2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 13:  Finishing Rhem 2 SE

You have just taken the 2nd Quarter piece of the Medallion from the safe and........

.........  you have read the letter from Meneandes

You are ready in the new area. Now you have to go back to the beginning, to the Arrival Building. So go back to the Entrance Hall of this area. Via the windmill and the tunnels with the ladders you go down to the Entrance Hall and then you go right into the XYZ corridor, walk to the other side and climb up the ladder.

Turn around and enter the hall, right and through the double door to the Railcar

Drive back with the railcar to the beginning of the tunnel, turn right and get out o and climb up the ladder to the Tower.

Climb up to Level 2 and leave the tower there. Via the Golden Door and the 2 ladders then to Lift C at the XYZ door

Go down with Lift C and then via the path, and the roller shutter in the path, to Lift A. With Lift A up and then out and into the 3rd Moon room.

In the 3rd Moon Room you turn left and follow the route back to the Arrival Building:

Arrival Building:

Open the door and enter Room 1.

Turn left, forward, right, forward, right, forward and you are back in Room 5...... the Camera Room.

You are here again in front of the grating window. Turn clockwise to the large Panel with the Green Circle.

Take the Artefact Disk from your inventory and click the Disk in the Green Circle. The camera, which is mounted on the boom, takes a picture of the Disk itself.

The picture is then rolled out of the camera. Take the Picture and also take the Disc from the panel again. DO NOT FORGET THIS.

Now go back to the monitor in Room 1. Stand straight in front of the Monitor and take the Picture from your inventory and click it in the slot that is below the screen. You have to click with the picture on the slit, otherwise the picture does not go into the slot. As soon as you have placed the Picture in the slot, you will see a Video with Kales in the screen again.

Kales thanks you for finding the Artifact Disk and he says you should not forget to take the Picture out of the slot once this video has finished. 

Kales  also tells you that  if you forget to take the picture, you can not bring the Railcar up.

So take the Picture back from the slot when this Kales video has ended. Turn clockwise to the Panel where you see the Railcar lift.

Click on the Red Button and in the small screen you can see that the Railcar is rising up to this level

Turn right, open the door, step out and turn left. Look ... you can now move all the way over this top path and.......... on the right the Railcar is patiently waiting for you. But we are not going there yet. Follow the path 4 times ahead, to the end and then turn left........ A door.

Open the door. You look into a small room and see a closed window with a green circle on it:

Go inside and place the Artifact Disk in this Green Circle.

The window then turns around and on the window is your Railcar Code Card that the black-haired woman stole from you. Take the Railcar Code Map  and .......

......... the window shutter slides open. The woman appears again

The woman takes the Artifact Disk and starts talking to you again in her strange language. You still do not understand her. Then she disappears and she takes the Artifact Disk with her.

Turn around and step back outside. Turn right, 1 forward, slanted left, 1 forward. You are standing in front of the Railcar entrance with which you started Rhem 2 once, hours and hours ago. Of course the fence is closed. Take the Railcar Code Card from your inventory and click the card into the lock that is located at the top left of the gate.

The fence opens. Well ...... step into the Railcar and turn left and .....


now lean back and enjoy the long, long drive through the tunnels and caves of Rhem. 

Eventually the Railcar comes out in the Open Air again and your screen turns black for just a moment. and you see the Artefact Disk photo

You have finished Rhem 2 and are back in your own world. Zetais takes the photo  and thank you for your trouble and he invites you to come back again.


2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Thanks to Dick Leeuw for the new part and the explanation of the Circle panel puzzle