2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 4: The 4-Way Tower:

Water reservoirs

You are standing on the stairs bridge platform behind the lift of the 4-Way Tower. Go up the stairs. Right in front of you, you will see the round 4-Way Tower with the elevator and behind it you will also see the Red Stone Building. Turn left and cross the two bridges and follow the path between the rocks to the next stairs

Go up the stairs and ............ you are standing on top of the water reservoir. A wooden path runs over the water to the other side and almost on the other side there is a movable bridge in this path.

Walk across the path to the other side and then down the stairs, turn left and go to the ladder and descend this ladder to the ground.

When you're down you turn right and you go to the box where the left box is Blue / Gray. Press this blue / gray box and the number 6400 appears in the number display.

If you think back at the diagram of the water reservoirs that you saw in Niche A in the upper room of the 4-way tower, then you know that this box belongs to the Main Water Reservoir.

That reservoir therefore contains 6400 units of water. Turn left and go through the tunnel and then continue forward to and through the next gate ....... You will see Reservoir 3.

On that schedule this is then the front middle tank. The number 1200 is on this tank.

Continue to the ladder and the box and click again on the Blue / Gray box. The display shows 0000, so this tank is empty.

Turn completely and go back through the gate. Walk to the tunnel and then turn right before the tunnel. You will then see a small box with a red button on the railing. Turn left at the red button and continue walking .......... at the end you will end up in front of a large round green platform where 4 pipes come in / out and on the left is a panel ....... You are at the Connector

The Water Tank Puzzle:

The round platform is the Connector that connects the main tank with the 3 smaller tanks. In the middle of the platform is a round gray disc and you also see those labels of which there is always one box Blue / Gray. There is always such a label at the point where a pipe enters the Connector.

The panel, on the left, has a slider that can descend along the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and it has a White Cylinder. There is a handle below this cylinder. If you just hold your cursor on the white cylinder, a large U shape will appear on it, the left side = Main tank, and this is full of water and the right side = tank 1 is empty.

Now think again about the Cylinder that you saw in the Barn at Building I of the Hydroelectric power station. There you saw two towers with a bridge at each tower. The bridge at the rear tower was down because the water level was low, so that tower is not accessible.

The water level, around that tower, must therefore be raised to the right height so that the bridge rises and you can reach that tower. Now also think back at that Water Reservoir Plan that you have seen in Niche A in the Secret 4-Way Tower Room. On that diagram you saw 4X on the connector between the two middle reservoirs. 4X means that you get 4 chances to fill each of the 3 empty reservoirs with the correct amount of water from the main reservoir.

Now first name the labels on the connector platform as follows:

  • Bottom left = A = the Main reservoir

  • Top Left = B = middle tank behind

  • Lower right = C = middle tank for

  • Top right = D = rear tank

You now have to connect the right two tanks to each other and you do that by clicking on the round gray disk. Do as follows:

Connect A to B. Then click the Handle below the cylinder. You hear water running and the slider drops to 1. Turn left and now go back over the path to the tunnel and go through the tunnel and then left to the box of the main tank. Click on the Blue / Gray area again. The number 4800 now appears in the display.

So you have pumped 6400-4800 = 1600 units of water from the Main Tank to Tank B. In Tank B there is now 1600 units of water, and that is far too much.

Return to the Connector and now connect B to D. Click again on the handle and the slider drops to 2. Hold your cursor on the cylinder and you will see that both halves of the U are now half filled with water.

So in Tank B and Tank D is now 800 units of water. That is exactly right for Tank D, but Tank B now has too little.

Now connect A to C and click again on the Handle under the cylinder. The slider drops to 3. Now look again at the box of the main tank on the other side of the tunnel and you see that there are still 3600 units of water in the main tank.

So you have now pumped 4800-3600 = 1200 units to tank C. Tank A now contains 3600 and tank C 1200 units of water. Return to the connector.

Now connect A with B again and pull the Handle for the last time. The slider drops to 4.

Go back, via the tunnel, the box and press again on the Blue / Gray box.

So now in Tank A there are still 3300 units of water, so you have just transferred 300 units to Tank B again. In summary there is now: Tank A 3300, in Tank B 1100, Tank C 1200 and in Tank D 800 units of water.

Turn around and go to the ladder and climb up again and then go up the stairs on the right and ...... you are standing on top of the Main tank (A).

.... the bridge has also dropped down. Of course that is the case because you have drastically reduced the water level in this Main Tank. Look down.

You see the bridge under you but you also see a numeral panel with 3 colored numbers. Write these numbers in the correct color: so: yellow = 9, Purple = 1; Blue = 5. 

Look up again, turn around and climb back down the stairs and the ladder and go through the tunnel and then straight ahead through the gate to Tank C (1200). Walk to the box at the ladder and press the Blue / Gray area and you will see the number 1200 appear. This tank now really contains 1200 units of water.

Turn left, look up and climb up the ladder. On top of the ladder, click on the round hatch in the tank to open it and crawl through the pipe and then you look down to descend the ladder on the other side of Tank C

You are on the other side of Tank C. Turn right and you will see Tank D with the number 800 on it. 

Go to the box next to the ladder and check whether there are actually 0800 units in tank D.

That is the case, so turn left and climb up the ladder of Tank D and upstairs you open the round hatch again and crawl straight through Tank D and on the other side you descend the ladder again. Turn right and you will see Tank B with the number 1100 on it. Well, check again if there are really 1100 units of water in Tank B.

Climb up the Tank B ladder, crawl through the tube and descend the ladder again and turn right. You now see the Main Tank A again, but now the other side of it. Walk to the ladder and you are now at the Control box of this Main Tank. This box has the label with the large blue / gray surface at the top and 3 boxes with a button below. Left = purple, middle = blue and right is yellow. On top of Tank A you have the numbers Yellow = 9, Purple = 1; Blue = 5 seen. Now press the Blue / Gray area to turn the panel on, and then always press the buttons to place the correct number with the correct color. So Purple = 1; Blue = 5 and Yellow = 9. Then press the Blue / Gray area again. You now hear "PING".

Turn left and climb the Tank A ladder, open the round hatch and crawl through.

You are now in the Tank. Walk to the bridge and you are standing in front of the back of that 915 panel. Open the door. 

It turns out to be a box and  you find your 1st piece of the letter from Kales. Click it and it disappears 

Now move your cursor to the black border below your game screen. On the left is a box ..... that box is your Inventory ... 

click the box to open the inventory and ..... this letter is now in the right place in the window. You've got your First Piece. 

Turn around and crawl back through the round hatch, ladder off, left and go to Tank B's ladder.

Climb up the ladder and crawl back through Tank B, ladder down, turn left and go to Tank D. Climb up the ladder and crawl through Tank D. Ladder, left and go to Tank C, ladder up, crawl through Tank C, ladder off, left, through the gate and then before the tunnel to the right and you are standing in front of the box with the red button on the railing. 

This button is  connected to the large pump that you see behind it. Press the Red Button and the pump will now pump water back into Tank A so that the bridge in the tank rises again.

When the pump is ready, turn right and go back through the tunnel to the tunnel. Then diagonally to the right, look up, climb the ladder, go right up the stairs and you'll be back on Tank A. Cross over to the other side, down the stairs, follow the path back to the 2 bridges, 

Cross the bridges again. Turn right down, take a ladder and turn right, ladder up and .......

you are back at the beginning of the path to the Hydroelectric power station. So you can not enter the 4-Way Tower because the bridge is still down. The bridge must therefore rise. So follow the route back through the gate of the Hydroelectric power station, immediately right and follow the path all the way back, to and through the Red Stone Building to the door of the Square Water Control building. Go inside and out through the back door and go to that turning wheel. Click on the turning wheel again and via the pipe, behind the elevator, water will flow again around the 4-way tower and bring the bridge up.

Follow the same route back until you get back to the point where you can go to Building II of the hydroelectric power station ......

Then go back to Building II ..... it is because of all the hassle with the water tanks the power has fallen out again. So enter Building II and descend down and then outside, to the big console ..... The console indicates that there is no power left, so pull the lever down again to get 100% power again .... the green light, top left at 100% , must then light up again

Ok ..... back to the 4-Way Tower. You can enter the tunnel again over the bridge and at the tunnel crossing you go straight to the right corridor in the Rood Steen Building. You can enter the tunnel again over the bridge and at the tunnel crossing you go straight to the right corridor in the Red Stone Building.

Red Stone Building part 3:

Follow the route through the Red Stone Building again and in the hallway you press the button again to let the Board slide over the hole from the other hallway.

Then go over the board and turn around, look down and then slide the board back under the wall to the other corridor, via the button box that is also on this side. This is useful for later.

Look up again and turn around and follow the route, via the stairs to the Building with the 2 rooms. The first room, the "pipe room", now has the waterfall, so enter the back room. This used to be the "waterfall room" but now this room is dry. Where the waterfall used to be, you now see a metal door in the back wall.

Secret pipe passage above the square Water Control Building

Step inside and open the door ... You're looking into a secret pipe passage. This passage therefore runs through the square Water Control Building. Go down the narrow iron path between the pipes and in the back, look down and descend 3 times  down the ladder. 

At the bottom  you turn left and then you go diagonally to the right into the corridor. Follow the corridor to a thick iron Revolving door.

Press the Red Button ..... The Revolting Door opens. 

Go 2 passes through the door and then turn around. Press the Red Button again to close the revolving door again so that it is rotated 180 degrees again.

It is important for later that the revolving door is closed. 

Turn around again and walk to the door. Open the door, step outside and walk to the elevator tower

Chapter 5: Elevator Tower, the Icons Door and the Swing Bridge

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot