2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This my English translation of my Dutch Rhem 1 SE walkthrough that I made in 2017. The screenshots in this walkthrough come from the Dutch walkthrough and most of the text on the screenshots are in Dutch, but I don't think that this will give you problems. You can always learn the Dutch language if you do have problems understanding what's on the screenshot. I have taking the trouble to learn a bit of English, so why don't you make an effort to learn Dutch

Chapter 6: The Pentagram Building: Part 1:

You can not open the door to the white Pepper Can building now ...

 Opening that door is the puzzle you need to solve in this part of Rhem. Walk to the ladder and climb the ladder to go over the brick wall

The Water Well building and the Gondola

Go through the gate in the red stone wall and follow the corridor to and through the next gate and ........ You reach the Water Well building.

Right behind this building is the Gondola station and when you go there you see that the gondola is there.

Enter the Water Well building ..... There is no water in the basin and you can climb down the ladder. You also see a lattice door ......

 behind that lattice door is the bottom of the masonry well. Do not climb down, but go to the right in the corner and then look down .....

Because there is no water in this basin, the bridge is now at the bottom of the basin .....

... on the other side is the well, but you can not reach it now. Look up again, turn left and go back to the gate and then turn around ..... You're back in front of the ladder ...... Now climb down and when you're down turn left. You'll see a yellow wheel in front the bridge. Go to the yellow wheel and click on it to unblock the bridge.

Look up again and turn around and go back to the ladder and then turn around so you have the ladder in your back ..... you look at the lattice door but it is locked ... 

The lattice door must be open, but that is a puzzle and we solve that elsewhere. Now we first have to make sure that the water comes up here so that the bridge goes up and that too we have to do it somewhere else, namely in the Pentagram Building and that's where we're going to now. And I can tell right now...it's going to be very complicated at that Pentagram Building, but luckily you have Louis Koot to help you

Turn around and climb back up the ladder and then go diagonally left, through the gate, and then to the right to the Gondola

Step into  this gondola diagonally right and ..... you are standing / sitting in front of the window and the start button

Press the red Start button to start the Gondola and then press the Up Arrow button ........ enjoy the short ride. The gondola takes you to the other side and when the gondola is stopped you click the red start button to switch the gondola off. Turn right and then leave the gondola diagonally left. Then diagonally left and diagonally right. Step through the gate and then turn left and ........... you're look at the Pentagram Building

Pentagram Building:

Part 1: Opening the Door

You are standing at the top of the staircase of the gondola building and you look at the Pentagram building ..... look down

The Pentagram Building stand in a mountain lake. There are paths around and over the lake and a thick yellow / orange pipe runs along the rock wall and that pipe disappears behind the Pentagram Building. There is a large panel on the front right of the building and you also sees a high staircase bridge.

Go down the stairs and then straight ahead until you reach the door of the Pentagram Building. Can you go inside? No, the door is locked. Turn around and go diagonally left and then to the panel that stand in front of the building. On the panel you see a yellow pentagram and 4 circles are drawn through it and at the bottom is a square button. This pentagram is thus a schematic representation of the Pentagram building.

Those 4 circles are the 4 walls of the building and that square button is the front door. If you press the square button then  the 4 circles light up, one by one and from the bottom left to the bottom right, and then they all turn red for a short time.  However, the 4 circles must turn green at the same time because then you can go through the door ...

Turn around and walk to the staircase bridge and then go over the staircase bridge and on the other side of the bridge you step through the gate

Water Basin room with two corridors

You are now in a cove, surrounded by red stone walls. This is a big "water basin". 

Go forward and then you can not go any further because the floor of the hallway is upwards. Name this the Right Corridor

Turn left. On your  left you'll see the beginning of that thick yellow pipe coming out of the water. Go 1 step forwards and then turn left and look down. A ladder goes down here but because the water level is high you can not climb down this ladder. Look up again and turn right and walk to and through the gate and turn right ...... You are in the Left corridor and here too the floor is up, like a wooden "ramp". On the wall a blue button ...... Press the blue button to lower the "ramp".


Now that the ramp has been brought down, you can continue, so continue through the left corridor and the next one and you will automatically end up on the other side of the right corridor, where the ramp is also up. Again a button to raise / lower the "ramp". However, you now want to go up, so go up the "ramp" and ........

Above you are on a ledge that goes past the staircase bridge to the Pentagram building. Walk to the end and then descend via the ladder. 

At the bottom of the ladder you turn right. You see pipes and a lever at the top left. Pull down the lever

Something starts to move and you hear water flowing. You have now done 2 things with this. In the Water Basin room  you have now pumped the water out through that thick yellow pipe to the area with the grating door and that is where the bridge will now stand. Turn completely. You are now standing in front of one of the walls of the Pentagram building. You see a panel on it. This panel is thus the lower right circle on the pentagram scheme on that panel in front of the building.

Walk to the panel and keep your cursor on it. A geometric figure now appears in this panel. 

When you click on the panel with "hand", the figure will change and you can change the figure 5 times. Make a drawing of all these 5 figures.

You've seen these kind of geometric figures before ....... namely on the Simulation Panel in Niche C of the Secret Tower Room, at the top of the 4-way tower

You do not know what the meaning are with these figurines now, but it will all be clear to you as you go on ... 

Turn around and go back to the ladder and climb up again. Above you walk back over the ledge and you descend again via the "ramp". When you are down you turn around completely so that you can see the ramp again. Now press the button to lower the ramp and.......You can now go through the right corridor, so do so and then go right to the ladder at the thick yellow pipe .......

Because you have just pumped out the water via that lever, you can now descend this ladder to the bottom

You see a panel on the wall ...... Go down the ladder and turn to the right, to that panel ... on this panel you see a schematic representation of the Gondola in the Gondola building. If you place the hand on the panel, the panel changes to a floor plan You can see that a Ladder is running down under the gondola. Remember this.

Climb up the ladder again and go back to the Gondola building via the Stair bridge and the staircase before the Pentagram Building:

Gondola building

Go into the Gondola, start the Gondola via the start button and press the up arrow or the down arrow ......but the Gondola does not work now. 

Turn off the Gondola and step out of the Gondola and walk to the front side ..... So the Gondola is stuck with a yellow Hook. Go stand  right in front of the hook and click on it.

Unfortunately, the Hook does not want to go loose. Go back into the Gondola, start the Gondola again via the start button and now only click the Down Arrow ........ Now do not switch off the Gondola but leave the engine running ..... Go back to the yellow Hook and click on it again and ... The yellow Hook is now released but also ..... The GONDOLA disappears  without you in it....THE GONDOLA goes back to the station at the Water Well building.

No need for panic ....... Didn't you see that there shout be a ladder  under the gondola? So go to where the gondola was and look down....

You now see a yellow manhole cover. Look down, open the manhole cover and climb down the ladder

When you're down you turn left and then you go through the gray corridor to the exit. You can then turn left or right.

To the left brings you to the right front side of the Pentagram Building, but you do not want that now. 

You now want to return to the Water Well  building. Go out of the tunnel to the right and follow the path to a door ....

Open the door and step into the hallway ..... An arrow points you to the next door, so step outside that door again and ......

 ....... you are back at the arch bridge and at the ladder and the door behind the white Pepper pot building. Go over the arch bridge and then right again to the ladder and climb over the wall again via the ladder, and follow the path and then the red stone corridor back to the Water Well building and the station of the gondola.

Water Well building

Enter the Water Well building again ...... You can see that the water has risen here now. So now you can not go down that ladder to the lattice door. 

That lattice door is now underwater. Walk right again in the corner and see ........ The bridge has now come up,

 Walk over the bridge and then go left ...... at the end you see a hatch ...... first go right to the masonry Well ...

Look in the pit ........ There is no water in the pit ....... On the bottom of the pit you see a bottle with yellow stripes. To the left of the bottle you can see the inlet pipe of the well.

You must have the bottle but you can not get it. Well ......... everything in Rhem seems to work on hydropower, so to get that bottle you have to raise the water in the well. Zoom out, look up and turn left and go to the hatch. Look down and open the hatch and then click on the Handle.

With this lever you have now taken down that lattice door, which is now under water here. You have to pump the water back to the water basin behind the Pentagram building. So you have to go all the way back to that button lever, behind the Pentagram Building, to pull that lever again so that the water is pumped out again and will go through the Yellow Pipe back into that basin. Then of course the bridge here will drop down again.

Go back to the Gondola and travel back to the other side to the Pentagram Building. Follow the route, via the staircase bridge,  to the Water basin where that yellow pipe starts, and here you can now go straight through the right corridor because you have brought down that ramp.  So walk through, turn around and click on the button to raise the "ramp".

Walk up to the ledge and then descend the ladder at the back of the ledge. Turn clockwise to the pump and click the lever again.

So now the water is being pumped back to the basin from the Water Well building via the Yellow Pipe ....So it's back to the Water Well building ......

First  back to the Gondola building, in front of the Pentagram Building , and remember that you lower the "ramp" of the right corridor again. In the Gondola building you sent the gondola back to its starting point without you and then you go down the ladder in the yellow manhole cover again and follow the route back to the lake where the white pepper can is. Via the ladder you climb over the wall again and then follow the route to the Water Well building and the Gondola.

Go back into the Water Well ell building ... So the water is gone again, so the bridge is back on the bottom. Descend down the ladder, turn around and walk to the lattice door. 

Open the lattice door and walk to the back. You are now standing at the bottom of the stone well at the inlet pipe ......

Click on the lever, on top of the inlet pipe, to open the pipe .......

Of course there is no water flowing into the well because you have lowered the water level. So return with the gondola to the Pentagram Building and back to the lever of the Water Pump. Pull the lever down again to allow the water to rise again at the well. Back to the Gondola building. Sent the gondola away again without you  and follow the route under the Yellow Man cover back to the Water Well building. Enter again and again cross over the bridge to the well and see ....... The Well is now full of water, so the bottle is now floating up in the pit. 

Click on the bottle. The bottle turns around and then comes into your screen. Click on the Cork

A paper comes out of the bottle and on this paper you see a schematic representation of the Pentagram building with 4 rectangles around it.

Make your own drawing of this schematics because you can not take this paper with you. Name those 4 rectangle places "Left Front side", "Left Back side", "Right Front side" and "Right Back side". So now you have to open the door of the Pentagram Building and I shall try to explain how you now have to combine several clues with this schematic to be able to open up that door.


What you have to do now is to go to each of these four sides of the Pentagram Building and then set the right geometrical figure on the panel. The Paper From The Bottle gives you instructions on the ORDER on which you have to go to the 4 panels and which Figure you need to set on the panel. 

Do you remember that Simulation Panel, in Niche C of the secret 4-Way Tower room? There you have made 6 geometric figures. Now also remember the 5 geometric figures that you saw in that panel on the wall of the Pentagram Building, near the water pump lever. If you compare those figures with the 6 figures that you have seen on that simulation panel in the 4-Way tower, then you will recognize 4 of them, that can be seen on that simulation panel as well as on the panel of the Pentagram Building.

The drawing from the bottle actually shows the Pentagram building. The rectangles surrounding it are the 4 panels that can be found on 4 sides of the building and where you have to set the correct geometrical figure. And you have to do that in the correct order. In one way or another, the 4 rectangles now give you an indication of the order in which you have to go to these 4 panels. Also those figures that you saw on that Simulation Panel in the 4-Way Tower together with the bottle drawing give you instructions which of the 4 figures you have to set on which panel of the Pentagram Building. If you do that right then you can go back to the large panel in front of the Pentagram Building and then press the square button again and the door of the Pentagram building will open.

Zoom out of the Bottle Paper. The paper disappears back into the bottle and the cork returns to the bottle. Zoom out of the bottle. The bottle disappears into the well. Travel with the Gondola back to the Gondola Building, at the Pentagram Building. Send the Gondola back empty, immediately in the Gondola Building so that you can descend again to the tunnel via the ladder under the yellow manhole cover later.

Pentagram Building: Front left:

Walk to the crossroads in front of the Pentagram Building and then turn left and then right and .. 

You are now on the left front side of the building ...... Walk to the brown panel and put the right geographical figure on it and then keep away from it ....

Turn counterclockwise. You see a multicolored ball  lying next to the Put in the water. The path from the well goes to the Left Back side

Pentagram building: Front right side:

Turn around and walk back to the crossroads in front of the Pentagram Building and then go right back to the Gondola Building.

 If you had not sent the gondola back yet, you will do so now. Then open the yellow manhole cover and then descend the ladder again and follow the gray tunnel back to the exit.

Now you go diagonally to the left and follow the path between the rocks and ......

... via the doorway you reach the front right side of the Pentagram building, under the stair bridge. Walk through to the panel and put the right figure on it and then keep away from it 

Turn around ......... follow the route back to the gray tunnel and the ladder under the yellow manhole cover,...... 

Climb up the ladder, open the manhole cover and click up 2 times to climb out of the pit,  

then zoom out 2 *, look up, turn right, leave the Gondola building and descend the stairs back to the crossroads in front of the Pentagram Building.

Pentagram building: Right back side:

Now go to the right rear side, that is the panel at the lever of the water pump with which you have  pumped the water in and out of the basins. So via the stair bridge to the water basin and then via the ramp in the right corridor up to the ledge and at the end of the ledge down via the ladder ...... Set here also the correct figure on the panel and stay away from it.

Pentagram building: Left Back side:

Climb the ladder again, over the ledge and down again via the "ramp". 

Back in the corridor, turn around and press the button to lower the ramp and go through this right corridor to the left corridor

In the left corridor you press the button to raise the "ramp" here.

Walk back and through the right corridor to the other side of the left corridor and ............ You will see that you can now enter the secret tunnel because you have raised the ramp

So descend and then walk through the tunnel and then climb up again via the ladder ........

You come out of the manhole and are now on the left-back side of the Pentagram building and at that colored ball, which floats here in the lake.  Click on the ball ....... the ball turns around ..... notice all the colors that the ball has ....... Turn around and walk to the panel and set the right figure on the panel and stay away from it.

Ok ......You're  ready with this hassle ......... Now follow the route back, through the manhole ladder, the tunnel and the staircase bridge, to the panel at the front of the Pentagram Building. 

Zoom in on the panel again and press the Square Button again.

Now if you have placed the right figure on all four sides of the Pentagram building on the brown panels, and you have done this in the right order, then the 4 circles will now be GREEN at the same time and you will hear a "PING" sound. The Door is now open. So go to the door of the building and click on the door and it will open.................. now so step inside to continue with

Chapter 7: The Pentagram building part 2

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot