2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 1: The Key Fragments

Chapter 3: 100% Power:

After taking the blue fragment from the "wall safe", turn right and go forward, left,......

....... 3 times forward, right and 2 times forward to the glass window at the end of the corridor........

.......you are now at the:

Lava Cave:

Through the glass window you look into the lava cave. In the lava cave you see a yellow round pit. A kind of crane hangs above this pit. There is a Copper Spiral hanging on the crane. That Copper Spiral is a Temperature Probe. You can see the Thermometer right next of the window. The Thermometer has 3 arrow buttons with which you can lower the thing on the crane into the pit and lift it up again.

Just try it, but make sure you set the thermometer back as it was. You also see 2 symbols on the thermometer.  

The lower Blue symbol is Symbol C of the upper scale of the ruler in the Camera Room of the Arrival Building.

The upper Red Symbol is Symbol A of the left scale of the thermometer in the Thermometer Room of the Arrival Building.

You have no idea what you suppose to do here now. So we need more information first for this.

Turn around and go back through the corridor to the Revolving door. On the way, you can look into the other hallway (side cave corridor) through the barred window. Then wait a moment. A black-haired woman in a red blouse will walk through this corridor towards the revolving door.

So you are not alone in the caves of Rhem. Back at the revolving door, DO NOT go to the ladder in the door. Press the Red Button of the Revolving door once again. The revolving door turns once again and you can now look straight through it and you see a short corridor. At the end of the short corridor a ladder goes down through the floor

Go forward 1 time. You are then standing in the revolving door and you now see that in the short hallway a ladder also goes up. 

Go forward one more time and turn right. You are now standing in front of the up ladder. Look up and climb up this ladder 3 times. 

At the top of the ladder you are in a deep Niche. This is the: 

Mathematical Formula 1:

You look at an open shutter window and you now see a MATHEMATICAL FORMULA. Write down the formula.

If you do not see this Mathematical Formula now, because the Roller shutter is still closed, this means that  you have forgotten to press the Red Button in the Round Top Hall, when you were above the Revolving door the first time in the Round Top Hall,. You will have to go back there and press that red button

When you have wrote down this formula, turn around twice, and you will see 2 Red Button boxes on the wall. Click the Left Red Button. You hear a "BEEP" sound and the small light turns green. Click the Right Red Button. You hear a hatch open up again and again the small light turns green. With the right red button you have now opened one of the two shutters in the Clock Room of the Arrival Building.


Turn back to the formula and descend the ladder again.

Down in the hallway turn left and go forward to the ladder that goes down at the end of this corridor. Look down and descend this ladder.

When you're down turn around. You look again through a descending corridor. In the back of this corridor you see a grating window. 

Go forward 3 times. You then look through the grating window into a closed room.

On the wall in that room is a closed box that is connected via a pipe with a red button, on the right. On the left is the door and that door has also a red button. Turn right. The corridor "ends" here at a closed Blue Door. On the door you see a red-rimmed white circle. In the circle you see a figure. In the figure you see 3 dots. The dots are Blue, Green and Red.

Make your own drawing of this circle......of course it is the position of the 3 colored dots in the figure that is important

You can't go further here, so turn around and go back to the ladder and climb up again and then turn around twice and go back, through the Revolving door, to the chest. 

Then turn to the Revolving door again. You now have to go back to the corridor / tunnel with the 3 side caves. So first  climb up via the ladder in the Revolving Door. Then press the Red Door button 3 times to turn the ladder back towards you and then climb up the Round Top Hall again via the ladder. Turn right and go ahead into the hallway and then turn around again to the Round Top Hall.

So the ladder is in the Left hatch, but now has to be turn to the rear hatch again. So click once on the Square Red Button to do this.

Then descend through the rear hatch again down the Revolving door. Turn around and go forward once and turn left.

Look .... the roller shutter that was closed earlier is now open and in the "window" you now see an elongated lever. Click on the yellow "stick" at the bottom to raise this lever.

The other side of this hatch is the Tube hatch in the round hall where the wall safe is also where you have found the 1st Blue Fragment. By raising this lever here something has changed there. Turn right and follow the corridor / tunnel now all the way back, then turn left and you are again in front of the entrance of the Rear Side Cave: 

Rear Side Cave:

Go inside and turn left. You are back in front of the Digit panel. The panel has 5 boxes in which you can set the numbers 0 to 9 with the buttons beneath each box. Each of the 5 boxes are connected to one of the 5 Green Plates in the Middle Side Cave via a blue pipe that goes through the wall. Number the 5 number boxes now, from left to right, as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Turn left, forward, right, forward, right and enter the Middle Side Cave again.

Middle Side Cave:

Turn right. You are now in front of the 5 Green Plates. On the other side of this wall is the Digit panel of the Rear Side Cave. Number the 5 Green Pictures, from left to right, as: A, B, C, D, E.

  • Behind A is box 5 of the number panel.

  • Behind B is box 4 of the number panel.

  • Behind C is box 3 of the number panel.

  • Behind D is box 2 of the number panel.

  • Behind E is box 1 of the number panel.

Now take a good look at the blue pipes coming from each of the 5 Green Plates. Through these pipes each picture is connected to a box of the number panel. Make a note of the box with which each picture is connected. You come to this:

  • Plate A is connected to Box 3.
  • Plate B is connected to Box 5.
  • Plate C is connected to Box 2.
  • Plate D is connected to Box 4.
  • Plate E is connected to Box 1.

The number 3 is hanging on picture E, so the number 3 should be in box 1. You know this now. Now figure out the remaining 4 digits. Take your drawing of the Numbers from the Chest and compare the position of the holes, in the back of the figures, with the position of the pins on the plates A, B, C, D.

Remember that the holes in the numbers are the MIRROR IMAGE of the pins on the Plates. By comparing the holes in the numbers with the pins on the Plates you find out which number belongs to A, B, C and D, so which digit should be placed in boxes 2, 3, 4, 5 of the Digit panel.

Plate number box
A 2 or 8 3
B 6 5
C 2 or 8 2
D 9 4
E 3 1

So in boxes 3 and 2 the 2 or the 8 will be placed. You will have to try this out. Now go back to the:

Rear Side Cave:

Go back in front of the Digit panel. Because you have not been able to determine whether the 8 or 2 should be placed in squares 3 and 2, you will have to determine this via "Trial and Error". However, I will spare you this trouble. The correct number that you have to make in the 5 boxes is: 38296 ....... Put this number in the number panel and then turn to the Ribbed door. Click again on the door handle and ...... the door now opens.

Go forward through the now opened door. You are now in the:

Generator Room:

So you are at the other side of the Lava Cave. You see two windows. There is another Thermometer next to the left window. Zoom in on the left window. Look through the window into the Lava Cave. You see the yellow round pit and the crane with the Temperature Probe and the round Coil. The Thermometer has the 3 arrow buttons and  the D Symbol of the lower scale of the Ruler from the Camera Room of the Arrival Building.

Zoom out and turn left. Another window and through it you see another round room in the Lava Cave. That room can be reached via the Ribbed Door in the front side cave.

Turn left again. A Round Meter hangs to the left of the door. It is a pressure meter. 

The arrow in the meter points at 0 so there is no Power. Below the meter there is a piece of paper that says "b = 4". Remember this.

Turn left again. You are now looking at a box. To the right of the cupboard is a Thermometer. Zoom in on it and study the thermometer. This box is the Power Generator.

The Thermometer tells you what needs to be done. First, this Thermometer has the B Symbol of the Right Scale of the Thermometer in the Arrival Building.

You can see that the Temperature Probe, which hangs on the crane, has to be hoisted into the Well to a depth where it is 412 degrees or 412 units B.

Turn right and leave this room and the Rear Side Cave. We will now open the Garter Door in the Front Side Cave.

Front Side Cave:

Enter the cave. On the right wall there are also 5 Green Plates with pins. On the left wall there is also a number panel with 5 boxes. Number the boxes of the number panel again, from left to right, as 1 to 5 and number the 5 green Plates, also from left to right, again as A, B, C, D, E.

The 5 Green Plates are also connected here, via the blue pipes, to the boxes of the number panel. So first determine again with which box panel of the panel each Green Plate is connected. Determine then, via the pins on the plates and the holes at the back the chests digits, which figure belongs to which image and thus to which part of the numerical display. To save you a lot of hassle ..... the number you have to put here in the panel is: 71450. So do this. Then open the Ribbed Door by clicking on the doorknob again and enter the round room.

Crane Control Room:

A window and through this you can see the Lava Cave again. Zoom in on the window. You now see that the crane consists of 2 arms.

The Temperature Probe still hangs above the yellow Well. But the "Coil" hangs on the right arm of the crane.

Below this window are the arrows buttons with which you can move the Temperature Probe away from the pit so that the "Coil" will hang above the pit. DON'T DO IT NOW. Let the Temperature Probe hang above the pit, so stay away from the two arrow buttons.

You now have all the information you need to ensure that you get 100% power in the caves. What needs to happen is that you lower the "Coil" into the Yellow Pit to a depth where it is exactly 412 degrees. Or in other words .... the "Coil" has to go to a depth in the pit where it is exactly 412 UNITS B. We have to do this in a number of steps. Zoom out of the window and turn left. The 2nd Mathematical Formula is written on the blackboard. Write it down again.

We first have to go back to the window on the other side of the Lava Cave. So to the window at the back of the Chest corridor, on the other side of the Revolving door. Turn left again and leave this room and the front Side Cave. Turn right and follow the corridor back to the ladder in the Revolving door. Climb up the ladder to the Round Top Hall and then step back into the hallway. Turn again to the Round Top Hall and then click 3 times  the Square Red Button so that the ladder is back in the Left hatch. 

Climb back down the ladder and turn around. You are now back in the Chest Tunnel

Get 100% Power:

Follow the Chest Tunnel all the way back to the glass window with the 1st Thermometer.

Look through the window. You can see that the Temperature Probe is still hanging above the Yellow Pit

The Thermometer here has, above, the red A Symbol of the Left Scale of the Thermometer in the Arrival Building......

....... and at the bottom, the blue D Symbol of the Upper Scale of the Ruler from the Arrival Building.

  • We're looking for a depth in the yellow Pit where the temperature is exactly 412 units. 
  • Based on the Thermometer in the Thermometer Room of the Arrival Building, you know that 1 Unit B equals 5.5 Units A. 
  • So 412 Units B equals 412 x 3.5 = 618 units A  

Now press the Green Arrow button and keep it pressed until the number 618 is in the UPPER RED BOX. In the LOWER BLUE box you will see 106.

The Temperature Probe is now the Yellow Well slumped down to a depth where the 618 Units A is hot. You now also know that 618 Units A is EQUAL TO 106 Units D

Now click the Upper Arrow button to hoist the Temperature Probe out of the pit again

You are ready here now. You should now return to the Crane Control Room of the Front Side Cave and then to the Generator Room of the Rear Side Cave. You should know by now how to get there, from here. So I'm not going to explain you the route now. I'll wait for you in the:

Front Side Cave:

Enter here again and open the Ribbed Door by clicking on the door button again and then go into the Crane  Control Room. Look through the window with the 2 arrow buttons underneath. The Temperature Probe should now be moved away from the pit and the "Coil" should hang above the pit. You achieve this  by clicking the right-hand arrow button that is located r under the window. That is the arrow pointing to the left. Click on this arrow button  and the "Coil" then is  hanging above the pit. 

Zoom out, turn around and go to the:

Rear Side Cave:

Open the Ribbed Door again and enter the Generator Room again. Zoom back into the window with the Thermometer.

What we need is the D equivalent of 412 Units B. You know, through the Ruler in the Arrival Building, that 1 Unit C is equal to 3,5 Units D. You also know that 412 Units C is equal to 618 Units A and so to 106 Units C. 106 Units C times 3.5 is 371 Units A. In the number box of this thermometer, the number 371 must be shown.

So also press the Lower Green Arrow button here. The "Coil" is now sinking into the Put. 

Continue to press the Lower Arrow Button until the number 371 appears in the box.

Zoom out of this window again and turn clockwise to the Generator box on the wall. Zoom in again.

To the right of the Generator there is also a Thermometer. The pipes go through that. Beneath the "Lightning bolt" you see a green bordered black square. In this square you see a horizontal yellow line. This line should now be placed vertically so that the Generator is connected to the Yellow Pipe that goes to the right. So click that Yellow Line in the green bordered black square to put the line vertically

Congratulations .... You've done it. You now have 100% Power. Zoom out and turn right. You see the Pressure gauge again and the pointer now indicates 100% power

The Yellow Pipe goes through the pressure gauge and then through the wall and to ..... Well ..... where will this yellow pipe go to. Or, in other words, which area is "fed" by this yellow pipe? We do not know, but I suspect that we are not finished yet. In any case, the pointer in the Pressure Meter now stands at 100.

Leave the Generator Room and the Rear Side Cave and return to the Revolving door. Now DO NOT enter the Revolving door, so do not climb up the ladder to the Round Top Hall. We now have to go to the other side of the revolving door again but we  stay here on the bottom level. So the revolving door has to be turned again so that you can go through it to the other side. Click once on the round Red Button to do this.

Then go through the Revolving door 2 times and turn right. You are back in the:

Water Cave:

The fence that blocked the corridor earlier is no gone, because in the hall behind the Round Hall, you have hoisted this fence upwards through the slit in the floor. On the left is the passage to go back to the rail cart. Go forward 3 times. The corridor goes to the right, but first turn left here. On the wall is a white paper and on this paper you see the same figure drawn as you saw in the gate of the very bottom corridor of the Revolving door. In this figure there are squares and one of the squares is red and one of the squares is green. Draw it over again.

Turn right twice. The corridor ends here at a ladder that goes up. We are not going to use this ladder now. That will come later. Now we first go back to the Arrival Building to solve the various puzzles to find the 2nd Blue Fragment. Turn right again and go 2 times forward, right, 2 times forward, left, forward, right, forward, left, 2 times forward and you are back on the rail path and see the manhole cover again

Turn left, go 4 times ahead to the rail cart, left, forward, right, forward, left, forward, left and climb up the ladder and go to the door of the Arrival Building. 

Open the door and step inside.

Chapter 4: The 2nd Blue Fragment:

Arrival Building:

You are back in the Monitors Room. Turn left and enter the Thermometer Room. 

Turn right and enter the Moon House Room. He......you see that in each of the 3 houses now 1 window is illuminated

Turn left and go forward to the key box and turn left and enter the clock room.

Clock Room:

You stand in front of the big clock that has 1 hand.... Turn right. Look .... the little shutter is now open.

This is because in the niche, where you saw the 1st Mathematical Formula, you have pressed the 2 Red Buttons. There is a white paper in the niche and on it you  read: 1. 8:00, 2. 7:00, 3. 1:00. A Brown Pipe comes out of the wall under the nice. Where does this Brown Pipe go to? ... well this goes to and through the "3 Houses Painting" and has ensured that  now 3 windows in the houses are lit. Now go back to the:

Moon House Room:

Stand right in front of the Moon house painting. 1 window is now illuminated in each of the 3 houses. You have seen 3 Signs on your quest, each showing 3 squares. On each board there were numbers in one of the squares. I told you that those 3 squares correspond to the 3 houses in this painting. I have also told you to make your own drawing of those 3 wooden sign boards it. You need that drawing now...... Compare the squares of the 3 squares with the numbers in it with the windows of the 3 houses.

  • In the Left House the lower right window is lit and this window has the number 10.
  • In the Middle House the Top left window is lit and this window has the number 2.
  • In the Right House the Top right window is lit and this window has the number 11.

The brown pipe comes right out of the houses painting. Turn right. You see that the brown pipe goes into the Camera Room.

Camera Room:

Go inside and turn completely around to the entrance. You look into the Moon House Room. You see that the brown pipe runs across the entrance to the Digit panel that hangs left of the entrance. The number panel has 3 boxes. Well .... from left to right, you put in these boxes now the numbers: 10, 2, 11. This is thus determined by the illuminated windows in the House Painting and the numbers in those windows through the 3 signs.

The brown pipe goes through this numeral panel and through the wall and over the left wall of the Moon House Room to the Key Cabinet on the back wall

Moon House Room:

Go to the Key Cabinet and click the Red Button. The cabinet opens. There is a brown key. Take the Brown Key.

Under the nail on which this key hung is a Moon photo. Click on it to view the photo. 

So this is at long last the photo on which the Moon is on Middle left. Turn the photo over  and ...... indeed .... "wes" is on its back.

Close the cabinet. Turn around and go back to the:

Camera Room:

Through the lattice window you maybe see that black-haired woman walking through the hallway again. She looks at you for a moment and then continues. Turn left to the table with the photos and the box and the ruler. Take the newly found brown key from your inventory and click with the key on the keyhole of the box. 

Then click on the handle of the box and the box will now open.

On the inside of the cupboard door you now see the 3rd Mathematical Formula. Note down the formula again.

In the box is also a paper on which you see 9 boxes drawn. Zoom in on the paper to enlarge it. This drawing gives you the solution for the 9-compartment panel puzzle in the Thermometer Room. What do you see. Well ... you see 9 boxes. Number them, from left to right, as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. You see that the boxes with a number are connected with the number 1 and that the boxes that are colored are connected with the number 2.

The numbers and colors give you the order in which you have to click on the 9 squares on the panel in the Thermometer Room. This is clear for the numbers. So this is the sequence for the numbers Box F, Box E, Box I, Box D. But what about the order of the color boxes? To find this out, you must now return to the Clock Room.

Clock Room:

Enter here again. You are again standing in front of the Clock which has only 1 hand and 5 squares. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION NOW...This is a RANDOM Puzzle !!!! 

When you click  the Red Button again, the pointer makes a whole tour through the clock again and again the 5 colors appear in the squares. The ORDER in which the colors NOW appear in the squares is the rest of the Order in which you have to click on the remaining 5 squares of the panel in the Thermometer room. This is different in every game and when you click the Red Button again then you get  a different order also......So do not have to click the red button twice. For  me it was like this:

Remember ... the colors can come in a different order for you. You "read" the colors from right to left. Then compare it with the color boxes on the drawing. For me the order is : Box G = Green, Box C = Blue, Box H = Purple, Box B = Red, Box A = Yellow. So for me the whole order is: F, E, I, D, G, C, H, B, A.

So through the color order that you get on the clock you can now figure out what for you is the correct order. When you have figured it out go to the

Thermometer Room:

When you enter the Thermometer Room from the Moon House Room you stand in front of the window. Turn right and you are in front of the 9 Box Panel. You should now press the squares of this panel in the order that you have determined via the drawing and the color sequence of the Clock. Number the boxes of this panel, from left to right, as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and then click on the boxes in the correct order.

For me  the order: F, E, I, D, G, C, H, B, A .. The order for the boxes D, E, F, I, is fixed by the numbers that are in it on the drawing. So fill in the rest of the order with the color sequence you get in the Clock. If you do this well, you will hear the sound as if something is going open. Now go back to the:

Clock Room:

Turn left to the large shutter. This part has now been opened and in the large section you can now see the MAP of the cave system.

 Bottom left is the 2nd Blue Fragment for the Rabbit Head Lock of the Rolling Door in the11e Moon Room. Take the Blue Fragment.

You can not take the Map with you, so study it well. You see all the places where you have been so far and also the places where you will still go. To help you I have made a picture of it in which I marked all the places where we have been so far and which are important in this PART 1 of the walkthrough.

A = Rail cart.
B = Arrival Building
1 = Monitors Room
2 = Thermometer Room
3 = Moon house Room
4 = Clock Room
5 = Camera Room
C = Manhole cover
D = Water Cave
6 = Moon Room
E = Water pipe Cave
7 = Window with number 539
8 = Moon Photo squares window
F = Revolving door:
9 = to the Side Caves Tunnel
10 = Chest
11 = Wall safe
12 = Lava Cave Window with 1st Thermometer.
13 = Upper drawing and Lower Drawing
14 = Moon Room 2
15 = Kales Room

We now have the 2 Blue Fragments for the lock of the Roller shutter door in the Moon Room. 

Let's go back to that now. I'm not going to explain the route to you again. You should find it yourself now.

When you are in the Moon Room again, we can continue with:

Chapter 5: The 2nd Fragment of the Key:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot