2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Chapter 11: The Artifact Disk and the New Area

A: Artifact Disk:

You now have 4 Blue Fragments in your inventory. It is time to find the Artefact Disk. Turn around and walk back through the revolving door, open the blue door and return to the Tower. Descend to the 1st Level and then, on the right, go to the Metal Hatch  which is at the end in the iron path.

Look down and open the hatch and descend the ladder. Turn around, diagonally to the Railcar and board the Railcar. Now drive the Railcar to:

Station 3: The Doors Hall:

Turn right and get out of the Railcar. Turn right, diagonally left, 2 times ahead, open the double doors and step forward into the Front Hall of the Doors Hall. 

Go forward one more time and then through slanted links to the Green Door Left. 

Open the door and step inside. You are back in the:

Green Room Left:

So here are those 3 Metal Plates with screws on the walls. You have activated these 3 Metal plates via the Square Puzzle in Station 4, in Chapter 12. 

If you click on the buttons, above the 3 plates, they will slide open and you will see a screen with a circle inside.

If you look closely at the circumference of the Circle, then you see that it consists of 4 segments of a curved line. There is always a small space between the ends of each line segment.  If you click on the ENDS of the curved line segments, then you BENT  the line segment in a different form

What do you have to do with this circle?  Well .... on your wanderings you have seen 3 times a color symbol......you saw, a Red, a Green and a Blue Symbol. I told you to draw them. On the Blue Plate you now have to make the Blue Symbol, on the Green Plate you must make the Green Symbol and on the Red Plate you must make the Red Symbol. You do this by clicking on the A to H Ends of the line segments of the Circle. 

  • Blue Plate: Click on the button to open the plate and then click on the ends G and D.
  • Green Plate: Open the plate and click on the ends A and H.
  • Red Plate: Open the plate and click on end C.

Do you have this? Then leave the room and go left and to the large Double Doors, at the top of the stairs in the Back Hal. Open the doors and advance 2 times.

You can not go any further. You stand in front of the Gorge and you have to go to the other side. In the Gorge is the Revolving Bridge and it should now be turned towards you. At the bottom right of your screen you see a Blue Cabinet with a Brown Lever. Click on the Lever and ..... The Revolving Bridge now turns towards you and now forms a path to the right.

Go forward and turn right. You look into an End room where you see a green box. Go 2 times ahead of that room and then turn around completely.

Through the entrance of the room you look back at the Revolving Bridge. You now see a Left and a Right Brown Lever at the Swing Bridge. The Left Brown Lever was the Lever with which you have just turned the Bridge towards you. The Right Brown Lever is needed to turn the Bridge to the right again. Only .... That Right Brown Lever has no power.

There is a panel on the left and right side of the entrance. On each panel you see the shapes of the 4 Blue Fragments that you have collected and that are now in your inventory. Well ... take them out your inventory, one by one, and click each Blue Fragment in the right place in the 2 panels. This is not complicated at all and is self-evident.

Then go forward to the bridge and click the Right Brown Lever and......the bridge turns again to the right.

Go forward, turn right and go forward. 

You are now on the other side of the gap, opposite of the Doors Hall, left and right are  a boarded up window.

In front of you a doorway  to a Hall with a wooden floor. Go forward through the doorway into the hall.

The Wooden Artifact Disc Door:

You're standing right in front of  a Gray Niche in which a ladder goes down. 

On your  left a Metal Door with a door handle and a keyhole. On your right a wooden door. Turn right to the Wooden Door.

In the Wooden Door is the Round Artifact Disc that Zetias wants you to find. So let's call this door the Wooden Artifact Disc Door. Unfortunately .... the Disk is stuck within 4 brackets. There is a red button on the left and right side of the door. Don't touch those two red buttons now. Turn back  to the gray Ladder Niche. Look down and descend the ladder and below you turn left twice. You are now standing in front of a purple / blue folding door. Open the door via the handle. O ..... Bars. Turn left. On the left wall is a round keyhole.

Turn left again and climb back up the ladder. Back above you turn right again to the Wooden Artefact Disc Door. 

Now open the Wooden Artifact Disk Door via the Right Red Button.

Behind the door you see another ladder going down. Go forward to the ladder. Then turn left. On the left wall is a map of the Doors Hall, the Revolving Bridge and the rooms here. You also see a yellow area on the map .....that yellow area is the new area and there we will soon go

Turn right again, look down and descend via the ladder and when you're down you completely turn around . O .... a closed metal door and it does not open.

Turn back to the ladder and climb back up and turn around and step back into the hall. You are standing in the hall and now right in front of the Metal Door. 

The door is locked. Take the Key from your inventory and click it on the keyhole of the door. The door opens.

Go inside and turn right.

A white panel. In the panel a square that is divided into 9 smaller squares. A Circle is drawn in the middle of the 9 squares. Play a bit with the 9 squares by clicking a few times in each of them. In each square you can place a curved segment of the circle along the 4 sides of the squares by clicking 4 times in each of them. By clicking again you will get empty squares again. When you are finished, make sure that the complete circle is in the middle again.

Turn right and ........ A long panel with 10 squares hangs right next to the door. The top square is green and has 8 dots with the top dot being red. The 8 white squares are now empty. The bottom square is actually a pink button that you can press. If you combine the top green square, in your mind,  with the bottom pink button then it looks damned much as  the circle panel that you have seen before at the back of the XYZ Letter corridor..... I told you there that this circle panel is for the new area

Now click, at the bottom of the elongated panel, on the pink button and ...... in the 8 white squares 8 digits appear in a curved arrowed circle. The numbers / digits that appear in the white boxes can be different in every game so you can get different numbers than me. So just make a drawing of  this panel, with the numbers that you get in the white squares. These numbers are the code that you will have to enter later on, on the circle panel to unlock the new area. The direction of the curved arrows tell you whether you have to count right or left, but that only becomes important when you are back at that circle panel and then I explain it exactly.

Now go back to the Wooden Artifact Disk door. Close the wooden Artifact Disc door now by clicking the right Red Button again.

When the Wooden Artifact Disc door is closed again, click on the Left Red Button and ........

The wooden floor of this hall appears to be a trap door and this now opens under your feet and you fall down. You are now in the room, behind the metal door that you saw when you climbed down the ladder behind the Wooden Artifact Disk door and behind the Folding Door when you climbed down the ladder in the gray niche. Turn left and ..... you stand in front of the Folding door, but now on the other side of it. Something is probably not happening right now, so turn around a few times. If you turn back to the Folding door then it will be opened by ....... The black-haired woman in red coat that you have seen twice before.

The woman talks to you in a language that you do not understand and then she steals the Railcar Code Card from your inventory. 

But she puts a Coin back in return. She then closes the folding door and disappears.

Turn right and see .... The lady has been so kind to open the Metal Door for you. So move forward to the ladder and climb up again. Then turn around. You are back in the room behind the Wooden Artifact Disc Door. The door is closed. Click on the Red Button. A yellow light will flash above the Red Button and when this light is off again the Wooden Artifact Disc Door will be open.

Go forward and turn left. The woman is standing on the Revolving Bring. Go forward to the  bridge. The woman walks to the right but she is so nice to turn the Bridge towards you. The Bridge is now turned to the left again. Go over the Bridge and turn around again to the bridge and now click on the Left Brown Lever to turn the  Bridge back to the Doors Hall.

Go over the Bridge and through the Doors Hall back to the Railcar and drive with the Railcar, backwards, back through the tunnel to the beginning, so to the tunnel under the Tower. Step out the Railcar, turn right and climb up the ladder and out of the metal hatch. Turn around and go back into the Tower and climb up to the 2nd Level.

You must now return to Lift A in the Lift Maze. This is now possible from the Tower via 2 routes. You can take the short route via the Golden Door, but you can also take the long route via the ventilation grille in Room S of the Glass Maze, the train in the tunnel and then through the thick pipe down to the Water Pipe Cave.  The choice is yours. However, I have to warn you .... The Glass Maze has been reset, so if you choose to go through Room S of the Glass Maze, because you like the train ride and the glide through the thick Pipe, then you have to do the complicated route through the Glass Maze to get from Room H in Room S again. And I am not going to explain this to you again. 

The easiest route to Lift A is the route via the Golden Door and I take that route. If you do this too, you can now follow me. However, if you take the route through the Glass Maze, make sure you end up in the 3rd Moon Room and then go to Lift A via the 3rd Moon Room. I'll see you there again.

On Level 2 of the Tower you turn right and you go over the iron path to and through the Golden Door. Turn right to the ladder and climb up via both ladders again and go through the XYZ door to Lift C. Enter the Lift and go down with it. Turn around, get out of Lift C and follow the iron path, via the shutter door that you open again, to Lift A. Enter Lift A but don't go up. Turn left and open the 2nd door of Lift A. You will now see a dead end short path that ends at the wall. On the wall you see a Blue Sight Glass with a Green Button.

Go forward and press the Green Button. Unfortunately .... no power. Turn around and go back into Lift A and now go up with Lift A. When your up turn around, open the door and .... You are on the lift A side of the 3rd Moon Room. Step 1 times forward. You are now standing in front of the right entrance of the 3rd Moon Room. To the right of the entrance is a Cabinet with a Slit. Through the pipe this cabinet is connected to the Green Button and the blue sight glass below. 

Now take the COIN, which you got from the woman, from your inventory and click it in the slit.

Turn around and enter Lift A again. If you had come here via the Glass Maze Room S, train and the thick pipe, you will now have to raise Lift A first. Go down with Lift A again and then turn left 2 times. Open the door again and move forward again to the Green Button and the Blue Sight Glass. Now press the Green Button again and .....

The blue sight glass turns gray and starts pulsing. Now click in the sight glass and ..... You will now see a line drawing in the sight glass. 

DRAW IT OVER because you have to copy it at the Artefact Disc door.

If you have drawn over the line drawing you turn again and you go back to Lift A. Do not go up but turn to the right, open the door and follow the path through the roller shutter, back to Lift C and go back up to the XYZ door with Lift C. Open the XYZ door, climb down the two ladders again and go back into the Tower through the Golden Door.

Descend to Level 1, turn right and go back to the ladder hatch in the back of the path. Open the hatch, descend the ladder, enter the Railcar again and drive again to Station 3: Doors Hall. Go through the Doors Hall to the Swing Bridge, turn the Bridge back towards you, go over the Bridge to the Blue Fragments room, turn around, turn the Bridge via the Right Lever to the right again and go over it and to the Hall of the Wooden Artifact Disc Door.

To Take the Artefact Disc from the Wooden Door

You are standing again in front of the gray ladder niche with the Wooden Artefact Disc Door on the right and the little room on the left, where the white panel with the 9 squares is hanging. Turn left and enter the room again. Turn right and you are again in front of the Panel with 9 Squares and a Circle in the middle.

In the 9 squares of this panel you now have to put the curved lines as you saw on the drawing in the Blue Sight Glass.

It is not too difficult. Make sure that all squares are empty but that the Circle is in the middle. Number the squares, from Top left to bottom right, as 1 to 9 and then click:

3 times in square 1.
1 time in square 2.
2 times in square 3.
2 times in square 5.
3 times in square 7.
2 times in square 8.
3 times in square 9.

Turn right and go forward 1 time. You are standing before the Wooden Artifact Disc Door. The door will still be open. Close the door by clicking the Right Red Button again.

When the door is closed again, click on the Left Red Button. The last time you clicked the Left Red Button you crashed through the trap door. But this is not happening now. Now you see that the 4 brackets go off the Disc, at least when you have done the lines on the white panel correctly ........ Well .... you can now take the Artifact Disc ..... So what are you waiting for ???    TAKE THE DISC from the door.

You now have the Artifact that Kales has asked you to find.

In the original Rhem 2 The Cave game you now went back to the Arrival Building but we do not do that now in Rhem 2 SE. Because a new area has now been added and in that new area the third Quarter of the Medallion is hidden. We now have to go to that new area to find that third quarter. But first we have to open up that new area and for this we have to go back to that circle panel, behind the XYZ corridor, in the Doors Hall.

Unlock the New Area

The new area is the yellow area that you saw on the floor plan that hangs behind the wooden Artifact door in the ladder hall. If you look closely at that map, you will see that the yellow area can be reached via the XYZ corridor, behind the left brown door of the Doors Hall. Above the ladder there is the Circle panel and we have to go back to that now

So go back over the swing bridge to the Doors Hall and go to the brown door on the right side of the hall. Open the brown door and step back into the room

The ladder hatch is closed again, so turn around to the door and close the door again

Turn back to the ladder hatch and now you can open the hatch again and climb down the ladder into the XYZ corridor. 

Walk through the XYZ corridor and then climb up again via the rear ladder At the top of the ladder you are standing in front of the panel again

Circle Panel: The code for the new Area

The circle has 8 round buttons that you can press. In the middle of the circle is the square pink button. The square pink button is the 0 button.

Number the 8 white round buttons as 1 to 8, where 1 the button is at "12 o'clock" .... thus

In the hallway, opposite the wooden Artifact Disc Door, you have been given a number code, in the elongated panel. The 8 digits are in curved arrows that point to the left and to the right. Take your drawing of that elongated panel at hand now. You probably have got other numbers in that panel than I do, but I can only explain this through my code. My numbers in that panel were these .....

You must use the numbers in the elongated panel to determine in which order you should now press the buttons on the circle panel. The direction of the arrows determines whether you have to count left or right. You start and end with the pink 0-button You have to press the buttons in the right order. This sequence is determined by the numbers with the arrows you have received on the elongated panel. First press the pink button 0, according to the instructions you should then press the second button to the left.

According to the indication of the elongated panel, the top button (1) (red circle) is the starting point, so I have to count the first 5 buttons counterclockwise and then come out at button 5. From button 5 I have to count 2 buttons clockwise and then come out at button 7. From button 7 I have to go 4 buttons to the left again and so I get to button 2 ... and so on.

The order in which I ultimately have to press the buttons of the Circle panel then becomes: button: 0, 5, 7, 2, 6, 1, 3, 8, 4, 0

Here is an other explanation about this puzzle from Dick Leeuw

Hi Louis,

I found one another code for the new area on Steam 

You can, for example, get these figures in the linear panel, with the circular arrows


The others on Steam had the same code as me, I think there are only a few codes.

On the basis of this code I have made the following explanation about how to count to get the code for the circle panel.

The order in which the buttons on the Circle panel then have to be pressed is this ..... you start and end with the 0-button

Greetings Dick

So, on the basis of your numbers in the elongated panel, determine what is the order in which you have to press the buttons on the circle panel...You always start and end with the pink 0 button. When you have done it well, you will hear a shifting sound, as if something has been pushed open. If you do it wrong, you will hear a  "Uh" sound and you will have to do it again, just as often as needed until you have done well.

If you have pressed the buttons on the circle panel according to the correct order, then you have heard that "shifting sound". Then go back down the ladder and then turn right and see ..... the XYZ corridor has now become a bit longer because the back wall has moved up. On the left you see a round opening .....

go right in front of the round opening and ....... you are now looking into the new area ...... a new hall ........

Chapter 12: The 2nd Quarter of the Medallion

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot