2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 10: New Area: The first Quarter Piece of the Medallion:

Leave the upper room of the 4-Way Tower and go down with the lift and then follow the route back to the barn, at building I of the hydroelectric power station, and enter the barn again.

Barn: The wall puzzle:

Turn to the left wall, the wall on which the 5-corner stone protrudes in the upper edge.

Do not press the 5-corner (pentagram) stone now ..... Make sure you know where the stones A, B, C, D, E, F, G are in the wall ..... they are the 7 stones where you get the white hand cursor on. You have to press these 7 stones 2 times in a specific order. You know this order when you combine the 7 Pentagram codes with the Diagram of Kales ....

Well .... now it's simple ..... Press the stones A to G in this order:

 D, F, A, D, G, E, E, F, C, B, G, A, B, C and then press  the 5-corner (pentagram) stone, in the upper edge of the wall and .....

.......... the wall slides open to open up the Secret Elevator

Get in the elevator and then press the bottom button and ...... You go down with the elevator. When the elevator is stopped, turn around. Open the gray door and step inside

You are now standing in a Tram and looking out the window of the next door. Click the red button and ...... you drive ahead in the tram and the thing stops at the balcony by the sea.

Open the door and get out and walk to the right, until the end

On the other side of the water you see a round building and you have to go there, but there is no bridge. No matter how often you push the green button.......

.. ... there is no bridge coming up out of the water. Turn clockwise to the large round device

Well ..... on this round device you must now set the series of High and Low tones, which you have heard on Door B in the radar building.

The Sounds / Lights puzzle:

In the outer circle there are 18 boxes, which are now all OUT. In the inner circle there are 18 little circles that light up green when you press the orange Start button. If you do that then you will see that the box  at "12 o'clock" is the starting point. Number the boxes in the outer ring as 1 to 12 ..

You now have to set the boxes in such a way, by clicking on them, that they will play a High or a Low tone when you press the start button ...

according to the series of High and Low tones you saw and heard at Door B in the Radar building. Red is ON, Black is OUT

Tone High / Low Lamp on / out Number of clicks in a box to put a lamp on or of
1 High On 1
2 High On 1
3 Low Out 0
4 Low Out 0
5 High On 1
6 Low Out 0
7 High On 1
8 High Out 2
9 Low On 3
10 Low On 3
11 High Out 2
12 Low On 3
13 Low Out 0
14 High On 1
15 Low Out 0
16 High Out 2
17 High On 1
18 Low On 3

remember that it is not simply a matter of making a box red or leaving it black ....

Click the number of times in a box according to the table above, as indicated in the table for each box....

Then the circle looks like this ... 

Click the Start button and ...... in the inner circle the green lights next to each box light up and you hear the tones ..... If all the green lights have passed and you have the boxes set correctly then you hear a "Ping" sound as a sign that it is good ...Do  you hear something like "Ugh" then it is wrong and you will have to start again.  When you have heard the "Ping" sound  then turn back to the green Bridge button ....Press it again  and ...

... Stepping stones rise up from the water up and you can now walk on to the building on the other side, so run over the stepping stones to the other side and then continue to the entrance of the round building. The door of the building is closed but in the "porch" you see 4 buttons. Number the 4 buttons, but from top to bottom as A, B, C, D. Button D is the door button so push Button D to open the door.

Step inside and first look around in the only room that the building has.  Right across the entrance is a work table ..... There is a letter on the work table and there is an alarm clock on the table. There is also a painting above the table and, right next to the painting, a key box is placed on the wall. Turn left to the left wall. At the left wall stand a bed and a bedside table. Above the bed is a painting and on the bedside table is a picture of an old, and decorated, soldier. Turn left again to the right wall. At the right wall stand a TV table and above the TV is the third painting.

Stand straight in front of the work table and zoom in completely. Now take the letter  and read this letter.

The letter is from one Meneandes and in the letter this  Meneandes talks about the 5th area of ​​this  Rhem Island ...... To get access to that 5th area it is necessary to find the 4 quarters of a medallion because only someone who owns the complete medallion gets access to Rhem 5. The 1st quarter of that medallion is hidden in this room, behind the painting above the table

Click the letter away. The key box, above the alarm clock, suggests that you need a key to "open up" the painting. Do not click on the alarm now .... we'll do that later. Now first go look at the 3 paintings ... you can zoom in on each painting to view them in close-up.

On each of the 3 paintings you see a tower with a tower clock and those 3 tower clocks points to an hour. It could be that the hours that the 3 tower clocks points at is different in each game, but this is note important. Note which time the 3 tower clocks indicate .... that is important because you have to move the 3 tower clocks to the right time.

On the painting that hangs above the work table, the tower clock (in my game), points at 4 o'clock

In my game......The tower clock on the painting that hangs above the bed, now points at 6 o'clock

The tower clock, on the TV painting, points at 10 o'clock.

Have you seen the 3 tower clocks on the 3 paintings,  then go back in front of the bed and zoom in on the bedside table ..... Then zoom in on the photo of the old soldier .... In the close-up of the old soldier you can see that he has a series of medals on his chest ..... Take a closer look at those "medals" and you will see that they are 3 compass roses.

Note to which side the white point of the 3 compass roses points ....... These white points each point to 1 of the 3 Tower clock paintings.

  • The left compass points to the right = East = the WorkTable painting. 
  • The middle compass points down = South = the TV table painting.
  • The right compass points up = North = the bed painting

So the Worktable painting is East. The TV table painting = South. The Bed painting = North

Zoom out the photo and zoom in on the bedside table and open the door of bedside table now and ...... There is a key in the table .... Take the key

The key ends up in your inventory box. Zoom out and turn back to the work table and go back into the close-up of the table. You now have to click the alarm clock ..... the alarm clock will show you a time ..... if you click the alarm again you will see another time. You decide which time the game continues because as soon as you no longer click the alarm clock, the last time displayed on the alarm clock will apply for you. I only clicked the alarm once and so I continue with this time .....

My time on the alarm clock is 5 hours, 3 minutes and 9 seconds. The time you have chosen on the alarm clock should now be set on the 3 tower bells, on the 3 paintings. You turn the hands of the 3 tower clocks, on the 3 paintings, with the A, B and C buttons that you have seen outside in the porch. So go back outside and then turn back in the buttons.  You must first find out which button is for which painting. If you have been clever then you have wrote down the hours that each of the 3 tower clocks indicate to ........ So press button A and then go back to each of the 3 paintings to see on which tower clock the pointer is now pointing at another hour. Do this also with button B and with button C.

  • You then know that Button A for the bed is painting = North. 
  • That Button B for the Alarm Clock / working table is painting = East. 
  • And that Button C is for the TV painting = South

Now that you know with which buttons you have to move the 3 clocks on the paintings it is not difficult anymore. So you have to set the alarm time, which you have chosen on the alarm clock, with the buttons A, B and C on the 3 Tower clocks in the 3 paintings. Set the hour with Button B on the Worktable painting. The minutes are done with Button A on the Bed painting and the seconds with Button C on the TV table painting. For me this is 5 hours, 9 minutes and 3 seconds.

If you think you have set the time on the paintings correctly, you zoom in again on the work table. Take the key, which you have taken from the bedside table, out of your inventory and put it in the key box. When  the key is in the box then click on the key and ....... If you have set the time correctly then the key turns around and .... the painting slides up and  in the secret box you'll find .....

.....the 1st Quarter of the Medallion ...... Take it

NB: if the painting does not slide away then you have made a mistake with setting the time on the tower clocks ..... You can not take back the key ....... you have to go and see where you went wrong and then correct your mistake with the A, B, C buttons and then click the key again

If you have taken the quarter piece of medallion, then it is time to leave this Rhem island and for this you have to go back to the corridor on the other side of the island. Leave this round building and jump back over the stepping stones to the other side and walk on to the tram.

Open the tram door and step inside again and turn around. Pull the Ring handle to close the door and then press the red button

You drive backwards with the tram, back to the secret elevator. When the tram has stopped, turn around and get into the elevator and press the top arrow button to go back up to the barn.

Get out the elevator and follow the route back to the 4-Way Tower, cross through the tower to Arrival Valley and .......

....... then follow the route back to the tunnel under the stairs.

Pass through the stair tunnel again and then follow the route back to the gate of the white bridge. Go over the bridge and then ........

....via the right arch bridge and down the stairs to the front room and continue to the corridor where the key box is hanging.

Put the brown key in the key box and then click the key to make the gate in the doorway disappear 

Go through the doorway, left and step into the rail cart and press the red triangle button and ........

You now leave Rhem


2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot