2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 8: Radar Valley:

The 3rd Letter Piece

You are standing on a path and left and right there's water. You are standing under a Stair Bridge and right in front of you see a second Stair Bridge and a doorway in the wall. If you look closely, you see a cable running over the path and that cable disappear through that doorway. Go one step ahead and then stop. Follow the cable with your eyes for a moment. You'll see that the cable goes up.

So...look up to see that the cable is attached to a rusty iron bar and then goes to the left through the air and off your screen. Look down again and go 1 step forwards to be under the second stair bridge. Turn 1 time  counterclockwise. You see the cable again and you see that the cable runs to a round stone tower that is connected, via a high path,  with the stairs bridge. If you look closely, you will also see a panel above it. 

Turn right again and continue through the doorway and then follow the cable and you will be at the entrance of the:

Radar Valley / crater:

Turn on the 12 Radar Antennas

The Radar Valley is actually a large crater with water and jetty paths. There's a building  in the back and around the crater are a total of 12 Radar Antennas that you have to find to turn them on one by one. From where you are standing now you can see the Antennas 2 and 3

In fact, there are 13 Antennas, but the 13th antenna is outside this crater and you have already turned it on in Chapter 2 of this walkthrough. That 13th antenna is behind the Water Pump building and I led you there and told you to turn on the antenna by opening the 2 panels and then pressing the right (blue) button.

If you did not turn on that antenna 13 at that time, then you should first go back to turn it on and then come back here. Fortunately there is a shortcut from the radar valley to that Antenna 13, if you had pressed that red button when you were at antenna 13. I will explain this shortcut in a moment.

Click diagonally to the right and then descend down the stairs. You stand for a wooden "jetty" path". This jetty path brings you to the other side of the broken bridge, where you previously pressed that red button when you were at antenna 13. Turn left You will see 2 other jetty paths. A left path and a straight path.

The straight path goes to the Radar Building and the left path goes to the antennas 2 and 3. But first we go open the shortcut to antenna 13.

At the bottom of the stairs, follow the straight path (to antenna 13) until you can not continue because the bridge has collapsed ....

On the other side of the water is were you earlier have pressed that little red button. 

Look down here and also press the small red button here and ........ Stepping stones will now come up out of the water

Look up again and then continue, over the stepping stones, to the other side and follow the path to Antenna 13

If you haven't turn on antenna 13 before had then you do that now. Then go back over the stepping stone bridge to Radar Valley and then follow the left path to Antenna 2 and 3.

NB: The route that I follow to the 12 antennas is according to the order in which the antennas eventually appear, as yellow dots, on the radar screen in the radar building. This route won't bring you in chronological order to the antennas, but  I think it is the most logical route. After all, the first thing to do is to turn all antennas ON

So click diagonally left and you will see ANTENNA 2. So go to ANTENNA 2, open the panels and press the right, the blue, button to switch the antenna on.

Close the panels and turn right and go to ANTENNA 3. Open the panels and press the right button again.

You can not continue here. Turn around and return to the beginning of this path and then turn left and cross the path to the Radar building

You are at the front of the building. First take the left path to the Antennas 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Go to ANTENNA 4, open the panels and switch the antenna on via the blue button.

Turn around, forward, diagonally left, forward, diagonally left ... ANTENNA 5, turn it on.

Turn around, forward, diagonally left, forward, diagonally left .......ANTENNA 6, turn it on.

Turn around, diagonally left ........ ANTENNA 7, turn it on.

For the ANTENNAS 8 to 12 we have to go to the area at the front and the area to the right of the Radar building. However, the entrance to the building is on this side. Standing in front of Antenna 7, turn around and follow the route back to the front of the building. Then go to the right and then 1 or 2 steps ahead, along the front side of the building

First take the right path and then the next right to ANTENNA 1 and turn the thing on

Turn around and follow the path to ANTENNA12 and turn on the thing.

Turn around and go right to ANTENNA 11 and turn it on.

Return to the building and then straight ahead to the ANTENNAS 9 and 10 .

Well .......Turn on the ANTENNAS 9 and 10 and then go back to the side of the building .....

On this side of the building there is a gate in the wall and through that gate you can reach ANTENNA 8 ...

Go through the gate and via the path to ANTENNA 8 and turn on the thing

You have now turned on all 13 antennas, 12 here in the crater and the 13th you already turned on in chapter 2. You now have to go back to the left side of the Radar building, to the crossroads at the ANTENNAS 6 and 7 ....... So back through the gate in the wall and follow the route back to the ANTENNAS 6 and 7 and turn right there, turn right and then enter the Radar building.

Radar Building

You are in a hallway and see two doors. There is a door on the right and a door in the back. The rear door is Door A and the right door is Door B.

Walk to Door A. On the left side left of the door is a panel with an I on it and to the right side of the door hangs a numeral panel with 3 buttons with which you can set the digits. So on the right panel you have to enter that Triangle Number, that you have sent to this building via the I-Panel ........ For me this is the number 869 ...... the door goes open

Remember that you must now enter that number backwards in, so if your number was for example 675  then you must enter here 576. So enter your number and then press the I panel, left of the door. The door opens. Go inside and turn left and you'll be standing in front of an open gate .........You can not go any further because the path is gone .......In the water stand a letter box on a stone pedestal ...... This box stands in front of ANTENNA 8

On the door of the box you see a picture of the 3rd letter piece. You can not reach the box because the path to it is gone ...... That path is on the left and you must somehow move it to the box and that must be done by solving the Radar Puzzle. Turn left and step back through Door A and now go to Door B. Press the button and door B will open.

Go inside and then turn right and go through this hall to the other side and then left and ...

You see a yellow lever ..... do not touch this  lever now . Go through the gate on the right and walk on to Panel A.

The Radar Puzzle

Stay away from Panel A just now but when you stand in front of it turn right and through the gate and ..... 

You will now see the Round Radar Screen and right next to it is a grid with the Radar Circles.

Zoom in on the Radar Screen. Because you have turned on all 13 ANTENNAS , they now appear as 13 small yellow dots on this screen.

Click on the button above the 4 boxes. The radar line appears and that line goes, from bottom left to bottom right to all 13 antennas.

Every time the line reaches a yellow dot, so an the antennas, you hear a kind of "Uh" sound. So something is still not right.

Now go back to that yellow lever and pull it down now ..... The lever will automatically go up again

Return to the Radar Screen. The Grid has now been pushed in front of the screen.

Zoom back in on the Radar Screen and you will see how the antennas, so the yellow dots, are placed on the grid.

It's going to be really complicated now, so pay attention while I explain it. But you can also skip this and go to the solution right away

Do you remember that fax machine in Niche  D of the Secret 4-Way Tower room? By dialing the number 991931 you obtained a 3rd fax with ....... exactly this radar screen. I told you to make your own drawing of it that. Get that drawing now.

You see 18 symbols on that fax and in the middle you see 4 more symbols. Draw in this drawing exactly the 13 yellow dots of the radar screen in the Right Rings and the Right Segments. 13 of those 18 symbols then coincide at a dot. The 4 separate symbols are therefore for the 4 rings.

On the radar screen you see that the 13 antennas are placed in 4 rings around the Radar building, from the outside to the inside they are numbered on the drawing as 1 to 4. Each ring  has a symbol and these are the symbols 1 t / m 4 on the drawing

What you need to do now is to go back to EVERY one of the 13 Radar Antennas, open the panel of the antenna again and then use the yellow Button to set the Right ANTENNA Symbol and the Right RING symbol. You set The Antenna Symbol with the Left Yellow Button and the Ring Symbol with the Right Yellow Button. 

You also have to go back through the game to the Antenna 13, behind the Water Pump Control building, to also set the Ring symbol and the Antenna symbols there.

If you have set all the symbols on the 13 antennas, you return here, pull the Yellow Handle again to slide back the Grid and press the Button on the Radar Screen.

On the Radar Screen all 13 Antennas are then activated and if you have done all this correctly a number will appear in the 4 boxes. Enter that number on Panel A, behind you in the hallway, and then press panel A on the blue button. You will then see in the screen that the path, where you entered the building,  is being shifted to the gate behind Door A ...To get to Antenna 13 use the short cut that you have open up at the beginning of this chapter

It is a long walk and a complicated search, especially to determine which Dot on the Radar Screen is which Antenna. But I shall give you the solution, so if you don't want to do all that walking then you can skip this whole thing

 I just give you that number that ALWAYS appears in the 4 squares of the Radar Screen and that number is  8829.

So now that you know this number, you can safely skip this whole thing and go straight to Panel A to enter the solution.

 But if you want to go back to all 13 Antennas to put the 23 correct symbols on each antenna screen ..... well ...... who am I to prevent you from doing this ..... Anyway ...... If you know the 8829 number then you go to that panel A and enter this number and then press the blue button

In the screen you can now see how a path is rolled out, in the gate behind the I door, to the letter piece box.

The High / Low tones scanner

Turn around and follow the route through the hall back to Door B ......... Door B is closed ..... On this side there is a scanner above door B ..... Left is  the door button to open the door and to the right a panel with a diagram of squares in circles. Press the red button and ....... The scanner above the door shows a series of High Tones and Low Tones ...... With some tones, high or low, the red light goes on and with some other  tones  the red light remains off. Write this series of High and Low tones down in the order that you hear them, and with each tone also write whether the red light is on or off ......... you have to use this series High and Low Tones later 

If I assume that this series of 18 tones is always the same then you get this table:

Tone High / Low Lamp on / out
1 High On
2 High On
3 Low Out
4 Low Out
5 High On
6 Low Out
7 High On
8 High Out
9 Low On
10 Low On
11 High Out
12 Low On
13 Low Out
14 High On
15 Low Out
16 High Out
17 High On
18 Low On

NB: It took me forever to figure this one out.......I'm a bit tone deaf, so be grateful that I have spare you this ordeal

Did it go too fast? ...... Then click twice the red button to hear the series again ..... You can do this as often as you need to hear it. If you have noted down the series of tones then you go through the opened gate and back to door A. Open door A again via the I-button, left next to the door, and then go through, left and ...... see .... the path to the letterbox is here now ....... So walk on to the box, open the box and grab the letter piece.

Go back through Door A and to the exit. That is the gate through which you also entered the building. Oh ..... now the path is gone, because that is now in front of the letter piece box ....... You can not get out. So back through Door B and back to Panel A and now only press the blue button and ....... In the screen of Panel A you see that the path is pushed back to the Exit.

Back to Door B ..... Door B is closed again so press the red button again and wait patiently until the scanner finishes with the series High and Low tones and Door B opens again. Go to the building exit and ..... yes,  the path is here again so you can leave the building now. Follow the route over the "jetty paths" back to the tunnel and then back to the door of the Water Tower.

Still 1 piece of the letter to find.

Chapter 9: The 4th letter piece

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot