2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: 4-Way Tower

A: The Water Power Plant

You went over the raised bridge and stand for the 4-Way Tower. A tunnel runs through the tower. Enter the tower and walk in the tunnel to the intersection, in the middle of the tower

The tower has 4 exits. Each exit brings you into another area, so the 4-Way Tower is a crossroad  from which you can go to all four sides.

From the middle of the tower you can go in 4 directions. The side you are coming from, now in your back, will bring you back to the Arrival Valley. You can go straight, left and right. 1 of the turns goes to the elevator ......but you can not open the door now. But go stand on the bridge in front of the elevator and then look up and ....... You see the 3rd Pentagram code, on a crossbeam of the bridge.  Write down this Pentagram code on your piece of paper.

Turn around and walk back into the 4-Way Tower and ........ Standing at the crossroads, with the Arrival Valley behind you, you now turn right and then walk forward over the bridge. 

Right in front of you, you see a gate in a Red Stone Building.

Red Stone Building 1:

Continue forward to and then through the door. You are then on a "balcony", at the back of the Red Stone Building 1, and you are standing above the water.

Turn left and then click diagonally left and then diagonally to the right to enter the building.

You are standing in a narrow corridor ...... In the floor there is a large water hole and that water hole is now open or it is closed now ...... As you can see, in my game the water hole is closed now because it is covered by a plank . But it is quite possible that this hole is now open in your game because the plank has been pushed into the left wall. If the water hole is open then you can not go further through the corridor ..... Look down and you will see a box with 3 buttons. The middle button is red. If the water hole is now open, press the top button and ........ the plank will slide out of the left wall and it will slide over the water hole to cover the hole

If you press the upper button again, the plank will slide back into the left wall and the hole will be open again. The plank must now cover the water hole because otherwise you can not continue. Make sure that the hole is covered and then go further through  the corridor and then outside through the doorway and turn to the left

You are on the 2nd "balcony" and you are looking at  a thick pipe that goes into the red stone building. Behind the pipe is a staircase that leads up to a building. Go under the pipe, turn right and then climb up the stairs to the building, at the top of the stairs

Upstairs you look left ....... You are in a short corridor and on the right there are two rooms. Click Slanted Right to stand in front of the front room. Do not go inside. You see a lot of pipes in the back wall. Call this room the "Pipe Room". Turn left and then click diagonally to the right to look into the back room. The back room has water and a "waterfall" that flows out of the pipes in the back wall. Call this room the "Water Room". You will have to enter this room, but that is not possible now because of the water.

Descend back down the stairs ........ Halfway down the stairs you turn clockwise. You see the building with those two rooms and you are now looking at the bottom. You that from each of the two rooms a pipe comes out, that are connected to each other,  and if you  turned around you'll see  that those 2 pipes are also connected to the thick pipe  that disappears into the Red Stone Building 1. You will have to make sure that the water from the "Water room" goes to the "Pipe chamber" so that the "Water room" will be dry and the water then enters the "Pipe chamber". But how, and where, do you do that? So that's what we're going to find out now.

Descend the stairs further and go back into the corridor of the Red Stone Building 1. As soon as you have gone back over the plank, that lies over the water hole in the corridor, turn around and look down again at the button box ...... Press the top button of the box to slide the plank back into the left wall.

This has to be because behind the left wall there is another corridor where there is also a hole in the floor and now the plank lies over that hole, in that corridor there is no button box. Look up again, turn clockwise and follow the rest of the route until you are back at the crossroad in the tunnel in the 4-Way Tower. At the crossroads turn right again and ........ in the distance you will see the door of the elevator

Walk to the elevator door and open the door and step into the elevator. Turn around completely and press the Green Button.

Nothing happens ........Apparently the elevator has no power. Go back into the Tower and at the Crossroad turn right again. You see a bridge and a path ......

Walk to the bridge ....... You see a cable going from left to right. Turn right and you will see that this cable is connected to the elevator building. Apparently this is the power cable and we have to make sure that the power goes through this cable to the elevator. Turn left again and walk on and then first turn right to the end of the path. Look down at the ladder that goes down to the water here. 

You can not go down this ladder right now, but later on you will.  On the other side you see a high Bridge on the platform and to the right of it is the elevator building. We will have to get to that bridge, but that is not possible because of the raised water level. Look up again and turn completely around and then go follow the round path. You come to a doorway in a brick wall. Go through the doorway and.......Behind this brick wall  is the Hydro-electric Power Plant. 

De Hydro-electric power plant: 

You can go straight to the building with the red roof and the bridge, or you go right first. The path to the right will bring you to a Viewer but we are not going  there yet. We go straight ahead first. So walk on to the building with the red roof. The Blue door tells you that this is Building II. To the right stand the 3rd "Blue Viewer" and on the left the path continues to the bridge. We will do that blue viewer later.  

Turn left and cross the bridge. Right in front of you is the door of a shed of red stones and a red roof and on your left  is Building I, as you can read on the blue door. 

Building 1: the Turbine room 

Go into Building I. Inside you turn around and close the gray door again. To the left of the door you see a box with a red button, to the right of the door you see a round screen with a green button. Stay away from it now. Turn left. On the back wall is a map of this 4-Way Tower Area and in the left wall you see a large Roller Shutter window

Take a look at the map and then click left to stand in front of the Roller Shutter. Above the shutter you will see a bar with 9 green round buttons and, at the far right, a Square Button. Press the square button and the roller shutter will open and through the now open window you look into the Turbine Room.  Do not press 1 of the 9 round buttons and leave the shutter open. 

Turn around and walk back to the gray door and go stand straight in front of the closed door ....... Now press the green button under the round screen, which is to the right of the door ...... the round screen will then show 2 white triangles and, if you see the round screen as a clock, these 2 triangles are at 6 o'clock and at 10 o'clock ..... these 2 triangles are the number 0 ....... You get these triangles only if you have not clicked on any of the 9 buttons above the shutter with the shutter open. 

Go back to the opened shutter ........ Now number the 9 green round buttons, from left to right, as 1 to 9 and then press button 1 

Lamp 1 now lights up in the turbine chamber. .... Do not click another button but go back to the door and press the Green Button below the Round Screen again. In this screen you will now see 2 white Triangles, at 12 o'clock and at 2 o'clock. Because you have pressed button 1 you know that these 2 triangles mean the number 1 ..... remember this or note this down ...... 

Go back to the shutter and press button 2. The second lamp goes on in the turbine room . Go back to the Green Button under the Round Screen and now you will see in the screen White Triangles at 3 o'clock and at 8 o'clock, so these 2 triangles make the number 2 ....... Repeat this now for the buttons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. 

Eventually, all 9 lamps in the turbine chamber will be on  and you have  determine the position of the 2 white triangles in the Round Screen for each of the 9 Green Round Buttons. And therefore you know that the positions of the two white triangles  stand for a number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. That is as follows: 

  • Button 1 = triangles at 12 o'clock and at 2 o'clock = number 1 
  • Button 2 = triangles at 3 o'clock and at 8 o'clock = number 2
  • Button 3 = triangles at 6 o'clock and at 3 o'clock = number 3 
  • Button 4 = triangles at 6 o'clock and at 8 o'clock = number 4 
  • Button 5 = triangles at 3 o'clock and at 10 o'clock = number 5
  • Button 6 = triangles at 2 o'clock and at 3 o'clock = number 6
  • Button 7 = triangles at 8 o'clock and at 2 o'clock = number 7
  • Button 8 = triangles at 6 o'clock and at 2 o'clock = number 8
  • Button 9 = triangles at 8 o'clock and at 10 o'clock = number 9 
  • No button pressed = triangles at 6 o'clock and at 10 o'clock = number 0 

Have you found this out, then close the shutter by clicking the square button again..... or you will not be able to open the door. The lights turn off automatically and all buttons back out again. Open the door and leave Building I. Click Slanted Left to the barn door and enter. 


Inside the barn you look at the back door ...... Turn right ...... You see a big gray cylinder in the red stone wall. Note the markings that you see on the cylinder. You see 3 rows of 4 boxes each and one of the boxes is dark gray in each row. On the top row that is the 2nd box; on the middle the 3rd box and on the bottom row the 4th box. Make a note of it because you never know if you need this later . Then click "hand" on the cylinder and it will turn around. You see the back appear. Quickly notice what you see because the cylinder will immediately turn again. On the back you can see a schematic of 2 towers and at  each tower you see a bridge. 

The bridge at the left tower is down and there is a red cross in that tower. The bridge at the right tower is up. The suspicion comes to you that you can go to the right tower, but not to the left tower because the bridge is down there. And you probably also suspect that if you can get the bridge at the left tower up, the bridge at the right tower will go down. 

If you have looked at the cylinder and have checked everything, turn around to the left wall. ...... At the top of the left wall you see a Pentagram stone. You can press that Pentagram stone and you will hear a sound. On 7 stones in the wall you get the hand cursor ...... those 7 stones you can also be pressed but if you pressed them in a random order nothing happens ....... Apparently you will have to press those 7 stones in a certain order ... You need more info for this puzzle

3rd Purple Viewer

Open the back door and go outside. 

You are now behind the barn ..... At the bridge you can also go to the right, to the 3rd Purple Viewer ....... do that ..... 

Press the buttons 7534 and in the screen of the viewer you first see a red Oval and then a Curl. Write  it down. 

Turn completely and go over the bridge to the rails. Turn right and you will see a paper lying between the rails. 

Go forward to the paper and then look down and click on the paper. The paper now appears in your screen and it appears to be a kind of blueprint on which you see the water pipes in Building II. Study it well, draw it over on a piece of paper if necessary because you can not take the blueprint. 

On the blueprint you see how the water enters building II and then goes, via a system of pipes that are connected to each other, to the 2 generators and then leave the building again.

Building II: Making Electricity

 Look down and the blueprint swirls back to the ground. Look up again and turn around and follow the route back to the barn. Go inside and out through the front door and follow the path, over the bridge, back to Building II. Walk first to the blue Viewer and press buttons 2361. You see a yellow Oval and then a U shaped like a "jar"

Turn around completely and now enter the building through the gray door II. Go left and follow the top section backwards, turn right and look down. Below you see a jumble of different colored pipes, which are connected to each other via 3 round platforms and are also connected to the two blue generators that are located to the left and right of the middle platform. Study the pipeline for a moment and compare it with the schematic drawing of the blueprint. 

Look up again and turn right and follow the upper path to the other side,  then look down and descend the ladder. 

At the bottom of the ladder, turn right and go through the gray door.

 You are standing on an outside "balcony" and left in the corner you see a large control panel ... the console. Go there, zoom in on the console

On the left on the console you see the electricity meter. There is no power. On the right on the console you see a circle with 2 blue bars below. A lever stand in the middle. Pull the Lever down......The lever goes down and up again. Something happens with the blue bars and in the circle, but there is no power. Zoom out and turn around and ......... Before you enter the building again you look up and ....... Yes ....... you see another Pentagram Code. Make a note of the code. 

Look down and go back inside the building ..... You walk against the rear, red, pipe. Turn right and ............ you are now looking at the rear round platform C and you will see that a number of pipes enter and exit this platform. Walk to platform C and then open the hatch.

 I explain it briefly, but the final solution can be seen in the pictures below. 

You will see a circle with 2 curved brown lines in it. Now the water can not flow to the generators because the various pipes are not connected properly yet. What you need to do now is, by turning the circles in the 3 Platforms A, B and C, to connect the various pipes correctly so that the water can enter the building in the right way through the pipes, and then can flow via the platforms to and through the generators so that electricity is made. To be able to explain this properly is to difficult for me, so I  made 3 screenshots of it. You turn the circle by clicking on it. 

So first set this platform C correctly, 

Then close the cover / hatch again because otherwise you can not zoom out. 

Then zoom out 2 times and turn around and go to the middle platform B, open the hatch here and adjust the circle as in this screenshot

Close the hatch again and zoom out, turn left, go up the stairs and follow the bottom ramp backwards and go to Platform A ...... You will also see a green Viewer

Open the hatch of Platform A and here again set the circle in the right position ........

Close the hatch, zoom out and turn around and go to the Green Viewer

Press the buttons 1745 and you will see a squares diagram with a white square right below white and then you see the number 2. 

Go back to the control console outside on the balcony  and pull the lever again and ........ if you have set the 3 platform circles correctly the electricity meter will no fill up to 100% and you now have power. 

So let's see  whether the elevator at the 4-way tower no also has power.  On the way back we will do another green Viewer ...... Enter building II again and climb up the ladder and then leave Building II up through the gray door. Follow the path straight ahead and just before the gate you go diagonally left and then forward to the Green Viewer

Press again the buttons 1745 and again you see the squares diagram but now the square at top right is white, and then you see the number 5

Turn around and go back and now through the gate and follow the path back until you are back at the crossroads in the 4-Way Tower Tunnel. Turn left and go to the elevator, enter the elevator. Turn around, close the lifter door otherwise the elevator will not work yet, and then press the Green Button again and ...

... YIPPEE.......the elevator no go up and take you to the next floor of  the 4-Way Tower. 

When the elevator has stopped at the top, open the elevator door and go to the gray door at the top of the 4-Way Tower. Open the door and step inside

B: The Secret Tower Room 

The room has 5 niches and in each niche you can find instructions for up coming puzzles. We will first name these five niches, to make it easier. When you come in, Niche A is on the left, Niche B on the right of the door. If you go 1 step from the door then Niche C is left again and Niche D is right  and Niche E is right opposite t the door. We are going to look in all five niches.

 Niche A: 

In Niche  A a schedule hangs on the wall. On this schedule you see 4 water reservoirs. 

  • The leftmost reservoir is filled with water. That is the main reservoir and it is connected to 3 smaller, empty reservoirs. 
  • Between the two middle reservoirs there is a Connector and on this connector you read 4X (so FOUR TIMES). 
  • At the bottom of the diagram you see 4 labels and 4 boxes on each label. Each label is connected to a reservoir. 
  • The label that is connected to the main reservoir has the first (large) box gray, 
  • the label that is connected to the rear middle tank has the 2nd box gray, 
  • the label for the front middle tank has the 3rd box gray and...... 
  • the label attached to the rear reservoir belongs to the 4th box gray. 

If I where you I would draw this schedule over because this are instructions for the Reservoir Puzzle that you will have to solve later. 

Nice B: 

  • Here you see a picture of 2 boys and the smallest boy has a colored ball. To the left and right of the photo is a vase with flowers. 
  • Make a note of the colors of the sweaters that the boys wear and also note the number on the sweaters. So Blue = 8 and Green = 2. 
  • Note that on the left is a vase with 3 Red flowers and on the right a vase with 5 Yellow flowers. 
  • Also write down the colors of the ball, in the right order from left to right, so: TOP = Green; Orange, Red and DOWN = Blue; Violet; Yellow.

Niche D: 

Here you find a panel with 9 number keys on the wall. It is a fax machine. To the right of the number keys, the device has two more buttons. On the wall you can read 2 numbers: 275371 and 446188. Turn on the fax by pressing the upper button and then enter the number 275371 with the number buttons and then press the bottom button on the right. A Fax comes out of the machine. 

Click the Fax to get it in your screen. Look at it. The paper has 4 rows of 5 symbols each and some symbols have a number. Make your own drawing of it again. Zoom out and turn the fax on again by pressing the upper button and then enter the number 446188. Another fax comes out of the device, so check this out too. It is a schematic drawing of the two boys on the photo in niche B, but there is a kind of graph drawn across the boys. Draw it over again and zoom out. 

Now look again at the total shape of the 10 number keys. Doesn't the look familiar? It is the same as all those Squares Diagrams that you have seen in the various "Viewers" and in which there was always 1 square white. If you have always noted where in those diagrams a square was white and you have visited these viewers in the right order, then you can now the 6 digit number that you have to "feed" into the fax machine..... 

So  the first digit is the 9, the second digit is the 9, the third digit is the 1, the fourth digit is the 9, the fifth digit is the 3 and the sixth digit is the 1, so the number is: 991931. 

Turn the fax on again and key in this number, so 991931, and a third fax comes out of the machine. Check out these too...it's a  complicated Circle / Degrees diagram.  but you need this to solve the Radar Antenna Puzzle, so make your own drawing of it. 

The Fax has given you these 3 faxes but you can't take them with you

Niche C: 

A Simulation panel hangs in this niche. Press the red button. Three geometrical figures appear on the left of the panel. Click on the squares on the right and the figures change shape. It will probably get annoying, but draw this 6 figures  over again and do so, so that you see in which figure the first figure changes when you click on the square. 

Niche E

Here you find a large panel that consists of two parts. On the left it is a screen with two red buttons and a picture of a key, and on the right is a cupboard door that you can open. Click on the top red button. The message from Kales appears on the screen. Read it. 

Kales has a brother, Zetias. Kales and Zetias are the two boys in the photo in Niche B. Kales "lives" here in Rhem, but Zetias lives in your world. Kales and Zetias have lost each other for years and Kales needs Zetias now but Kales can not leave Rhem. Kales wrote a letter to his brother but he needs someone to deliver the letter. In order to prevent unauthorized people from reading this letter, Kales has torn his letter into 4 pieces and hid these 4 letter pieces at 4 locations in Rhem. It is your job to find these 4 pieces of the letter and then place them here in the box to the right to print the entire letter. Then you can leave Rhem again. 

Well, you finally know why you are in Rhem and what you have to do. So you have to find the 4 letter pieces, then return here to Nice D to place the letter piece in this box. 

When  you have put all 4 letter pieces in this box then you can print out the letter. 

Zoom out, turn around and return to the elevator, enter the elevator, turn around, close the door and press the green button. The elevator brings you down again. Exit the elevator and go to the crossroad in the Tower Tunnel and then turn right. Now follow the route back to and through the entrance gate of the Hydroelectric power station and then turn right to the green viewer. 

Just before the green viewer there is a path to the right. ... go into that path and follow it to the:

Just in front of the entrance turn right ......You then look between 2 rocks and you will see the round 4-Way Tower with the elevator tower. You also see a thick pipe from which water flows into the lake. 

To be able to go down that ladder, behind the elevator and the 4-Way Tower, and then to reach that platform with that staircase, you will have to make sure that no more water flows from the thick pipe into the lake so that the water level will drop. This also ensures that all 4 bridges around the 4-Way Tower will go down, so you can no longer enter the 4-Way Tower.

C: Lower the water level around the 4-Way Tower 

Red Stone Building 2

Turn left again and now step through the doorway of  the red stone wall. You are back in the Red Stone Building but now in other corridors ...... Follow the only route you can go and ....... 

........Through the next doorway you come in corridor 2 of the Red Stone Building. Corridor 1 is behind the right wall. 

NB: If all is well the wooden board is now covering the water hole in corridor 2 because, when you went back through corridor 1, you ensured that the board went under the left wall again. If there is now a water hole in this corridor 2 then you have forgotten to push that wooden board back under the left wall when you went back through the first corridor. You will then first have to go all the way back, via the 4-Way Tower, to the first corridor of the Red Stone Building to  press the top button on the button box so that the board slides under the left wall and then  covered the water hole in this 2nd corridor. But I assume that this is not necessary. 

So go over the board and then through the next doorway and through the next and ........ 

You are back in the courtyard, behind the red brick Building and you see that building again where  "Waterfall room" and the "Pipes room" are in

Continue through the next doorway and....You are now completely behind the Red Stone Building and you see a Square building. 

At the door of the building the path goes right and to a staircase that goes up to the entrance of a tower, but you can not enter that tower yet. Go through the gray door into the Square Building

The Square Water Flow Control building: 

Left a ladder to a higher platform ...... climb up this ladder and walk to the back and take a look at the map. 

The red dot on the map is this building you are now in. Note that this Square Building has 5 entrance / exits . Turn left and look up. 

You will see 2 narrow pipes coming down and they will enter the thick cross pipe ...... Next to the left narrow pipe you will see a Pentagram code again ....... note the code again

Look down and turn left and go back to the ladder but do not go back down .... turn left and look up again. You see 2 narrow pipes coming down and these pipes  also disappear in a thick cross pipe. Look down again, turn left and descend the ladder again. Turn 2 times clockwise. You see a door, the "back door",  of this building. On the right you see the thick pipe  with a Screen and a box under the pipe. Click Slanted Right to the thick pipe and you are standing in front of the box. 

There is a Lever in the box....don't touch it. Look up at the screen. On the screen you can see, schematically, the 2 Vertical thin pipes and the Thick Cross pipe. You see that the right pipe is now connected to the thick pipe. Look down and now pull the lever down. Look up at the screen again. Now the Left Pipe is connected to the thick pipe .

 By pulling this lever down you now have made sure that the "Waterfall Room" is now dry and the "Pipe Room" has water. 

Look down again, turn left and go through the door and follow the path. 

You stand in front of a turning wheel with a screen with red button above it. Zoom in on the wheel and click on the Red Button. In the screen you can see, schematically, that water flows through the pipe. This is the pipe that allows water to flow into the lake around the 4-Way tower. Click on the Turning Wheel and when it is rotated click on the Red Button again. In the screen you can see that the water in the pipe is now blocked. 

You have reduced the water in the lake around the 4-Way Tower, so that you can now go to that stairway platform via that ladder. Unfortunately, now all four bridges around the 4-Way Tower will have dropped so that you can not enter this tower anymore. Remember the image of the 2 towers on the cylinder in the "barn" at Building II. 

Turn right and now follow the entire route back until you are again at the bridge by the 4-Way Tower. 

When you get back there you notice that you can not enter the Tower. Look down and see ... the bridge is now down.

The water level has been drastically reduced. Look up again, turn around and go 1 time forwards, Slanted Right, 1 time forwards  to the ladder that goes down at the end. Look down and descend this ladder now Below you turn around, 1 click forwards, diagonally Right to the next ladder, look up and climb up this ladder and you are now standing on that platform with the high staircase.

Chapter 4: The 4-Way Tower: Water reservoirs

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot