2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 9: The 4th Letter Piece

A: From Radar Valley to the Stone Barn

After you have obtained your 3rd Letter piece at the end of chapter 8, you are now standing at the door of the Water Tower.  

We are on our way to the 4th and last letter piece and it will be a very long walk. First you have to go back to the Stone Barn at the Icon Door building. Enter the Water Tower, climb up the ladder and go to the door but don't go out. Turn around and follow the Wooden Corridor to the other door and exit the Water Tower through that door. Follow the route back to the ladder at the window, above the swing bridge

Go down the ladder and follow the route, over the swing bridge, the left gate and through the Icon door building, to the Stone Barn.  

Enter the Stone Barn and when you are inside you turn left and you zoom in again on the Icons Door panel. Press the red button and then the green button to close the icons door

Unfortunately you must get to the other side of the Icons Door and this means a long walk. You first have to go back to the Elevator Tower and the 4- Way Tower.

B: From the Stone Barn to the other side of the Icon Door

Go out of the barn and turn left down the stairs ....... You can not go back through the Icon Door building, so go straight ahead and follow the route back to the stairs

Climb back up and down the stairs and follow the path, via the "red bridge" path, to the upper elevator door of the elevator tower.

Open the elevator door, step into the elevator, turn around, close the elevator door and press the down arrow button.

When the elevator has brought you down you go out of the elevator and then you walk straight to the door of the square building. Go through the door and follow the secret passage, through the thick revolving door, and in the back you go up the ladder. Above you go through the Pipe Corridor and then through the door and the "Waterfall Room" and........ you are back behind the Red Stone Building. Follow the route, via the stairs and the hallway of the Red Stone Building to the 4-Way Tower.  You may have to extend the plank under the wall again. 

At the crossroads, in the 4-Way Tower tunnel, turn left and then head over the bridge to Arrival Valley. Then follow the route back to the stairs

Climb the stairs again, through the gate and descend the yellow stairs, under this staircase is that tunnel. Down straight, over the "bridge" and then on to the round Water Tower.

The door of the round Water Tower doesn't go open now. You have not turned the "inside" of the tower. So press, on the right side of the door,  the button above the cross, to turn the ladder shaft towards the door. Then open the door and go inside and climb up the ladder. Above you turn around and then go straight through the door out of the Water Tower. You were already here when you started this chapter, so walk on to the "window" in the corner, turn left again and descend the ladder again.

Below you go over the Swing Bridge and then back to the gate of the Icon Door building. The Icons door is now closed, but in the gate you now see a ladder

Climb up the ladder and go through the narrow corridor to the back. To the right  is a door with a button and on the back wall you see  a mosaic panel.

You can push that doorknob, but the door does not go open. Zoom in on that mosaic panel. This is of course the same panel as on the gray door in the Man Hole Building. Click on this panel the 3 boxes that became brown on the panel in the Man Hole building. Then turn right, press the button and the door will now go open.

Go diagonally left through the door. You can not continue here ...... this is a dead end ..... but ........ Look down. There's water beneath you. Look up and turn right. Look down again ........ More water. On the other side you can see a white path, but the bridge is down there ..... That bridge is the little bridge at the first 7-button viewer. Look up again and now pull that lever, in the wall, down and ..... that bridge, on the other side, is now up

You have to go to that little bridge now ..... You have to go back to the Water Tower and then back to the yellow staircase where the tunnel goes under, because you have to go under the stairs to reach that little white bridge. You've been there before. It is that bridge at  the very first 7-button Viewer that you found in the game.

C: To the White Bridge

So go back through the narrow "corridor" to the Icons Door Ladder. When you are almost back at the ladder, turn left .... a window .....

Look through the window and then down and .......... You see the 6th Pentagram code on the rock ..... write it down again

Look up again, zoom out the window, turn right and now descend the ladder and go back to and over the swing bridge, ladder up and back to the Water Tower. 

Enter, go down the ladder and exit the Water Tower through the lower door.

Follow the sand path back to the gray path and at the back go through the tunnel, under the stairs and then to the stairs where the first 7-button viewer is. Do not descend those stairs now, but go right through the gate and ....... you are standing in front of the gate and in front of you is that little white bridge that you have just risen

D: The 4th Letter piece

Walk to the doorway on the other side and then diagonally left through that doorway. Then through the hallway and then right to the doorway at the rear.

 You are now standing in front of a yellow arch bridge. This is the upper left bridge.

Go up to the bridge, turn right. You see another arch bridge.  Look down ...... Hey .....beneath you stand a rail car on rails .......

White Room:

Look up again, turn left and now go all the way over the bridge and through the doorway and then right through the next doorway.  You enter  a white room and  it is an end room. There are 5 paintings in this room. There is a painting of the two boys that you already saw on the photo in the Secret 4-WayTower room. On this painting the older boy hold 1 yellow flower and the smaller boy hold 1 red flower, make a note of this. There are 4 other paintings and on each of them you see a 7-Buttons Viewer with a number code

Note done the 4 numbers below the 4 paintings and also note to which viewer they belong to, so:

 Green Viewer = 9438; Blue Viewer = 7984; Red Viewer = 4576; Purple Viewer = 5637

Don't think that these 4 numbers are the new codes for the Viewers because they aren't............ you must "translate" these 4 numbers to the real new number codes for those 4 viewers, but we will not do that here. Go back over the yellow  arch bridge and then back through the doorway to the hallway with the 4 lattice windows. Now go through the doorway at the back left of the hallway and out over the right yellow arch bridge.

Then turn left and go down the stairs and then go left through the doorway again. You are in the Front Room

Straight ahead you see the lower arch bridge ...... the doorway on the other side is closed by an iron gate. Go left through the doorway to the next room. You are in the middle room ...... the next room is closed off with an Iron gate but in that room you see the letter box that contained the 4th letter piece........ Unfortunately ..... You can't open that gate. 

To make things easier name the room  you are now standing in as  the Middle Room and the room behind the gate as the Letter Box Room.... Standing in front of the gate doorway, turn right to the wall. You are standing in front of a Panel with 4 round screens in a cross shape and above this panel you see a fence. Name this panel the Gate Panel

I am not explaining this panel right now........ I'll do that later when we're back here and you know what you need to fill in, in those 4 round screens. 

Turn right again and go diagonally back through the doorway and then go over the lower right arch bridge and ....... Again a doorway with a gate and this one also won't go open. Behind this grating doorway is the door to that Rail Cart that you saw from the Upper Arch Bridge. If you enter the 4 correct symbols on the Gate Panel, this gate will go open

As you know, those viewers all have 7 buttons. I didn't not call them 7-Button Viewers just for the fun of it. We have numbered these 7 buttons, from bottom left to bottom right, as 1 to 7. But in the 4 numbers that you saw beneath the 4 paintings in the white Chamber, the numbers 8 and 9 also occur. So those 4 numbers are not the real new codes for those 4 viewers. We have to renumber those 4 numbers and to do this we have to go all the way back to where we started in Rhem ....... So now we are going:

D: Back to the beginning of Rhem:

Go back to the corridor with the windows. Leave this corridor and follow the route back to the round Water Tower.

Enter the Water Tower and go up the ladder and up to the door, turn around and go back through the Wooden Corridor and out through the door.

Now simply follow the route back to the beginning of the game ........

 ..........so to the station of the Rail Cart where you started this journey in Rhem.

Go there to the rails, turn right and follow the rails  until you just can not continue, so until the gate at the closed bridge.

Walk up to the fence and then look down and ....... at the bottom of the bridge pillar you see the 7th, and last, Pentagram code ....... note the code again

Look back up and then turn around and walk back to the entrance of the Rhem tunnel. There are 2 signs at the entrance of the tunnel .... on the right a prohibition sign and on the left a sign with boxes and numbers ..... When you drove into the tunnel with the rail cart I said to you that you had to remember that left sign ........ Well ......... zoom in on that left sign now to take a closer look at it

E: The Renumber Sign:

This board/ sign is the RENUMBER board ....... On the board you see vertical numbers and horizontal numbers, separated by the plus sign. That plus sign means that you must add up the Vertical and Horizontal numbers. You also see 7 white boxes without numbers .......... 

You, as the experience adventure player that you are,  immediately understand that these 7 white boxes are the 7 buttons of a 7-button viewer. I put the numbering of the 7 buttons in red numbers in the white boxes. Do that for yourself too. 

With the Vertical and Horizontal digits and with where these digits cross with the 7 buttons, we can now renumber those 4 Paintings Codes to the real number codes for those 4 viewers. 

First of all you see that the:

  • Vertical 4 is equal to button 1 and button 7.  

  • Vertical 5 is equal to button 2 and button 6.  

  • Vertical 1 is equal to button 3, button 4 and button 5

And that the:

  • Horizontal 2 is equal to button 2 and button 1  

  • Horizontal 3 is equal to button 3

  • Horizontal 4 is equal to button 4 

  • Horizontal 2 is equal to button 5 

  • Horizontal 4 is equal to button 6 and button 7.

Now divide the 4 numbers of the Paintings codes into the SEPARATE DIGITS. You will then get this row of numbers:  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  Name those the PAINTINGS DIGITS.

Now we will look with which Vertical digits and Horizontal digits you can make these Paintings digits. As example I take the Paintings Code for the Green Viewer, so: 9438

  • 9 you make with: Vertical 5 plus Horizontal 4   

  • 4 you make with: Vertical 1 plus Horizontal 3   

  • 3 you make with: Vertical 1 plus Horizontal 2   

  • 8 you make with: Vertical 4 plus Horizontal 4.

Now we look at which Button of the Viewer these vertical and horizontal digits CROSS EACH OTHER 

  • For 9 = Vertical 5 + Horizontal 4 = cross each other on Button 6   

  • For 4 = Vertical 1 + Horizontal 3 = cross each other on Button 3   

  • For 3 = Vertical 1 + Horizontal 2 = cross each other on Button 5  

  • For 8 = Vertical 4 + Horizontal 4 = cross each other on Button 7

So the Painting Code 9438 of the Green Viewer eventually becomes the REAL CODE: 6357 .......

 I hope you understand all of this because when you do you can now figure out the new codes for the Blue, the Red and the Purple Viewer, but I will give you those codes now to save you all this work

The New Codes are:

Red Viewer = 3421, Green Viewer = 6357, Blue Viewer = 2673, Purple Viewer = 4152

But these new codes only apply to one specific Red, Green, Blue and Purple Viewer. So now you have to look for 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue and 1 Purple Viewer on which these codes work. In these 4 viewers you will then see a symbol and those 4 symbols you have to put on that Gate Panel in the middle room. We are now going to look these 4 Viewers first and we do that in the following order: Green, Red, Blue, Purple. It will be a long walk, especially to find that one blue viewer because that requires that you also have to run the round Water Tower twice.

The red Viewer can be found on the 2 bridges path, to the 4-Way Tower, and then to the right of the rear bridge. The green Viewer is immediately to the right past the gate to the Hydroelectric power station. The Purple Viewer is the Viewer that you have come across as the very first one in this Walkthrough, so it is close to the Letter Box Room and that's why we do that one last. The blue Viewer stands between the rocks when you have crossed the blue staircase bridge, so on the other side of the Water Tower. 

The 4 Viewers

 The Green Viewer

When you're ready with renumbering, then go back to the round Water Tower. First back over the rails to the end  and then follow the stairs to the round water tower. Enter the Water Tower and then through the wooden corridor, down the ladder and out  through the bottom door. Back to the stairs with the tunnel. Go up this staircase again, through the gate, down the  stairs and then follow the Gray Path to the gate. Through the gate and follow the route over the two bridges to the 4-Way Tower, enter the tunnel under the tower and at the crossroads turn left and follow the path to the entrance gate of the Hydroelectric power station, go diagonally to the right through the gate and then straight to the Green Viewer.

Enter code 6357 here by pushing these buttons and make a drawing of what you see in the viewer's screen.

You see a circle with a symbol in it and the circle is attached to a square. 

The circle is the top Round Screen of the Gate Panel in the Middle Room. So you know now that you have to put THIS symbol in Top screen of the Gate Panel

Red Viewer:

Back to the 4-Way Tower and right again at the tunnel intersection to Arrival Valley. 

At the sign, turn diagonally left and then follow the path further back and cross over the bridge and then diagonally left to the Red Viewer: 

Enter code 3421 and note down the symbol,  that you have to put it in the left round window on the Gate Panel

Blue Viewer:

Now follow the path back to the beginning of the Gray path. Then go left to follow this gray path, under the balcony where you met that guy in the beginning who walked away with the railcar. 

Walk all the way to the round Water Tower. Because you have not turned the tower, the Ladder shaft isn't on this side of the Tower now. 

So press the button above the cross to turn the inside of the tower.

Go in, up the ladder and through the Wooden Corridor and then out  through the Upper door. If all is well, you are now back at the Control Room, where you have previously established the codes for the Viewers and where you can also turn the Water Tower. Enter the Control Room and open the light brown cabinet, right in front of the door. Note that EAST is now connected to SOUTH. Now connect SOUTH with WEST.

Go back into the Water Tower and down the Ladder shaft and go outside through the Lower South door. 

Follow the gray path to the lake and then look for the blue viewer that stands here between the rocks

Enter code 2673 and draw the Symbol in the circle again and note that this should be in the right-hand window of the Gate Panel


Purple Viewer:

Back to the Water Tower and up and to the Control Room and connect SOUTH with EAST again.

Enter the tower again, through the wooden corridor, down the ladder and follow the path back to the tunnel under the stairs. Go through the stair tunnel and follow the route back to the gate at the white bridge. Do not go to the Letter box room, but go straight down the stairs and to the Purple Viewer at the end of the jetty.

So this is the very first viewer you encountered at the beginning of the game. Enter code 4152, mark the symbol in the circle and note that this is for the bottom screen. 

The 4th Letter Piece

Now go back to that Gate Panel in the Middle Room.. So back up the stairs and then left, cross over the white bridge into the hallway and through the right doorway. Cross the arch bridge and down the stairs down to the middle room. Turn to the Gate Panel with the 4 round screens. Click in the round screens until you have the correct symbol in each screen and then click the square red button

You hear that a fence is being pushed up, but that is not the fence of the letter box room. Go right, diagonally left and over the arch bridge. You have now opened this fence.

hall with a closed fence in the back. Behind it is the rail cart with which you will leave the island in the original Rhem 1. 

On the right you see a key box and on the left a red / yellow lever on the wall. Pull that red / yellow lever and ........ now the fence of the Letter Box Room is open. 

So back to the Middle Room and now enter the Letterbox room

You can not get the Letter Piece yet.....the box does not go open ........ On the left a panel and on the right a panel.

Left Panel:

The left panel has 3 stars. You've seen these three stars before, namely on the "3-star door" ... When you look through the telescope on the "red bridges" path, behind the elevator tower, you saw figures in the stars. I told you to note them down and The 5-point star had a 6; the 4-pointster had a 1 and the 6-pointster had a 7. So enter the correct number at the right star. That is: 5-point star = 6; 4-point star = 1; 6-point star = 7

Right Panel:

Turn to the other panel. It has 4 color boxes: Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. Do you remember the photo of the two boys in Niche B of the Secret 4-Way Tower Room? 

On the photo the big boy wears a Green sweater with the number 2 on it, the little boy wears a Blue sweater with the number 8. On the left of the photo there where 3 red flowers and on the right of the photo there where5 yellow flowers So you enter on the panel: Yellow = 5; Red = 3; Blue = 8; Green = 2.

Turn left and now open the box and take out the 4th Letter Piece.

Back to the Niche E in the 4-Way Tower:

Now you have to go back to the 4-Way Tower Room and there to Niche E. I do not explain the route anymore. So to the 4-Way Tower and then with the elevator to the top. Close the elevator door again, and go to Niche E. Open the box door and place the 3th3 and the 4the Letter Pieces in the right boxes. Or if you now have all 4 letter pieces then you put them all 4 in the box now

Close the door and ...........the letter will be printed out automatically.

Take the letter and this disappears into your inventory and.....on the screen you get a "Thank You" from Kales 

You get the impression that you are not ready to leave Rhem because Kales has another assignment for you and he shows you  a diagram .....

Make your own drawing of this diagram carefully because you can not take it with you ....... You see a stone wall and you see the 7 pentagrams of the 7 pentagram codes but now without the numbers ...... every pentagram points to a stone in the wall. The diagram disappears. You can now open the key box, so press the bottom red button and then take the key out of the box

This key is for the key box in the lower corridor at the Letter Box room. In the inventory you can read the letter from Kales ....

In the original Rhem 1 game you were now ready to leave Rhem, but now you are not ready yet because there are still a few puzzles to solve in a new area of Rhem

During your walks through Rhem you have seen a Pentagram code in 7 places...

Each code consists of a pentagram with a line through it and 2 digits. Those pentagrams are also on the wall diagram, which you just saw. On the diagram these five pentagrams each point at a stone in the wall .... Well .... number those stones as A to G and then write for each stone the 2 digits of the pentagram that points to that stone

So now you have to find that wall that this diagram refers to .......You find this stone wall in the shed, at Building 1 of the Hydroelectric power station....

Chapter 10: New Area: The first Quarter Piece of the Medallion:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot