2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 2: Find the 4 Blue Fragments in the Secret Cave

Chapter 7: The Tower: Part 1:

You have just passed through the Golden Door and you are now standing on a metal path in a large, deep and high cave.

 Right in front of you is the TOWER.

The Tower has 4 levels and from every level you reach a metal path that is located at the front and at the back of the Tower. You are now on Level 2. Some paths go to the right and others to the left. So on each level you can exit the Tower at the front side and at the rear side and then go over the metal paths to the left or to the right. Get ready again for a long search and prepare yourself for some really mind boggling puzzles. 

Go all the way over the path, and straight through the tower, until you have come out of the tower on the other side.

You are standing on the same metal path, but now you're behind the tower. This path goes to the right. First look down here. Beneath you, you see a house. There's a blue and a purple cable coming out of this house. Look up again and turn right now. You see that this path goes to a Blue Metal Gate, but it doesn't open g, so do not go there now. 

All paths that go from the tower go to such a Blue Metal Gate. You can open some of these gates, but some gates you can't open because they are locked on the inside. Turn right again. You look back into the tower and you will see that, on the left, a staircase goes up to the higher 2 levels and, on the right, a staircase goes down to the bottom level. You are now on the 2nd Level of the tower.

Now click on the stairs that goes up and then climb, via 3 times forward, this staircase to the 3rd level. On the 3rd level, turn right and go forward one time and turn left. 

Climb up the stairs to the 4th level and on the 4th level turn left, 2 times ahead, right........ 

You are now on the path of:

4th Level: Backside:

Concrete room and Radiators rooms

Go 3 times ahead to the Blue Metal Gate and open the gate by pressing the Square Red Button, on the right of the gate. The gate opens.

Go forward 3 times. You are then standing exactly in the middle of a Concrete Room. Straight ahead is a Wooden Door.

Turn left. On the back wall of this left niche you see a Red Button in the middle of a Circle. Turn completely around to the right niche. This niche has an elevator.

Turn again to the left niche and go forward to the back wall. The entire wall is a panel. In the middle you see a Circle with a Red Button. 

Above the red button there is a hole and at the bottom you see 8 lights. This is the:

Marble Puzzle: (Random puzzle)

Click the Red Button and observe what happens........This is only a "trail run" to show you what will happen. Later on you will do this Marble puzzle for real 

From the hole, above the red button, comes a marble and this marble follows a route down and then disappears at 1 of the 8 lights and that light then gets a color. Repeat this a few times. Every time you click on the Red Button, a marble falls down and this marble goes via a certain route to one of the lights and that light then gets a certain color. Each light can become Red, Blue or Green. Notice the blue pipe coming out of the panel and then the left wall disappears. What is the purpose of this? I do not know at this time....We need more information.....

Zoom out and turn right and now go to the Wooden Door. Click on the door to open it and enter the next room. You are in the:

1st "Radiator" Room:

You're standing in front of a Green Door. 

If you look to the left and to the right you will see that there is a "radiator with a large lever" on the wall, both on the left side and on the right side of the room.

By clicking on the lever you can place it in the middle, to the right and to the left. Make sure you leave the levers as you find them on the "radiators", so do not touch those radiator levers now. Open the Green Door by clicking on the Red Button and enter the next room.

2nd "Radiator" Room:

Here you will also find a "radiator with lever" on the left wall and on the right wall. Enter the next room.

3rd "Radiator" Room:

And here also there is a "radiator with lever at the right wall an at the left wall, but also a 3rd "radiator" on the back wall. This 3rd "radiator" has a box and a red button. You can open the box and when you do that then you notice that something needs to be placed in this box. But what? If you click on the red button, ...... nothing happens.

Turn around and return to the 1st "Radiator" Room. Then turn to the door opening of the 2nd "Radiator" Room and click on the Red Button again to raise / close the Green Door again. DO NOT FORGET THIS NOW ..... It will save you a lot of walking back and forth later on

Turn back and return to the center of the concrete room. 

Then turn left and go forward into the elevator. In the elevator, turn around completely and press the red elevator button.

The elevator will take you down. Step out the elevator and turn left. From the elevator you look through a corridor and you'll see a Blue Metal Gate. Advance 1 time and press the Square Red Button of the gate. However, the gate does not open. Go forward one more time. The gate is locked on the inside with a Hook. Click on the Hook to slit it up.

Now you can open this gate both from the inside and from the outside. This gate is on the 3rd Level Front side of the Tower. We'll enter through this gate from the outside again, but first the elevator has to go up to the 4th Level. Turn around and enter the elevator again and press the elevator button again and you will go up again to the concrete room.

2 times forward, left, 1 forward, press the Square Red Button to open the blue gate and .......

... then go 5 times ahead, left, 2 times ahead to the Tower, right and look down to the stairs. 

Go down the stairs to the 3rd level and on the 3rd level you go out on the right side

You are now on the path of:

3rd Level: Front Side:

Turn left and go to the Blue Metal Gate and press the Square Red Button to open the gate.

So this is the gate where you just put the latch / hook up from the inside. Go forward 3 times. You are now in the elevator shaft of the elevator. 

The elevator now hangs above you on the 4th level. Look down. A blue ladder goes down:

Click on the ladder and descend it in 2 times down. You have come down on the left. 

You look into a large round room. Go forward 2 times. You are now standing exactly in the middle of the:

Blue Dome Room:

This Blue Dome Room is on the 2nd Level back side of the Tower. It is a bit dark here. Stay exactly in the middle. Behind you is the niche where the blue ladder is. I shall call that the Ladder Niche. Look around in this room. The lower part of the walls are blue, but the upper part of the walls are black. If you turn this way through this round room you'll notice that there are 4 Niches. 2 of the niches have a Blue Metal Gate and the other two niches are the Ladder Niche and the Niche opposite the ladder niche. If you look closely, you'll see, on the left and right next to each Niche, a number of Bars and Dots on the black wall. You can recognize the Niches via those Bars and Dots......those bars and dots are numbers

Look at the Ladder Niche and call it Niche1 and look at the Bars and Dots on the left and right of the Niche. The Niche to the left of the Ladder Niche you call Niche 2. The Niche, right in front of the ladder niche, you call Niche3. The Niche  right next to the ladder niche, you call Niche 4. Make a note of the Bars and the Dots that are  next to each Niche on the walls.

Niche 3

In Niche 3 you will find 3 boxes. A ribbed box hangs on the back wall. There is a Red Button above the ribbed box. On the left a Blue Pipe disappears into the Ribbed box and on the right side a yellow pipe comes out. On the left wall hangs a number box. With the arrows you can put the numbers 1 to 24 in it. This number box is connected to the Ribbed box via the Blue pipe. That Blue Pipe is the pipe that comes from the Marble Puzzle in the concrete room. The Marble Puzzle is therefore connected to the Ribbed box via the blue pipe and this number box

On the right wall hangs the "Bar / Dots" box. In this box you see 8 buttons. On these 8 buttons you see the Bars / dots that are next to the entrances of the 4 niches. If you click on these 8 buttons, the digits 1 to 8 will appear in the display. These bars / dots represent numbers. But you can not find out which bar / dots combination is which number. This box is again connected to the ribbed box via the Yellow Pipe, and thus also to the Marble Puzzle. So it all has to do with that marble puzzle. We urgently need more information. Leave Niche 3 and now go to Niche 2.

Niche 2:

So Niche 2 has a Blue Gate Door. To the right of the door is the Square Red Button. Click that button. However, the Blue Door does not open. To the left of the door is a panel that is divided into 4 squares. You can click on these 4 squares. If you do that in the right order you can open the door of Niche 2. But what is the correct order? We must find it out somewhere else

Turn around and go to

Niche 4.

The Blue Door of Niche4 is locked with a Hook. Enter the Niche 4 and take the Hook off the door.

Then turn around and leave Niche 4 again. Turn again to Niche 4 and then press the Square Red Button. The Blue Door in Niche 4 will now open. 

Continue through Niche 4 now. You are now back on the metal path of Level 2 Backside. Follow the path to the Tower.

Enter the Tower again and climb up to Level 4 again. At Level 4 you leave the Tower at the backside and.......

...... you enter the Concrete Room again via the Blue Door.

In the Concrete Room you go to the right and into the elevator to take it down to Level 3. Go out of the elevator and open the Blue Door and go over the path of Level 3 Front side back into the Tower. In the Tower you descend again, via the stairs at the bottom right, to Level 2 and then go out the tower at the backside

Follow the path at Level 2 Backside to the Blue Door of Niche 4 of the Blue Dome Room. 

Open the door and step through Niche 4 into the Blue Dome Room and go stand in the middle of the Room again.

Turn right and enter Niche 1, the Ladder niche.

Niche 1

Turn left and look up along the Blue Ladder. Above your head you now see the BOTTOM of the LIFT that you left on Level 3

You see a panel in the bottom of the elevator. Climb up the ladder to look at the panel. The panel has 4 squares and in each square you see 2 numbers. 

Make a note of this panel because it is the solution for the panel that's at the left side of the door of Niche 2

Climb back down the ladder and now return to Niche 2 in the Blue Dome Room

Niche 2

Well ..... the panel on the bottom of the lift has given you the order in which you now have to click the 4 squares of the door panel. 

Number the 4  squares of the door panel as, A, B, C, D:

Now click the 4 squares of the door panel, according to the numbers in Lift Panel, in this order: B, D, A, D, A, C, C, B and then click on the Square Red Button and ....

The Blue Door of Niche 2 is now open and you see a ladder. So enter Niche 2 and look up the ladder. 

Then climb up the ladder and....... you are in the:

"Radiator" Rooms of Level 3

NB: If you now stand in front of a closed Green Door, it means that you have forgotten to raise the Green Door in the 1st Radiator Room on Level 4, behind the Wooden Door of the Concrete Room. You will then first have to go back to the green door to bring it up again. It is the same green door.

So there are also 3 rooms here with "Radiators" hanging on the walls. These rooms are  directly below the 3 "Radiators" Rooms on Level 4. In each of the 3 rooms, study the course of the Pipes, which come from the bottom of the radiators and connect the radiators, but also connect them to the radiators in the rooms above.

In the front room you will find a Panel with ? Boxes on the right wall. This is an indication for another puzzle that you will encounter later. In the 2 other rooms you'll see a Gray Plates on the left wall. On the gray plate in the middle room you see 3 black lines, top left, going from the middle above to the bottom left. Here you see 3 numbers, Red 3, Blue 16, Green 4. On the Gray Panel in the 3rd room you see also 3 black lines, top right, and the numbers Red 23, Blue 5, Green 19.

These 2 Gray Plates contain instructions for the Marble Puzzle so draw them over on a piece of paper

You can not do anything here now, so go back to the front room and then descend via the ladder to the blue Dome Room again..

Go to Niche 4, open the Blue Door of Niche 4 and go out and enter the Tower again via the metal path. 

Climb up to the 3rd Level via the stairs. At the 3rd Level turn to the right and leave the Tower at the back side

Turn left and go to the Blue Door of 

3rd Level: Back side:

Press the Square Red Button to open the Blue Door and step forward 1 time.

On the right is a Square Yellow Button that does nothing when you click on it.

Go forward once again. You are standing in the midway hallway. Turn right. There is a metal grid on the wall.

Click on the grid. It folds down and in the little niche you see a key. Take the Key.

Turn left again and go forward once again through the next gate.

You probably do not realize it now, but you are now standing in a TRAM. Right in front of you is a Metal Door. Turn right. On the wall there is a plate and on this you see the Crystal Cave. The outside of the circle is the round tunnel in which the TRAM drives all around the Crystal Cave. There are 4 "Stations" in the round tunnel and on the diagram you can see that there are three entrances through which you can enter the Crystal Cave. Turn completely. You are now looking into the round tunnel through the TRAM window.

Under the window is a Square Yellow Button. Don't touch the yellow button now because we are not going to drive the TRAM  yet.

The Crystal Cave 1st time:

Turn right and leave the TRAM to the Metal Door. Click on the Red Button to open the door and then go forward three times over the "scaffolding path".

At the end of the path you are standing in front of a large metal holder with a large dark crystal.

On the right side of the metal holder there is a small box with a small screen where you see the number 3 on.

You are in the big, dark and round CRYSTAL GROT. It is in fact an underground lake with dirty black / red water. There are 4 of this type of "scaffolding paths" in the cave that you can reach from the "stations" in the Tram tunnel. The Tram Tunnel runs all around this large cave.  3 of the "scaffold paths" bring you to such a large Crystal where such a numbered box is attached to. If you turn left and look through the cave you will see the other 3 "scaffolding paths" and you will notice that you are now in right corner in the Crystal cave. You notice  also that the Crystals, at the end of the "scaffolding paths", are connected to each other via a thick cable that goes through the cave via "telephone poles". You can click on the number 3 of the box and when you do that you'll hear a sound........However......nothing happens because the crystals don't have power

Turn around completely and walk back to the Tram. Go back into the Tram and turn to the window.

Let's go for a ride through the tunnel. There are 4 "Stations" in the tunnel. This "Station" where you are now and 3 others. The tram makes a complete round through the tunnel. Each Station has a left niche and a right niche. The Left niches are on the Tower side and contain puzzles on the walls, while the right niches each have a Metal Door that allows you to enter the Crystal Cave. We are only going to look now because we can not solve the puzzles here now.

Click on the Square Yellow Button and.......

The Tram starts moving and you now go through the tunnel and the Tram stops at the next "Station". Turn left.......you look into the left niche. You can step out of the tram if you want to see everything better, but do not touch any of the panels in the niche. Panels with screens and buttons are on the 3 walls of the niche. Above the panels you see the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The niche has no exit. Turn to the right. .... the Metal Door to the Crystal Cave is barricaded here by shelves. So you can not enter the Crystal Cave here.

Turn left again and click again on the Square Yellow Button. The Tram continues through the tunnel and stops at the 3rd "Station". Look into the Left Niche. 

This niche has a Metal Door but it does not open. On the left wall is 1 screen and on the right wall are 2 screens.

Turn around and go to the Metal Door in the right side. Open the door and follow the path to the end. The number on the crystal box is 1.

Return to the Tram and press the Square Yellow Button again and the Tram will take you to Station 4. The Left Niche has a large double Door in the back wall. 

Behind this door is a puzzle. A large panel hangs on both the left and the right wall. This is the Simulation Niche

Turn right and go through the Metal Door in the right hand again into the Crystal Cave and view the number on the crystal cabinet. That is the number 2.

Back into the Tram and click on the Square Yellow Button again and the Tram will deliver you back to the start station.  Turn left and go forward 1 time. 

Press the Square Red Button to open the Blue Door again and then follow the iron path back into the Tower.

Descend to the 2nd Level and ........ then to the 1st Level....

1st Level of the Tower:

When you have reached the 1st level, you are faced with a Wooden hatch that is in the wall. There is a blue button on the bottom of the hatch. 

Click on the blue button.....the hatch won't go open, but his is the Electrical Switch Cabinet.

Turn left and follow the iron path at the 1st Level Back Side to the Blue Door.

Open the Blue Door by pressing the Square Red Button.......

Unfortunately you can continue here now because the Metal Door, behind this Blue Door, does not go open...You must open this door somewhere else. Turn around and go back into the Tower and then 2 steps ahead of the stairs. Turn right.  You are now face a white panel with a screen and an Orange Button. Click the Orange button.

However, nothing appears in the display. This is the Railing Monitor. Turn left and go forward one time. You are now on Level 1 Front Side. 

The Iron path ends here, but at the end there is a Metal Hatch with a sign with a light bulb drawn on it.

Go forward one more time, look down and click on the yellow handle of the hatch......... the hatch does not open. Look up again and turn back to the Tower. To the right of the entrance you now see a Square Red Button. Go forward 1 time and then click on the square Red Button. You hear a sound.

Go back into the tower and to the wooden Hatch on the wall....

Electric Switch Cabinet, Pipe chamber and the Railing monitor

Click  the blue button again and now the wooden hatch will open.

You see 6 switches, 3 above and 3 below. You see that 2 of the bottom switches are connected by a green bar. Between the switches you see a light bulb and a round light. The round light is now on. Click on the green bar with which the two lower switches are connected. This makes these 2 switches go to the left and that round light goes off.

Turn right and now go back to the hatch at the end of the iron path. Look down again and click again on the yellow handle. Now the hatch goes open.

A ladder goes down through the shaft. Click into the shaft  to end up on the ladder and then descend the ladder via 3 times down finger and when your down turn completely around. You are in a tunnel. The tunnel goes to the right, but to the left is an exit to a Rail Car. Another Gray Plate hangs on the back wall. 

Go forward and study the gray Plate.......Make a drawing of it. This Gray Plate has 3 lines in "Z-shape" and the numbers: Red 2, Blue 24, Green 17 

If you look to the left for a moment, you will see the Rail Car

Then turn around again and follow the tunnel, 1 time ahead, left, 2 times forward and you are at the end. Turn right. A ladder goes up.

Look up and climb up the ladder 2 times ahead and then further up

Then forward and turn left. You are now in the:

Pipes Room:

You look at a panel and a jumble of pipes that all go into the panel. This panel is the back side of the Electric Switch Cabinet with the 6 switches, in the Tower. Look down.

Beneath the panel you see the green main power box. The two pipes of this power box also go through the panel. Look up again. There are in fact only 8 pipes. 4 pipes go left and 4 pipes go to the right. Turn to the right. You now see the "end pieces" of the 4 pipes that go right from the panel. The top 2 are the Blue Pipes and the bottom two are the Purple Pipes. These 4 pipes come from the cottage behind the Tower. Turn left twice. You now see the back sides of the 4 pipes that go to the left. The top 2 are the Green Pipes and the bottom 2 are the Flesh-colored Pipes.

Look at the Panel again. All these pipes serve to give power to panels in the tower and are therefore connected to the 6 switches in the switch box. This main power box is also connected to the Electric switch cabinet. The Flesh-colored Pipes supply the power for the hatch at  the end of the iron path. By switching  the two bottom switches in the Electric Switch Cabinet you have ensured that you could open the hatch

Now you have to figure out which of the switches, in the  Electric switch cabinet, you have to turn on so that the Railing Monitor gets power. The Green Pipes go from the Switch Cabinet to the Railing Monitor. What you have to do here now is to see how you should connect the green pipes with the main power box under this panel. Do this now also for the purple pipes. You then must make these connection in the Electric Switch Cabinet but PLEASE NOTE .... IT MUST BE IN MIRROR IMAGE.

If you have figured out which connections you connect the 2 green pipes with the box under this panel you turn left. 

Look down the ladder shaft and climb back down into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel back to the front and climb up the iron path through the ladder.

Turn around to the Tower and go back into the Tower and back to it:

Electric Switch Cabinet:

Open the cabinet again. Well ... you first have to make the connection for the Green Pipes to the Rail Monitor.

Number the 6 switches, from top left to bottom right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Probably a number of switches are already good. It has to be like this:

Switches 1 and 2 must be to the right. Switches 3, 4, 5, 6 must be left.

When you have the switches in this position, turn right, 1 forward, right. You are back at the:

Railing Monitor:

Click on the Orange Button again and KEEP IT PRESSED. 9 black squares appear in the display. KEEP THE ORANGE BUTTON PRESSED.

8 black squares disappear again. You must now number these 8 black squares in the order in which they disappear. Note it down  on a piece of paper:

Do you have this too? Then go back to the

Electric Switch Cabinet:

Open the cabinet again. Now you have to make the connection for the Purple Pipes.

To do this, the switches 1, 4, 5 and 6 must be to the left and the switches 2 and 3 to the right.

When you have done this again, turn right again and go forward to the hatch in the back of the iron path

. Open the hatch again and descend the ladder. Turn around and go forward and turn left. You are back in front of the Rail Car

Chapter 8: The Underground Railway: Part 1:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot