2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 1: The Key Fragments

Chapter 5: The 2nd Fragment of the Key:

Moon Room:

Back in the Moon Room you turn to the left to the Roller Shutter Door with the Moon Photo on the left side. So right next of the door is the "Rabbit Head Lock" Take the left Blue Fragment from your inventory and place it on the left half of the "Rabbit Head". Then take the Right Blue Fragment and place it on the right half of the "Rabbit Head". Then press the red button and ......

... the roller shutter door opens. You see a ladder going into the ground.

Go forward to the ladder, look down and click in the ladder hole. Climb down the ladder 2 times and turn left down. You look back into a descending corridor. 

Go forward 4 times and then turn right. Another Blue Door. This door has a large Hook and again a Circle drawing in which you see 3 colored Dots in the figure. Draw this over again: 

Click on the Hook to raise it, so away from the door. DO NOT FORGET THIS. If you leave the Hook on the door now, you will not be able to continue.

Well .... here we can not go any further, so turn around and go back to the ladder and climb back up to the Moon Room. 

Still stay away from that one Red Button on the other wall. Turn right and leave the Moon Room. 

Then turn to the Moon Room and close the entrance door via the Handle on the right. 

This closes the Entrance Door but opens the other Roller shutter door in the Moon Room. DO NOT FORGET THIS NOW, otherwise you will not be able to continue. 

We are going to see how we should get that Blue Door open. Turn around and now go through the tunnel to the:

Manhole cover:

Zoom in on the manhole cover. We must now open the manhole cover. But how? The dark blue button is located in the middle of the manhole cover. There are 12 light blue buttons around it. If you see the manhole cover as a clock then the light blue buttons are the hours of the "clock". Number them as the hours of a clock. You have found 2 pieces of paper on which the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 were visible. Behind each digit was an hour indication. You saw these pieces of paper under the metal door in the rear hatch of the Round Top Hall  and in the small shutter at the clock room of the Arrival Building

Number the buttons on the manhole cover as 1 to 12, thus .....

Now click on the 6 light blue buttons according to the 1 to 6 sequence that you saw on those 2 pieces of paper: So click on: Button 8, Button 7, Button 1, Button 10, Button 2, Button 5 and then click on the Dark Blue Button. The manhole cover now opens. A ladder goes down through the vertical tube.

Click in the pipe hole and then lower down 4 times. At the bottom of the ladder you turn 2 times to the left, or to the right. You see a Wooden Door.

Go forward and then click the Red Button on the left wall. The Wooden Door now opens. Go inside. You are now in the:

Underground Room:

You are standing in front of a red button that on in the wall. A box is located at the top right. To the right is the grating window, through which you previously looked into this room. So there is the first Blue Door. There is a closed cabinet on the left side of the wall. If you click on the Red Button nothing happens. Turn left to the wall cabinet and open it by clicking on the handles.

In the cabinet you  see the now well-known Circle. In the circle there are 8 black squares. If you click on each square you get the colors Blue, Red and Green. Well .... you have seen this Circle 3 times and every time you saw a few colored dots or squares. I have  told you to make your own drawing of those circles ........

Take your drawings now and click the right color in each square, in the cabinet 

When you have done this, turn left to the door. Left  of the door you see a niche. The door is now in the niche.

To the right of the door is the Red Button. Now close the door by clicking the Red Button.

In the niche you now see a pipe and a red Lever. A piece of the pipe is at the back of the Red Lever.

Click on the Red Lever to complete the pipe and restore the connection.

Then turn to the Red Button on the wall. Now click on the Red Button again and .....

 The Blue Door, in the hall behind the grating window will now go open. You have opened another route to the Moon Room. 

Turn back to the door, open the door by clicking the Red Door Button again and return to the ladder and climb up again until you have crawled out of the Man Hole again.

Now go back to the:

Revolving door:

Back at the Revolving door you go through the door to the other side. 

Then turn to the door and click the Red Button 3 times again to turn the ladder in the door towards you.

Climb up the ladder again to the Round Top Hall and enter the upper corridor. Turn back to the Round Top Hall and click the Square Red Button 3 times to return the ladder to the Left hatch of the Revolving Door. Then descend the ladder again en turn around. You are back in the Chest Corridor. 

1 step forwards and turn around again to the Revolving door. Click once on the Red Button to turn the Revolving door one more turn, so that you can go back to the other side. You see, in the back of the hallway, the ladder that goes down through the floor. Go to this ladder and climb down it again You are now back in the Lower Corridor of the Revolving Door. Go forward. You look again, through the bar window, into the Underground Room. Turn right and ..... see .... the Blue Door is now indeed open.

Go forward 2 steps, left, 4 times forwards, left and climb up again via the ladder and then turn 2 times left or right

You are back in the:

Moon Room.

Go ahead into the Moon Room. You are standing in front of the door in which you see the pipe drawing.

Now click on the Red Button. You hear another part open and the small light is green.

Turn left. The other Roller Shutter Door is now open because you closed the entrance door the last time you were here. 

NB: If this door is not open now,  then you have forgotten to close the entrance to the Moon Room when you went to the manhole cover. You will have to do this now, but then you have to follow the entire route via the Revolving door, ladder in the back of the chest corridor and the Blue Door and then end up here in the Moon Room again.

Go forward. You are now in the:

2nd Moon Room:

A close window in the wall. This is the back of the window in the Water pipe Cave where you previously saw the numbers 5, 3, 9 in. Zoom in on the window and then click on the handle of the hatch. The hatch opens. Between the bars you see, in mirror image, the numbers: -1, +5, -5. Write it down.

NB: If you do not see these numbers now, then you have forgotten to open this window on the other side, when you were in the Water pipes Cave, and then you did not see the numbers 5, 3, 9. You will have to "catch up" by returning to the Water pipe Cave to open this window there.

Zoom out of the window and turn left. Again a niche and here you see another tube drawing and this has a red / white circle. 

Click on the Red Button. You hear something open again.

Turn left or right twice. A Blue Door. To the left of the door a number panel with 3 number boxes.

You must enter the correct number in the number panel and the Blue Door will open. What is that number then? Well .... you have to do some calculation now. The outcome of the sum is the number you have to enter. What is this Sum: At the Water pipes Cave side of the window you saw the numbers 5, 3, 9  between the bars. On this side of the window you saw -1, +5, -5 between the bars. The sum is then: 5 MINUS 1 = 4, 3 PLUS 5 = 8, 9 MINUS 5 = 4. So from left to right you put in the boxes of the number panel: 4, 8, 4 and the Blue Door opens:

Go forward 2 times. You are now in:

Kales's room:

You are standing in front of a Monitor. The monitor has no power so nothing happens when you click the red button. Turn right. A Trellis Window. Through this window you look into another room where we will end up in PART 2. To the left of the window is a box with a rotary Knob... Click the Rotary Knob and the Monitor now has power.

Turn left again to the Monitor and click on the Red Button again. You will now see a Kales Video again in the monitor. Listen carefully to what Kales tells.

Kales is pleased that you have made it up here and he tells you that you can find the 2nd Key Piece in the chest, that stand at the left of this monitor. Kales also describes the Artefact you have to take a picture of and he also tells about that black-haired woman that you have also encountered twice. Kales does not know who she is, but he has heard her speak in a language that is unknown to him. He insists that you will be careful.

When this Kales video has ended again, turn left. A Metal Hatch on the wall.

Well ...... click the Red Button and it will slide open and.....FINALLY, you have found the 2nd Key Fragment. TAKE IT !!!

We continue with

Chapter 6: The 3rd Fragment of the Key

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot