3 forms that has Evan's photo and one of the 3 images, bed, key, red telephone. On those 3 forms you click with the stamp in the box to stamp that form.

When you have stamped the 3 correct forms the receptionist  gives you room 369

you go out of this close-up and you'll get a pamphlet from the receptionist on witch you read what you must do next

The bell boy will now lift the barrier at the stairs, so go up the stairs on the left  to go to your room on the second floor

Meanwhile we see that Evan is being watch by camera's

B: Hotel room

Evan finally has entered his hotel room. Close the door if the door isn't closed by itself.  There's a hatch in the floor and in the corner stand a grandfather clock. On the wall hangs a gas mask on a coat peg. On the little table stand a Matryoshka Doll and under the table lies a document on the floor. 

Take the gas mask. Read the document, that's  on the floor under the table.....it's an interrogation report about prisoner XXX

The bathroom is closed off with tape. Evan must request permission to use the bathroom.

Walk to the bed and the telephone corner and look at the Geiger Counter that's on the wall

The light switch at the wardrobe operates the lamp that's on the telephone corner. Walk to the other side of the bed. A bookcase stand in the corner. On the wall is a very dusty carpet and through all that dust you can vaguely see a round table at the wall. There's also a light switch on the wall. On the desk lies a Bathroom Application form.  

Zoom in on the bookcase (Library), to see it in close-up. If you wait a minute then you'll see a microphone popping up between the books on the top shelf. A radio and a camera are on the bottom shelf. On the top shelf stand a box Chernobyl Detergent. Take that box Chernobyl Detergent 

Leave the close-up and now take the Bathroom Application Form  from the desk

As soon as Evan has taken the Bathroom Application Form there's a knock at the door.  So go back to the room door and open the door and.....

..... talk to the guard about everything.......This is sergeant Miedviediev 

When you talk to the guard about everything then Evan will get the Guard's Business Card and also there's a rather strange conversation about Evan's Ass. 

But this "ass" conversation turns out to be a mistake because this Guard can't pronounce the "P". 

The guards doesn't mean "Ass" but he's talking about a Pass and he shows Evan such a pass as an example

You also find out that this guard needs  toilet paper.

When you have used all conversation topics then say goodbye, Then show the guard the Bathroom Application Form and.........

You must put a stamp in various boxes of the form.....First read the 3 explanations that are on the right side of this form

The numbers represent the number of boxes that you have to stamp for each row and column. Your cursor is your Stamp and you click with the Stamp in the boxes of the form to place a stamp in those boxes. Only a green stamp is a valid stamp. Put a stamp in the following boxes. 

First row - 3 and 6
Second row - 4  3  6 5
Third row - 1  4  6 5
Fourth row  3 4 5 6 2
Fifth row - 2 3 4 5 6
Sixth row - 3 5 6

When done correctly Evan gets permission to use the bathroom. The form must be something like this, but this screenshot isn't quite show how it must be in the end, because I didn't get a change to make a screenshot of how it finally must be

Evan now has permission to use the bathroom, but it's still dark in the bathroom. 

Go to the light switch that's on the wall at the bookcase and use that switch to light up the bathroom

Step into  the bathroom 

Zoom in on the mirror and then take the Saving Brush and the Shaving Razor

Go out the close-up and go to the bathtub. Use the Stamp on the Run-off of the tub and then turn on the faucet to fill the bath with water

Take a roll of toilet paper, hanging on the rope.

Go back to the guard at the door and give him the toilet paper and he gives you a bar of soap in return. 

Close the door and go back to the bathroom. Use the Soap in the full bathtub and.....

....then use the bathtub to take a bath.

Evan is now done with the first step to meet the leader

The door is knocked again. So leave the bathroom and open the door. The piccolo brings Evan's suitcase

The piccolo throws the suitcase on the bed, so go to the bed, zoom in on the suitcase and open up the suitcase

Take the Tennis Racket Cover and then the Black Socks from the suitcase. Also look at the flyer in the suitcase. The flyer tells about a big tennis match

Examine the tennis racket cover in inventory, 

Open the cover to get the tennis racket out. Use the tennis racket on the dusty carpet against the wall and........

... Evan puts on the gasmask to protect himself against the dust and then he slams the carpet with the tennis racket

The dusty carpet covered up an iron door. Evan now has a conversation with prisoner XXX, who's locked up behind this door......I think that this conversation goes via the microphone and radio in the bookcase. During this conversation you must give a few answers....Say "Anna Eaglove" and the use the "Trust this guy" option

You can take a peek through the keyhole of this iron 369 door if you want. You can't open the door.  Because Evan has removed that dusty carpet you now see the restaurant food elevator and the round table clearly. Zoom in on the Restaurant Food Elevator and then take the Restaurant Application Form from the round table

Evan needs to stamp this form in order to get permission to order food.  

So go to the door, open the door and give the restaurant form to the guard and...... 

You've done this before, so only Stamp the correct forms, the one with Evan's photo on it and accompanying images, as you see the at the bottom right of the screen. 

When done correctly Evan gets permission to order food. Zoom in on the telephone corner

Look in the hotel flyer.

 Browse through the flyer, write down the telephone numbers and also read the two menu's

Put the flyer away and call the restaurant , so dial 55. Order the "Colors of Red Combo" dish

The dish comes up with the food elevator, so go to there. 

Zoom in and click on the dish to put it on the table, then click again on the dish to take the cover of and then take the dish.....do not eat the dish

Go to the bathroom. Place the black socks in the empty washer. Then use the Chernobyl Detergent on the washer and then use the washer. 

The black socks are then white socks and the are on the floor. Take the white Socks

In inventory combine the white socks with the red borscht dish and .......Evan then has  red socks and he tics this box on his document

The only thing that Evan still needs is a pass. Use the telephone. Dial 55 again and ask the restaurant guy to take back the dish tray. 

The guy says that Evan most put the cover back on the plate and then put the plate back into the elevator.

So zoom in on the restaurant elevator again and then click the cover to put it back on the plate and then click the whole thing into the elevator

The plate goes down, back to the restaurant. Go back to the telephone corner, zoom in again and dial 55 again and now ask the restaurant guy to sent up the "Sticky Fingers" combo. Back to the restaurant elevator, zoom in again and click on the plate to put it on the table and then remove the cover. Don't eat the bread and don't drink the kvass now but put both in your inventory

Go into your inventory and examine the Bread. Now Eat the bread and then examine the kvass drink and drink this now

You then have white flour and an empty glass in inventory. Combine the Flour with the empty Glass to put the flour into the glass

Go to the bathroom. Use the glass with flour in the full bathtub and you will have a glass with glue.

Combine the glue glass with the shaving brush, to put the brush into the glass. Zoom in on the mirror and use the glue glass/ brush on your reflection in the mirror.

You will smash the mirror and then you see a hidden camera and a tape recorder. Take the spy tape recorder.

Examine the spy tape recorder in your inventory and press the play button to listen what's on the tape

The tape then destroys itself. Remove the destroyed tape from the tape recorder.

Go back to the iron door and go talk to the prisoner XXX, who's locked up behind the door.

Listen carefully to the things the prisoner says.......

The prisoner will give Evan an empty pass and says that the key for his cell is in the security cubicle. The prisoner also says that Evan must call Anna on number 257. 

When this conversation has ended the phone rings. So go to the phone and zoom in on it again and..........

 It's Anna......listen to this strange conversation between Evan and Anna and when it's done you'll see Anna talking with her boss

Anna then changes into her battle outfit.

When you have control back you dial the hotline 22 to get Bredniev on the line. Ask Bredniev how to get a photo on the empty pass that you got from the prisoner

Then select option 1: "Say you don't and ask where to get something sharp"

Bredniev suggest that you can use the Shaving Razor.

Examine the Shaving Razor in the inventory and click on the pin, to remove the razor blade

You then have a razor blade and grenade. Examine your passport and use the razor blade on your photo to cut off the photo.

Examine the empty pass, use the glue glass on it, then stick your photo on it and you have a pass.

Now Evan is ready to meet with the Leader

Talk to the guard and say that you are ready to meet the leader.

C: Lobby and Hotel Room

Evan may finally leave the hotel room!. Go to the lobby and to the security cubicle...zoom in on the security guard again

The security guy is a sleep. Look at the key board Top left is the tape recorder. Take the Audiotape that's on the recorder.

Examine the spy tape recorder in inventory and use the audio tape on it (place for tape).

Play the audio tape via the play button. he tape plays a bit of music. Go back  to your room.

Look at the hatch, on the floor next to the door. Open the hatch and then click with the magnifying glass icon to look into the nuclear shelter 10-Z.

Top left you see a Socket......Use your Spy Tape recorder on the socket. 

If you then use the tape recorder (gear icon), music will be played in the hotel rooms

Press the red button / switch to turn on one of the 3 lights A, B or C. If a flight is on, music will be played in that room. A = Yellow = Evan's Bathroom, B = Green = Evan'sroom. C = Red= Hotel Lobby. Leave the room. Back down in the hotel corridor use the telephone and dial 625 and then ask Bredniev for help to get rid of the sleeping guard in the security cubicle

Bredniev suggest to get all the hotel employees to kneel down at the big statue of the Leader

Go back to your room and look into the nuclear bunker again and take the tape recorder back out of the socket

Look at the tape recorder it in close-up, click on the "record" button and then set it to BEET 13.

Then place the tape recorder back in the socket and switch on the tape recorder via the gear icon. Click on the red switch until the red light A = Hotel Lobby is on. 

Then click with the gear icon on the tape recorder again to hear  that BEET 13 can be heard in the hotel lobby

Go to the lobby and to the leader statue and see........All employees kneel before the golden statue.

Look into the security cubicle......

The security guy is gone because he's kneeling at the statue. Zoom in on the key board

You must take key 369 from the board, but witch one is key 369?

I had the right key in my first try, but this is a random puzzle, so if you take the wrong key you just try again. Check in inventory whether you have indeed taken key 369

When you have taken Key 369 of the board you go back to your room. Peak through the keyhole of door 369 and than use key 369 in the keyhole.

The prisoner comes out the cell, there's a conversation and Evan gets a black knight chess piece from the prisoner, who then returns to his cell

Prisoner XXX also tells Evan to contact his father, who's a miller, and give the black Knight piece to him

 Go to the lobby and go to the exit door. Sergeant Miedviediev is waiting at the hotel exit.  

Try to leave the hotel but you may not leave yet. Talk to Sergeant Miedviediev

Evan must leave some things at the reception. Go to the reception and talk to the second guard, who tells witch things you must leave behind.  

Give the gas mask, the tennis racket, the Mr.Skram bust and the  pamphlet to the second guard

Talk to Sergeant Miedviediev again and.....Evan and his sergeant now leave the hotel.

Chapter 2: Part two: Village

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot