2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 5: Elevator Tower, the Icons Door and the Swing Bridge

Lift tower:

It is important for later that the revolving door is closed.

Turn around again and walk to the door. Open the door, step outside and walk to the elevator tower. You stand in front of the elevator door. Turn around so that you see the Square Water Control Building. You now also see that you have left this building via a 3rd door. On the left is the door to that turning wheel. As you have seen on the map, this building has 5 doors. Turn back to the elevator tower. Press the Lower Round Button to lower the Lift. Then, press the Upper Red Button to open the lift door and step into the half round Lift. 

Turn completely. A panel with 4 buttons. Press the Lower Button to close the elevator door and then press the Upper Button. The elevator brings you up. 

Then press the 2nd button from the bottom to open the lift door again and step 1 step out the lift.

Turn back to the elevator. Now you see a panel with 3 red buttons. Press the Upper Button to close the elevator door. Then press the Lower Button to let the elevator turn completely. This too is important for later. 

Turn around again and go left and over the plank path to the gate. Through the gate and then through the next gate to the outside Before you is now a long "bridge path". 

Walk through one step and then stand for a moment and then look to the left and then down. You are now actually back in the Arrival Valley and that round building, which you see below you, is the Water Pump Control Building where you have been before. To the right behind is the building with the hallways where you have closed the 3 Star Door and always had to open the Secret Door.

 Look back up, turn right again and follow the "bridge" path further to the intersection, just before the gate. and then go left and .......

A telescope stand on the round end platform. You've seen this telescope before when you step through the 3 Star Door. Walk to the telescope and if you stand in front of it you look to the left and .... On the other side you can see that building with the hallways and .... you see the outside of that 3 Star Door .....

If you do not see the 3-star door now, but only the open doorway then you have forgotten to close the 3-star door ..... You will not see the door through the telescope either. 

Turn back to the Telescope and click on the lens to look through the telescope. Press and hold down your left mouse button while pulling the mouse to the right. The lens then turns to the left.

 Repeat until you see the 3 Stars on the Star door in the lens. 3 BLUE STARS underneath each other. You now see that there is a number in each of the 3 stars ... write this down ........ Write down how many points a star has and what number is in it

  • The Upper Blue Star is 6 pointed and has the number 7.
  • The Middle Blue Star is 5 pointed and has the number 6.
  • The Lower Blue Star is 4 pointed and has the number 1.

Zoom out of the telescope and turn around. Follow the path back and then left to and through the gate and through the next gate. 

Stop and look to the right. You see the Manhole Cover Building and the path that goes to the Water Pumps field. 

Turn left again and continue along the path .... Go to the right and go down the narrow staircase. Then you can not go any further. 

Look down. Water. Look up again and keep your cursor left on the stone wall. You then get the left cursor, so turn left, forward, left, look down and descend the lower part of the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs turn right and then follow the now gray path between the rocks to the:

Stone Shed and the "Icons door".

The path goes straight to a low stone shed but the path also turns right. Go right first. You will see another stone building of 2 floors. Enter this building through the open doorway. You "walk" against a window. Turn right ........ A gray door on which you see a panel and in this panel you see 2 icons. Door is locked ... this is the "Icons door" and you have to figure out where and how you can open the door ..... Note down the 2 icons

Turn around and ...... There is a camera on the wall here .... the camera is off ..... Zoom in on the camera and turn the thing on via the red button 

Leave this door building and now go to the stone shed and enter. Inside you turn immediately around and close the door. View the floor plan that is stuck on the inside of the door. 

In the shed you will find 3 panels and a Simulation button. 

On the wall right in front of the door is a panel with a round black screen with a red button and a green button that you can not do anything with because it is a swing bridge panel

Icons Door Panel and the Simulation panel:

On the left wall is a rectangular panel with a round screen and below it you see 4 squares and on the right of the screen are 2 buttons. Press the Upper Button

In the screen you will now see the gray Icons Door. That is because of that camera that hangs in front of the door and that you have just switched on

Zero's appear in the 4 boxes below the round screen. You will have to enter the correct number in these boxes to get that door open. 

On the other wall there is also a rectangular panel that is divided into 4 areas with a button under each surface. This panel is connected to the Simulation button on the left of the door. So this is the Simulation Panel. Activate this panel by pressing the Simulation button, left of the door and then zoom in on the panel again:

You have turned the Simulation Panel on via the Simulation Button. If you now click on one of the 4 buttons, a black line appears in that box. If you press the button again, this line will change shape. So you can do that in each of the 4 squares. What you have to do now is to CREATE the Icons of the icons door on this panel by giving the black lines the correct shape. Remember, on this panel you make the images of the door in WHITE. You actually "define" the correct shape with the black stripes. It is not really difficult.

When you have done that, you have to "translate" these images into numbers. For this you need the ICON CARD that you have obtained from the Fax machine in Niche D of the Secret 4-Way Tower room. That is that card with those 20 drawings on it. With 2 of the images on the card you can put together the right door icon and with 2 others the left door Icon.

Number the 20 images on the Icons Card, from Top left to Bottom right as 1 to 20 and if you have a lot of fantasy then you can use the images 8 and 5 to make the Left icon of the icons door and with the images 2 and 7 make the right icon of the icons door. So that the number to enter is 8527. Once you have figured this out, go back to the Icon Door Panel, switch it on again via the top button and enter the number 8572 in the boxes below the screen, so from left to right. Then press the Lower Button and you will see the Icons Door swing open.

The Swing Bridge

So back to the other building now, where the icons door now is open. 

Step through the now open door, up the stairs, through the stone hallway and to the gate at the end of the path and ...... you can not go any further ...... The Swing bridge isn't right for you. You really have to go to the other side, but then you will have to turn that swing bridge. This is the same swing bridge that you saw at the beginning of your hike through Rhem through the "window" behind the Water Tower. 

Turn around ..... you came out of that left gate. Now go through the right gate and descend the stairs.  

Below you go left and via the white stone staircase up again, right, left and ...... you are standing in front of the swing bridge, which is now connected to a rocky island with a panel

Walk over the swing bridge, to that panel on the round platform at the end. Open the panel... it is again a panel with which you can turn the ladder shaft in the round water tower. At this moment the North is connected to the West (12 hours with 9 hours). You have to connect the West with the South (9 hours with 6 hours). So press the black button until you have connected South with West

Close the panel again and turn around. You see that the bridge has to be turned a turn to connect left and right. Walk back to the gate and then into the hallway. In the back wall of the hall you now see 2 buttons. The bottom button has a pivot arrow and it is now to the left, to the 0. Press the top button and that arrow turns right to the 1

Turn left, look down and descend the stairs and follow the route back, through the  icon door, to the stone Shed. 

Enter the Shed again and walk to the panel on the wall opposite the door. Press the Red Button. In the round screen you now see the Swing Bridge. 

Press the Green Button and you will see the Swing Bridge turn and now connect East to North.

Back to the round Water Tower

Leave the Shed again and follow the route back, via the Icon door building and the stone hallway, to the gate behind the stone hallway, where you just could not continue because the swing bridge was not there. Well, now the swing bridge is here, so cross the bridge

Click diagonally right to the iron ladder and then look up this ladder and climb up the ladder. On the top of the ladder, click Diagonally Left Down to turn around. Left a window ..... this is the window through which you looked at the swing bridge at the very beginning .... you also descended the ladder here, but then you could not cross the swing bridge ..... Now you are back  here...... Follow the path back to the Upper Door of the Round Stone Water Tower.

Back to the 4-Way Tower

You can now enter the water tower again because you have turned the tower at the swing bridge ... because you have connected the south door to the west door again. 

Open the door via the red button and step inside. Go down the ladder and turn down and go through the Lower Door out the tower. You now have to follow the route all the way back to the 4-Way Tower.

Back at the 4-way tower you have to go all the way back to the Elevator Tower behind the Square Water Control Building, but now to the other side of the elevator tower because you have turned the elevator. In the 4-way tunnel you go left and out and then on the round path to the hydroelectric power station. Then follow the route to and through the left corridor of the red stone building

Again you can have a problem in the left corridor if you have not previously, when you went through the right corridor the last time, pushed the board back under the left wall. I told you then that you had to do that. Did you forget that then you will have to go to that other corridor first to move that board to the left corridor.

Elevator tower and Square Water Control building

At the Square Water Control Building you now follow the path to the right. This path goes to the other side of the Lift Tower. Climb up the stairs and then left to the elevator door. You are now on the other side of the elevator tower. Press the Red button to open the elevator door.

Here too you can have a problem if you have not previously turned the elevator

 Get in the elevator. Turn around and then press the bottom button again to close the elevator door. Then press the Down Arrow and the elevator will lower you.

Open the elevator door and step outside ..... Follow the path to the opened 4th entrance / exit of the Square Water Control building ..... and.....

fortunately .... you had turned the big revolving door 180 degrees and you can enter it again

Go through the hallway and make sure you end up behind the ladder ...., look up and climb the ladder and then turn around ..... He ..... another pipe tunnel

Go over the walkway between the pipes and look down at the back and descend the ladder. Turn down again on the right and go through the stone hallway .....

You are back on a path over the water. Continue to the bridge and stay on the path for a moment. 

On the left you see a white "Pepper can" building. The door on the other side of the arch bridge can not be opened from this side.

Chapter 6: The Pentagram building

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot