2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 7: The Pentagram Building Part 2:

Find the 2nd Letter and then back to the 4-way tower

You are inside the Pentagram building and you stand in front of a panel where you see 2 circles and 2 buttons. The left circle is black and is actually a screen. Behind the panel you see a large "Clock" on which you see an enlarged version of the right circle on the panel. That big panel is the "Power Clock". There are standards on the left and right of the large screen. There are 5 standards .... 3 are on the left and 2 are on the right.

  Name the left button on the panel Button A and the right button call your Button B. 

Press Button A and ...... in the round window the multicolored beach ball appears for a moment ......

You have seen this beach ball before. The first time you saw the beach ball was in Niche A of the Secret 4-Way Tower room, on the picture of the 2 boys. I then told you to note the color sequence of the ball. I really hope you did this then, because apparently you need this knowledge here now. So the color sequence was: TOP: Green; Orange; Red and BOTTOM: Blue; Violet; Yellow.

Go to those 2 standards on the right. If you "run into" then an M appears in the screens of both standards. Well, you've seen this M before. A brown button appears on top of each standard. Press one of these buttons and a different image will appear in the screen. You can, in addition to the M, make 5 other images in the screens of the standards. You have seen all these 6 figures before, in the 7 Viewers, which you have come across here and there. Each time a colored oval appeared in the viewer and then one of these 6 images. I have  told you to note that. Well ..... you also need this knowledge here.

Return to the panel and the "Power Clock". Now take a closer look at the "Power Clock". You see that the "Power Clock" is divided into segments and in the segments you see 5 smaller "circles". You also see a big hand. If you look closely then you'll see that each of those 5 smaller circles is connected, via a cable, with one of the 5 standards. Those 5 "circles" are Connectors that must provide the standards with power. Look carefully to see which connector is connected to which standard. 

If you see the large circle as a clock then the pointer is at 12 o'clock and there are connectors on : 2 o'clock, at 4 o'clock; at 6 o'clock; at 8 o'clock and at 10 o'clock. Now name these connectors as A, B, C, D, E as follows:

The Connector at 2 o'clock = A
The Connector at 4 o'clock = B
The Connector at 6 o'clock = C
The Connector at 8 o'clock = D
The connector at 10 o'clock = E

Then number the 5 standards, from left to right as: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then follow the cables from the connectors to see which standards the connectors are connected to. You find out that this is:

A = connected with 5
B = connected to 4
C = connected with 1
D = connected with 3
E = connected with 2

What has to happen is that you set the right image on each of the 5 standards, but that must be done in the correct color sequence. Color sequence? ... Well, you always saw a colored oval in the 7 Viewers first and then the image. How was that again? You saw a:

Purple Oval with a Zigzag line
Yellow Oval with a U-shape
Blue Oval with a db shape
Green Oval with a 3 pointed pyramid
Red Oval with a curl shape.

Now think back to the colored beach ball. Do not the ovals of the viewers remind you of the color segments of the beach ball? Well, it does it for me

. Look again at the "Power Clock" ...Is the "Power Clock" actually not the Beach Ball? The Segments of the clock are the color areas of the beach ball. If you now "translate" the Up and Down color sequence of the beach ball on the "power clock" then you get:

Red = 2 hours = B = standard 5
Yellow = 4 hours = B = standard 4
Purple = 6 hours = C = standard 1
Blue = 8 hours = D = standard 3
Green = 10 hours = E = standard 2.

eventually you will get:

Standard 1 = Purple = Zigzag line
Standard 2 = Green = 3 pointed pyramid
Standard 3 = Blue = db shape
Standard 4 = Yellow = U-shape
Standard 5 = Red = curl shape.

Now go to the 3 standards on the left and set the right figure on each of the 3 standards by pressing the brown buttons 

Then go to the two standards on the right and do the same.

Then return to Panel and now click on Button B and ........The Pointer now points to each connector and you hear as  "Ping" sound every time. The pointer comes at 12 o'clock and again your a "Ping" sound and on the Panel the A Button will now flash blue. Click Button A and ...... in the screen you see where the 2nd Letter Piece is hidden ....... In the white pepper bus building 

You are ready here in and around the Pentagram building ....... Turn around and leave the Pentagram building and go straight, back to the Gondola Building. You have send the Gondola back to his starting point, so open up the yellow manhole cover again and descend the ladder and go through the gray corridor. Now turn right again and follow the path back to and through the brown door, which is probably still open. Inside the hall you turn immediately back to the door. Close the door and a new passage is now visible on the right.

Go through the new passage then turn right and follow the path and ....... You are back in the area of ​​the white pepper bus building but now on the other side of the lake 

Follow the path to the jetty and a panel with a lever, on a round column. On the panel you see the same symbol as you have already seen next to that door in front of the arch bridge.

Pull the Lever down to activate that door to the Pepper bus building..... you will hear "Ping" sound again and the Lever will automatically go back up

Turn around and follow the route back to the hallway and then go through the other door (at the arrow) and over the arch bridge to the Pepper bus Door

Press the button and the door will now open. Walk to the Pepper bus. Open the hatch in the Pepper bus and take the 2e Letter Piece out of the compartment.

The letter piece is put in your inventory box, next to the other letter piece ..... If you look in your inventory then you will see that you have found the letter pieces 3 and 4. Close the hatch.

Back to the 4-Way Tower:

You now have to go back to the elevator in the elevator tower and to the 4-way Tower and then back to the round Water Tower. 

Turn around and go back through the door and then follow the path back to the right back to the corridor.

 Walk  through the hallway and then turn right to the ladder. Look up and climb back up the ladder

At the top of the ladder you turn 2 left and go through the pipe corridor to the back and there you descend the ladder again.

Down the ladder you turn left and then you go diagonally to the right to enter the corridor. Walk through the hallway, and the big revolving door, and walk to the elevator tower

Open the elevator door and step into the elevator, turn around, close the door and press the Up Arrow Button. The elevator brings you up again and when the elevator has stopped, you open the elevator door via the 2nd button from below and you step out of the elevator. Turn around and close the elevator door. This is necessary because you have to go up again with the elevator on the other side of the elevator tower. Turn around again, diagonally to the right and descend the stairs. Follow the, now familiar, route back to the 4-Way Tower

4-Way Tower:

Place the 2 Letter pieces in the box

Back at the 4-Way Tower you have to go all the way back to the Stone Barn, at the Icon Door building. You have to turn the swing bridge back to go to the round Water Tower again. But now that you are at the 4-Way Tower again, you might as well  first place the 2 Letter pieces in the Box, in the secret room.

So dive into the 4-way Tower tunnel and at the crossroads turn left  and go to the elevator. Open the elevator door, get in the elevator and go upstairs with the elevator to the Secret Tower Room. Go inside and walk on to the box in Niche E. Open the box and then place, 1 by 1, the 2 Letter pieces in the box that has the same shape as the letter piece ....... These are the letter pieces 3 and 4 and they only fit in one box so you can't go wrong

Close the box again and go back down with the elevator.

Back to the Stone Barn and the Swing Bridge

I'm not going to explain the route from the 4-Way Tower to the Stone Barn now. You have to be able to do that yourself now. From the 4-Way Tower you go to and through the right corridor of the Red Stone Building. In the right corridor, the board is not there, so press the button of the box to slide the board from the left corridor again.

Then go back 2 times over the board and then turn around again and slide the plank back under the wall to the left walk ...... DO NOT FORGET THIS.

Turn around again and follow the route, via the stairs, up to the "Pipes Room" and the "Waterfall Room". G again in the back room and through the metal door......

....... through the pipe, down the ladder, through the secret hallway and the big revolving door, which you have to open first and then on to the elevator tower.

Call the elevator down. First Bottom Button and then Upper button and then wait patiently for the elevator is above and on the other side, so the elevator will first turn itself and then comes down. Go up with the elevator and follow the route, over the "bridging path" all the way back to the Stone Barn at the Icon Door building.

It is self-evident and I explained that in a previous chapter.

Turn the Swing Bridge and the round Water Tower again:

Enter the Stone Barn and zoom in on the swing bridge panel, the panel right in front of the door.

Push red button and then green button to rotate the swing bridge so you can go to that platform where the Water Tower Rotation Panel is located.

Then leave the Barn and go, via the Icon Door Building, to the swing bridge

Go over the Swing Bridge  to the Rotation Panel in front of the Water Tower, open the panel and now connect South with East, so 6 o'clock with 3 o'clock.

Return to the barn and turn the turn bridge again. Back to the swing bridge, go over it and climb up the ladder again.

At the top of the ladder, go diagonally to the left and then and follow the gray path to the Upper South door of the Water Tower.

Go through the door and follow the Wooden Corridor and exit through the Upper East door.

Follow the path to the stairs, where you can lower left and right. Turn left to the round platform where the 3 panels are on.

Go stand right in front of the left panel ..... the I panel

The I Panel: Send a number code to the Radar

Save your Game. I will try to explain it to you first.

You've been here before and then you have pulled that one red button down through the slot. The button goes up again and then stops at the 3 red lights. Then there will always appear 2 White Triangles in the round screen. This therefore happens 3 times and from bottom to top.

You know that the sets of 2 White Triangles are actually numbers. You have learned that in Building I of the Hydroelectric power plant, via the 9 buttons at the top of the Roller shutter and the Green button next to the door. So you know which White Triangles represent the numbers 0 to 9.

So on this I panel 3 sets of White Triangles appear, so actually 3 numbers and they form a number of 3 digits, for example 123. The panel will send the last 3 digits forward to another panel, in the Radar Valley

So you can decide for yourself which 3 numbers that are. You can choose to pull down the red button once or you can do that multiple times. HOWEVER.... REMEMBER  ALWAYS the last 3 "numbers", and then NEVER pull the red button down again.......You decide for yourself which number (3 digits) will be forwarded. These numbers are then sent to the other panel and programmed there

I pull that red button down once. I really can not tell you what "numbers" you will see. This is determined entirely randomly by the game. However, I give you my example to explain it a bit better, but remember that these are not the numbers that you will get in the game. These are the triangles that I received after I pulled down the button once

My number created by the triangles is 968

But you see these digits appear from bottom to top. So you see the last digit first and the first digit last. So you have to turn the number around, so for me 968 becomes 869 and this number is sent to the panel in the Radar Valley for me now and it is now being programmed.

When  you have sent a number, you return to the round Water Tower via the same route and you go back inside and you descend via the ladder shaft.

When you're down you go out of the tower through the bottom door and ..... you are now in a tunnel .......

Follow the short tunnel to

Chapter 8: Radar Valley: The 3rd Letter Piece

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot