2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Metro station

Evan has descent into the Central Metro Station. Trains will come from the left and the right and they will stop at this station. 

Wait until a train comes and stops and then go through the train to the other platform.

Evan must find Anna. On this platform stand a Box and a statue of the Great Leader. You see eyes in the box and a Hobo sits against the statue. Talk with the Eyes in the box. 

It's a kid that sits in the box and it says that Evan needs a train ticket to get on a train. Ask if this station is always this empty.....No it isn't but for some reason nobody gets of the trains here today. Look at the statue. Talk to the Hobo. The Hobo has no shoes and therefore he has cold feet. Under the stairs, that lead to nowhere, lies a bucket. Look at that bucket.......It's stuck under the stairs

Go to the left side of this platform. A trashcan stand on the platform and a Veteran sits on the bench. A red lever sticks in the wall. Zoom in on the trashcan and.......

Evan finds a map the metro line and he concludes that he must take a train that comes from the left and goes to the right, to Gork Park. 

Evan doesn't not take the map, so click it back into the trash can.  Use the Lever and see what happens.......

........by putting this lever up that stairs on the other side goes up but the lever won't stay up so the stairs goes down again. Talk to the Veteran. He's Colonel Kwiatkowski but he only wants to talk with Evan if Evan has met General Anzelmov. Go back to the box and talk with the boy in the box again and ask if he knows how to hold the lever up. 

The 7 year old kid in the box suggest to use some balloons with the lever. A pigeon will now sit on the bench......Try to grab the pigeon.......

The pigeon flies to a chandelier and poops on the ground. 

Talk to the boy in the box again and ask why the pigeon is sitting on a chandelier whose lights are switched off. 

See the chandeliers, they go off and on and the pigeon will always go sit on a chandelier that is off.  The pigeon is back on the bench. Stand in front of the pigeon and open up the action menu on the bird.....As soon as you see that the lamps / chandelier above the statue goes out you click with the hand icon on the pigeon and.....

......The pigeon goes sit on the chandelier and then poops on the statue and the boy in the box starts to wipe the glass of the statue and he won't look at Evan now . Wait until a train arrives from the left and then step into that train that goes to the right to Gork Park

Metro train

It's pitch dark in the train but Evan has a conversation with Anna in the dark. During this conversation you click the General Anzelmov in the dialogue option. 

The plan is to meet the general in Gork Park, then pretend to be him and then go to Irony Curtain via the military base! We get out at the park

Gork park

After the cut scene in witch sergeant Miedviediev is arrested Evan comes out the train at Gork Park

Talk to the commissioner.........The honor of the leader festival has not yet begun so the festival isn't open yet. Go to the right. At the loudspeaker pole stand a boy and hangs a balloon. At the animal car sits a sad little girl. A rubber jump rope is wrapped on the loudspeaker pole and the balloon is attached to a gas tank with a rope. Go talk with that boy at the balloon

The boy's name is Gutek.  When done talking with Gutek take the elastic rubber jump rope from the loudspeaker pole

Try to talk to the sad girl, but you can't talk to here because according to Gutek she is grieving. Use your razor blade on the balloon to take the balloon. 

Walk back to the entrance and take the metro train back to the metro station. 

Use the balloon on the Lever but it is not enough to hold the lever up. 

Go stand on the mat at the box and wait for a train that comes from the right and goes to the left. Step into that train and...

.......the train delivers Evan at the Military Base

Military base/ Metro station/ Gork Park

Walk all the way to the left and a tiger pops up and blocks the upper path for a moment

The tiger goes away by itself. Take the rocks that are lying on the path.  

Don't go further to the left now but go back to the Metro. Go in the Metro and.....Meanwhile Anna has a telephone talk with the great Leader. 

Evan then is back in the metro station. Step back in a train that comes from the left and goes to the right, back to  Gork Park. At Gork Park walk to the right, to the tiger cage. The tiger is in the cage now and all the kids are staring at the tiger. Look at the tiger in the cage.....it's the same tiger that has blocks Evan's way at the Military Base. 

You can't talk with the kids now, so go back to the metro station and then take a train that comes from the right and goes to the left, to the Military Base 

Walk on to the left until Evan has reach the Bunker. 

The tank, that's on top of the bunker, lowers its barrel to Evan. Boots are hanging on the canon of the tank. Look at the Boots. Evan can't take the boots now because they are to high up. The gate is locked from the inside. Walk on to the left and then peek into the Bunker through the window

You see the inside of the bunker in close-up. A Big Soldier Guy has a head in his hand and a lady Officer is on the phone. 

When you talk with the big guy you learn that his name is Kox. The Lady Officer doesn't want to talk with Evan. Notice the yellow stockings that the lady officer is wearing. Between Kox and the Lady Officer lies a Note on the counter. Zoom in on that Note and read it. Zoom 2x out to go out of the bunker close-up. The Sanitary corner is closed, but on the outside of the left bunker sticks a Fire Fan.  Take that Fire Fan.

Go back to the right, to the crossing where the tiger was. Now follow the upper path until the trees. 

A washing line hangs between the two trees an on that line hangs a green Uniform. Take the Uniform. 

Further to the right you see a fresh grave.....Look at that fresh grave. Go back to the Metro Station and then take a train back to Gork Park

Gork Park: The Mini-Games

The festival has started and you'll see a cut scene. After the conversation with General Anzelmov, take his portrait painting from the easel

Evan want to disguise himself as General Anzelmov. Talk to General Anzelmov

 Anzelmov wants a cotton candy but he will give Evan an army draft notice form.


Go right and talk with the festival commissioner in his booth and....... 

Evan gets registered to take part in the competition. The price is a bag of sugar, that stand on the table left next of the booth. 

To win the Bag of Sugar Evan most beat the highest score and  so far the highest score 45 points. 

Look on the leader board for the names and points of the participants in the competition. 

As explained by the commissioner...Evan must beat the highest score of Natasha, so he must at least reach 46 points. 

To beat the highest score you must play at least 3 mini games here. In every mini game you can score a maximum of 20 points.

Mini game 1: Shooting Range:

Above general Anzelmov's car are the two outhouses and the Shooting Range Stall.  Zoom in on the Shooting Range:

to the shooting range stall. The man in the shooting booth tells the rules of the game. Take the Riffle......

You get 20 bullets, so you can win a maximum of 20 point if every shot that you take hits the right target.

You only must shoots capitalist targets and don't shoot communist targets. Use the gun and shoot at hamburgers, hot dogs, green bank notes, baseball bat etc. 

You start with 20 bullets and you end with zero bullets. When you have shot 20 targets the commissior will tell your score. When your score is a lot less then 20 then I advice you to this shooting game again and again until you at least get a score of 19 points. You can earn more points in another mini-game. When you're satisfied with your score in this shooting game then check the Leader board to see your score. I have shot 19 good targets and that's good enough for me.

Go to the Songwriting Committee table, on the left. The line of people are waiting at the cotton candy machine.

 Zoom in on the cotton candy machine, witch is broken. A repair guy is busy with repairs. 

Use your razor blade on the string of the red balloon to take the balloon. Take a cotton candy stick from the cart.

 Use the Fire Fan on the defective machine to place the fan into the machine

Go out of the close-up. 

Mini-Game 2: Songwriting Contest:

On the corner of the Songwriting contest table stands an Inkpot. Take the inkpot

There are red letters on the front side of the table and the letter "Y" is higher placed than the other letters. Take the letter "Y"

Now talk to the songwriting committee and........

Evan enters this songwriting competition and this goes all by itself. Evan recite a poem and wins this competition and gets rewarded with 20 points.

You can check your overall score on the leader board. Depending on how you're score was at the shooting range you now must have at least 39 points.

You still must play one mini game to beat Natasha, but we'll do this later,

 Take the metro back to the metro station. A painter is now on the platform. Go to the red lever and put the red balloon on the lever

It's still not enough to keep the lever up.  Talk to the veteran again....... He wants a weapon. Talk to the painter and ask him for souvenirs, but he has none.

Then use the option  "Make up something smart" and.......the painter goes paints the garbage can and is distracted..

....Zoom in on the on the painting on the easel and take the paintbrush. 

Take a train to the military base.

military base.

Go to the bunker but not all the way.....stop at the barrel of the tank with the Boots hanging on it. In inventory combine the elastic rubber jump rope with the "Y" to make a slingshot. Then combine the rocks with the slingshot. Take the loaded Slingshot from inventory and click with it TWICE on the Boots

When you have shot the boots twice with the loaded slingshot the barrel has come down enough to be able to get the boots, so grab the boots the army boots.

Peak through the window into the bunker again. Talk to the woman officer in the bunker and then give her the army draft notice.

Evan now is a recruit but he needs a uniform like that of General Anzelmov

The Lady officer also has given Evan a rubber product No2, witch is off course a condom. And Evan can now also use the sanitary facilities outside. Talk to Kox and....


...Evan convinces the lady that Kox needs to work out, so  Kox leaves the bunker and leaves his  blue  Navy Cap behind. Take the navy blue peaked cap.

Leave the bunker and enter the sanitary corner, witch is now open

Evan peeks into the sanitary corner. Pour the ink into the tub and then use the green uniform in the tub with blue water to dye the green uniform blue

Then take the blue uniform out of the tub. . Open the medical kit and take the bottle of laxative

In inventory combine the razor blade with the paint brush to get a bristle. Combine this bristle with the glue in glass with shaving brush to get a fake mustache. See the soot in the box but don't use it now. You can give your face a tint with it. Go back to Gork Park. Use your rubber product No2 (condom) on the helium cylinder to get a balloon.

Go to the metro station and use the condom balloon on the red lever and......

Now the lever stays up and also the stairs stays up now.  Give the hand grenade to the veteran and in return he gives Evan his medals.

Walk to the right and take the bucket

Give the army boots to the Hobo

The Hobo wants to give Evan something for the boots......Ask for the votive candle in return. 

Take a train back to 

Gork t park.

It's time to score the last point to win the bag of sugar. Right behind the leader board is the Construction Mini game........Zoom in on the Construction Mini Game

Mini Game 3: Construction Game

Evan stand on a scaffolding with bricks. This game starts as soon as you have taken the Mortar / Trowel

Evan lays bricks as he moves quickly over the scaffold. There are gaps in the scaffolding. When Evan comes to a gap you must quickly jump to the other side of the scaffold by clicking with the double arrow cursor.  Click with the double arrow on the scaffold to jump to it. Do not jump too early or too late to the other side. 

You must keep this up until you have the whole competition. So you need at least  go over the scaffolding to beyond the 8 points  mark because then Evan wins the 20 points and has beaten the score of Natasha. If you do not make it in the first run, then you just start over and you do this mini game until the Commissioner announces that Evan is the overall WINNER of the competition and that he can come to claim his prize

So when you have won the competition go take that Bag of Sucker

Go to the cotton candy machine and zoom in again

Place the bucket on the machine without a compartment. 

Throw the sugar in the bucket. Then throw in the laxative and then the cotton candy stick. You get a laxative cotton candy.

Leave this close-up and walk back to the car of the general. Try to give General Anzelmov the laxative cotton candy.

But Evan realize that he first must ensure that his Anzelmov disguise is in order and that Anzelmov can't use the back outhouse .So zoom in on the right hand outhouse

Evan can disguise himself in this outhouse, but first take ace the fashion magazine. 

Examine the magazine in inventory.....go through all the pages. On the right wall is the Private Place where you can hang all the items for the disguise. There's also a Red Flag that you can hoist by using the Crank. Now place the blue uniform, blue cap, false mustache, red socks (they serve as epaulettes) and the medals on the private place. 

Don't raise the red flag yet because your disguise isn't ready yet. Take the Metro back to the:

Military Base.

Peek into the bunker. Show the fashion magazine to the Lady officer, but she says she is well dressed according the latest fashion

Examine the fashion magazine and browse to the women's clothing page. Use the razor blade on the yellow stockings of the image. 

You cut away the yellow stockings and the girl now has "naked" legs

Show the fashion magazine to the lady officer again and....... She sees that yellow stockings are out of fashion so she's taking of here stockings

Take the Yellow Stockings

 Leave the bunker and go  into the sanitary corner again 

Now use the Soot  and choose the Dirty Harry camouflage from the list

Combine, in inventory,  the Votive candle with the Paintbrush and you have a pipe.

Right.....that's it......Go back, via the Metro Station, to the

Gork Park

Look in the Outhouse again. Use the pipe and then the yellow stockings on the disguise .

The disguise is ready. Turn the Crank to raise the red flag to unsure that Anzelmov doesn't use this outhouse. Go out the close-up. 

Talk to General Anzelmov....He want's his cotton candy, so give him the laxative cotton candy and........

.....see what happens........Anzelmov gets sick and goes into the left hand outhouse and.....

Use the Car and.....

.Evan jumps into the right hand outhouse to put on his Anzelmov disguise.....

...And then we are in the:


We leave, disguised as General Anzelmov. After the conversation with the driver, look in the 'top secret' documents.

Browse through all the pages of the documents.....you'll see an entry about the location of a hidden Amber Chamber

We then run out of gas. The driver leaves the car to go to the military base to get gas! Evan has reached the

Iron Curtain 


Evan is at the iron curtain and at a cave. Walk a bit to the left and........an old man comes out the cave, witch is his dugout. An interesting conversation follows in witch you give this old geezer, who's name is Leshy,  an answer and then you must guess what ii is that Leshy is doing here. Say that "Leshy is a moonshiner"

Leshy will bring Evan to the meeting but first Evan must find some food for him. Look into the car

 Use the military radio that's on the right site in the dash board and then use all dialog options. 

On the dash board are two dolls.......Take the 'Babushka' doll

Examine and then open up the doll in the inventory and you will find a spare key in it. Take the Spare Key

Leave the car. Zoom in on the  trash on the floor and in the close-up take the empty bottle.

Walk to the left until Evan has reach a tree with a birds nest in it. 

In the distance is the Iron Curtain with a watchtower.  A white line is drawn on the ground. On the other side of the white line stand a nice big red mushroom. Evan may not cross the red line because if he does he will get shot at from the watchtower. So Evan can't take the mushroom now  In the lower left corner a Mouse trap sticks on a vine. Take the Mouse Trap, witch is actually a grill plate

The bird sits on a nest full with eggs and Evan want those eggs to serve as food for Leshy 

Use your still loaded slingshot on the bird and.........

..... after all cut scenes take the eggs from the nest

Combine in inventory the eggs with the grill plate (mangal) Go back to the car and place the grill plate with eggs on the hood  of the car.

The car has no gas, so the eggs won't get hot until Evan can start up the car. 

Go stand at the distillation kettle and use your razor blade on the rubber hose of the distillation kettle

Examine in inventory and then click on it to turn the rubber hose into a lasso.

Go back to the red mushroom but don't cross the white line. Use the lasso on the huge mushroom to take the mushroom without crossing the white line

Go back to the distillation kettle and use the mushroom on the funnel of the distillation kettle.

 Then use the empty bottle on the alcohol stream and you have "alcohol". 

Go back to the car and zoom in on the fuel intake to see it in close-up

Use the spare key in the fuel cap lock and then pour the "alcohol" from the bottle in the gas tank. 

Go out this close-up and look in the car again

Use the spare key in the ignition switch. Then click the gearbox lever one time to put it in the middle position. 

Start the engine by clicking on the Ignition key.......

 Take the grill plate with the boiled eggs from the hood and......

........ Click with the boiled eggs on the Dugout and.......

Leshy comes out with his tractor. Get on it too and we leave.

....Meanwhile Anna has another phone talk with the Great Leader and Anna now gets a bit worried

...and then.....well...it turns out that Leshy has sold out Evan to the evil general Vlad......

........but Leshy gets what he deserves because he and Evan now gets arrested and we all end up in......

Chapter 4: Vlad

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot