2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Part 2: Find the 4 Blue Fragments in the Secret Cave

Chapter 10: The Tower: Part 3:

The Crystal Cave and the Blue Dome Room

There are still a number of unfinished things to handle at the various levels around the Tower. One of these is the opening of the Metal Door, behind the Blue Door of the 1st Level Back Side. We are going to take care of that first. So after you have gone through the Glass Maze, the Laser Room Cave and the Lift Maze , you are now back at the Tower.

Continue forward in the Tower. You thus enter the Tower again on the 2nd Level.

Climb up to the 3rd Level and then turn right again and follow the iron path to the Blue Door of the:

3rd Level: Back Side

Tram station 1:

Open the Blue Door and step forward 1 time. STOP! To the right of the gate you see the Yellow / Green Button

You saw this yellow button here before. Now this button blinks blue and makes a noise...Don't Touch IT NOW......

Continue 1 forward. You are here again at Tram Station 1, but of course the Tram is not there. It is still on Station 3, where you entered the Glass Maze. 

There is now a deep hole at your feet. Look down. A ladder goes down.

Climb down the ladder and when you're down turn right. You are in a short tunnel with a barred window on the left. Go forward and turn left. Through the window you now look into the area behind the closed Metal Door that's on the 1st Level Back Side . Press the Red button next to the window and you will see that Metal Door slide open. That is what we are going to now.

Turn right. Next to the ladder is a Metal Door that you can not open now. Soon, however, we will come out of this metal door.

Climb up the ladder again to Station 1 and above you press the Red Button to open the Blue Door.

Do not go outside yet, but take 1 step forwards and turn around. Now click on the blue flickering Yellow / Green Button and .....

 The Tram now comes back from Station 3.

Turn around again and return to the Tower again and descend to the Blue Door of the:

1st Level: Back Side

Open the blue door to see ..... the Metal Door is now gone. So go 1 time ahead and you are once again at a ..... Railcar.

Enter the Railcar 2 times and turn left in the Railcar. You look through the tunnel. To the right of the window is a long iron bar with a hook

Click on the Hook and the Railcar moves and delivers you at the end of the tunnel, which is not so long.

Turn left and step forward out of the Railcar and then diagonally to the ladder. Look up and climb up the ladder. 

You hit your head against the metal door, at the top of the ladder.

Open the hatch and then click in the hatch to climb all the way up. You are now back in the:

Crystal Cave:

Turn left. You see the 3 other "scaffolding", from Station 1, Station 3 and Station 4. You are now on the "jetty" of Station 2 where you couldn't go to from the Station 2 because the door is blocked. Turn left again. A box is attached to the railing. Go to the box

The box has 2 screens and 2 orange buttons. Click the Left Button. You zoom in on the box. In the top screen you'll see a Light Ball and in the bottom screen a "Sun". Around the "sun" there is a bit of a curved line. If you now click the Right button, 2 or 1 orb will appear and you will see a curved line around the "sun". The line around the "sun" can be long or short and always appears in a different position around the "sun".

We need more info. We will return here later. Zoom out and turn right and go back to the ladder.

 Now close the ladder hatch. On top of the hatch is a blue drawing.

Click on the drawing to view it up close. There is a large circle that is divided by 12 "spokes" into 12 segments. In the middle you see a "curved arrow" and around the circle there is a symbol at certain segments. It is a shame that a piece of the drawing is gone. Draw this  circle

Zoom out and open the hatch again by clicking on the yellow handle. Then descend the ladder and when you down turn left and go back into the Railcar.

Turn right and click on the Hook and the Railcar will drive back to the beginning of the tunnel.

When the Railcar is back at the beginning of the tunnel, turn LEFT and go out the railcar. 

You are then pressed flat against the rock wall with your nose flat. Turn right.

You see a large round opening in the rock wall. Go there via diagonal left. A Metal Door. 

Go to the door with diagonal left and then press the Red Button. The door opens.

 .... you look into the tunnel beneath Station 1. So this is the metal door that you could not open before. 

Go forward to the window, turn left and climb up the Ladder again as far as you can.

Above your head is the TRAM and you look at the BOTTOM of the TRAM, which you have brought to Station 1. There is a Circle Drawing on the Bottom of the Tram. This Circle is also divided into 12 Segments and this Circle is complete. There are numbers in each segment. Draw it over again.

Well, You can not go further here, so descend the ladder, turn left and go diagonally back through the metal door, again diagonally and then back to the Railcar.

Go through the railcar to the blue door, click on the Red Button in the door and follow the iron path back to the Tower and climb up again in the Tower to:

3rd Level: Back Side: Crystal Cave

Open the blue door again and go ahead into the Tram.

Turn right again in the Tram and take a closer look at the Circle Diagram, which is located here on the wall of the Tram. Draw it over again. This is also a Circle divided into 12 segments and you see the "3 scaffolding" in the Crystal Cave that you can reach from the Stations 1, 3 and 4. On the top right you see a "Square with Triangle". Turn around and click the Tram button and the Tram will drive to:

Tram station 2:

Turn left and enter the niche.

Here, the Panels 1, 2 and 3 are on the walls. Each panel has 3 screens with buttons underneath. If you click on the button below the left screen, you will see 12 symbols. 5 of these symbols are also on the Circle Drawing that you saw on the ladder door in the Crystal Cave. You must now take your 3 Circle Drawings. Put them side by side.

Turn the Circle Drawing you saw on the Tram just like the Circle Drawing you saw on the Ladder Hatch. So with the arrow in the middle pointing to the bottom left. Turn the Circle Drawing from inside the Tram so that the "Square with Triangle" is at the bottom right. You then have the 3 drawings exactly the same.

You now have to find the Symbol and the corresponding number of the 3 Crystals that are at the end of each "scaffolding" in the Crystal Cave. Look at the drawings with the 3 scaffolding and mark the Segment where the "scaffolds" are located. Then look for the same segment on the two other drawings as with a scaffolding in it and write down the Number and The Symbol that is in that segment. For the 8.2 Segment you have to compose the Symbol from the 2 symbols that are next to the Blue drawing on the 2 segments. For the 8.2 segment, the symbol then becomes an "hourglass in a hexagon"

Now you have to find out which "scaffolding" belongs to Crystal 1, Crystal 2 and Crystal 3. You know that Station 1 brings you to Crystal  3, Station 3 at Crystal 1 and Station 4 at Crystal 2. 

  • The "scaffold" in the 8.2 segment is at Crystal 1.
  • The "scaffolding in the 2.4 segment is at Crystal 2.
  • The "scaffold" in segment 1.9 is at Crystal 3.

Now that you know all this, you enter the symbol and number on the 3 panels

  • Panel 1 = "Hourglass in a Hexagon" and the number 82.
  • Panel 2 = Square and the number 24
  • Panel 3 = Triangle and the number 19

When you have done this, turn around to the entrance to the Niche. Right next to the entrance is the 1, 2, 3 cabinet with the Red button. To the left of the entrance is the Circle Cabinet between the pipes. Click on the Red Button, under the 1,2,3 box and .... If you have now placed the correct Symbol with the correct number on the 3 panels, the 3 yellow lights will stay on and the bottom light will turn green and in the Left Cabinet then turns the Green Circle around and the Pipes are connected to each other.

Go back in the Tram and drive to:

Station 3:

Step on the right side out of the Tram, press the red button to open the door and follow the scaffolding to the end. You are back at Crystal 1. This is the Light Blue Crystal. On the box, under the screen, you see the number 1. 

Click on the number 1. You hear a gong and in the screen appears an INVERTED Y. Click on the number 1......... On one of the "legs" of the Y appears a little circle . Now keep clicking the number 1 until you hear a Buzz or Humming sound and then watch where the circles on the Y are. This is when there is a circle on the top and on the right "leg" of the reverse Y .......Note this down like this:

Crystal 1 = Light blue. Circle on top "leg" and on the right "leg".

Go back to the Tram and continue to:

Station 4:

Leave the Tram on the right side, open the door and walk to the end of the path. You are at Crystal 2. This is the Red Crystal. Click on the number 2, on the box. Another Reverse Y. Keep clicking the number 2  again until you hear the Buzz / Humming sound again and then note the circles on the Y. That is here when there is a round on all 3 "legs" of the Y. So note down :

Crystal 2 = Red and has a circle on all three "legs" of the Y:

Drive with the Tram  to:

Station 1:

Leave the Tram on the right side, open the door and walk to the end of the path. Crystal 3 and this is the Green Crystal.  Click the number 3 until you hear the Buzz / Humming sound and then note down on witch "leg" of the Y you have a little circle That is a round on the left "leg" of the Y. So note down

Crystal 3 = Green and has a circle on the left "leg" of the Y.

Now we have to go back to the box on the railing of the path of Stationc2. So we have to use the Railcar and the ladder. So turn around and walk back and now go through the Tram. Open the blue door and walk back to the Tower. Now go back to the Blue Door on.......

1st Level: Back Side

Open the blue door again and then head for the Railcar.

Drive the Railcar again to the other side of the tunnel and then go out on the left side and climb up the ladder again, open the ladder and climb up to the path. Turn around and go to the box that's attached to the railing and click the left orange button again to zoom in on it.

In the upper screen a light ball appears, but also 2 vertical lines and the blue crystal. In the bottom screen the "sun" appears again with a small line that connects some of the "sunbeams". It is now the intention that you, one by one, put the Blue Crystal, the Red Crystal and the Green Crystal, between the 2 vertical lines and then notice how the "SUN" looks like.  With the Left button you move the image in the upper screen to the right and with the right button to the left. Do not get impatient because you have to click a lot of times on the buttons. It is the intention that you make a drawing of it and put the color of the crystal in the sun on your drawings. It must be like this.......

Do you have this? Zoom out, turn right and descend the ladder again. 

Drive back with the Railcar, then step out on the right side, open the blue door and make sure you reach the blue door of the:

4th Level: Back Side

Open the blue door and go forward to the wooden door. Open the wooden door and step forward into the 1st radiator room.

You are standing in front of the green metal door again. As you know, there are 3 radiator rooms.

In every radiator room there are 2 radiators with a large lever on top. Well ... you have to move these levers to the left or to the right.

1st Radiator room:

Move the lever on the left radiator to the LEFT (this is probably al ready the case). Move the lever on the right radiator to RIGHT.

Go through the Green Door.

2nd Radiator Room:

Left radiator is lever to the LEFT. Right radiator is also lever to the  LEFT.

3rd Radiator Room:

Left radiator is lever to the LEFT. Right radiator is lever to the  LEFT.

Radiator on rear wall = open the cupboard via the handle. Take the Safety Device from your inventory that you brought from Room D of the Glass Maze and place it in the cupboard.

Close the cupboard and click on the Red Button. You hear a "Gong" sound. Turn around and go back 4 times. On the left is the elevator. Turn right. You look at the:

Marble Puzzle:

Go forward to zoom in on the Marble Puzzle panel. I shall attempt to explain it first ....

When you were here the first time you saw what happens when you click on the Red Button. A marble comes out of the hole, above the red button, and this marble follows a route to one of the 8 lights at the bottom of this panel. The light where the marble disappears can then become Red, Blue or Green. During your wanderings through these caves of Rhem you have seen 8 Gray Plates. On each of these 8 plates you saw 3 black lines and a Red number, a Blue number and a Green number.

The route that the Marble takes here to one of the 8 lights corresponds to the black lines on one of the 8 Gray Plates. The Color that the light gets, where the marble goes in, is then either the Red number, or the Blue number, or the Green number on that Gray Plate and  you must to NOTE IT DOWN because you will soon need that in another puzzle . 

In principle, you can only press the Red Button once. If you press the red button a second or a third time, then the marble will take another route down and then that number will be valid for you. I is really best to press the red button only once and then pay attention to which route the marble takes and which color the light gets where the marble disappears. This "path" you then search on the Gray Plates and on the Plate where the black lines make the same path as the route of the marble than number is valid  for your 

So I can not tell you which NUMBER will be valid for you You have to pay attention to how the marble goes and then "translate" the path of the marble to the FORM of the 3 black stripes on one of the gray plates. Then you note down the number on this plate that has the same Color of the Light where the marble disappears at. It is best to put the lines and numbers of the 8 Gray Plates in a diagram. .....Something that looks like this 

Red Number 13 9 6 14 11 2 23 8
Blue Number 16 22 15 1 18 24 5 20
Green Number 14 3 10 21 7 17 19 12

NB: in the above diagram is therefore: L = left and R = right. D....So... LLR = Left, Left, Right

However, you only know if you have found the correct number, the moment you actually have to use this number, and that is not here, but in another puzzle that you have to solve elsewhere.  For me it was like this: the Marble went down via: Right, Right, Left  to the 7th light and that light turns BLUE and to this belongs, for me, the number 5:

Zoom out of the marble puzzle when you have found your Number. 

Turn left and go out through the blue door and back to the Tower. Descend to the:  

2nd Level again: Back Side:

The 3rd Blue Fragment:

The Blue Dome Cave:

Open the blue door and go forward 3 times. STOP! You are again standing exactly in the middle of the Blue Dome Cave and you look at Niche 3. 

There's light now in the room. Turn left so that you look at Niche 3. Stay in the middle of the room

NB: In Chapter 10: The Tower Part 1, I have already explained the layout of this Blue Dome room. It is important that you know whether you stand in front of Niche 1, Niche 2, Niche 3 or Niche 4. So if you no longer know which Niche is 1, 2, 3 or 4, then pick up that part of the walkthrough again.  The "Stripes / Dot puzzle" that you have to solve here now has cost me some headaches to find out the logic of this puzzle and to come up with a good explanation of the solution. But I believe that it worked out nicely.  However, if you have a more logical explanation then please.....don't be shy and tell me.......

Now look up to the ceiling. On the ceiling you will now see a LINE PATTERN. The thick lines divide the ceiling into 8 segments.

You will see cross lines in the segments. Draw it over and on your drawing you number the segments as A to H:

Look down again. To the left and right of the entrance to each Niche, Strips / Dots combinations are on the wall. You now have to link these Stripes / Dot combinations to a Segment on your Ceiling Drawing. The transverse lines on the Ceiling drawing do not matter here, they are only meant to allow you to view the Ceiling in the correct way. You start with the Stripes / Dots left of Niche 1. They belong to Segment A. Turn left to Niche 2. Stripes / Dots to the right of Niche 2 belong to Segment B, Stripes/ Dots to the left of Niche 2 belong to Segment C. Now continue like this and you come to the next result. The Stripe / Dot which are on the right of Niche 1 therefore belong to Segment H

Make a note of this because you have to recognize it in a moment. Well .... now we have to get behind the correct order of the Stripes / Dots code. We have previously solved a Dot code and we did that in Room D of the Glass Maze. We now have to go back to that room first. Go through the blue door of Niche 4  to be back outside and then dive into the Tower and climb up to the 3rd level Back Side. Go to the blue door of :

3rd Level: Back Side:

Open the blue door again and move forward until you are back in the Tram. Drive the Tram back to Station 3 and then turn left into the niche. 

Open the metal entrance door of the Glass Maze via the Red Button and enter Room H.

Walk to Room G, turn right and enter Room C. Turn right and you're back in front of Room D. Open the door by clicking on the buttons of the lock box again in accordance with the correct code. First click top button, then click the code buttons and then click the bottom button

Enter Room D again and move forward to the Cylinder in the middle of the back wall. Now click on the Lever until you have the CEILING DRAWING on the Cylinder. Number the lights in the ring again as A to H. This sequence is therefore equal to your numbering of the Segments of the Ceiling Drawing. Click on the Red Button again and again write down the order in which the lights in the ring light up.

The order in witch the lights light up is: B, H, C, D, F, A, G, E. And this is also the Segment Order. Now "translate" this order to the Stripes / Dots combinations that belong to the segments and you have the 1 to 8 sequence that you have to click on these Stripe / Dots combinations in the Blue Dome. Go back, via the Rooms C, G and H to the Tram and drive, via Station 4, back to Station 1. Exit the Tram and go back to the Tower and back to the Blue Dome Room on the 2nd Level Back Site. Now enter: 

Niche 3:

On the back wall is the cabinet where the 3rd Blue Fragment is in. On the left wall is the numerical box and on the right wall the Stripes / Dot box. Turn clockwise to the Stripe / Dot box. Now click on the 8 boxes in this box according to the ORDER as you received them in Room D of the Glass Maze and the "translation" to the Stripes / Dots combinations.

So click the boxes in the 1 to 8 sequence:

Turn to the Number box and put in the number that you have found from the Marble Puzzle ......

For me that is the number 5, but this will be a different number for you

Then turn around to the shutter cabinet and click on the Red Button and .....

...... the shutter cabinet will now open and this contains your 3rd Blue Fragment. Take the fragment

NB: If the shutter cabinet doesn't go now, in spite that you have clicked the boxes in the Stripe / Dot box in the correct order, then you probably have entered a wrong number on the number box. You can then try to do the Marble Puzzle again to get another number and then fill it in on the numerical box.

When  you have taken the 3rd Blue Fragment, we will continue with:

The 4th Blue Fragment;

Leave the Blue Dome Room through the Blue Door of Niche 4 and follow the path back into the Tower. You are  on the 2nd level and right in front of you the path goes back to the Golden Door. Go to and through the Golden Door and then turn right and then climb up both ladders to the XYZ door.

When you're up you turn around and go to Lift C. You are now back in the:

Lifts Maze and the 2e Revolving door:

Go down with Lift C, turn around, open the door and follow the path to the shutter door. Click the Red Button in the shutter to open it and follow the path further to Lift A. Go up with Lift A . Turn around, get out of lift A and enter the 3rd moon room. Turn left, 1 forward, diagonally left, diagonally right, diagonally left. You see Lift B right in front of you. Go forward 1 time, diagonally, 3 times ahead and you are on the other side of Lift A

Go inside and with this side of Lift A go down again. Turn around, open the door and advance 2 times. You are back on the Arch path, between Lift A and Lift B. On the left you see the Blue Door that you could never open until now. You can do that now, because  pressed the red button on the balcony, before you slipped through the thick pipe,. Go diagonally left and forward and open the Blue Door by pressing the Red Button.

Go forward 2 times. You stand for an revolving door. To the right is the Square Red Button to rotate the door....

.....do not touch the red button now. Step 2 times through the Revolving door.

You are in an end room, behind the Revolving door. Take a look around. Here again are  3 panels on the walls. They are the same panels as you used in Tram Station 2. These 3 panels are numbered 1, 2 and 3 and therefore have to do with the 3 large crystals in the Crystal Cave. You already know that the Blue Crystal is 1, the Red/Pink Crystal is 2 and the Green Crystal is 3. You also know, via the railing box on the path of Station 2, which "Sun" and which Invert Y belong to the 3 crystals. The Color, the "Sun" and the "Reverse Y" should now be set on these 3 panels, for each Crystal. The intention is to turn the Revolving door to the 4th Level Front Side of the Tower.

 In the left screen you set Color, in the middle screen the "Sun" and in the right screen the Y. So do this for each of the 3 panels ....... Like this...

Do you have this? Then go back  through the Revolving door and then turn back to the Revolving door.

Now click on the red button of the revolving door and it will now turn to the right.

So now you can not go through the revolving door here anymore. Turn around and open the Blue Door and follow the path back to Lift A.  Go back up with Lift A. Get out of Lift A and follow the route back to the 3rd Moon room and then go to the other side of Lift A. Go down with this side of Lift A, exit the elevator and follow the path through the shutter to Lift C and go up with Lift C and then to the XYZ door.  Open the XYZ door and climb both ladders down again and go back through the Golden Door to and in the Tower.

Climb up,  in the Tower, to the 4th Level. At the 4th Level, turn right and follow the path to the Blue Door of the:

Tower: 4th Level: Front Side:

Open the Blue Door and go through the Revolving door. You are at the end of a dead-end corridor. 

There is a crack in the wall. If you click in the crack, you look into the Crystal Cave. 

Zoom out again and turn right. A shutter cabinet.... Press the Red Button to open the cabinet and........

 The 4th Blue Fragment is in it, so TAKE IT

You now have 4 Blue Fragments in your inventory. It is time to find the Disk. We do that in...

Chapter 11: The Artifact Disk and the New Area

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot