2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

The Low Road is a, more or less, classical point and click game. You're Noomi Kovacs and it is your first day at work at the Penderbrook Motors HQ.

  • At the start of the game you can choose from a New Game, Continue the game, Load or Quit the game. 

  • While in the game you open up this main menu screen via your Escape-Key. 

  • As language you can choose French or English. You have to do a lot of talking in the game. 

  • By pushing your space bar you can go through a text faster. 

  • The mouse changes color when there is something to do with an object or when you can speak with characters

  • .Left click to perform an action. The inventory is at the top left of your screen. 

  • The game indicates whether you can manipulate an object directly or if you do so via the inventory.

  • There are 6 chapters in the game

Penderbrook Motors HQ

First day at work

Noomi is in Turn's office, who tells her that being a spy is not as exciting as it used to be. It is Noomi's first working day at Penderbrook's Motors.

Talk to via all options you get, but start with saying "I'd rather do field work" 

Turn ask your name, so say "Noomi Kovacs". Turn then wants to know what Noomi has learned at the spy training and he tells her to call a woman named Lacey Mendoza who works for a rival organization called Rev Inc. Ask Turn "Tell me more about Sebastian" It is said that Rev Inc  have kidnapped Sebastian, who was a top scientist here at Penderbrook's. Sebastian is an eccentric engineer who cares about clean energy. Ask "What's Rev Inc", but Turn knows nothing about that company Ask Turn for advice........ Turn says that Noomi should pretend to be someone from Lacey's past to get her to talk to her.

Noomi then calls up Lacey and you see the scrapbook and Noomi hands

The scrapbook has the things about Lacey Mendoza, that Turn has put in it Lacey Mendoza is very suspicious and she wants to now who's calling her. Noomi must pretend that she's a good friend or at least an old acquaintance of Lacey. So before you give Lacey an answer look at all the papers that are in the scrapbook....

If you click on the papers in the scrapbook then Noomi will pick it up and you can then look at it and read it. You can then put it on the left side of the scrapbook. So pick up all the papers that are in the scrapbook. On one of the notes is a fragment of the "Student Transcript" of Lacey Mendoza, from her time at university........ you see that Lacey has had lessons from S. Cartwright, who is the same as Sebastian.

So say to Lacey: "Only the best roommate you've ever had". Lacey thinks that she's speaking with her old roommate Clara Babcock, but she finds Noomi's voice different then she remember from Clara. Answer with "So do you". Lacey hopes "Clara" doesn't work for Docillio and she then asks her for proof that she's indeed speaking with her old roommate. Noomi must tell Lacey the address of Clara's old flat. Now take  the paper of the National Housing Bureau out of the scrapbook and look at it.

 You see that there are two addresses that were rented by Mendoza. Choose the address that could be rented by Clara Babcock: So click on 42 Overlook Terrace. Lacey believes that Noomi is Clara, but asks how Noomi gets her phone number. Say you got it from a patent office, but then Lacey no longer trusts it. She thinks Noomi is a Docillite, what ever that may be. You could give other answers but they all have the same result witch is that Lacey terminate this phone call

Turn then says that Noomi didn't tackled the conversation correctly, so Noomi gets condemned to desk work. Talk to Turn again and ask him the questions you get

Noomi will have to gain at least 2 years of experience before she can do fieldwork and Turn also has no business outside the office. Noomi finds out that Turn has been fired from a government job, but he does not want to admit that. Noomi only has a change of going "into the field" If all the agents in the office were to drop out

Look at the poster and pictures on the wall. Noomi asks about Turn's hair. After this.......Walk all  the way to the left and go through the door.

Noomi enters the next corridor. A copy machine stand at the wall. Look at the copier. Noomi needs a keycard to use it. 

Walk to the right, past the elevator and the window

and ....Noomi meets Thorton Penderbrook.......talk to Thornton, who is the son of Penderbrook the big boss of Penderbrook Motors

Thorton tells Noomi she ruined everything with her phone call to Lacey. Ask all questions. 

Thornton tells Noomi that for her field work is only possible when every other employee is sick and that she also is not allowed in the bullpen either. Thornton only communicates with the people in the bullpen via the mailboxes. Thorton then asks Noomi if she has ever walked in the Docile forests. It doesn't matter which answer you give here, so say "Yes" or "No"

When this conversation is over look at the mailboxes to hear / read what Noomi has to say about it.

Walk to the left, to the window that's just before the elevator.  Look through the window. There are many people on that room

Walk further to the left until Noomi meets the old man Habitual to Hab and say "I don't understand".  Old man Hab talks in rhyme.  Ask all questions on the screen. Noomi hears that Horace is the only one doing fieldwork and that Turn does not want to take it away because he expects revenge from Horace. Choose: "I'm smart" and then a random comment such as "What can I say to impress you today?"

 It is apparently Hab's intention that Noomi also speak in rhymes with him. Say: "I'll stand here for weeks on end. If that's what it takes to call you 'friend'". And then say: "When you ... somewhat aghast". After this, Noomi must answer in Haiku. Choose the 4th answer because it meets the haiku rules. So say "We know what you need/ So don't worry your dumb head/ the early bird say" and.....

Hab gives Noomi a fake keycard and recommends that she exchange it for a real one with a tracker on it. And Hap gives the tip to go to another floor.

The fake keycard is stored in inventory and you find the inventory on top left of your screen. Top left sticks a Label. Click that Label to open up the inventory

Walk back to the right, to the elevator and enter the elevator.

When Noomi gets out of the left she's on the roof of the building. Walk up the stairs and.........Noomi meets Horace, who is the only field agent of Penderbrook

 Talk to Horace, who  gives Noomi a flyer from Cynthia Bellows from BC Ltd, who might give her a job as a real spy.

The photo on the flyer shows the woman of the poster in Turn's room, so this Cynthia Bellows could be Turn's former partner.

Continue to talk to Horace and ask all questions on the screen.

When you say "Give me some Training" Horace tells Noomi about the jacket he is wearing. Horace claims that his jacket pickpocket proof and that Noomi may try to steal something out of his pockets. Noomi want to try so you now need to pickpocket the legal ID card of Horace out of his jacket pocket.

Pickpocket puzzle:

The Fake ID card stand top right and the Good ID card is in the pocket on a button. You have to slide the other 4 items A, B, C aside without touching the sides of the pocket or each other, so that you can slide the good ID Key card out and the fake ID Key card in and on the button.  If you come in contact with the sides of the pocket or with an other item then Horace will feel it and then you must start over. So you must carefully slide the items A, B, C and to the side to make room to slide the Fake ID in to the left and then slide the good ID out and then slide the Fake ID to the button

When you have the Fake ID on the button Noomi steals the good ID Key Card of Horace out his pocket without Horace knowing it

Continue to talk to Horace about everything else

 Horace tells that  he has to find  a kidnapped scientist  and that he is not applying for a job at Cynthia Bellows because he rather keeps working for Penderbrook. Horace knows some dirt about Turn and this knowledge gives him certain privileges at Penderbrook. The thing Horace knows about Turn  has something to do with Turn's former job partner, when he was working for the government. Noomi wants to know why Turn lost his job with the government, but Horace is afraid that she will blackmail Turn to get Horace's job.

When this conversation is over go down the stairs and walk to the left. Noomi comes at the ventilation machine that's on the roof and you see a black / yellow lever

Click the Lever......Noomi want to pull the lever to shut down the ventilator but Horace puts a stop to it......Noomi may not touch this lever while Horace is on the roof. Go back left and step back into the elevator to go back down to the floor with Hab, the copier and Thorton

 Go back to Hab and ask him the questions that you have not been able to ask before. Hab tells that Turn's former partner was sent to jail

Walk a bit back and.....At the door a Telephone is on the wall. 

Open the inventory and drag the Cynthia Bellows flyer out and click with the flyer on the telephone.

Noomi dials the number and then has a conversation with Cynthia Bellows.  Give Cynthia a random answer on her first question and.....

........Cynthia finds out Noomi's particulars very quickly via her database. It turns out that Cynthia was Turns former partner from when they both worked for the government. At Cynthia's next question you  again choose a random answer. Cynthia also asks if Noomi knows anything about the Docillio group. So ask  "Who are they?" and....... Cynthia warns Noomi to be on her guard when dealing with the Docillo group.

After this conversation walk to the right, to the copy machine. Open the inventory and drag the ID Card of Horace out and use the card of on the copier to start up the machine.

Now drag the Cynthia flyer out inventory and use it on the copier and........

.... Noomi now has 100 copies of the Cynthia flyer in  inventory.  The red cabinet of the copier is now slightly open.

Walk all the way to the right, to Thorton and give him the 100 Flyer copies

Thorton doesn't want to put the flyers in the mailboxes so he throws them away.

Go back to the copier and now click on the slightly open cabinet and..........Noomi sees that the ink has run out.

Go back to Hab. On the archive cabinet stand a bottle of ink..... Click on the Ink bottle ......

Noomi ask Hab if she may take the Ink and say may...Hab tells that it is invisible ink, but that the ink becomes visible again at lower temperatures.

Go to the copier and use the Ink bottle on the copier

Now use the original Cynthia Flyer on the copier again to copy them with invisible ink and......Noomi gets 100 blank papers in inventory. Go back to Thornton and give him the stack of blank papers but.....because Thornton hold the papers close to the air conditioning the ink becomes visible and......Thornton sees that they are the Cynthia flyers again so he throw them away again.

That fucking ventilation must be shut down, so enter the elevator again to go up to the roof again. 

On the roof you walk to ventilation machine again. Click the Lever again and.....you must solve a

Pipe Puzzle:

You must exchange Part B and part with part E so that the "red" pipe will be connected to the "green" pipe.

 In order to get this you must remove the parts A, B and D  and place them somewhere else in the screen. 

Then you put the parts C where A and B were  and Part E were part D was.....like this

When done the ventilation machine will shut down and you go out the close-up. Go with the elevator back down and to the copier again. Use the Cynthia Flyer on the copier again to get o new stack of blank papers. Go back to Thornton and give him the Blank Papers again and.......,Because the ventilator system has shut down the invisible ink will not become visible now and......Thorton will now put the papers in the mailboxes.....and.....

Later on this week at the Residence of Arthur Penderbrook

It's a few days later and Noomi is at the penthouse of her boss, Arthur Penderbrook.

Walk to the left and keep on doing that until Noomi meets up with her boss, Turn and Thornton. Turn introduces Noomi to Arthur Penderbrook and a conversation follows. 

Say to Penderbrook "So you're into cars, huh?" and follow the conversation

Apparently the stunt that Noomi pulled of with the Cynthia Flyer has resulted that every agent of Penderbrook has resigned, and because of the fact that Turner don't want to be a field agent, Noomi is now the only available agent because Horace has gone missing. Thornton  says there is an error in the tracking system, because that tracking system indicates that Horace must just be standing before them. So Noomi must explain how it is that she has the ID card of Horace.

So say: "found Horace's card in the washroom"......and.....Well...big Boss Arthur Penderbrook wants that Turn and Noomi infiltrate into Rev Inc to find that Sebastian and put a stop to his disastrous plans for Penderbrook and find Horace. Turn and Noomi are sent to and island where the HQ of that Rev Inc must be......we then and up in.......

Turn and Noomi are in a motor boat on there way to the island where the HQ of Rev inc is on. Just before they reach the island Turn stops the boat.  

In answer of Turn's question you say "Your hair looks nice today" and....

Turn knows about the stunt that Noomi has pulled of in Chapter one, that has resulted in the quiting of the entire staff of Penderbrook's. 

Say  "Not sure what you're implying there, Mr. Turner" and..........

 after Turn's answer you say "From now on, I'll do everything you say" and Turn will start the boat and we then reach the island

The game changes to Turn, so now you play as 


Go up the stairs and talk to the guard.  Say "Can I come inside?" and then say "... is to distract from something you can't protect"

There's nobody in the building but there's a very expensive security system and that is why the guard is here, to guard that security system. 

Turn may enter so he steps into the elevator and end up on the roof of the tower.

Walk to the right and climb up the ladder to be on the "bridge"....go further to the right and then climb down the ladder

Turn is now at the other side of the "bridge", at the security system. You  see two electrical cabinets on the wall of the chimney.

 Click on  the right green cabinet and.......

In the close-up click on the door of the green cabinet to open it up and......A puzzle

Shut Down the Security system Puzzle.

In the green cabinet are 7 switches that you can flip to the right or to the left. All 7 switches are now on the left. Above the switches is a round power meter with a pointer. That meter has two red areas and the pointer may not go into the red areas. 

At each switch you see an arrow, indicating whether the pointer goes to the right or the left when you click the switch.  You must flip the switches left in a certain other but the pointer in the meter may not go into the read zones. You flip a switch by clicking on it with your finger. 

 Number the switches from top to bottom, 1 to  7. 

You may only click each switch one time and you must click all 7 switches

This is a solution that has worked for me:

  • Click switch 2 to the right = pointer goes right. 

  • Click switch 1= pointer goes left. 

  • Click switch 4 = pointer goes right. 

  • Click switch 3 = pointer goes left. 

  • Click switch 5 = pointer goes right. 

  • Click switch 6 = pointer goes left. 

  • Click switch 7 = pointer goes right and.....

Solved...the power goes of and the cabinet closes and Turn now has a screwdriver in his hand. 

The cover of the left cabinet is screwed tight with 4 screws......You must unscrew the screws at top left, top right and bottom right.....So click with the screwdriver on those 3 screws and the cover disappears. 

Now Turn has a wire cutter in his hand.... cut the red cable with the wire cutter and....... 

The alarm system is now switched off. In fact....all power is off now

Climb up the "bridge" and go back to the elevator.....Click the elevator door but the elevator doesn't work now, because Turn has cut off the power.   Turn makes contact with  Noomi, because the elevator door is closed now. Noomi suggest that Turn slide down via the" Flag Line" but Turn does not dare to slide down the line. Turn want Noomi to take over now but Noomi hesitate so say: "You really proved yourself back there" and.....

We switch over to 


You're Noomi again......Noomi has to find a way in.....Click, left of the motor boat, to sail to the left until you see a grating window. Click the window to "park" the boat in front of it. 

Click the window again, or click Noomi, and......

Noomi takes the welding machine from the boat and you're go into the close-up of the window.

Click the red knob of the welding machine to turn the gas flow on. The welding machine goes down. 

Open the match book, grab a match and strike  the match it over the ironing surface to light up the match......

 .........and Noomi light up the torch of her welding machine.. 

There ore weak spots in the iron frame....Hold the flame of the torch on the worn out pieces in the window  frame...

 you do not click........just hold the flame on those weak spots in the frame to burn them away.......

The lattice falls out the window and Noomi goes through to enter Rev Inc and........

......Noomi climbs through the window and.....she then land in.......

Chapter Three

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot