2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This my English translation of my Dutch Rhem 1 SE walkthrough that I made in 2017. The screenshots in this walkthrough come from the Dutch walkthrough and most of the text on the screenshots are in Dutch, but I don't think that this will give you problems. You can always learn the Dutch language if you do have problems understanding what's on the screenshot. I have taking the trouble to learn a bit of English, so why don't you make an effort to learn Dutch

Chapter 1: Arrival Valley

Part 1: Explorations

Turn left and go 1 click forward to get out of the rail cart. You see an open gate in front of you. Would you like to see how your rail cart looks like? Then turn left or right twice.

Turn back again and now go 2 times ahead, through the gate, and then turn left and then follow the path to the next gate.

The path goes left and then it goes up to the next gate via a wooden staircase. You see the last part of this top wooden walkway and you see that the path ends at a Round Stone Building

The round Water Tower:

The round stone building is the Water Tower, as you will soon notice.

Walk to the end ...... on the way take a look left and down for a moment ..... you can see that the round tower has two levels.

You then reach the Blue Door with the Red Button. Click on the Red Button and the door will open.

Go inside and through the Wooden Corridor to the next Blue Door with Red Button. Press the Red Button again to open this door

Step outside ....you are now on the other side of the round Water Tower .... continue forward ...... You go through the next gate. 

Follow the path between the walls and you will reach an open "window" at the end.

Look through this "window" and then look down. Beneath you'll see a swing bridge on a round stone pillar.

Look up again and then turn left. You are now looking into a niche and an iron ladder is going down in this niche. 

Enter the niche and then click twice on the ladder and you will be downstairs.

Turn right and go forward ....you can not go any further here now. Look down. In front of you is the swing bridge, but the bridge has been turned away from you.

In order to be able to continue here, the swing bridge will have to be turnt to you, but you can not manage it here. So look up again and then turn right twice and go back and turn right again. You are back at the ladder. Look up and click up twice on the ladder again and you are back up again. Then click down diagonally left and then go back to the Blue Door of the Water Tower

Press the Red Button to open the door again and enter. You are back in the Wooden Corridor and right in front of you there's a niche with a ladder down.

So go to the ladder and then look down and then descend 4 clicks down and ........... you are at the bottom of this wooden ladder shaft. Click down diagonally left or right to turn around. The ladder is now in your back and right in front of you see a Blue Door with Red Button. So you are here at the bottom level of the Water Tower. Go to the blue door but do not go through the door .........turn left first

You see another Blue Door in the wall. Turn left again and you look again at the ladder shaft.

Turn left again and you will see a Blue Door again. To the left of this 3rd door you see a very short pipe, sticking in the round wall.

Turn left again and you look again at the blue door that's opposite the ladder. Probably there is also a Blue Door behind the ladder shaft but you can not see it now

You will have noticed that you are standing on a platform in the water. This Round Stone building is therefore something like a water tower and it has 2 levels. The 4 doors can only be reached via the ladder shaft, but always the ladder shaft is turned to one of these doors. So you conclude that you must  be able to turn this ladder shaft somewhere somehow

Click on the Red Door button to open the door. Step outside and then go diagonally to the right. Follow the sandy path and go over the wooden bridge and continue along the path. The path is hardened again and you'll see a high wooden staircase going up.

Go forward to the stairs ..... Do not go up the stairs yet but go along the stairs to the back and then turn left

A tunnel goes under the stairs, so go through the tunnel and then turn left and follow the path, over the bridge, to the stairs at the back.

Climb up the stairs and go left and then right through the doorway

Straight ahead you can go down via a stone staircase, but there is also an opening here on the right.

First go through the opening on your right. You can not cross over the cap to the building on the other side. Look down and you will see that the missing piece of the path of the path, witch is a "lift", is completely lowered. Look up again and turn right. You'll see a lever with a piece of rope attached to it in the wall. You can click what you want on this handle, but nothing happens. The "lift" does not come up. 

The Purple Viewer

Turn right again and then click diagonally right and then go to the stairs. Look down and descend the stairs, right, diagonally left, 2x forwards, left and you are at the end.

You stand at device on a pole. It is a screen and there are 7 purple buttons around the screen.

Zoom in on this device and press some buttons. You can always press 4 of the 7 buttons in succession, but then the 4 pressed buttons will spring back. 

However, nothing comes in the screen. You should make a 4 digit code with 4 of these 7 buttons? Well, if that is the case then you can not do that right now. We shall name this device the "Purple Viewer" and remember this place and how to get here from the round water tower. You will encounter more of these "Viewers" and each of the viewers will have different colored buttons. 

The Red Viewer

You can not continue here, so turn around and follow the route back to the tunnel that goes under the wooden staircase. Go back through the tunnel and then right and then forward, then click diagonally right and you are back at the bottom of the wooden staircase. 

Now climb up this staircase  and above you turn left. Then click Slanted Right to stand right in front of the gate and then go over the wooden path to the next wooden staircase. 

Look down and descend the stairs 

At the bottom of the stairs you follow the path ... The path goes through a narrow canyon between the rocks and you reach another gate in a masonry wall. 

You can go through the gate but the path also turns right here. Now first go to and through the gate and then through the next gate. Then follow the brown sandy path along the water. 

Via a bridge the path continues to the right and through the lake.  At the end of the path there is another bridge but just before the bridge there is a side path to the right.

 Enter the side path .... this side path is a dead end but here you will find the 2nd Viewer and this is the Red Viewer ...... Zoom in on the viewer ...

Again you can press 4 random buttons, but again nothing happens. Zoom out and turn counter clockwise twice and then click Diagonally Right to the bridge. 

Now continue over the bridge and through the next gate ...... In the distance you see a round tower ...

 The "4-way" Tower 

Follow the path and ..... Near the round tower stand a board and on this board you will see, schematically, how to get a bridge up or down. 

If the water level is low then the bridge is down but if the water level is high the bridge is up. 

Turn right and ...... you  see an entrance in the round tower. Go ahead and ...... again you can not go any further. You can not go to the round tower. This round tower is the "4-way" tower and you see that there a tunnel goes straight through the tower. Look down and.......you see that the bridge is down because the water level around the tower is low. 

On the board you saw that you must raise the water level around the tower to get this bridge up so that you can cross over it to the round tower. But how and where do you do that? So this is your first job that you need to do now, get the water level up. Look up again and turn around and follow the route all the way back to the gray path.  As soon as you get back there you immediately turn left and follow the gray path further ....

The path goes with a bend to the left and as soon as you have passed that bend you will see  a guy, on the Balcony above the path, and he starts talking to you. 

The guy tells that he has been here for a long time on this god forsaken Rhem Island and that he finally wants to go back to the "Inhabited" world and so he disappears with YOUR Rail Cart.

Now you're really all alone on Rhem.

Round Water Tower: 

Continue to follow the gray path..... you go through a tunnel and then up a few stone steps. 

When you are at the top of the stairs you turn right and ..... Look up and ......You see a Code written on the back of a balcony ..... 

This is the first of 7 so called Pentagram ( 5-corner) codes that you have to find during your walks on this Rhem island. 

Note these Pentagram codes down on a piece of paper because at the end of the game you need them ....

Look down again and turn left and follow the path to the round Water Tower ........

You're at the bottom level of the round Water Tower. Go to the end of the path and then click Diagonally Left, on the pipe coming out of the wall. You are then right in front of this pipe. 

So this is the pipe that you already saw inside the water tower. Click on the pipe and you look through it into the water tower


 Zoom out again and turn left and go 1 step forwards and then Slanted Right to the Blue Door. To the right of the door you see a panel with a red button and a cross.  With the Red Button you let the ladder shaft in the tower turn to this door. But as you already saw through the pipe, that has already happened. So click on the Red Button on the door to open the door and then step inside. 

Go to the ladder and look up and then click on the ladder to climb up. Then turn right, or left, twice and go to the Blue Door.  

Do NOT go through this door but turn 2 times clockwise and then click into the Wooden corridor. 

Follow this Wooden Corridor to the next Blue Door, open this door via the red button. Step outside and walk on to the Gray Door

Click on the Gray door to open it and step inside.


You are in the Control Room. 

Chapter 2: Arrival Valley part 2: The bridge to the 4-Way Tower.

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot