2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Part Two: Village

Crimson Square

Try to talk to people in the town square, but Evan don't understand the language.  In front of the hotel you can try to talk with a florist woman and with a man called Carter. The florist is busy with a customer and she holds a baby in her arms. Next to Carter stand a horse and a cart. Look at the horse. Go right until you are at the Butcher and the entrance of the metro. The metro entrance is guarded by a guard. Between the butcher and that guard stand the City Map. 

On the left stand a long line of people...the line goes around the corner of the metro station....it's obvious that all those people are waiting in line for something.  Walk further to the right until Evan is at the big statue with a fountain at its base and then go to the  construction site, behind the statue. 

Construction site

Sergeant Miedviediev will follow Evan where ever he goes and he sits down on a concrete beam. A construction crane brings a concrete slab down to block off a hole in the ground. An Excavator stand in the middle and in the lower left corner stand a Concrete Mixer. 

Follow the sandy path all the way to the right until you can't go any further. You'll notice that part of the excavator is a "painting". Walk on to the right and...... Evan then will be at a elderly man who's sitting in a big pipe. This Senior citizen is reading a book. On the ground lies a "doormat"....Look at the "doormat".....It's not a "doormat".....It's a comic book. Take the Comic Book.  

Evan ask the elderly man if he may have the comic book, and he may. Then talk to the elderly man about everything. This elderly man speaks English because he's the former director of the ministry of foreign language and he gives Evan a Matryoshkan Phrase book. Ask this professor everything you can ask him now

When you say goodbye the professor says that Evan must go talk with a "Enchanted Woman", who's next to the palace.

Examine the Phrase Book in inventory and.......

Evan now can speak and understand Matryoshkan. Follow the sandy path back to the left and, at sergeant Miedviediev,  go back Crimson  square.

Crimson Square

Sergeant Miedviediev goes sit on the edge of the fountain, beneath the statue of the great Leader. Walk to the right, to the palace of the leader.

 On the right side of the palace a Mysterious Woman sits in front of a red mailbox. Further more to the right you see a structure of boxes where Homeless people are sleeping in. Next to the Homeless people stand a Suspicious Guy. Go talk with the Mysterious Woman, who is a fortune teller

The fortune teller gives Evan a small empty bottle. Ask the fortune teller everything you can ask her.

When you're done talking you walk further on to the Suspicious Guy. Try to talk to the Suspicious Guy, but he doesn't want to talk right now. The guy says that when he has put his banner up you know he's back in business and then you can talk with him. See that there's a sleeping homeless person in the homeless people box. Go back to the fountain, at the base of the big statue. 

Take that Empty Bottle, that Evan got from the Mysterious Woman, out of inventory and use the bottle on the fountain, to fill the bottle with water

Now that Evan can understand and speak Matryoshkan, you can go and talk with the people here. All these talks goes in English. From the big statue walk to the left. At the corner of the metro entrance stand a long line of people. Open up the action menu on this Long Line and then use the Talk Icon and........

 Evan speaks with a woman in the line who things that Evan doesn't want to wait for his turn

Talk with the guard, who's guarding the entrance of the metro....this metro station closed indefinitely

Talk with the butcher. There's no meat for the citizens.  Zoom in on the City Map......Evan can now read the map, so click on al locations on the map 

Go back to the hotel but don't enter. Try to talk with the Florist...but the woman customer of the florist chases Evan away.  Go talk with Carter by the horse and wagon. 

Anatoly Carter is the miller and he's from the other side of the Iron Curtain. Carter is the father of Prisoner XXX. 

 Evan tells that he has met Carter's son but Carter wants prove of this. Show Carter the Black Knight chess piece

Carter then tells about a passage to the metro that's under the old house....this house use to be on the construction site. Go back to the construction site. Sergeant  Miedviediev will follow Evan again.  Click with the Small Bottle of Water on the Concrete Mixer to pour the water into the mixer. 

Examine the Concrete Slab with your Eye.....According to Carter there's an entrance to the metro beneath this slab Go back to Crimson square......Sergeant  Miedviediev will go sit on the fountain again.  Evan doesn't want that  Miedviediev will keep follow him all the time, so now give the comic book to the sergeant.   

Miedviediev will no stay here to read the comic book. Go back to the construction site and follow the sandy path to the right again......

There are now a Surveyor with a Theodolite and a Welding Woman at the site. 

Left of the Surveyor stand a Horn to signal the Crane driver, who's high up in the crane. In the back ground you see the "Building under construction". Talk to the surveyor........the man is very busy so he doesn't want to talk to Evan. Go talk to the welding woman to enjoy a lecture about Communism

Go to the Horn, that stand left of the surveyor. Click on the Horn and......

........the big crane lift the "painting" and you'll now see a pile of cement and the sleeping workers.

Go back to Crimson square. Refill your Small bottle with water out the fountain.

Go to the construction site and click on the Horn again and....

.....the big crane now lowers a steel bar and put it on the ground behind the welding woman ....Walk to the right and go stand on that Steel Bar and....  

Evan is being hoisted up. Talk to the crane driver , who's sitting in the crane cabin. Ask the crane driver about opening the entrance to the metro. 

The crane driver could lift that concrete slab but he wants something in return, so offer him Vodka from the list you get........one bottle of vodka isn't enough...the crane driver wants a whole crate of Dobra Vodka.  Ask to be lowered down again and the crane driver will put Evan back on the ground. Go back to Crimson Square.

Go to the palace and then to that Suspicious man. The Suspicious Man has now put his banner up, so Evan can now talk to him, so do that

If you play his Ball-Ball game and win it then you can win a bottle of vodka. To win a whole crate of Dobra Vodka Evan must put one bottle of Dobra Vodka on the table

Go back to the butcher and talk with him again.....

The Butcher will give Evan a bottle of Dobra Vodka in exchange for a meat ration card.

Observe the long line of people. As soon as the meat icon pops up above the line you open up the action menu and then click the talk icon and.......

Evan will talk with the woman who's waiting in the line to get some meat. This woman has a meat ration card and she will give here card to Evan in exchange for Flour.

Were to get flour?.....well.....Anatoly Carter is a miller so perhaps he can give Evan some flour. Go back to Carter and talk to him and ask him for Help and...

Evan ask about flour. Carter can get Evan flour but he wants a new horse shoe for his horse in return.

Go back to the construction site and talk to the welding woman again......Evan ask the welding woman if she can make a new horse shoe. 

The welding woman wants two nice presents in return and a print of the horse shoe she must weld.

Go to the florist on the village square. Click again with your talking icon on the florist and...

.....this time the other woman will go away because Evan says that he needs a flower for a woman. 

Now zoom in on the florist woman with your magnifier icon to see the florist in close-up. 

The florist has a nice carnation for sale and she has a rose in her hair. Look at the Carnation and look at the Rose. Then talk with the florist girl......

The girl is a bit sad because her baby isn't happy and she tells that the carnation is for sale for 90.000. So give the florist your money to buy the Carnation. After this deal talk with her again and....Evan want her rose and he may have the rose if he makes baby Misha laugh. Talk to baby Misha and.....you get a list of words....you must click the right 4 words from the list to make baby Misha laugh.....

Click on these words: Chimanarium, Danfangogrim, Vernehood and Keymonlandis and.....Evan gets  the rose from the florist. 

In inventory combine the Rose with the Small Bottle of Water to turn it into a Bottle of Perfume

Leave this close-up and go back to the Welding Woman at the Construction Site. Give the Carnation and then the Bottle of Perfume to the welding lady....

The welding woman gets "satisfacted" but Evan still needs to give her a print of the horse shoe.

If the surveyor is now not watching his Theodolite then zoom in on that thing and....

Evan will look through the Theodolite at the building under construction......move the lens upwards by dragging your mouse down.....

Evan then looks at the top balcony of the building and he'll see glittering sand and some other stuff there. 

Now go to the Building under construction

Enter the building....Evan comes out through the middle exit on the 3rd floor and he must go up to the top floor. 

You must try all entrances and see where Evan comers out to reach the top floor.....It's a puzzle and I can't tell you the correct route because this is different every game. So try all entrances and eventually Evan will reach the top balcony....Zoom in on the top balcony to see it in close-up. 

Evan can't take the ladder but he can take the Rake, so take the 

 Leave the close-up  and......automatically Evan is back on the ground. Go back to the Butcher on Crimson Square.  

Above the butcher's counter hangs a Wisent skull. Look at that Wisent skull......

Then use the Rake on the Wisent skull and.....Evan takes the Wisent skull. 

Go back to the florist and see her in close-up again. 

In front of the sleeping dog stands an empty bowl.... If you try to take the bowl then the dog wakes up and will bite you.

 Use the Wisent skull on the empty bowl and.......

....the dog goes away. Now take the empty Bowl

Go back to the construction site and enter the building under construction again.

  Evan now immediately ends up on the top balcony. Use the bowl on the pile of sand to fill the bowl with sand.  

Leave the building and  go to the concrete mixer. Empty the Bowl with sand into the mixer. 

Go to the cement pile and use the empty bowl on it....

Evan puts the empty bowl on the ground, beneath the gripper of the excavator. Use the Excavator to fill the bowl with cement. 

Take the Bowl with cement Use the bowl with cement on the concrete  mixer to pour the cement in the mixer. 

Now use the concrete mixer to mix the cement, sand and water into mortar. 

When the mixer is ready use the empty bowl on it to fill the bowl with mortar

Go back to Carter at the hotel. Use the mortar bowl on the horse to make a print of its shoe.........

After the cut scene Evan has a Cap with Hoof.

Go back to the welding lady on the construction site. Give the cap with hoof to her and....Evan gets a horseshoe.

Go back to Carter and give him the horseshoe and.......

19 minutes later Carter comes back with a bag of flour. Take the Bag of Flour from the cart

Go to the Long Line. Use the bag of flour on the long line of people when the sugar ration card icon pops up above the people. 

Evan  exchange the flour for a sugar ration card. Then talk to the woman with the meat ration card. 

Try exchanging the sugar ration card for the meat ration card by clicking with the sugar ration card on the row and......

......the woman will give Evan the meat ration card and he also can keep the sugar ration card.

Give the meat ration card to the butcher and.....Evan gets a bottle of Dobra vodka.  

Go to the suspicious guy in front of the palace and try to give him the bottle of Dobra vodka.

The guy then tells that the sergeant may not see what he's doing  to see it, so sergeant Miedviediev has to leave the fountain.

Go to the fountain and take the comic book back,  from the sergeant's hands

...and go to the construction site. Miedviediev will go sit on the beam again. Give Miedviediev the Comic Book back

 Miedviediev will now stay here to read the comic book, 

Go back to the Suspicious man and give him the vodka bottle again and....

.You have to play the ball-ball game and you have to win this game to get a crate of Dobra Vodka. The suspicious guy explains what you must do

You have to select the glass with water and you must do this 3 or 4 times to win this mini game.  

So when the guy has filled the 3 glasses, two with vodka and one with water, and then start turning the glasses try to keep track of the glass with the water and then click on that glass to drink it. You must do this 3 or 4 times. If you pick the right glass then the guy eventually goes down and you can take the crate of Dobra vodka. If you pick the vodka glasses then you loose the game and has to do it over and over again by clicking with your gear icon on the guy

Can't help you here......this mini game is random so I can't tell you witch of the 3 glasses has the water

When the guy he falls down drunk you have won and you can take his crate of Dobra vodka.

When you have won the Dobra Vodka crate you go back to the construction site. Sergeant  Miedviediev must go sit at the fountain again so take the sergeant's comic book again. Then go back to the fountain and give Miedviediev the comic book back

Back to the construction site and go stand on the steel beam again to be hoisted up again

Give the crate of vodka to the crane driver.

Evan will be returned to the construction site. Use the horn and the crane hook comes down.

Click on the crane hook to hook it onto the concrete slab.

Use the horn again to lift the slab. Then look into it t bottomless hole.

Evan needs a ladder. Go into the building under construction. Click on the crane hook to hook it onto the ladder.

Use the horn to lower the ladder into the hole.

Use the ladder to descend into the hole.

...a cut scene at the hotel follows.....

....and then we are in

Chapter 3: The Secret Meeting

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot